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The vibrating screen effectively vibrates in the direction vertical to the screen plate. It is used for coarse screening of various kinds of pulp, like chemical pulp, semi chemical pulp, mechanical pulp and waste paper pulp. It can also be used for fiber recovery from rejects and tailings in the pressure screen and separator. Reliable quality and reasonable price have made our vibrating screen very popular in many countries like Ecuador, Panama, and more.

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The Fibrella Pulper is intended for the dissolving of all kinds of pulp, paper, broke (also wet strength) waste paper and wallboard broke. The construction of the Fibrella Pulper is simple, robust and well suited for its purpose.

The FIBRELLA Pulper consists of two main parts: Tank and Rotor Assembly. The bottom of the Tank is equipped with guide baffles which very effectively agitate the pulp and ensure a rapid smallest possible power consumption. For the dissolving of unsorted waste paper the FIBRELLA tank is furnished with a scrap pocket enabling removal of impurities from the stock.

The rotor assembly is manufactured in two types: For the smallest FIBRELLA sizes the rotor assembly is fitted without any bearing support. For the large the rotor assembly is equipped with bearing support and base plate.

The FIBRELLA rotor is equipped with a rotating slotted strainer ring which permits only completely dissolved stock to be discharged from the tank. The Slotted strainer ring prevents impurities from being mixed with the dissolved stock and furthermore it effectively helps the dissolving wings in their work. When the stock has left the tank through the slotted strainer ring, the stock is activated by the pump vanes and pumped through the pump housing to its destination. The bearing assembly is of very rugged construction in order to absorb all types of loads.

The Capacity of FIBRELLA is between 4 to 120 metric tons / 24 hours when dissolving paper broke the capacity is somewhat lower. The Fibrella can be arranged as continuous or batch Pulper without any change in construction.

For effective screening of pulp, we offer the Vibrating Screen (type V-2), which is one of the most sought after equipment, in view of its versatility of application, and the wide use it has been put to at different locations in the Pulp & Paper processing industry. Technical Data:

Those can be supplied for embedding in concrete or for mounting in a steel structure housing. Agitators have found widespread application as an effective mixing and circulation pumps in stock chests and in bleaching towers.

The screens are constructed in sections, which gives it their characteristic eight-sided shape. Each section consists of a distribution plate with two or three plates located underneath, giving three or four fractions respectively. The drive unit is located in the center of the screen and is well protected against damage. The oscillating screen movement is caused by an eccentric weight rotating around the center shaft of the screen.

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We are a renowned Manufacturer and Supplier of advanced Paper Pulp Machine. Paper Pulp Machine is manufactured from excellent quality material and is very efficient in its performance. Paper Pulp Machine is precisely designed with perfect finish by our experts. Owing to their durability and reliability, Paper Pulp Machine is appreciated by our clients from all over India.

We manufacture and supply highly efficient Vibrating Screen. Vibrating Screen has been used for decades in the pulp and paper industry from screening stock in low consistency up to 1.5%. Vibrating Screen is made by using the best quality material and equipment to ensure its durability and faultless service. We offer Vibrating Screen at best market rates.

We offer high quality Turbo Separator in the market. Turbo Separator removes plastics and other light particles through Center Nozzle and Fiber passes through drilled screen. We offer Turbo Separator in different size of the drill screen is 1.8 mm to 2.8 mm. Turbo Separator has high resistant against corrosion and highly durable.

We provide Cylinder Mould with good versatility including high turbulence operation, an increased flow range and adding bonding agents. The simple and compact design of Cylinder Mould allows easy handling and cleaning. Cylinder Mould comes with quick and easy replacement and cleaning of the manifold block. We have latest, equipment, and techniques to produce the most technologically advanced Cylinder Mould.

High Density Cleaner are precisely designed to remove foreign particles such as staples, stones screws, nails, pebbles and other debris from stock. High Density Cleaner provides clogging-free operations and prevents the rotating part of refiners and other downstream equipment from excessive wear and breakage. Our range of High Density Cleaner complies with significant industry standard and is available at the most affordable price.

The High Density Pulper that we offer is a high consistency pulper and has a helical rotor. High Density Pulper is accurately designed for a hassle-free function and durability. Besides offering High Density Pulper, we can also provide medium consistency pulpers and UTM pulpers (broke). Our range of High Density Pulper is used for the slushing of pulp and deliberation in a highly consistent and efficient manner.

Our range of Centri Cleaner System comes with fiber savers and manufactured using best grade SS 304 /SS 316 raw material. The Centri Cleaner System is suitable for effectively removing sand, unbeaten paper chips and other non-fibrous heavy material from pump centrifugal cleaners. Centri Cleaner System is designed in accordance with the set industrial standards. Centri Cleaner System is high on quality features and has longer functional life. Further, we offer Centri Cleaner System in different specifications and at industry leading prices.

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There was a time when the pulp and paper industry thought of circular screen separators only in relation to the calcification of size and coatings. But those days are gone forever! The pulp and paper industry is now one of the largest users of vibrating screen separators.

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Product Description The vibro sifter machine is widely known as Vibro Sifter, Vibro Screen, Vibrating Screen, Lab Vibro Sifter, Pharmaceutical Sifter, Vibro Sieve, Vibro Sifter Machine, and Powder Sieving Machine. Bhagwati Machines India Pvt. Ltd is widely known as a leading manufacturer of high-speed vibro sifter machines. Our offerings include 20 vibro shifter machine, 30 vibro sifter machine, 48 vibro sifter machine and 60 vibro sifter machines for pharmaceutical tablet press. A typical Vibro shifter has a circular gyratory screen which separates mass composition of solids and liquids on the basis of their grades and particle sizes. The machine consists specially designed vibratory motor that generates vibration in three different planes along the vertical axis. This enables us to meet various requirement of our clients global wide. The material is seperated in the vibro screening machine based on the basis of the particle size. It is an essential accessory for the gradation of material in a laboratory. The powder sieving machines are usually available in many different configurations with varying design and capabilities. They have several applications and each one can be custom made for a specific application. It is commonly used in the pharmaceutical and food processing industry. A Vibratory screening machine is a popular machine in the production of protective screening, monitoring screening as well as grading screening for free flowing, dry or granular bulk material. It has several applications, mainly in the wood processing industry, recycling industry as well as the chemical industry. Additionally, it is also useful for the fertilizer industry, plastic industry, automobile industry, glass industry, ceramic industry and for construction material industry. The vibro sifter machine works on the principle of gyratory vibrations. The material is separated on the basis of their particle size. Once the motor gets energized, vibration is caused in the screen/sieve making the material to travel across the sieves according to its particle size. To prevent transmission of vibration to the floor, the sieves are suspended on a spring. We are Designed and manufacturer of Pharmaceutical Vibro Sifters, Vibro Sifter, Vibro Sifter Manufacturer, Vibro Screen, Powder Sieving Machine, Vibrating Sifters with 20 vibro shifter machine, 30 vibro sifter machine,36 vibro sifter , 48 vibro shifter machine, 60 vibro sifter machine, 72 vibro sifter for suitable Food Beverage, FMCG, Pharmaceutical, Ink & Paints, Paper & Pulp, Agriculture Fertilizer.We are Designed and manufacturer of Pharmaceutical Vibro Sifters, Vibro Sifter, Vibro Sifter Manufacturer, Vibro Screen, Powder Sieving Machine, Vibrating Sifters with 20 vibro shifter machine, 30 vibro sifter machine,36 vibro sifter , 48 vibro shifter machine, 60 vibro sifter machine, 72 vibro sifter for suitable Food Beverage, FMCG, Pharmaceutical, Ink & Paints, Paper & Pulp, Agriculture Fertilizer. Model VIBRO SIFTER SHREE BHAGWATI 20 VIBRO SIFTER SHREE BHAGWATI 30 VIBRO SIFTER SHREE BHAGWATI 36 VIBRO SIFTER SHREE BHAGWATI 48 VIBRO SIFTER SHREE BHAGWATI 60 VIBRO SIFTER SHREE BHAGWATI 72 Screen Dia. 500mm. 750 mm. 900 mm. 1200 mm. 1500 mm. 1800 mm. Capacity/Hour * 25 to 100 Kgs. 30 to 200 Kgs. 30 to 300 Kgs. 50 to 500 Kgs. 100 to 700 Kgs. 100 to 1000 Kgs. Charging height 1200 mm without Lid 1050 mm without Lid 1050 mm without Lid 1050 mm without Lid 1050 mm without Lid 1050 mm without Lid Discharging height 720 mm. 670 mm. 670 mm. 670 mm. 670 mm. 670 mm. Main Electric Motor 0.50 HP/1440 RPM/3 Ph 1.0 HP/1440 RPM/3 Ph 1.5 HP/1440 RPM/3 Ph 1 HP (Heavy Duty) 2 HP (Heavy Duty) 3 HP (Heavy Duty) Vibro Sifter machine with Single, Double, Triple, Four Deck with Milling Multi Muill and CO- MILL with Vibro sifter available in 30, 40, 48, 60, 72 inch dia vibratory sieving machine, gyro screen, vibrating screen, vibro sifter machine, sieves, separators and filters with Contact parts in SS 316 , SS 316L, 304 stainless Steel grade can be provided as per user requirement with Interchangeable Screens. Portable, compact and easy to handle and dismantle for cleaning & Flame-proof motor can be supplied as an option for different industry is below : PLASTIC & POLYMERS AGRICULTURE & FERTILIZER PAPER & PULP INKS & PAINTS PHARMACEUTICAL WASTE WATER CEMENT & SAND GLASS & CERAMICS CHEMICAL & PIGMENTS MINERAL & METAL FMCG PERSONAL & HOME CARE FOOD & BEVERAGE SpecificationFeatures Technical Specification of Multi Mill Machine Sifter Machine Mechanical Sifter Machine , sieving, frading & strainging Machine Type Bhagwati - CSGS / 500 Bhagwati - CSGS / 750 Motor 1.5 HP, 1440 RPM,415 VOLS, 3 phase, 50 Hz. 1.5 HP, 1440 RPM,415 VOLS, 3 phase, 50 Hz. Screens 54,000 TO 1,29,000 54,000 TO 1,29,000 Screens dia 510 mm 750 mm Charging ht. 1080 mm approx 1100 mm approx Discharging ht. 770 mm approx 770 mm approx Overaall Dimensions (cm) 100 W x 100 D x 110 H 100 W x 100 D x 110 H Net weight 325 kg. 325 kg. Case Dimensions (cm) 135 x 135 x 140 H 135 x 135 x 140 H Gross Weight 500 kg 525 kg Salient Features Hopper is specially designed. Compact vibratory design ensuring high speed & dust free sieving. Noiseless machine with no maintenance. SS 304 (SS 316 optional) used for contact parts and screen. Consumes Low power compared to reciprocating vibratory system. Contact Parts can be easily dismantled easing the cleaning of contact parts. Flame proof and double / triple deck options available. Easy wash and / or sterilization of contact parts. Machine fitted with the castor wheels for easy mobility Note:Specification and features of the machineries are subject to change without any prior notice. Photos Video