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The Weston Bowl Mill tradition is alive and well at the Bowl Mill in nearby New Hampshire. You may still buy large, deep wooden bowls and wood carving boards at the New Hampshire Bowl and Board Outlet.

Back in the 1800s, wooden bowls were a household commodity, and bowl mills sprung up across New England, and most especially in Vermont as mills grew up along the rivers. One of those was the Weston Bowl Mill.

Working at piece work rates, brother Emmett Bean and his sister finished rims for the Weston Bowl Mill from 1948 through the 60s. Sadly when Erma and Emmett retired, this unique country rim was forgotten, and soon after, the Weston Bowl Mill closed in the fall of 1996.

It is during the 1800s that ingenious bowl turners also invented the laminated construction techniques that allowed them to artificially construct bigger blocks of wood that they could turn and so create bigger, deeper bowls.

Our wooden bowls will remind you of those beautiful Vermont wooden bowls you picked up at the Weston Bowl Mill Outlet Store back in the day. To find the same great deals on seconds quality, though you will have to visit us here in Contoocook, NH. Shop online for a large selection of wood bowls and wood bowl sets, and give a call with any questions for the bowl man. He's always ready to talk about bowls at 603-848-9566.

Not only are we carving bowls in the tradition of the great Vermont bowl mills, using the tools and techniques of the great bowl turners, we are searching out unique and unusual wood bowls for the discerning collector.

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When consignor, debtor or the consignee has made written arrangements with the carrier, where no representative of the consignee is present or available to receive their shipment, the shipment (s) will be delivered and unloaded by the carriers and left unattended at the address noted on the original bill of lading unless otherwise instructed by the consignor or the debtor. In consideration of R&L Carriers agreeing to deliver the shipment as requested, customer individually and for its respective heirs, executor, administrators and assigns, release and forever discharge, indemnify defend and hold harmless, Greenwood Motor Lines, Inc. d/b/a R&L Carriers, its owners, shareholders, officers, directors, employees, agents, servants, successors, and assigns; its parent, subsidiary, affiliate, or sibling entities; its invitees, licenses and guest (collectively and individually "R&L Carriers"), from and against any and all claims, demands, causes of action, obligations, lawsuits, contracts, losses or damages, expenses (including attorney fees), and liability of any and every kind, whether known or unknown, foreseen or unforeseen that Customer, had, now has, or may ever have against R&L Carriers, directly or indirectly arising out of, in any way related to, or in connection with the shipment and /or delivery.

essa pulverising mill bowls

Essa Pulverising Mill Bowls are a high-production, high-capacity bowl 50 to 5000 cc nominal capacity that are a world-leading unique range and proven performer for over 30 years. Over this time many millions of samples have been efficiently processed they remain the bowl of choice in most of the worlds leading assay labs.

Our Essa Pulverising Mill Bowls are available in a range of sizes and suit almost every laboratory application. Their reliable and consistent Standard Steel or Chrome Steel composition means they offer you durability and a long lifespan.

The bowls can typically reduce a sample for analysis in one to five minutes, depending on the sample and the choice of bowl. They are an efficient and cost-effective choice. But the speed at which they work does not make them any less effective.

If you are looking for pulverising bowls that will last the distance and offer you consistent samples in a minimal amount of time, then the Essa range would be the perfect add-on to your laboratory. They are a proven product that will maximise the productivity of your sample preparation.

Reliable, proven performer Essa Pulverising Mill Bowls were pioneered in the 1980s and are proven performers that are widely used by laboratories and global exploration and mining companies across the world. They are constructed from carefully-selected steel in a range of sizes and significantly minimise the risk of sample contamination.

Improved sample quality and full traceability by using the Essa range of Pulverising Mill Bowls, you minimise the risk of unexpected contamination and improve the certainty of your final analysis. This is due to the rigorous chemical and physical testing the bowl products go through before they even reach your operations. The bowls are also fully traceable as every bowl and grinding element is stamped with a serial number that can easily be cross referenced to a 34-element steel analysis report.

Cost-effective quality product as with all our Essa products, the Pulverising Mill Bowls are made to last the distance and are through-hardened to prolong operational life and minimise sample contamination. They come with a bowl warranty policy which provides a pro-rata credit in the unlikely event of premature failure.

Easy to manoeuvre the bowls and grinding elements are compatible with pneumatically actuated lifting devices (MILLMATES), reducing the need for operators to manually move them around the laboratory, reducing safety risks for the operator.

Essa Pulverising Mill Bowls reduce sample masses into fine product for laboratory analysis quickly and accurately and their performance speaks for itself. They have been around for 30-plus years in laboratories throughout the world, and have well and truly proven themselves. They are supplied in two steel types Standard Steel and Chrome Steel so that you can choose which will work best for your sample type and analytical requirements.

The Essa Pulverising Mill Bowl range has the bowl and disc style grinding head forming its core, and is suited to the rapid reduction of large sample masses, together with a homogenising action to provide improved sample quality and increased productivity.

They are a large capacity bowl that can typically reduce ores, minerals, metallurgical samples, ceramics, soils, aggregates, chemicals and similar particulates to a nominal 0.075 mm product in approximately three to five minutes.

They have few moving parts because of the incorporation of a single grinding element which also makes them easier to clean than traditional bowl designs. The large capacity of these bowls means that you can produce a suitably-blended sub-sample for accurate analysis time and time again.

The ring and roller bowls are traditional style bowls and can produce an even finer product in approximately one to three minutes. These bowls are available in 50, 100, 125, 300 and 400 cc nominal capacities. They are easy to handle and suitable for smaller sample masses. They are perfect where a very fine product is required.

Its important to keep in mind that the performance expectation of the ring and roller style pulverising bowls is dependent on the characteristics of the sample being milled and the ideal final particle sizing required.

The Tungsten Carbide pulverising bowls consist of a high quality 125 cc tungsten carbide grinding head with a single ring and roller. The grinding head and elements are made by sintering carbide powder with a cobalt metal powder binder.

This bowl is ideal for low-level multi-element analysis sample preparation and is used when environmental and metallurgic analyses are required. It is particularly useful in cases where low contaminant levels are required when preparing samples for further testing.

It is well-suited for industrial applications where critical processes rely on quality control data to maintain production and profit levels. Industries where this is critical include the construction of ceramics, glass and plastic, chemicals, foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals.

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