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We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of Bucket Elevator belts. We offer bucket elevator belts, which are made from different type of high quality raw materials as per the application requirement especially in the working environment, Bucket Elevator belts are widely used in various processing industries. These products are mainly used for vertical applications to lift material from the lower to the second level where a limited space is available. We are specialist in construction, manufacture and delivery of these belts for over 180m elevation hoists and with operating speeds of @ 1750tph.

Sand Mining - Stone Industry, Concrete Plants - Cement Plants, Mineral processing plants, Timber industry and sawmills, Pulses Mills, Flour Mills, Sugar Mills, Rice Mills, Salt mines , Silo feeding , Docks , Ship loading and unloading , Potatoes and Starch factories, Foundries, Waste treatment plants

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Bucket Elevator Beltis the material of belt bucket elevator as showed in picture: Stainless steel Conveying material of belt elevator as showed in picture: Fertilizer, Granular Urea If this belt type bucket elevator adopt carbon steel structure, it also could conveying other bulk solid material such as cement, coal and grain.To carry materials widely used in coal mine, mine, power station, chemicalindustry,light industry, grain and so on.

Base Construction of Bucket Elevator It is made of running parts(hopper and tow rubber belt), upper section with driving pulley, down section with take-up pulley, middle case, driving device and back stop, braking device, used in powder, graininess and patch delivering upward unpolishing and subpolishing scattered materials whose density is less than 1.5t/m , such as coal, grail, dust coke.

Bucket elevator is designed and made as the standard of JB3926-85 vertical bucket elevator, common bucket elevators in our nation are all vertical and new. It is used widely in metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, mine, grain and vegetable oil, food, fodder, plastic and medicine etc.

Driving device is equiped with YZ reducer and ZQ reducer. YZ axis reducer is directly installed on axle head of principal axis and omit driving platform and coupler to make construction compact and weight light, reliable back stop with abnormal idler. The low noise, stable running and floating along with principal axis can eliminate erection stress.

1) Low driving power, inflow feeding, induction unloading, high-volume hopper intensive arrangement. There is almost no feed back and excavating circumstance when materials are lifted, so invalid power is little.

2) Wide lifting range, little materials type and property requirement can not only lift general powder and granule materials, but also lift high polishing materials. Sound seal and little circumstance pollution.

3) Good running reliability, the advanced design principle and handling method assure reliability of whole machine running, the non-fault time exceed 20 thousand hours. Stable running make it reach higher lifting height.

4) The life is long, inflow feeding, non excavating with hopper and there is few extrusion and collision circumstance between materials. There is little materials sprinking during feeding and discharging to reduce machinery abrasion.

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Quality is approved by ISO9001 and the protection for business survival, which is the cornerstone for us to live in the market. In order to be the winner in the future international market and get the full trust from customers, we are committing ourselves to certificate on the product quality.

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In industries like metals, wood, grain, etc., these enhancements are required. Some mounts act as a belt whereas others work as separate buckets. However, these high-ranking individuals are terribly effective in handling respected practices in both internal and external industries. We offer numerous types and shapes of bucket packs for various kinds of industries. Bucket elevators are used to directly transfer bulk materials. Though similar to conveyor belts, bucket elevators move objects using buckets attached to a belt or chain that rotates. These buckets carry tons of material, move it to the end, and take it out.

We tend to number one Bucket Elevator belt supplier and provider, and that offers it a fabric that is uneven in diameter and spreads the load equally to reduce elongation. Also, less time is required to recycle the belt, to save maintenance costs. Also, it is quite easy compared to the rubber band, energy consumption is reduced by using our basket, reducing production costs.

Avishkar designs and manufactures, supplies, exports various types of bucket elevators in Hyderabad, India efficiently handle numerous kinds of dry, flow-free material. High standards of construction, quality production, wonderful service through multiple branch locations, and a decent distribution network ensures a few years of economical, trouble-free work. This catalog is designed to create the primary choice for a bucket climber.

It is designed with totally different Options of Length, Speed, and Constructive Information depending on the type of material to be delivered. They are built into pieces or units to permit you to define exactly the required height.

The principle of operation is that the same for all bucket lifters, however, there thereisvitalvariationswithin the speed of the bucket, the type of cup used, the bucket varieties for moving the bucket, and the amount of drive and carry used. Every application is unique and at Bratney, we tend to pride in knowing which bucket distribution system works best to fit the needs.

Manufacturers of bucket amplifiers in India are designed to use rice husks, iron mills, wheat sticks, etc. The buckets are made of metal or metal as well, but the metal quality tastes higher and durable. It also provides the correct wagons for carrying grain. The buckets are set with associates equal gap between the buckets, the height of the bucket height may vary depending on the purpose. The buckets will rotate at a slower and reduced speed and may carry the constant quantity of materials in the bucket containers. Every bucket container is suspended one above the opposite with an associate equal gap. We tend to build bucket hoses for quality, minimal adjustment, less energy consumption, efficiency, etc.

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We also supply welded (according DIN standards) or plastic buckets for minerals and particularly challenging conditions, centrifugal or gravity discharging. Our elevator bucket program also includes the well-known European models (Columbus, Starco and Super Starco) in pressed steel, stainless steel, HDP, polyurethane or nylon.

For over 25 years Muller Beltex has been the distributor in Europe of Maxi-Lift plastic elevator buckets. These are very economical buckets for high capacities and abrasive bulk products. All types are available in HDPE, wear-resistant and non-adherent polyurethane or Zytel heat-resistant nylon and are very abrasion-resistant.

Our stockholding strategy and top-quality product range allows us to always offer the right solution for your elevator. Largely the result of our customers needs we have continuously been optimising our product range.

From experience we know which elevator components and moving parts are subjected to the most wear. What lies at the heart of optimal and safe bulk processing is the elevator belt: to us, the elevator belt is the key. A good quality elevator belt is crucial and can be offered with Polysur.

The connection is the weakers link in an elevator belt, which is why belt fasteners deserve special attention. We supply various belt fasteners for connecting belts with specially woven polyester/polyamide plies (EP) or steel fabric reinforcements.

Muller Beltex likes to share their knowledge as a consultant for your specific issue. Engineering,advice and supervision services to get your bulk handling and processing equipment running optimally. By involving us at an early stage, we can offer you the right solution based on our broad experience and know-how.