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Description The this is a fully automatic hollow block production line with curing rack, this hollow block production line consists of automatic concrete scale and concrete batching plant , automatic the cement and other material before concrete mixing, automatic concrete hollow blocks molding section, and the lifting system , wet and cured blocks conveying, automatic stacking system, pallet returning , and cured block packing system. only 5 staff can operate this block production line, can make concrete block, building hollow blocks, concrete brick, paving bricks etc.

Qunfeng is a China-based manufacturer of fully automatic hollow blocks and concrete bricks block production line with curing rack. We offer a wide range of concrete building material machines and cement machines like concrete hollow block making machines, concrete brick making machine, hollow block production line including concrete batch plant and block forming unit, cutting section ,conveying belt machines , stocking and pullet retuning system, also make road and street cleaning machine , building construction material recycling machines etc.