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Sodium bentonite is a chemical with the appearance of very fine clay which One supplier recommends an application rate of 40 kg per 3 square metres for The product is obtainable from Jeffco Marketing, Jacobs, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal.

Supplier of high resolution satellite imagery, commercially available to Africa, and large projects including the GIS for the Durban Harbour Widening (Feasibility . including attapulgite, ball clay, barytes, bentonite, feldspar, iron oxide, kaolin,

Dam liners GCL (Geosynthetic Clay Liner) A composite liner comprised of two layers of geotextile binding a bentonite powder or Durban's Bay Pier under attack by storm surf in March'07 This was the large seas Gilbert Geosynthetics are suppliers of Geosynthetic Materials to the civil and construction industry.

Water Quality and Treatment: A Handbook of Community Water Supplies. . " Low Technology Water Purification by Bentonite Clay Flocculation as Performed in Sudanese Villages: Virological . 23rd WEDC Conference, Durban, South Africa.

established a reputation as a reliable, low-cost supplier to the mining, civil engineering 11 Livingstone Road Pinetown 3610 Durban South Africa . geosynthetic clay liner (GCL) that incorporates a sodium bentonite layer sandwiched by

Search Bone Meals Manufacturers and Suppliers Business Classifieds and Product Wholesale Suppliers of minerals,bentonite powder,calcite powder, china clay powder . Please provide quote on a cip harare basis or cif durban/ cif beira.

29 Products South Africa Gold Supplier 3rd Year. used shipping containers USED SHIPPING CONTAINER EX JOHANNESBURG & DURBAN. Tags: Used Shipping . Bentonite clay liner used in landfill and water containment applications

Website: http:///, The Cape Bentonite Mine The clay occurs in la more. Street address: Unichem House; 27 Island Circle Riverhorse Valley Business Estate, 4017 Durban,South Africa Durban South Africa

7 Feb 2008 Wittneben. Synopsis. Durban Harbour in South Africa is one of the continent's busiest worldwide and discussions with TBM manufacturers. This led to the classified as dense fine cohesionless sand with a clay/silt content in the . excavations were carried out under bentonite slurry to maintain stability

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The feasibility of using vibratory ball milled South African bentonite clay for neutralization and attenuation of inorganic contaminants from acidic and metalliferous mine effluents has been evaluated. Treatment of acid mine drainage (AMD) with bentonite clay was done using batch laboratory assays. Parameters optimized included contact time, adsorbent dosage and adsorbate concentration. Ball milled bentonite clay was mixed with simulated AMD at specific solid: liquid (S/L) ratios and equilibrated on a table shaker. Contact of AMD with bentonite clay led to an increase in pH and a significant reduction in concentrations of metal species. At constant agitation time of 30min, the pH increased with the increase in dosage of bentonite clay. Removal of Mn2+, Al3+, and Fe3+ was greatest after 30min of agitation. The adsorption affinity obeyed the sequence: SO42 (221.8mgg1)>Mn (30.7mgg1)>Al (30.5mgg1)>Fe (30.2mgg1). The pH of reacted AMD ranged from 3 to 6. Bentonite clay showed high adsorption capacities for Al and Fe at concentration <500mg/L, while the capacity for Mn was lower. Adsorption capacity for sulphate was >50%. Adsorption kinetics revealed that the suitable kinetic model describing data was pseudo-second-order hence confirming chemisorption. Adsorption isotherms indicated that removal of metals fitted the Langmuir adsorption isotherm for Fe and sulphate and the Freundlich adsorption isotherm for Al and Mn, respectively. Ball-milled bentonite clay showed an excellent capacity in neutralizing acidity and lowering the levels of inorganic contaminants in acidic mine effluents.