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With a new set of burners for your gas grill, you can also depend on the burners for any temperature you desire, even in freezing cold weather. Winter grilling is made 100% possible when you have effective burners for your grill.

There are gas grill burners for every grill out there. Some of the most popular materials used to make burners include stainless steel and cast iron, and burners sometimes come coated in aluminum or porcelain for an extra shine finish and easy cleanup.

Each of these materials is perfectly capable of handling the stresses of long grilling and use - not to mention that the different materials can give your grill a distinctive style. With strong stainless steel or cast iron parts, you can turn your old and worn out grill into a lean, mean grilling machine.

Grill burners mix air with gas in venturi tubes and release the mixture for combustion according to the grill's controls. In cases of harsh damage to the burners, a grill can malfunction, making it completely unusable or even dangerous. Even if your char broil 6 burner grill still works, but has burners that are old and/or damaged, you can improve your grilling experience and create a more even and adaptable grilling surface by replacing your burners.

For grillers looking to expand on their repertoire of grilling techniques, consider a new type of burner to give you greater ability to smoke meats and grill indirectly. Aside from sheer necessity in many cases, new burners are an opportunity to add something new to your grilling experience.

At the BBQ Depot, you can find high quality burners for all grills, including Alfresco grills, Twin Eagles grills and more, from the most reputable and beloved brands on the market, all at the lowest prices guaranteed.

We have models ranging from classic char broil 6 burner grills all the way up to high powered ceramic zone burner grills. You can also find both U and H shaped burner arrangements through our website. Our burners are certified for a large range of different grill models, including Modern Home products, Pacific Gas Specialist grills, and much more.

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