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shred and recycling plastic pipes made of hdpe, pp, pe and pvc

For 75+ years, it has been impossible to imagine industrial, public and private applications without plastic pipes. Concealed and usually laid underground, they transport huge quantities of resources every day - for example, wastewater and drinking water for sanitary systems, households, agriculture, and municipal sewage treatment plants. Or gas for heating systems. Plastic pipes are also regularly used as cable protection.

In particular, plastic pipes made of HDPE (high-density polyethylene) are considered to be especially resistant and flexible in use, which is why they are available in a wide variety of diameters and shapes. As with all goods and products, however, the question of proper disposal also arises at the end of their service life. In addition, the production of HDPE pipes regularly generates production waste, for example during extrusion. The good news is that this plastic is ideally suited for in-house recycling and must be shredded in the first step. Here, WEIMA can draw on decades of experience in pipe shredding.

High density polyethylene, or HDPE for short, is ideal for use as pipes due to its thermoplastic material properties. It withstands comparatively high pressures with low weight, is flexible and very resistant to corrosion. Unlike pipes made of metal, polyethylene pipes are less resistant to temperature. Under normal use, HDPE plastic pipes can be used for several decades, even underground.

Continuous extrusion is used for the production of HDPE pipes. The granulate obtained by shredding is usually fed loosely to a single-screw or twin-screw extruder and melted. The molded plastic is then created under uniform pressure. The endless pipe produced can be cut to length as required.

Plastic pipes are rightly described as one of the main lifelines of our modern infrastructure. Without them, little would work in energy supply, logistics or communications. The demand for HDPE pipes for replacement and new installation is correspondingly huge. Companies and WEIMA customers such as PIPELIFE, UPONOR or NEPROPLAST have recognized this potential and are among the leading pipe producers with numerous international locations. However, the more pipe material is produced, the higher the scrap tends to be, as well as the proportion of old pipes. Fortunately, both waste materials are recyclable, so that the plastic can be kept in the resource cycle for as long as possible.

In the extrusion process in particular, HDPE plastic waste is regularly produced during startup and run-in of the systems namely plastic lumps, also known as purgings. In addition, produced pipe segments or pipe spools may not meet the manufacturer's quality requirements and therefore have to be recycled in-house.

The plastic polyethylene can be produced in different density grades. There is PE-LD with low density, PE-MD with medium density and PE-HD, i.e. HDPE, with high density. In addition to PE, WEIMA also shreds other thermoplastics such as PP or PVC. They are characterized by their formability when heat energy is applied and can therefore be welded for joints. The shredding of thermoplastic waste or production scrap to recycling granulate is also possible in an energy-saving way. This saves fossil oils during new plastic production.

HDPE pipes are among the most difficult applications for shredding due to their dimensions, robustness and weight. Depending on the diameter, wall thickness and size, pipe scraps can usually be fed into the hopper of the WEIMA single-shaft shredder by conveyor belt, crane, wheel loader or forklift without manual preparation. The pipes are pressed against the rotating rotor by the hydraulic ram and uniformly shredded to a homogeneous material size. The screen size used below the rotor defines the particle size of the material. The material is usually transported by conveyor belt to the next step in the processing line.

Mechanical recycling After pipes have been collected, sorted and washed, they are reduced to homogeneous regrind with the aid of shredders. From this, high-quality regranulate can be produced using extrusion equipment the basis for the production of new plastic pipes as recyclate within the in-house recycling process.

Chemical recycling In contrast to mechanical recycling, chemical reprocessing attempts to return products made from plastics to their chemical raw materials in order to produce new plastics. However, the separated fractions are not completely pure, which can lead to problems with precise formulations.

With the WKS 1400-2200 series, you can shred anything: from hard, large-volume injection molding waste to tear-resistant fibers and films. The innovative inspection flap guarantees maintenance-friendly access. The swing ram optimizes material feed and thus the shredding result.

The material feed using swing technology makes the shredder particularly compact, simplifies maintenance and allows more aggressive material feeding. Material already slides towards the rotor by gravity and is then pressed against it continuously or intermittently by the hydraulically movable swing ram. For even more aggressive feeding, the swing can optionally be equipped with a pusher.

Machines of the WLK series are ideally equipped for a wide range of plastics tasks. The machine design is characterized in particular by durability and robustness. Thanks to the conveyor belt cut-out, all machines can be seamlessly integrated into any production line. They also offer numerous options in terms of drive and cutting geometry.

WEIMA shredders for processing highly abrasive materials can be protected with various options to reduce wear and thus downtime and maintenance costs. The heavy wall thickness of the machine frame makes WEIMA shredders particularly robust. The rotor can be reinforced with Vautid, the screen with Creusabro. To protect the cutting knives against the impact of foreign objects, large knives with edge lengths of up to 130 mm x 130 mm can be selected. If the number of knives is small. Vautid can also protect knife holders.

To avoid increased wear of the rotor face plates, we recommend the installation of replaceable Creusabro wear plates on both sides. The cutting chamber can also be reinforced and optionally lined with exchangeable Creusabro plates. Wear protection does not stop at the screen, which defines the material size. For particularly high wear, we offer a screen reinforced with Creusabro with a wall thickness of approx. 20 mm.

What is Creusabro? Creusabro is a high performance wear resistant steel. Compared to low alloy wear resistant steels, Creusabro has a higher heat resistance. WEIMA uses Creusabro with a hardness of 58 HRC.

One of the most common drive options for single-shaft shredders is the electromechanical drive, which has proven itself thousands of times over. The power is transmitted by means of a standard motor, a specially developed WEIMA WAP gearbox and a V-belt. The speed can be flexibly adjusted.

The high-torque, multi-pole synchronous motor from Baumller is produced in Germany and is characterized by its insensitivity to foreign bodies. Without gears, the drive resists shocks and vibrations and thus has a particularly long service life even when shredding challenging material streams.

Hydraulic drives from Hgglunds / Bosch Rexroth have no gearbox and are therefore particularly insensitive to many contaminants. Speed and torque can be adjusted without current peaks. The robust drive provides high torque at low kW power. The speed can be variably adjusted by means of a regulating pump.

The WEIMA show room is equipped with shredding and briquetting machines of all sizes and technologies. This enables us to simulate your application as realistically as possible. You have the possibility to send us your material or visit us directly in Ilsfeld. From our gallery you have the best view directly into the cutting chamber. So you can observe the shredding process live.

wood press machines: buy used industrial presses at surplex

Presses accomplish many tasks in the wood processing industry. Veneer presses perform the coating of the wood based materials at high temperatures. Frame or carcase presses are used for bonding wood components, window frames or furniture. Briquetting machines are considered as a special case and are used for compressing wood waste. Sheet materials must be coated in order to protect and revalue sensitive surfaces. Many different types of veneer press have been developed for this purpose, including the continuous press (industrial sector), the multi-platen press (handicraft sector) and the edge press. At Surplex you will find a wide range of woodworking presses and other used machines.

Presses for the woodworking field, by contrast, have a completely different task: instead of bending/shaping, wood presses use coating/veneering processes. They are used to turn cheap wood or chipboard into higher-quality products by placing an outer layer on the workpiece.

The task of veneering wood and chipboard must always take account of the specific properties of the wooden material used. As a cellulose-based material, wood reacts sensitively to moisture, is flammable, and is easy to snap in half if the pressure exerted is too high. This makes operating presses a very delicate procedure, especially where the hot press procedure favoured by the wood industry is used.

Flat and even surfaces, especially, are relatively easy to veneer with rollers or pressing units, but when it comes to complex contours along a profile, or within the surface, sophisticated procedures are needed.

Fortunately, manufacturers of woodworking machinery have risen to the challenge and developed a range of successful machines. Nowadays, layering cheap wooden materials with veneers made from plastic or fine wood is an easy task, even across large series. Complex, shaped profiles and bodies, too, can be layered reliably with consistent results. The only prerequisite: the layering material must be correspondingly pliant.

Veneering the act of adding thin layers of high-quality wood to a base item is just one method of coating wooden materials using presses. In many applications, a plastic coating can be more appropriate thanks to its flexibility and high resilience. This applies even more so to complex ceiling panelling or cupboard doors where a complete thin veneer of wood would be uneconomical.

Most woodworking presses are simply different forms of the veneering press, which acts as a catch-all term for all machines used to press external veneers or similar coating materials onto wooden or chipboard workpieces.

Through-feed presses (continuous presses) are used in the chipboard industry. They press the coating materials onto the pre-fabricated chipboard in a continual procedure using heated rollers which securely attach the panels to the base item as they are fed through. Through-feed presses are production machines intended for high cycle rates and work at their best when performing the same procedure over large series.

Daylight presses (multi-platen presses) are the smaller version of through-feed presses and are also used to coat chipboard with veneer. In contrast to large hot roller presses, daylight presses are only capable of processing small quantities.

Daylight presses feature a layered design with each press, or daylight, stacked on top of one another. Multi daylight presses make it possible to customise the production line, i.e. some chipboard panels can be veneered with one material while other panels receive a different layer. Synchronous coating of several panels also enables excellent productivity making multi daylight presses an ideal choice for mid-sized carpentry operations.

Daylight- and through-feed presses are only suited to coating processes on the upper- and lower-side of a panel the edges cannot be worked on. They are also unsuitable for coating wooden profiles and this is why press brakes were developed. There are a variety of types available, each intended for a different specific application.

Simple press brakes work according to the same principle as the through-feed press: they adhere veneer strips along the edge of a panel or profile using heated rollers. The edges do not need to be straight or at a right angle to the panel or profile.

The veneering of edges featuring radii is another matter entirely, which is why industry developed the soft-forming machine whose pressing roller is flexible and corresponds to the contour. It is thanks to these machines that individually-shaped edges and profiles can be created while remaining affordable to the consumer.

Membrane presses were invented for coating strongly contoured surfaces but can only use flexible coating materials. Wooden veneers are unsuitable for application using a membrane press since they are at risk of splintering and breaking along the contours.

A membrane press consists of a large work table fitted with a membrane flap onto which the workpiece and coating material are placed. The membrane flap then closes and extracts the air between membrane and table and compressed air presses the coating material securely onto the workpiece. Due to their design and method of working, membrane presses are also known as 3D presses or vacuum presses.

Pressing machines for woodworking are also used for the assembly of carcasses. Once coated, drilled and fitted with dowels, chipboard panels and profiles can be assembled together on these machines and transformed into usable products.

Carcass presses are used in the field of furniture building. They can continually produce furniture components with consistent quality to ensure later assembly work only requires a couple of manual interventions.

Frame presses are mostly used for window construction. They produce perfectly fitting frames for windows with consistent quality. Only by using modern frame presses can complex, thermally-insulated windows with double- and triple-glazing be produced at an affordable price.

As with all machines used in industrial woodworking, presses are always under the influence of dust and wood chips. The microparticles of dust are the most pernicious as they gradually develop into a resilient plaque that can engulf the entire machine. With presses, the problem is even worse since they operate using heated adhesives which make residual particles even more prone to sticking together and forming ever larger deposits. This makes thorough and continual cleaning essential to operating a wood press machine.

If cleaning is insufficient, the machine will soon become unusable, which makes it even more important to take a look at the inner workings of the machine before buying. If the internal mechanics point towards a lack of cleaning, this should be reflected in the sales price. But there is good news: even machines that are completely jammed with residue and glue can be brought back to life by professional treatments (ideally dry ice blasting).

High-quality, used industrial presses from these and other manufacturers can frequently be found in our numerous industrial auctions. We continually update the range of products in our used machinery marketplace, which is why we recommend taking a look another day if you want a press for sale that is not currently available.

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Hydraulic folding machine CNC Control System 6000 with Touchscreen Incl. motor-driven Back Gauge newsectionedsharp rail 40 Typ RAS 29 717 ( 3 x 1.065mm) sectionedsharp rail30 Typ RAS 179 730 ( 3 x 1.065mm) ...

Straight bends are indispensable for perfect bent parts. A robust machine construction and a bulky bending beam brace the against the bending forces that occur. An intelligent crowning system and 120 Tons of clam...

Max. Bending length: 4060 mm Max. Sheet thickness: 1.5 mm steel Automatic and manual mode possible. Bending angle adjustable via potentiometer. Selector switch for pressing the fold. Rail for bends up to 160

Sheet width: 6060 mm | Plate thickness: 2 mm | Type of control: conventional | Type of machine: Folding Machine | Total power requirement: 7,5 kW | Weight of the machine ca.: 6,75 t | Dimensions of the machine c...

Used RAS Turbobend CNC Folder Catalog Specifications: Working Width.. 124 Maximum Sheet Thickness. 16 Gauge Minimum Inner Bend Radius.. 1.5 x Thickness Minimum Flange Height Insid...

briquetting machines by k.r. komarek

For over 85 years, the KOMAREK name has been synonymous with briquetting machines and compaction, granulation solutions. K.R. KOMAREK Inc., a Koeppern Group Company, is a privately-owned organization and an industry leader in briquetting, compaction and granulation systems and equipment. KOMAREK Exclusive Cantilevered Briquetting Machines Our versatile B and BH Series machines feature a unique cantilevered roll design that prevents overloading and streamlines roll replacement. KOMAREKs heavy-duty DH Series machines include screw, or gravity-feed options. Wide horizontal roll shafts supported by bearings offer better control and easy maintenance. We work with you on the best solutions for your needs and applications Roller Presses for Large-Scale Agglomeration As a member of the Koeppern Group, KOMAREK offers larger production briquetting, compaction, comminution and wear protection solutions. Learn more about Briquetting, Compaction and Granulation Systems KOMAREK has over 800 machines installed worldwide, in a variety of industries, including chemical, energy, agricultural, mineral, metal, micronutrients, ceramic and recycling. Need help improving your process? Fill out our online form and one of our experts will get back to you. Contact Us Quote1"Our company has partnered with KOMAREK for over 20 years and we continue to expand our capabilities utilizing KOMAREK machines." Darryl M. [MICRONUTRIENTS] Quote2"I consider a briquetting machine the heart of this operation. We decided to use KOMAREK briquetting machines based on their reliability, high-quality reputation, and superior technical services. That was certainly a wise decision." Luis B. [MINERALS] Quote3"We knew KOMAREK was a leader in the briquetting equipment field. When we got positive results from the test, we decided that was the direction we wanted to head." Henry D. [BOROSILICATE GLASS]

For over 85 years, the KOMAREK name has been synonymous with briquetting machines and compaction, granulation solutions. K.R. KOMAREK Inc., a Koeppern Group Company, is a privately-owned organization and an industry leader in briquetting, compaction and granulation systems and equipment.

"I consider a briquetting machine the heart of this operation. We decided to use KOMAREK briquetting machines based on their reliability, high-quality reputation, and superior technical services. That was certainly a wise decision." Luis B. [MINERALS]