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Connecticut riff rock/retro metal unitLORD FOWLwill release theirGlorious Babylonfull-length April 24th via Small Stone. LORD FOWLtook shape in New Haven in the summer of 2007 with one goal: to write songs like those they grew up hearing. Songs that drive you. Songs that come alive. Songs that rock. WithGlorious Babylon, their third LP and second to see release via Small Stone Records,LORD FOWLrefuses to compromise this high standard, bringing forth the energy of their dynamic stage presence and dual lead vocals, as the song-craft of singer/guitarists Vechel Jaynes and Mike Pellegrino reaches its next level of progression.Recorded at BirdsEye Studios in West Haven, producer and bassist Jon Conine (with the assistance of by Steve Hill) capturesLORD FOWLs vitality as only one part of the fray could hope to do, and though drummer Michael Petrucci has since left the band with Van Hartley stepping in to fill his significant percussive shoes, the drums provide the foundation ofGlorious Babylon.Across the records ten-track/thirty-seven-minute span,LORD FOWLraises their own bar. Following 2008sEndless Dynamiteand 2012sMoon Queen,Glorious Babylonarrives as an awaited third chapter inLORD FOWLs peculiar mythology, harnessing the spirit theyve brought to stages up and down the East Coast, at SXSW, and beyond, breathing life once more into classic, soulful, and psychedelic heavy rock and roll.With a sound just as likely to nod to Thin Lizzy and a heavy Funkadelic as to early Queen or Paul DiAnno-era Iron Maiden, it is still the vision and classic purpose of their songwriting that brings the band together. Songs that rock. Old heads, new heads, riff-worshippers, and freaks:LORD FOWLhave built a city just for you. Fans of Queen, Dirty Honey, Rival Sons, Freedom Hawk, Crobot, Rival Sons, Greenleaf, Fu Manchu, La Chinga, and the like pay heed.Glorious Babylonwill see release via Small Stone Recordings on CD, digital, and deluxe gatefold vinyl formats on April 24th. The vinyl edition a German import pressing via Kozmik Artifactz is limited to 500 and will be available in two color variants: transparent pink or clear with purple and white splatter.For preorders and to stream opening track Fire Discipline, visit the Small Stone Bandcamp page atTHIS LOCATION.Glorious BabylonTrack Listing:1. Fire Discipline2. Glorious Babylon3. Get Lost4. Deep Empty5. The Wraith6. In Search Of7. The Gramercy Riffs8. Red Cloud9. Epitaph10. Space Jockey

prediction of the radiative heat transfer in small and large scale oxy-coal furnaces - sciencedirect

CFD modelling of radiation in small and large scale oxy-coal furnaces is developed.Effects of FSCK and Mie data on radiation are investigated and discussed.Non-grey modelling of gas radiation is enhanced in the large furnace.A hotter flame and a higher gas radiation are predicted through FSCK and Mie data.

Predicting thermal radiation for oxy-coal combustion highlights the importance of the radiation models for the spectral properties of gases and particles. This study numerically investigates radiation behaviours in small and large scale furnaces through refined radiative property models, using the full-spectrum correlated k (FSCK) model and Mie theory based data, compared with the conventional use of the weighted sum of grey gases (WSGG) model and the constant values of the particle radiation properties. Both oxy-coal combustion and air-fired combustion have been investigated numerically and compared with combustion plant experimental data. Reasonable agreements are obtained between the predicted results and the measured data. Employing the refined radiative property models achieves closer predicted heat transfer properties to the measured data from both furnaces. The gas-phase component of the radiation energy source term obtained from the FSCK property model is higher within the flame region than the values obtained by using the conventional methods. The impact of using non-grey radiation behaviour of gases through the FSCK is enhanced in the large scale furnace as the predicted gas radiation source term is approximately 23 times that obtained when using the WSGG, while the same term is in much closer agreement between the FSCK and the WSGG for the pilot-scale furnace. The predicted total radiation source term (from both gases and particles) is lower in the flame region after using the refined models, which results in a hotter flame (approximately 50150K higher in this study) compared with results obtained from conventional methods. In addition, the predicted surface incident radiation reduces by using the refined radiative property models for both furnaces, in which the difference is relevant with the difference in the predicted radiation properties between the two modelling techniques. Numerical uncertainties resulting from the influences of combustion model, turbulent particle dispersion and turbulence modelling on the radiation behaviours are discussed.

breakage and separation mechanism of zgm coal mill based on parameters optimization model - sciencedirect

Sampling ports were firstly drilled on a ZGM95 coal mill in the power plant in China, and the coal samples from various points in the pulverizer were collected under the different operation conditions. The property of the sampling material from the mill was analyzed, applying the floatsink test, size distribution analysis, proximate analysis and so on. It was indicated that the +250m fraction in the pulverized fuel accounted for only 0.02%, while it was 83.2% in the new feed. The circulating ratio and coal flow in the separator and the cone zone were calculated using the mass balance of the circulating load. So, the circulating ratio in the separator of the pulverizer was between 8 and 13, and the circulating ratio, the feed flow of separator and cone zone all raised with the increase of the air volume. Furthermore, the parameters of the separation functions were obtained based on the fitting method. It was shown that the mean value of the shape factor B was 0.7617, and the parameter D which is the particle size at 50% cumulative yield in the separator almost kept unchanged.