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Estimation labore le 17 Janvier 2020, la rgle a subi plusieurs modifications depuis mais donne ide de l'impact du changement En attendant les publications des donnes sur les lections municipales, je vous propose de dcouvrir l'impact du changement des rgles pour les lections municipales 2020. En effet, pour cette lection, les villes qui comportent au minimum 9 000 habitants seront comptabilises dans des groupes politiques (avant 2020, c'tait les villes de 1 000 habitants et plus). Cela aura un impact important sur la photographie du rsultat au niveau national car nous allons passer de 85,53% de la population prise en compte dans cette photographie 51,17% ! Pour consulter les changements par dpartement et au niveau national, c'est par ici

Elections Municipales, Rsultats 2020 Tous les rsultats commune par commune en 2020 (lus au 1er tour). Elections Municipales, Rsultats 2014 Tous les rsultats commune par commune en 2014. Elections Municipales, Rsultats 2008 Tous les rsultats commune par commune en 2008.

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Jay Khodiyar Briquette Machine 90MM have earned a reputation to be an industry quality worldwide and it is also Khow as briquetting machine manufacturers, briquetting machine suppliers, briquetting machine exporter, briquettes machine.

Jay Khodiyar Briquette Machine 90MM have earned a reputation to be an industry quality worldwide and it is also Khow as briquetting machine manufacturers, briquetting machine suppliers, briquetting machine exporter, briquettes machine.

Jay Khodiyar briquetting machines jumbo 90 have earned a reputation to be an industry quality worldwide. Our success came from our relentless drive for quality with state-of-the-art technology, all while offering briquetting plant are affordable prices. Briquettes Press 90 is best suitable for those users who have bulk density of raw material. Likewise, our Briquetting Machines is best known to its performance and quality. Different type of raw material like agricultural waste, forest waste can be used to make biomass Briquettes.

The Jay Khodiyar mechanical briquetting press develops a compression force of approximately 2000 kg/cm bar to obtain a high quality briquette of a high density and a remarkably reduced volume, without the addition of binders.

I am official agent of Briquetting since 2008 .sold more than 70 Briquetting plants in Vietnam. Best quality Briquetting Machine. Fully satisfied with the products. Timely delivery of spare parts. Frequent visit of Director to guide us in complete process for each installations.

We are a proud customer of Briquetting, because we got the latest technology machines with easy to operate control panels with sensor system buzzes when necessary with fully automatic system. They sent well qualified technician to our site who guided us in each and every step of installation, maintenance of the machine. Happy to choose Briquetting.

Good technical support, Good quality machines, easy to operate the plant because they are providing operating manuals, DVDs and all the needed stuff. And also taking regular follow-ups for services or any other technical assistance.

Since 3 years I am running the Briquetting plant & Dryer successfully & getting very good technical support from the company. Got complete guidance from start to end about the set-up. Good market in Kenya so planning to install another machine in near future.

biomass, grain & oil processing equipment for sale

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in our products or want to know more details or the lates price. We sincerely hope to cooperate with clients from all over the world! ABC Machinery wil do the best to built your futurer! Send inquiry now!

We receive enquiries in English, Espaol (Spanish), (Russian), Franais (French) and (Arabic). Our professional team will reply to you within one business day. Please feel free to contact us!

automatic vegetable oil seed press machine with wholesale price - leading oil seed press machine manufacturer

The main structure includes motor, vacuum filter, heater and electric control cabinet. With the vacuum oil filter, YZS-95A is able to filter the crude vegetable oil into pure edible oil after been extracted from the vegetable seeds.

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Gamma Roller 80 / C2PL, CNC punching machine for working with angle irons The GR 80 product line is designed to offer a cost-effective and completely automated solution to your angle iron cutting and ...

... gear or bevel gear pairs) and a perfect alignment of punch and die with all kind of materials and thickness. Extra large monolithic punching head firmly plated onto the rigid C-structure of the machine ...

It performs in fully automatically mode the forming of the lower side of the extinguisher, the punching of the upper side and the cutting alternate to the beading in order to create the coupling for the ...

... performs in a single positioning of the workpiece the forming of the lower side of the extinguisher, the punching of the upper side and the cutting alternate to the beading in order to create the coupling ...

... Autoindex stations can punch to required angle for various angle shape parts with CNC controller. MVD special narrow bottom table. Precision forming and roller tools can be use on the Turret, therefore HTP Turret ...

Power press Standard Features PLC application and monitor 4 guide ram Extra table with T slots Electrical Counter Steel frame construction body Ram adjustable Single stroke, continuous stroke Ram and similar ...

... Hydraulic Punching machine MX700 NARGESA, is characterized by its versatility, it can make several working functions like punching in metal sheet, flat bar, pipe, angle, U profile, T profile, UPN, IPN... ...

... automation modules The laser can also be used for cutting materials like copper or brass Small power supply connection and very low energy consumption due to servo-electric punching and fiber laser ...

... Simultaneous cutting of 2 profiles Large stable profile support surface as well as intefrated vertical clamping plate guarantee an optimal clamping during the cutting Oddments drop down into ...

All Malco Gutter Outlet Punch and Dies make clean, accurate hole cuts in .032 (0.81 mm) aluminum gutter. Ample throat clearance allows these lightweight outlet punches to work over the front edge of gutter to quickly ...

Sheet metal Forming/stamping/punching presses: 1.Application: Applicable for blanking, punching, bending and forming process on small single work of thin steel plate and progressive die parts, which ...

the db method machine review 2020

There are a lot of cool things out there that make us wonder do they really work? In our I Tried It series, we set out to use them in the real world and have determined that, in fact, they really do.

The Brief: Unless squats are a part of your daily routine, the glutes can be a pretty underutilized muscle group. I notice this whenever I'm walking up a staircase in heels it shouldn't hurt that much! Since Im always up for a challenge to get stronger, I was interested in testing out the fan-favorite machine from The DB Method (that's "Dream Butt" Method), which is specifically designed to get your glutes in peach-perfect shape.

Heres how to get set up on The DB Method Machine: You're seated further back than you normally would be, holding onto the handlebars while pressing your heels downward into the foot pedals and pointing your toes up. This challenging position shifts your weight into your glutes, which immediately fires them up as you start your squats!

The DB Method provides tons of videos for different workouts to do on the machine. You can start with a 5-minute beginner video, and do it enough times that you eventually work your way up to a 10-minute lesson. The trainers in these videos have you alternate between high-zone pulses, mid-zone squats, and going all the way down into low-zone squats. These 5 to 10 minutes aren't big time commitment for an at-home workout, but your glutes will definitely feel it.

The DB Method Machine is not just for squats! It allows you to get some cardio in, and you can work your biceps, chest, triceps, and abs for a more complete workout. So essentially, you can cancel your gym membership and just do it all at home. You typically wont even find this type of machine that targets all of the butt muscles the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus in a gym anyway!

If you're stressing about how much space The DB Method Machine would take up in your small apartment, dont worry the whole machine collapses and folds easily away for storage. And although assembly is required, I was able to put this machine together in less than 20 minutes!

The pricing is $229, so its not cheap, but its definitely a solid investment especially if you only use your gym membership for the workout machines. Plus, the Kardashians have The DB Method Machine in their home gyms, just saying!

Closing Argument: The DB Method Machine makes you work. My glutes are feeling it by the end of the workout ... but thats the whole point! All you have to commit to is 10 minutes a day to start getting that dream bum.

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the top 17 digital fabric printing machines of 2020 [comparison]

Cotton, silk, nylon, polyester and beyond; not every fabric type is created equal. Each material requires a certain kind of ink chemistry, which is why your fabric printing machine needs to be made specifically for your application.

The fabric printing machines well be focusing on are dye sublimation, direct-to-fabric and hybrid printers. Ultimately, your printing application will determine the type of fabric printing machine you need.

If youre printing on materials like cotton, silk or nylon, a direct-to-fabric printing machine will provide the exact chemistry you need. For polyester materials, youll need a dye sublimation printer.

Dye sublimation printing is an integral part of the textile market. The process creates the perfect chemistry for printing on polyester, which is one of the most popular textiles used for soft signage at tradeshows, airports and malls. Sports apparel and home dcor such as tapestries and shower curtains are also best printed using dye sublimation techniques.

The Epson F7200 delivers amazing print results while maintaining a remarkably simpleoperation. With a great entry-level price and a 64 print width, the F7200 is the perfect choice for those looking to get started with dye sublimation fabric printing.

While it may be simpler than the Mimaki TS300, the Mutoh VJ-1638 is still ideal for everyday dye sublimation printing. This fabric printer offers eight-color channel printing, flexible ink choices and outstanding performance at a competitive price.

New in 2020, Epsons SureColor F570 is a desktop model that was engineered for high-performance printing on products like awards, coffee mugs and mousepads. This model is an entry-level consumer dye sublimation and large format industrial dye sublimation crossover printer. High-capacity ink bottles come with an auto-stop for mess-free, cost-effective filling.

An intuitive, easy-to-use model, the SureColor F6370 is an updated version of the F6200.The simple user interface and fast drying times help streamline your workflows, while high-capacity ink tanks lower your cost of ownership. This model also comes with the option of an add-on take-up reel system for reliable, unattended printing.

Designed for high-volume environments, Epsons SureColor F9470 and SureColorF9470H deliver high-speed reliable productivity. Enjoy high-capacity ink tanks for less downtime, dual printheads for fast print speeds and brilliant image quality. With theF9470H model, an enhanced printhead design gives you the option of printing with fluorescent pink and fluorescent yellow inks for even more vivid colors.

As a highly acclaimed roll-to-roll printer/cutter, the CJV300-160 is known well in the sign and graphics industry. However, the CJV300 enables businesses to go well beyond posters and banners, opening up a world of production in the sublimation market. The combination of printing and cutting in one machine offers great efficiencies for applications where cutting the paper is required before sublimating to the intended product. Printing to coffee mugs is a great example.

Taking the reigns as Mimakis flagship dye sublimation printer, the new TS55-1800 is one of the fastest on the market and boasts advanced levels of quality and productivity.Mimakis Sb610 sublimation inks produce vibrant, long-lasting colors, even at fast printing speeds. Add-on items like a mini jumbo roll unit that lets you load over 8,000 ft. of transfer paper and a 10L bulk ink system significantly reduce downtime for maximum production printing.

A grand-format dye sublimation printer, the VJ-2638WS features a staggered dual-head design that makes printing super-wide images fast and easy. This Mutoh allows for print widths of over eight feet wide, making it ideal for printing tradeshow graphics, flags, banners and other popular applications

When it comes to cotton, silk, nylon and all other (non-polyester) fibers, the dye sublimation paper transfer process wont work. But that doesnt mean that you cant print on these fibers! The process will just require different ink chemistry so you can print directly onto fabrics and not have to transfer from paper. Polyester applications that require deep ink penetration like printing on flags can also benefit more from a direct print process.

Mimaki TX300P-1800 The Mimaki TX300P is the perfect choice for entry-level and mid-level production, especially on woven goods. This fabric printer is simple to use and maintain and has thetechnical sophistication to help self-monitor its performance.

Mimaki TX300P-1800B The TX300P-1800B offers the same fabric printing technology as the standard TX300P-1800. However, the 1800B uses an adhesive print blanket to transport the fabric through the printer, which is critical for production printing on knit goods and delicate fabrics.This model also has a belt that keeps it from distorting and curling on the edges.

Mutoh VJ-1938TX Mutohs 1938TX model offers great entry-level and mid-level production fabric printing with flexible ink choice options. Like the standard Mimaki TX300P-1800, its best suited for printing on woven fabrics.

The concept here is to choose which method is best for the application. For example, some users prefer to print their polyester fabric backlit displays via the direct to fabric method instead using transfer paper. This helps the ink to get deeper penetration into the fabric. The result can lead to bolder color once the fabric is backlit.

Mimaki takes it one step further with their TX300P-1800MKII Hybrid printer, allowing users to have two different inks loaded simultaneously to print both polyesters and natural fibers with the same machine.

HP Stitch S300 The HP Stitch S300 is a front-operating dye sublimation printer with a built-in spectrophotometer (a tool for measuring the intensity of light) for consistent, accurate colors even as environmental conditions change. This model features automatic printhead maintenance and the ability to replace the printheads yourself.

HP Stitch S500 The Stitch S500 is a faster version than the S300, with 8 printheads. HPs dye sublimation inks produce predictable color levels and operators even have the option of downloading and creating color profile for the closest visual color matches.

Roland Texart RT-640 Rolands Texart RT-640 was engineered for productivity and value. With easy-to-use controls, workflows and software, this Roland model is perfect for printing on branded apparel, interior dcor, promotional items and more.

Mimaki TX300P-1800 MKII Brand new from Mimaki is the revolutionary TX300P-1800 MKII, which is a hybrid version of their TX300P-1800 model. This robust, hybrid printer feature dual-media and dual-ink capabilities, expanding the potential range of applications for various types of businesses. The bulk ink systems also reduces ink costs and makes unattended print jobs possible.

Maintenance & Service When youre evaluating your digital fabric printing machine options, pay close attention to the level of maintenance and service included with your purchase. For example, Epson offers one of the best service plans in the industry. They have technicians available all over the country who will come to you if your printer breaks down, and they offer a two business day guarantee.

For manufacturers, like Mutoh and Mimaki, the distributor will typically provide service and support. ITNH is a great example here, since we cover service for Mimaki and Mutoh printers and support any application needs for Epson.

Training For the most part, both dye sublimation and direct-to-fabric printers are very intuitive machines and similar to other wide format printers. First, there should be a review of the proper operation and maintenance for the printer. Then the focus should be on software and application training. The instructor should understand your intended print application and should adequately teach you how to use your purchased equipment to accomplish your application goals.

All-in-One Digital Fabric Printers Some fabric printing machines are offered as all-in-one, meaning there is a built-in heat fixation (or cure) and no need for an additional off-line device. There can be both benefits and downfalls with this type of equipment.

The advantages are that an all-in-one printer will take up less space and print jobs can technically be completed in one step. However, your hourly productivity is the same whether there is one step or two.

Usually, stand-alone heat setting equipment is preferred for a variety of reasons. First, it can typically last up to 40 years, making it a great long-term investment. Also important to understand is that stand-alone heat setting equipment can typically keep up with multiple printers, making for a more flexible and potentially more cost-effective solution. Why have a heat fixation unit for every printer when you can have one central unit servicing all your printers? And, in 10 years, when youre ready to purchase another printer, youll be glad to know you dont need any fixation equipment.

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