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It is a technology based on digital model files, using powder-like metal orplasticand other adhesive materials to construct objects by printing layer by layer. 3D printers can generate parts of any shape directly from computer graphics data without machining or any molds, thus greatly shortening the product development cycle, increasing productivity and reducing production costs.

After Power-off & Out-of-material Detection Resumption after power-off if there is a sudden power outage, the printer will follow the unfinished printing instructions, no need reprinting, saving time and materials. Out-of-material detection: early warning and replacement of insufficientfilamentsto improve printing speed.

This type of printers is the one that more quantity and variety of models are currently on the market, and according to its assembly you will find two types, assembled printers, which come to practically to connect and ready, and printers to mount, in the that you are going to have to do the assembly of the printer.

Stereolithographic printers,are designed for a more professional and advanced user, since the realization of the prints is more complex than with the other type, and it is not advisable to start with this type of 3D printers.Also we leave here the link to the guide of these printers in case you are curious to see them.

Anet is a hi-tech enterprise integrating design, research and development, production and sales of 3D printer, 3D printing accessories and 3D printing filaments. The core technology is independently researched and developed by company and has complete independent intellectual property. The product is advanced, widely used, can be applied to new modeling, teaching practice, medical and health, architectural design, handicraft design and personal DIY and other fields, effectively improve product development speed, significantly reduced production costs and labor costs.

Creality was established in China. As an excellent brand, Creality focuses on Industrial & Scientific, offering the best products. Through diligent development and corporate governance, its products have been sold exceptionally well around the world. We have an endless strive to deliver the best products.

Anycubic was established in China. Anycubic offers the best products as amazing 3D Printer. Anycubic focused on the 3D Printer. Through diligent development and corporate governance, its products have sold exceptionally well around the world.We have an endless strive to deliver the best products.

Alfawise delivers exciting and dynamic home technology. From powerhouse automatic robot cleaners to 3D printers, enjoy affordable technology at every price point. Alfawise combines premium design language, smart design and essential home ideas for less.

What types of things do you want to print? Just as a hobby? Or do you want to use it in business and sell your model? Or do you want to use it in education? Industrial? These are the questions you need to ask yourself before you start looking for relevant information.

It is alarge 3D printer, good quality, closed and at a really good price. It isa very robust printer.This makes it perfect for working with children around (in fact, it is the one I usually recommendwhen asked by colleges and institutes for a 3D printer.

It has everything a technology teacher needs:reliability over time, that children cannot reach it, that it is of great volumeto print enough things (classes are usually 25 children) and that it has a minimum of quality.

When you are a teacher,you do not have time to be out of school hours calibrating a machine, youneed that once assembled you do not need to play practically anything, set it up in class, to print and go.

In addition, from experience I know of some teachers who resorted to other open alternatives, and had to end up isolating the printer in a methacrylate box for fear that children could burn with the hotend or spoil the 3D printer,this is already done in theAnycubic 4 MaxPro.

This 3D printer is focused on anyone who wants a 3D printer that looks beautiful in their home and does not want to complicate life at all, or calibrate anything, or design anything, or looking for 3D parts.Perfect for young children who want to get into 3D printing.

You just have to see the technical specifications ofCreality CR-100 3D Printer:Intelligent operation, intelligent touch screen design, one-touch wake-up printing..., all designed for the 3D printer to detect its own problems and fix them and you don't have to touch anything .

As you can see, it is a 3D printer focused on children that allows you to touch the right and necessary, prints well andhas verycool3D models in its application for the little ones.That said, a 3D printer, for children and parents who do not want to complicate life

It trains hands-on ability, and only 1 hour is required to finish the assembly. It boasts high cost-performance ratio - any DIY enthusiast will not be unable to resist. U30 has alarge build volume - 220 x 220 x 250mmfor most challenges. More importantly, printing with Alfawise U30 is hassle-free because the tworesume functionsprevent any imperfection and failure due to power outage and filament run-out. Control the process and set parameters on the touchscreen. Enjoy easier and more successful home made 3D printing!

In most cases, 3D printers are priced based on the performance and quality of the machine itself. Think about what a 3D printer means to you, estimate your price in advance. Then choose the best 3D printer for your price range. Consumables will be your main expense in the future, so a 3D printer that is compatible with multiple consumable types will be the best choice.

3D printer filaments are mainlyPLA,ABS,PETG, TPU andwood. If you tend to use multiple types of materials in your model, you must first ensure that you find a compatible 3D printer. Only in this way can you complete the printing task.

The three parameters of speed, accuracy, and layer thickness are related to each other. The finer the accuracy of 3D printing, the smaller the layer thickness, but the slower the printing speed. When the printing speed becomes faster, the thicker the layer is, the rougher the model is. When printing the model, you can balance the parameters according to the model effect.

Generally, the nozzle diameters of 3D printers are 0.4mm and 0.8mm. The larger the diameter of thenozzle the thicker the consumables that are printed on a layer, the less the level of printing, the less the number of nozzle movements and the printing time quick. If you want to make the texture of the printed model surface more fine, use a small diameter nozzle.

With the continuous development of the 3D printing industry, 3D printer models are also emerging. Major manufacturers continue to introduce new ones. 3D printing research and development technology is constantly improving, producing a large number of high-performance and high-precision 3D printers. Here we have organized 3 bestLCD 3D Printersfor you.

Tronxy Large Size 330X330X400MM X5SA-2E Two-color Printing DIY 3.5inch Full Color Touch Screen 3d-printer

Tronxy Large Size X5SA 24V 3D-Printer Factory Price Desktop Educational Home Heating Faster Industrial Core XYZ AU/US/EU Plug

Advance sale Artillery Sidewinder-X1 3d printers High Precision Large Plus Size 3d printer Dual Z axis TFT Touch

Ortur Obsidian 3D Printer Fast Response Automatic Leveling Filament Run-out Detection Power Outage Resume Quick Assembly Slient Running

Anet ET4 Touch Control FDM 3D Printer Quick Assembly 220 x 220 x 250mm Print Area Automatic Leveling Filament Detection Offline Upgrade for Wide Applications

Anycubic 3D Printer Mega Pro Laser Engraving Printing 2-in-1 Metal Frame Fit Flexible Filament Anycubic Mega S upgrade Dual Gear Extruder

LOTMAXX SC-10 SHARK Dual Color / Dual Color + Laser Engraving 2-in-1 3.5-inch Touch High Quality FDM 3D Printer

ANYCUBIC 4Max Pro 2.0 3d Printer New upgrade DIY 3d Printing Kit with Ultrabase Heatbed Print TPU PLA Filament

3D Printer Prusa i3 Reprap MK8 MK2A LCD Screen Imprimante impresora 3d Drucker Power Failure Resume Printing

Tronxy D01 Industrial Linear Guide DIY 3d-printer Titan Extruder For Printable Face Sheild 220X220X220MM

NOVA3D Bene4 LCD 3D Printer with 4.3inch Smart Touch Screen and Upgraded UV Light 130X70X150MM Print Size

Tronxy X5SA-2E large size330X330X400MM 3d-printer Dual extruders High Precision Touch screen DIY Can Print Face sheild

Tronxy XY-3 SE Comes Standard With Single Head/Single Head + laser Engraving/Three-in-one 3D Printer 255X255X260mm

LONGER Orange 10 LCD 3D Printer Affordable SLA 3D Printer Metal Body Matrix LED Design Fast Cooling Resin Printer 3d Drucker

Longer Orange10 LCD MSLA 3D Printer UV Light Curing Photocuring Resin Printing 98 x 55 x 140mm Print Size

Two Trees Bluer FDM 3D Printer Automatic Leveling / 3.5 inch Touch Screen / TMC2208 Mute Drive / MKS ROBIN NANO V1.1 Motherboard

LONGER LK5 Pro 90% Pre-Assembled 3D Printer 4.3-inch Touch Screen 300 x 300 x 400 mm Printer Size Lattice Glass Hot Bed Silent Motherboard

SparkMaker 2.0 Upgrade Version FHD Photocurable LCD MSLA 3D Printer Industrial Household UV Light Curing Photocuring Resin Printing

Tronxy X5SA DIY Large Model 330X330X400mm 3d-printer Sensor/High-precision Printer/Touch Screen/Dual Z Axis

Easythreed K2 Plus Mini 3D Printer for Beginner Household Toy Education Students LCD Screen Control Small 3D Printer

LOTMAXX CH-10 LCD MSLA 3D Printer UV Light Curing Photocuring Resin Printing with 3.5 inch Color Touch Screen

LONGER Cube 2 Mini Educational FDM 3D Printer for Kids 99 Percent Pre-assembled Entry-Level 3D Printer 2.8 inch Touch Screen High Precision Impresora 3D Drucker

3D printing is now no longer a niche hobby, its now a mainstream activity as well as being incredibly popular with students and creative enthusiasts. Increasingly affordable, they have also become much more powerful, precise, and versatile allowing users to craft ever more intricate and detailed 3D items. At Gearbest, were all about cutting edge tech; thats why we offer some of the most advanced commercially available 3D printer and reprap models on the market. Packed with incredible features and designs, such as wireless printer (WiFi printer) functions as well as printer with scanner, our affordable 3D printer kits and accessories offer almost limitless possibilities to ensure you get the results you need at the price you deserve. Together with accessories and supplies such as 3D printer filament And with great deals on the best 3D printer for sale, youll save money while creating your masterpieces too.

Our exciting self-contained DIY kits allow users to quickly and easily learn the fundamentals of 3D printing with incredibly flexible designs on a range of printer sizes including small printer models. Quality matters too, thats why we only offer the most trusted brands in the world, including Anet, Anycubic, Decaker ,Ender, Geeetech, JGAURORA, NEJE, Sunlu, Tevo, Tronxy, and many more. Our affordable 3D printer kits also include metal 3D printer options and offer large build volumes, and LCD screens to ensure easy status checks. Whether youre a beginner or an expert, our selection is designed for maximum ease of use allowing you to start you project as soon as possible for incredible results. With Gearbest, dont just see the future with our superb technology offerings, make it. Experience the most advanced DIY 3D printer functionality with our range of 3D printer kits and create brave new worlds.

By pressing subscribe, I agree to receive marketing information about Gearbest products and services and to the processing of my personal data for such purposes as described in the Gearbest Privacy Policy . I can withdraw my consent at any time.

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The CO-220 is the perfect instrument for technicians and other professionals who need to measure CO levels within spaces such as industrial environments, commercial buildings, or residential dwellings where accumulation of combustion gas is possible.

big ass fans resources are at your fingertips in the resource center. big ass fans | we make big ass fans and big ass light

Intense Florida heat and insufficient HVAC made using Big Ass fans in Crossfit Total Controls new Jacksonville Beach location an obvious choice for repeat Big Ass Fan owner Russell Peters. Thanks to improved airflow from our Powerfoil series, gym members can stay cool and comfortable.

Tight workspaces, crowded floors and ceiling areas make it difficult to get cooling airflow to workers who need it. Bring comfort to these hard-to-reach work areas with Pivot 2.0. Thanks to a virtually infinite number of speeds and versatile mounting options, youll get precisely the air movement you want, where you want it. And Pivot 2.0s direct-drive motor means you can count on it to always operate quietly and efficiently.

When you need close-up comfort that wont quit, you need AirEye. Featuring variable-speed control and a range of sizes and mounting options, AirEye has your back (or front) in any hot spot. Its 50% more powerful and 50% more efficient than its off-the-shelf imitators, and with a 5-year warranty, were confident it will keep you comfortable for far longer.

Powerfoil D: the only direct-drive overhead fan purpose-built for harsh industrial conditions. In the hot, dusty environments that put competitors fans out of commission, Powerfoil D thrives with cool, quiet operation.

i6 features virtually silent airflow, an array of automated controls and custom options, and bold design thats a perfect match for the dynamic dcor of homes, restaurants, retail spaces, fitness centers, and public venues.

During the warmer months of the breeding season in Kentuckys horse country, Thoroughbred stallions and their human handlers at Coolmore America struggled in hot, sauna-like barns. The farm needed large-scale airflow to make indoor conditions more comfortable and productive.

Metal fabricators at Impulse Manufacturing lost production time waiting for parts to cool on the conveyor line after exiting the oven at temperatures of 165F (74C). Installing a longer line was cost-prohibitive, and Impulse needed a more immediate solution.

Thanks to the automatic comfort and convenience of the Haiku products, Bob and Lisa have more time to focus on the things they want to do in retirement, including volunteer work, gardening and planning their next trip.

Workers at Samuel Jackson, Inc., an equipment manufacturer in Lubbock, Texas, were sick of sweltering summer heat. Three PowerfoilX2.0 fans and a Yellow Jacket by Big Ass Fans make them feel cooler and improve productivity.

Making more than a million driveshafts a year is hot work, and Louisville, Kentucky is a hot place in summer. Luckily, Big Ass Fans are on the job at Dana Corp., and cool Big Ass LED light fixtures, too.

Renowned film director Francis Ford Coppola wants guests to get away from it all at his tropical resorts, and that includes air conditioning. Instead, silent and energy efficient Haiku fans are used throughout three Coppola Family Hideaways in Belize and Guatemala.

Leadership at Don Jacobs Paint and Body Shop in Lexington, Kentucky, knows that if you take care of your employees, theyll take care of your business. After improving technicians work environment with the installation of Big Ass Fans and Lights, Don Jacobs saw big gains in both quality and productivity.

Many CrossFit gyms are housed in disused, unairconditioned warehouses, and Big Ass Fans provide cooling airflow to members. But thats hardly the only benefit here are a few reasons Big Ass Fans and fitness centers complement each other so well.

How do large industrial fans affect shielding gas coverage in welding environments? The truth is it is tricky but not impossible. With the right testing and support, overhead HVLS fans can work in most welding facilities, while variable-speed column fans can take care of the rest.

Known for its open-air design, Punta Cana International Airport needed to keep its travelers cool. With the buildings structure rendering A/C impractical, Punta Cana turned to BigAssFans. Now, over 30 fans cool the airports international terminal.

Operating your Haiku fan is as simple as pressing a button on your remote. But its built-in brains known as SenseME and the intuitive Haiku app allow your Haiku smart fan to do so much more.Download the Haiku Home app, available for iOS and Android, and then follow these tips to get the most out of your Haiku fan.

As one of Canadas largest retailers, Canadian Tire has 500 locations across the country. Not long ago, Scott Bodnar took ownership of its Vegreville store in Alberta, and began looking for ways to reduce expenses. His solution? Big Ass Fans.

Every weekend in summer, two mobile Big Ass Black Jack fans keep musicians and audience members cool at a popular outdoor music venue. And theyre so quiet they never drown out the music or the conversation.

Renowned film director Francis Ford Coppola wants guests to get away from it all at his tropical resorts, and that includes air conditioning. Instead, silent and energy efficient Haiku fans are used throughout three Coppola Family Hideaways in Belize and Guatemala.

Graham Hill of LifeEdited chose a Haiku fan for his minimalist 350-sq-ft New York City apartment project to alleviate dependency on air conditioning and because of the smarts provided by the SenseME Technology.

With the help of 70 Haiku fans, Olas Verdes Hotel in Nosara, Costa Rica, became the first LEED Platinum hotel in Costa Rica and the first LEED-certified surf hotel in the world. Now guests and owners are living the Pura Vida.

Because air conditioning was not an option at SkyBar, the Traders Hotel needed to find an alternative way to keep guests feeling cool and comfortable. The Traders Hotel installed three Big Ass Powerfoil X fans in SkyBar, and the fans have exceeded expectations.

When it was time to renovate a popular beachfront hangout on Australias Sunshine Coast, the first things to go were 14 old ceiling fans. The owners replaced them with 7 Haiku fans, which create twice the comfort using half the energy.

The $400 million Daytona Rising project brought about a complete reimagining of the fan experience at NASCARs premier track, Daytona International Speedway. With comfort a key factor, Daytona installed 40 Big Ass Fans throughout its all-new concourses.

Jimmy Woodall of Woodall Dairy Farms needed an effective and efficient way to reduce heat stress on his herd of 650 cows. After installing 25 Big Ass Fans, his herd is healthier and more productive and his energy bills lower than ever before.

Employees at Jack Henry & Associates, Inc., rely on their aviation department for work-related travel, but struggled with weak airflow, slow heaters, and pest problems in their hangars. Maintenance Manager Chris Ridings installed two PowerfoilX2.0 fans in both hangars for an all-encompassing solution.

The DPR Phoenix office, a living laboratory for how to live and work comfortably and efficiently in the desert, has won multiple design and green building awards and received LEED Platinum status. Big Ass Fans helped.

Customers at The High No. 1 Hotpot in Shanghai, China, loved the delicious dish thats the restaurants specialty, but didnt want it lingering in their hair or clothes for hours afterward. An 8-ft (2.4-m) Essence by Big Ass Fans solved that.

The Livery is a trendy event space that struggled to keep guests warm in the winter due to the building's barn-style ceiling. Essence fans made a dramatic change at The Livery, both in comfort and appearance.

When a famous Australian guitarist decided to open his own music venue in an old World War II airplane hangar, he called on Big Ass Fans to provide cooling airflow that wouldnt interfere with the entertainment.

In Central Florida, its not easy being a horse or a horse owner in summer. With no A/C in the stables, it can get uncomfortable and stay that way for months. The addition of 11 Haiku fans has resolved Andrews and her horses comfort issues.

This 97,000-sq-ft museum occupies two hangars in sunny and hot Hawaii. To save energy and keep guests cool, the Pacific Aviation Museum chose Big Ass Fans Powerfoil, AirGo and Black Jack for indoor and outdoor airflow.

In summer months, the animals at the Primate Rescue Center in Nicholasville, Kentucky, became lethargic and gathered under ineffective pressboard fans, seeking to escape the stifling heat and humidity. The sanctuary needed a more effective way to keep its residents cool.

Rose Dhu Equestrian Center installed Powerfoil X2.0 fans with LED light kits in their barns and riding arena resulting in a harder working horses, comfortable temperatures and less bothersome bugs. And the LED light kits mean that veterinarians can care for horses at all hours of the night without the hassle of bringing in additional lights.

Carolina Ale House installed several Isis fans by Big Ass Fans in their covered outdoor patio.The fans transformed the hot space into a comfortable dining area that keeps guests coming back again and again.

Crosswhite Fitness in Lynchburg, Tennessee installed two Essence fans in their outdoor fitness facility. The Essence fans help to circulate air in the all-metal facility making workouts more comfortable for members.

With tall ceilings, George Mason Universitys Freedom Aquatic and Fitness Center struggled to maintain consistent temperatures and needed airflow to dispel chloramines at the pool surface. Two PowerfoilX Plus fans provide air circulation and lower the burden on the HVAC system.

Iowa State Universitys aging Lied Recreation Athletic Center needed an energy-efficient alternative to mechanical cooling. Ten 20- to 24-ft (6- to 7.3-m) PowerfoilX Plus fans, as well as twelve 6-ft (1.8-m) Pivot fans, provide the air movement the facility desperately needed.

Debilitating air circulation problems with the 900-sq-ft (274-sq-m) lobby of the Tonopah Residence Complex made employees and students alike uncomfortable. The installation of an 8-ft (2.4-m) diameter Isis fan not only provided the necessary air movement, but also helped regulate temperatures throughout the space.

For 40 years, Marion County High School officials tried unsuccessfully to cool their non-air conditioned gymnasium with box fans, floor fans and a variety of inefficient air movers. Two 24-ft (7.3-m) PowerfoilX fans, custom powder-coated to promote school spirit, are the perfect solution to keep the gym comfortable.

Louvers and warehouse fans mounted just below the 36-ft (10.9-m) ceiling of this indoor football practice facility provided ventilation and air movement, but at a level too high for the players to feel the benefit. Highland Park used a variety of Big Ass Fans to solve their air circulation needs.

Climate control improvements were at the top of the to-do list when Monterey Road Elementary School completed a multimillion-dollar upgrade. The school chose to install two 60-inch (1.5-m) Haiku fans in each classroom, 32 in total, bringing the schools comfort level into the 21st century.

Indoor swimming pools can be notoriously uncomfortable, and Maine Endwell High Schools non-air conditioned aquatic center was no different. Four Isis fans provide a welcome reprieve from the heat and help the facility save thousands in utility costs.

Machetanz Elementary School wanted to become the first LEED Certified school in the state of Alaska, but needed to keep students comfortable while doing so. A 12-ft (3.6-m) diameter Powerfoil fan, helps keep the school warm, even during harsh Alaska winters

Berea College, a pioneer in sustainable living, wanted to push the limits of green design and construction with Deep Green Residence Hall, their new EcoDorm. Haiku fans installed in every room help the building achieve serious energy savings.

The aging HVAC system at Lexington Hearing and Speech Center (LHSC) made heating and cooling classrooms a year-round struggle. Teachers needed a silent way to stabilize comfort so students could learn without distraction.

Computers produce more than funny cat videos they also produce heat. Thats why the computer lab at Lowcountry Tech Academy was so uncomfortable. Without access to the district-controlled thermostat, teachers needed a cooling solution. Several Haiku fans eliminated heat complaints altogether.

Planet Fitness locations nationwide wanted to efficiently increase air movement to enhance their members workout experience. Now, large, custom-painted PowerfoilX Plus and Element fans create more comfortable, energy-saving environments in their locations across the country.

With 300 soccer teams competing in the facility year round, Kentucky Indoor Soccer and Sports struggled to keep players and spectators comfortable. Two 24-ft (7.3-m) PowerfoilX fans make the winter months more comfortable by pushing down warm air from the ceiling, and create cooling breezes in the summer.

Chicago Indoor Sports Owner Mike Widell used his Big Ass Fans to make athletes more comfortable and improve heating efficiency, but wanted to upgrade after several years. Widell turned to Big Ass Fans aftermarket Trade-In Program, swapping his four older fans for newer models at a reduced price.

High-speed wall fans at Scripps Ranch Swim & Racquet Club left some members wanting more airflow, while others were disturbed by the direct breeze and noisy operation. Three 9-ft (2.7-m) diameter Isis fans enable club managers to select the perfect level of airflow for every activity, from Pilates to spinning.

Snap Fitness was in need of an efficient cooling solution to supplement its existing HVAC system. A 9-ft. diameter Isis fan. Isis is designed specifically for fitness centers with ceilings as low as 12-ft. (3.6m) and helps maintain a comfortable environment while reducing energy consumption.

Eade Fitness 24/7 needed an energy-efficient way to keep members focused and comfortable in its new 2000-sq-ft (186-sq-m) free weight area. Portable fans used too much energy, provided too little airflow, and created dangerous tripping hazards.

Wall-mounted heaters at Seifert MTM Systems in Rhode Island were positioned near the ceiling, sending hot air right to the roof and leaving workers on the ground out in the cold. A 24-ft (7.3-m) PowerfoilX fan helps send the heat where it is actually needed.

Proper air movement will make your dairy barn a more pleasant environment for herds and staff alike, and low-maintenance Big Ass Fans will save energy and manpower costs compared to large numbers of smaller, high-speed fans or more drastic and costly HVAC installations.

Todd Michael needed to keep 365 wedding guests cool and comfortable in his updated barn-turned-wedding-venue, and air conditioning was out of the question. An Essence fan was an ideal solution, keeping air flowing through the barn, especially where it countsover the dance floor.

Mount Alvernia College needed a natural and innovative way to increase comfort in their learning spaces without the use of air con. For powerful air movement with a simple look, they turned to Haiku by Big Ass Fans.

The FirstBuild Facility at the University of Louisville was suffering from poor comfort levels and air circulation, as a result of their ineffective ceiling fans. The University switched to Essence and PowerfoilX2.0 by Big Ass Fans for lasting, efficient comfort all year round.

In the renovated cafeteria at the Buist Academy in Charleston, SC, heat rose to the ceiling in winter and large windows created a greenhouse effect in summer. Two Essence fans now keep air circulating and students comfortable year-round.

The Corvallis Waldorf School sought to improve students learning environment and minimize the schools carbon footprint. A team from Portland State University used Haiku fans in their design for each classroom, and the change has been dramatic.

In winter, the Jessamine County firehouses gas heaters ran constantly; however, high ceilings led to wildly uneven air temperatures, putting the departments truck water pumps in danger of freezing. During summer, the firehouse overheated easily. The department and its firefighters needed temperature consistency throughout the year.

This Dallas-based station turned to Big Ass Fans for help with their new, energy-efficient buildings hot spots. A Powerfoil X expels fumes from the stations garage and an 8-ft Isis cools off the firefighters dormitory.

When the Gulfport, Mississippi, fire station was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, architects redesigned it with energy efficiency in mind. A Big Ass Fan helps regulate temperatures and keeps energy costs low, all while ridding the building of exhaust fumes.

Designers of Rolling Meadows Elementary in Texas included five outdoor courtyard classrooms, where students can study in the open air under brightly colored canopies. Outdoor-rated Big Ass Fans circulate the air and provide cooling breezes, keeping students comfortable.

Constantly-opening hangar doors made it hard to regulate temperatures at the Kentucky National Guard aircraft maintenance hangar. A PowerfoilX2.0 increases airflow, improving summer comfort and making the heating system more efficient in the winter.

Get Air Poway, a San-Diego-area trampoline park, needed powerful airflow in their main trampoline area. The solution: Powerfoil X by Big Ass Fans. Get Air Poway went with the ebst, and the results speak for themselves.

Hong Kongs Waterfall Sports & Wellness needed to cool its patrons with fans that fit the facilitys modern dcor. Big Ass Fans got the air moving by installing six sleek, all-black Yellow Jacket fans at strategic points for optimal airflow.

Austin Bouldering Project had a very large space with very little air movement. To keep rock climbers cooler and alleviate the workload on their A/C system, the facility installed seven 14-ft (4-m) Essence fans by Big Ass Fans.

Pure Barre, a company with more than 325 locations nationwide, specializes in classes that use the ballet barre to transform physiques. San Francisco franchisee Lauren Fike chose two 60-in black Haiku fans with LEDs to clear the air and cool everyone down.

Lexington Tennis Clubs spacious facilities 15 courts spread across three buildings made it challenging to maintain consistent temperatures. Poor insulation and sizable skylights left members exposed to severe seasonal temperatures and discouraged them from hitting the courts.

For ONeal Flat Rolled Metals in Garland, Texas, extreme weather fluctuations and high humidity created heavy condensation that led to rust and cost the company thousands a year. The installation of two Big Ass Fans dried things up quickly.

Condensation from steam posed a major threat to the efficiency of McCain Foods production facility. Warm, moist air allowed mold to grow and also infiltrated the freezer, causing contamination hazards and production-halting ice buildup.

Owensboro Brick & Tiles staging area was way too hot and steamy. Literally. Bricks exiting the kiln at 1,950F (1,065C) released loads of steam, slowing the drying process for the 300,000 to 400,000 additional bricks held in the area.

The roasting and packing equipment in Eight O Clock Coffees 100,000-sq-ft (9,290-sq-m) production plant runs constantly and generates a ton of excess heat. Employees needed a comfortable environment, and all that machinery required just the right amount of air movement to operate effectively.

A 200,000-sq-ft facility with large dock doors constantly opening can be a nightmare to keep comfortable. Ricoh USA achieved the near-impossible with ten 24-ft (7.3-m) Basic 6 fans to keep workers comfortable in summer and circulate heat in the winter.

Workers at Samuel Jackson, Inc., an equipment manufacturer in Lubbock, Texas, were sick of sweltering summer heat. Three PowerfoilX2.0 fans and a Yellow Jacket by Big Ass Fans make them feel cooler and improve productivity.

Shaping steel into lifesaving medical equipment requires a fair bit of heat, which left machinists at Engineered Medical Systems in Memphis stuck working in pockets of hot air. Three PowerfoilX2.0 fans from Big Ass Fans prevented a $100,000-plus A/C retrofit and help employees feel cooler.

Condensation threatened to rust and ruin products stored at kitchen and bath distributor Aaron & Companys New Jersey warehouse. Since installing two Big Ass Fans, the company hasnt lost a thing thanks to the improved airflow and temperature regulation.

Kentucky Eagle, a distributor for Anheuser-Busch, had trouble regulating temperature in a meeting and packing facility where 25 to 30 trucks drive in and out every day. PowerfoilX fans help cool the packing area, while sleek Element fans take care of the meeting space (and look good doing it).

Oklahoma temperatures hovering near 100F (37.7C) for an entire summer left employees at Braums Ice Cream and Dairy Stores storage facility seeking their own frozen treats. The dry goods storage facility became much more tolerable after the installation of eight 24-ft (7.3-m) PowerfoilX Fans.

Large production equipment used in the manufacturing of air and sound control products blocked airflow at Ruskin Companys plant. Pivot180 by Big Ass Fans improves airflow in dead spots, and the oscillating mount makes employees feel cooler wherever they go.

DecoPacs two-story warehouse in Anoka, Minnesota, wasnt air conditioned, which resulted in different temperatures at ceiling and ground level. Pivot, Yellow Jacket and PowerfoilX fans help with destratification mixing the air to create a uniform temperature throughout the building and more comfort all around.

When Custom Vinyl Products Inc. moved into a new, larger facility, they needed more air circulation, but didnt want to install expensive ductwork. Three 18-ft (5.4-m) diameter PowerfoilX fans provide air circulation for all while contributing to lower gas bills.

Stanford Universitys Arrillaga Center for Sports and Recreation drove students away with a hot and stuffy atmosphere. By installing four Big Ass Fans in the facility, Stanford was able to get the air moving and get students exercising again.

Patroon restaurant tried using small, high-speed fans to cool down their rooftop bar, but the look and noise didnt suit the carefully designed space. New sleek, silent Isis fans help the bar feel drastically cooler, and add to, rather than detract from, Patroons signature look.

Full-line steel service center Boyd Metals must take extra care to prevent moisture in their facilities. To protect their product, the company installed a 24-ft PowerfoilX2.0 fan by Big Ass Fans to recirculate damp air and impede the dangerous buildup of corrosion in the space.

Johnson Controls assembles seats for the nearby Toyota plant. But heat from the foam department strained the A/C, and inadequate lighting made it hard to see imperfections in the seats. Big Ass Fans and LEDs helped the company breathe and see better

Audi Beverly Hills needed an air movement solution that could double as an eye-catching centerpiece for the modern renovation of their showroom on Wilshire Boulevard. Four 10-ft (3.1-m) Isis fans did the trick, turning over lots of air and turning heads as well.

Mellow Mushroom needed a way to cool down its patio in Atlanta, and four small, conventional ceiling fans werent doing the job. A custom-painted 12-ft (3.6-m) Essence fan makes a serious statement on the patio, moving slowly to create a cooling breeze that wont blow away napkins, bills or menus.

This brewery and taproom in Lexington, Kentucky struggled with cold air from the warehouse making its way into the adjacent taproom, chilling patrons in the winter. An Essence fan helps push heat trapped at the warehouses high ceiling down to the floor, keeping the taproom and its patrons comfortable all winter long.

To transform a 130-year-old iron factory into an energy-efficient bowling alley and event venue, Brooklyn Bowl Owner Charley Ryan turned to Big Ass Fans. Four 10-ft (3.1-m) Powerfoil fans help keep customers comfortable and ease the burden on the buildings HVAC system.

Sixty solar panels on the roof of Contender Bicycles helped power the space, but the all-electric heating and cooling system needed a boost to avoid using all that precious juice. Two highly-efficient Isis fans help keep the space cool, without using too much of the power from the solar panels.

To keep guests cool at their annual Fur Ball, held outdoors at Castle Post in Versailles, Kentucky, the Scott County Humane Society added an AirGo fan to the guest list. The fan was a lifesaver, providing cooling, quiet airflow to keep guests comfortable in the summer heat.

Wow! Thats Fresh wanted to emphasize fresh food and sharp, clean design to set their flagship location apart from other chain restaurants. Designer Kim Perry worked with Big Ass Fans to install four custom-painted Essence fans, which circulate air while bringing a pop of color to the ceiling.

Auto technicians at Greenwood Ford Lincoln of Bowling Green, Kentucky, were using portable lights to see under the hoods of the cars they were repairing. Big Ass Fans installed 104 super-bright Big Ass Light LED fixtures. So long, flashlights. Hello lasting illumination.

Heavy machinery technicians at Luck Stone Corporation heated their shop with propane and recycled oil, but the hot air went straight to the facilitys 30-ft (9.1-m) ceiling. A 20-ft (6-m) Powerfoil brings all that warmth back down to earth.

Dondelinger Chevrolet struggled to keep customers warm in Baxter, Minnesota, where January temps average -4F (-20C). A 12-ft (3.6-m) Essence by Big Ass Fans helps circulate warm air, keeping the showroom toasty warm even on ridiculously cold days.

Classic cars and motorcycles find new life at Gas Monkey Garage, but smoke, exhaust and fumes in the non-air conditioned space made the process harder than it needed to be. A combination of Big Ass Fans now keep the space comfortable and clear of contaminants.

Hot rods need cool spaces. A 12-ft (3.6-m) PowerfoilX2.0 and three Haiku fans helped world-famous West Coast Customs keep their space looking and feeling cool. Plus, the energy-efficient Big Ass Fans help keep the building green and clear exhaust buildup. They look good on TV, too.

Architect Brian Johnson wanted to create a roadside rest area that would break the negative stigma of the structures. He build a modern structure, with energy savings, comfort and air distribution provided by Big Ass Fans.

Heat was a problem in both the summer and the winter at Capital GMC/Buick/Cadillac auto mall. In winter, heat from the HVAC system rose to the top of the facility and stayed there. In summer, floor fans cluttered up the place. PowerfoilX2.0 by Big Ass Fans solved both problems for year-round comfort.

Maintaining AIA San Franciscos headquarters LEED Gold certification required shutting off the air conditioner at 5 p.m. every day and other measures that reduced comfort. The energy-sipping Haiku by Big Ass Fans picked up the slack.

Low light made the service drive at Glenn Hyundai Auto Mall a dreary first-contact point for customers. After the installation of 15 Big Ass Light High-Bay LEDs, the space was so inviting the auto mall served a steak dinner to new car buyers there.

In both the elegant tasting room and the hard-working production area, Big Ass Fans bring additional refreshment to Bells Brewery of Kalamazoo, Mich. While the two spaces differ in purpose, design and HVAC, two elements unite them: great brews and Big Ass Fans.

Luxury carmaker Aston Martin turned to Big Ass Fans to solve two problems at its Washington, D.C., dealership: an old HVAC system that couldnt handle temperature extremes, and dim lighting. Two PowerfoilX2.0 fans and 50 Big Ass LED fixtures provided the perfect tune-up.

Leave a door open long enough in the summer and someones bound to say, Were not trying to cool the whole neighborhood! At Crazy K Ranch in Michie, Tennessee, propping doors open to the 4,000-sq-ft (371.61-sq-m) event space wasted A/C, but turning the system off left workers sweating.

Luxury-car customizer Will Castro of Velocity Channels Unique Rides with Will Castro wanted great looks and exceptional comfort for his facility, which doubles as a TV set. When he saw Big Ass Fans, he knew they were as A-list as his customers.

After a fire destroyed Bill Searcys barn, he set out to make the best of a bad situation. He rebuilt the 2,400-sq-ft structure as a space to entertain friends and family, finishing the interior with tin, hardwood and concrete, and incorporating antiques and other rustic touches.

Hong Kongs humid, subtropical climate made ZCBs goal of becoming the territorys first zero-emission building a lofty goal. Temperatures range from pleasant in winter to stiflingly hot in summer, so the building required an ingenious ventilation and cooling solution.

When building his LEED Gold home in Miami, architect David Harper wanted an energy-efficient alternative to traditional HVAC. A 10-ft (3.1-m) Isis fan improved airflow in the homes two-story central room, allowing that zone of the house to operate on a higher thermostat setpoint.

The owners of Pa Ka Makani farm wanted a fully-functioning facility with all the comforts of the modern worldcompletely off the grid. For Architect Matt Goyke, that was a tall order, but not an impossible one.

Allagash Brewing Co. re-ferments its Allagash White brew by storing it at precisely 72F (22.2C) for ten days. But poor air circulation in the companys old warehouse created heating and cooling issues that threatened to make the beer bad.

Antonio Santini and the design team at RED Studio Architects created an environmentally conscious alternative to traditional HVAC design, using Big Ass Fans, rather than massive HVAC systems and a maze of ductwork, to distribute conditioned air.

At Cuningham Group Architectures Denver office, temperatures on the mezzanine were an unbearable 15 to 20 degrees higher than at ground level. The company installed two Haiku fans, and now the mezzanine serves as a pleasant meeting space and the HVAC runs less often.

On an isolated Hawaiian atoll, the high heat and humidity made it hard for scientists at a research facility to concentrate and damaged their equipment. Thanks to 34 Haiku and two Isis fans, the comfortable scientists are more productive and theres far less corrosion.

Louisville Zoo needed year-round comfort in their Giraffe House. Big Ass Fans installed a PowerfoilX2.0, creating uniform temperatures in winter and saving up to 30% in heating costs. In summer, the fan provides comfort by dispelling flies and unpleasant odors as it cools.

When ESPN brought its summer X Games to Texas, they found extreme temperatures that made the events uncomfortable for spectators and potentially dangerous for athletes. Big Ass Fans cut through the heat with more than 30 portable Black Jack, AirGo and Yellow Jacket fans.

When SeifertMurphy renovated the public spaces of the Hyatt Regency Coconut Point, the Dallas, Texas firm wanted fans that fit with the Florida resorts British Colonial style and updated design elements.

At Casa Xixim in Tulum, Mexico, Haiku fans throughout the breachfront villa provide gentle, consistent air movement in the hot, humid climate. The fans blend with the villas modern aesthetic while helping its owners meet their energy-efficiency goals.

The Gaia Retreat & Spa, in the hills of New South Wales, wanted to combine top-of-the-line comfort for its guests with energy efficient cooling. Air conditioning alone was noisy and expensive, so co-owners Olivia Newton-John and Gregg Cave turned to Haiku fans.

What began as an effort to find a better way to cool Covina-Valley Unified School Districts gymnasiums led to a system-wide switch to Big Ass Fans. Now, a variety of Big Ass Fans and Light LEDs are used in more than twenty facilities.

Large translucent panels allowed daylight to heat up the maintenance shop at Walter P. Rawl & Sons, making it difficult to keep comfortable in the summer, and high ceilings trapped heat in the winter. Two 20-ft (6.1-m) PowerfoilX fans now keep the space comfortable all year.

Bill Gallrein turned to Big Ass Fans during the design phase of the new space. He purchased three 10-ft (3-m) Isis fans in the color Raven Black, adding a modern pop to his rustic-inspired space. The fans keep customers comfortable and the bugs away which Gallrein noted is good for both produce and people.

Historic Santa Anita Park race track needed a way to cool down hot, nervous thoroughbreds before races. They chose seven Essence fans for their silent, effective air movement, which helps keep horses and riders cool and calm without any horse-spooking noises.

Wholesale grower Bell Nursery was plagued by excessive moisture in its warehouse that harmed plants and led to product losses up to 10%. A fleet of standard floor fans didnt help, but three PowerfoilX2.0 fans slashed product loss by 75%.

Temperatures inside the metal examination shed routinely reached over 100F, making horses and humans miserable. The cooling breeze from four PowerfoilX2.0 fans made a 15F difference and allowed the owner to trash his noisy box fans.

When the stars of Velocitys Graveyard Carz needed increased air movement in their new 22,000-sq-ft (2,044-sq-m) auto shop, they turned to Big Ass Fans for lower bills year round, improved comfort and higher productivity.

SUNDIAL, a premier shopping center in St. Petersburg, required high-end comfort to match the stores high-end aesthetics. After trying five different ceiling fan models, Big Ass Fans became the first and only choice that delivered both airflow and luxury looks.

In summer months, the animals at the Primate Rescue Center in Nicholasville, Kentucky, became lethargic and gathered under ineffective pressboard fans, seeking to escape the stifling heat and humidity. The sanctuary needed a more effective way to keep its residents cool.

To keep horses comfortable as they prepared for or recovered from surgery, a Lexington equine health clinic installed a 12-ft (3.7-m) PowerfoilX fan in its barn. The fan creates a breeze throughout the barn, improving air quality, and helping horses and humans stay cool all summer long.

The tropical climate of Cairns made Gilligans Backpackers and its customers uncomfortably hot, and air conditioning alone wasnt cutting it. After installing Big Ass Fans indoors and out, the improved air movement has led to happier customers and lower energy costs.

At Provenance Realty Groups new Laguna Beach headquarters, the firm had to find a cooling solution that reflected the high-end properties it sold. Essence provided the perfect answer, generating a 10F (6F) cooling effect while complementing the spaces modern feel.

In Coquitlam, British Columbia, firefighters rescued themselves from the heating costs of Burke Mountain Fire Hall with four PowerfoilX2.0 fans, which circulate the heat generated by the in-slab heating system and also prevent condensation throughout the year.

Three Bears Farm is an English riding facility that has been in existence for almost a decade. Owner Jackie Sawyer always dreamed of building a larger facility and expanding the farm and in 2010, these dreams became reality. Sawyer installed two 24-ft (7.3-m) PowerfoilX and four 12-ft (3.6-m) PowerfoilX Plus fans from Big Ass Fans to help circulate the air within the arena and barn.

The Lions Den in Scottsdale, Arizona, is a mixed martial arts training academy that offers classes in a variety of strenuous fitness programs. The academy installed two Isis fans over the main mat areas, and Peters says the results have been outstanding.

The Mercury Method, a revolutionary workout, requires a consistent room temperature of 98.6F (37C). Owner Darren Press selected two 8-ft (2.4-m) diameter Isis fans by Big Ass Fans to help heat the workout room.

Whole Foods set out to design an outdoor hangout reminiscent of indoor luxuries, so they installed four 8-ft (2.4-m) diameter Isis fans in the patio and entryway to extend the use of its outdoor space on even the hottest days.

West Sixth Brewing Company needed a way to more efficiently cool its 90,000-sq-ft (8,400-sq-ft) space without relying too heavily a/c. They turned to Big Ass Fans for low-energy air movement that now works in tandem with their HVAC unit for maximum comfort.

Zirbel Dairy needed a solution to increase milk production during the summer months and improve the comfort of their 520 cows year round. The dairy turned to industry leader Big Ass Fans for 12 large 24-ft (7.3-m) diameter fans for constant air movement and improved overall air quality, providing the herd a refreshing breeze at all times.

Malibu Jacks, an indoor family fun center in Lexington, Kentucky, fills up on weekends with as many as 2,000 people who come to play miniature golf, ride go-karts, celebrate birthdays and generally party hearty. The owners decided that three PowerfoilX2.0 fans from Big Ass Fans would provide the air movement they needed.

Bay Street Biergarten replaced their ineffective ceiling fans with three 8-ft Isis fans. These Big Ass Fans produce a cooling effect of up to 10F, keeping customers as perfectly cool as the beers they sip below.

At the nations largest indoor water park, customer comfort is the No. 1 priority. But keeping the Kalahari Resort in the Wisconsin Dells feeling tropical can be tricky. Four 24-ft Powerfoil fans by Big Ass Fans came to the rescue.

The city of Santa Rosa needed a public event space and wanted to restore the historic DeTurk Round Barn to suit that purpose. Big Ass Fans installed a 24-ft (7-m) PowerfoilX fan to help the building breathe naturally by creating air flow.

Arethusa Farms prides itself on taking great care of its cattle. After seeing how well Big Ass Fans kept a neighboring farms cattle cool and feed and bedding dry, Arethusa hopped on the Big Ass bandwagon.

Management at Monday Night Brewing needed an economical solution to assist their overburdened HVAC system. The brewery installed an elegant Isis fan for customer comfort in the taproom and chose a portable AirGo and a massive 24-ft (7.3-m) overhead fan to do the heavy lifting for the brewhouse.

Edge Fitness' lack of proper air circulation made it difficult to maintain a uniform temperature in the clubs 13 locations across the state of Connecticut. After serious research, Edge Fitness resolved the problem with Big Ass Fans.

The worlds fittest athletes converge on the CrossFit Games annually to vie for the title of The Fittest on Earth, but harsh 90F (32C) Los Angeles temperatures and strenuous physical activities meant the heat was as grueling as the competition. Big Ass Fans brought strength and style with its epic lineup of portable fans Black Jack, AirGo and Yellow Jacket.

Marshall Retail Groups new distribution center in Las Vegas needed something better than floor fans to keep workers cool and productive in the 64,000-sq- ft space. Three 14-ft Big Ass Basic 6 fans proved theyre up to the job.

The U.S. Army Aviation Logistics School was subject to wild temperature variations, and excessive heat made learning difficult for students. Six overhead Big Ass Fans, as well as a 6-ft (1.8-m) Pivot and 8-ft (2.4-m) mobile AirGo fan set things right.

After its first location struggled with humid, uncomfortable air, Lexington-based CrossFit Maximus knew its second location needed fans. Big Ass Fans worked with CrossFit Maximus to keep the space cool, bright and energetic with LED lights and four PowerfoilX2.0 fans.

Air conditioning at Kohls distribution center in Findlay, Ohio, wasnt finding its way around the multilevel maze of conveyor belts and equipment to reach all employees. Directed airflow from 54 ceiling-mounted SweatBee fans helped solve that problem in a jiffy.

Heat and humidity can create problems for anybody, and thats just as true when the bodies are bovine. To alleviate heat concerns, the University of Kentucky Installed Powerfoil X3.0 fans for airflow in their 23,000-sq-st dairy barn.

Southwest Family Farms needed an indoor space to keep workers and equipment cool, even when summer temperatures crested 105F (40.5C). They Installed two 16-ft (4.9-m) PowerfoilX2.0 fans by Big Ass Fans to help keep the well-insulated 9,600-sq-ft (892-sq-m) shop almost 30F (16.5C) cooler than the outdoors.

This unique agriculture-focused high school needed air movement in its on-site riding arena and throughout the campus, including the net-zero classroom building. A fleet of ultra-efficient Big Ass Fans keeps school facilities cool and comfortable, even without air conditioning.

On a private island near the Great Barrier Reef, Queenslands exclusive Bedarra Island Resort prides itself on its connection to the natural beauty of the region. The Haiku fans are pretty beautiful, too.

The New BBVA Compass Stadium is home to the Houston Dynamo and Dash soccer teams. The enclosed concourses were also home to a lot of sweaty patrons. Four PowerfoilX2.0 fans brought some much-needed airflow.

Comfort was nonexistent in the Sharon Fieldhouse concession stand, and workers were paying the price. The aging, cramped space was unbearable in the summer with the additional heat generated by compressors in the freezer, cooler and slush machine, and a 200F (93.3C) deep fryer.

Two California companies partnered to transform a standard 1970s office building into a vibrant space that produces zero net energy, or ZNE. With the help of 31 Haiku and four Isis fans, the buildings environmental impact was dramatically reduced and it now rents for many times the premium rate.

Customer complaints of stagnant air led Anytime Fitness Hamilton to blast more air conditioning but then power bills spiked. So the fitness center installed three Big Ass Fans. The result: happy customers and 20 percent savings on utility bills.

AMSOIL was wasting energy on heating its facility and creating an uncomfortable workplace. Big Ass Fans had the solution. AMSOIL Inc. installed six 24-ft (7.3-m) and two 14-ft (4.2-m) diameter Big Ass Fans to gently recirculate heat.

Most people think of fans solely as a cooling instrument, but overhead fans are also the most effective way to distribute both air-conditioned and heated air. Using fans to mix the air creates consistent temperatures throughout the restaurant, eliminating troublesome hot and cold spots.

Brewing craft beer has become a huge business, but you cant take shortcuts if you want to do it right. Allagash Brewing of Portland, Maine, has built its reputation for quality based on that understanding.

Many people know that Big Ass Fans fight condensation by using air movement to dry the moisture after it forms. However, when used correctly, or when paired with special controls that sense weather patterns and predict impending condensation, Big Ass Fans can also prevent condensation from forming in the first place by keeping surface temperatures above the dew point.

Big Ass Fans play a huge part in climate control in greenhouses from regulating temperature and humidity, to improving photosynthesis, nutrient uptake, carbon dioxide/oxygen replacement, stem strength and resistance to disease.

Inspiring the next generation to embrace sustainability starts in an energy-efficient and comfortable classroom. One Singapore secondary school created the perfect learning venue with the help of Haiku ceiling fans by Big Ass Fans.

The popular Aussie TV show The Block features couples competing to renovate houses and auction them off for the highest price. On the 13th season, Ronnie & Georgia used Big Ass Light LEDs and Haiku fans during their renovation to create a stylish, modern home.

Because Haiku fans are certified under the Singapore Green Building Product Scheme, integrating them into the Kampung Kampus project helped the architecture team achieve the highest level of Green Mark Platinum Award.

Contestants on Australia's popular show, The Block, included Haiku fans in a home renovation in an effort to utilize the highest quality products, and create a reflection of the pair's love of natural wood styling and devotion to green living.

Pertubuhan Akitek Malaysia (PAM) the Malaysian Institute of Architects recently opened a new 8-storey headquarters in Bangsar, on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur. Although natural ventilation plays a key role in the buildings design, Kuala Lumpurs tropical climate made additional air movement essential for occupant comfort.

No middle man here. We work closely with you to customize a solution for your facility. Well build it, ship it, install it and service it, all while bending over backwards to make sure youre happy with everything.

smok novo 4 kit 25w pod system kit sale price $26.99 | vapesourcing

SMOK Novo 4 is made of durable textured zinc alloy and is available in ten stylish color options, sturdy and durable. It adopts a one-button design to achieve a simple style. The button is not only a power on/off button but also a wattage adjustment button. Novo 4 pod system is equipped with an integrated, rechargeable, long-lasting 800mAh battery, so you can enjoy hours of vaping with minimal charging. Upgraded type-c port helps optimize charging efficiency. Above the button is a 0.49-inch OLED screen. Use the single-mode button below the screen to adjust the wattage anywhere between 5 and 25W. Cater to your discerning taste, whether you like mild or strong vaping.

The Novo 4 cartridge can hold up to 2ml of e-liquid, and can be easily filled through the side filling port: just remove the cartridge from the device, lift the rubber plug on the side of the pod, and insert your favorite e-liquid to start filling. Novo 4 pod cartridge includes two LP1 Meshed 0.8ohm coils optimized for leakage prevention. LP1 series coils is a new product line specially designed for leak-proof vaping. When inserting the coil into the cartridge, the added silicone ring at the bottom of the coil, which can effectively prevent liquid leaking from the pod, which can lead to a messy e-cigarette experience or dirty hands. Each coil in this series uses 3 silicone rings to provide tightness.

mercedes eqs: sit back and relax into the best ev interior | top gear

The EQS is not quite the first all-electric Mercedes, but it might be the first one that matters. Because while the EQC and EQA sit on platforms shared with normal cars and SUVs, and are therefore inherently compromised, the EQS introduces Mercs new largely aluminium EV-only modular electrical architecture.

Some seven years in the making, this scalable platform heralds a new era of purpose built, uncompromisingly electric Mercedes. And the hugely complicated EQS is the genesis, the template on which Mercedes is staking its future, and from which its next generation of big EVs (in the short-term a smaller EQE business saloon and then EQS/EQE SUVs) will spew forth.

So this car is emphatically A Big Deal. Not least because its philosophically an electric S-Class the car that defines Benzs brand, and into which it ploughs more resources than any other. In the words of CEO Ola Kllenius: The EQS is designed to exceed the expectations of even our most demanding customers. Thats exactly what a Mercedes has to do to earn the letter S in its name. Because we dont award that letter lightly.

Of course under its slippery body the EQS is incomprehensibly clever, but its the interior thats really going to get people talking. The new car comes as standard with the portrait touchscreen and dashboard from the S-Class, but for a few grand you can (and definitely should) upgrade to the vast MBUX Hyperscreen for a whopping 377in2 of screen.

The triple screen set-up incorporates centre (17.7-inch), driver and passenger (both 12.3-inch) displays behind a single pane of curved, distortion-free aluminium silicate glass that spans almost the entire width of the car. Were promised the surface is especially scratch resistant, easy to clean with a normal microfibre cloth and has been positioned just-so to minimise reflections.

And its packing some firepower eight CPU cores and 24 gigabytes of RAM. The centre and passenger screens are of the super-sharp, super-colourful OLED variety and both feature haptic- and force-feedback. The latter where the screen knows how hard youre prodding it and can vary its responses accordingly is tech I miss from my old iPhone and dont recall seeing in a car before.

Not that you need to prod the screen if you dont want to. Mercs voice control isnt Amazon Alexa-clever (yet), but its getting there. There are microphones everywhere so each of the five occupants in the car can use it, it knows which passenger is requesting what, and everyone gets their own profile to which they can save their settings.

Besides voice control, Merc has another way of getting around legitimate criticism that massive touchscreens in cars are too damn distracting. The user interface (which was developed entirely in-house) uses what Merc calls a zero-layer design. Effectively it employs AI to predict what you want to do before youve done it, then proactively surfaces relevant functions at just the right moment so you dont have to go swiping through endless submenus to find them. Kllenius says he could teach anyone how to use the system in 10 minutes. Well be taking him up on his offer.

The passenger side screen can switch itself off if theres nobody sat in the passengers seat. If it is switched on, it can sense when the drivers looking at it and dim itself right down so they cant see whats on it. Of course, there are screens in the back too, if you want them, and the whole system is ready for over-the-air updates that ought to keep it feeling fresh for years to come.

The EQS 450+ will ship towards the end of this year with a single rear-mounted e-motor with 329bhp and a 108kWh latest-gen modular battery that uses comparatively few rare-earth materials. A smaller 90kWh battery will be available soon after. Britain misses out on the twin-motor all-wheel drive 516bhp EQS 580, at least to begin with. Which is a shame. But though the EQS isnt as sporting as a Porsche Taycan or Audi e-tron GT, because luxury, Mercedes has already confirmed an AMGd version with as much as 750bhp will follow. Good news (so long as it makes it across from the continent). Prices are broadly in line with the S-Class, so should start from around 80,000.

At over five metres long and almost two wide, the EQS is more or less the same size as an S-Class too. But its body is a different, more aerodynamic cab-forward shape. The front end is low and totally sealed, with a clamshell-style bonnet you cant open (unless you work for a Mercedes dealer) and ducts and shutters that reveal themselves only when the car needs cooling. Elsewhere the doorhandles are of the pop-out variety and underneath the low slung batteries theres a mostly flat floor.

And thats just the tip of the iceberg. The result of all those hours in the wind-tunnel is a drag co-efficient of just 0.20 (when equipped with the 19in wheels and in presumably lower-riding Sport mode). That makes the EQS the most aerodynamic production car in history save for dedicated eco-specials like the Volkswagen XL1 and means that in its slipperiest, most efficient configuration, the electric limo will manage a huge 477 miles between charges. Roughly the same as a petrol-powered S500 averaging a realistic 26mpg.

Elsewhere the EQS gets rear-wheel steering, an Energising Comfort system that can borrow data from compatible smartwatches to help wake you up or chill you out, and it can be specced with doors that open and close themselves. The headlights can project messages and warnings onto the road, but like Mercs latest driver assistance systems (which can almost entirely take over in certain situations) are limited by whats legal, not by whats technologically possible.

The EQS will be built in a carbon-neutral factory. So too will its battery. Moreover owners get three years access to Mercedes me Charge, which guarantees the use of green energy at public charging stations. The EQS is just the start though by next year Merc will be building eight EVs across seven factories and three continents. The revolution has begun.

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container shipping rates | what are the costs in 2021? | movehub

The cost of shipping a container internationally can range widely and it depends on a number of factors. As a rough estimate, it should cost somewhere between 1,000 (GBP) and 5,000 (GBP) to ship a 20ft container from one country to another. Well give you an idea of shipping rates from around the world and explain how these costs are calculated.

International container shipping rates can sometimes be a pretty complex business, but weve got you covered. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about moving your belongings overseas.

01 | Cost of shipping a container overseas 02 | How are container shipping costs calculated? 03 | Which size shipping container do I need? 04 | FCL vs LCL 05 | Sea freight or air freight? 06 | Comparing sea freight and air freight rates 07 | Other shipping costs to consider 08 | Do I need container shipping insurance? 09 | How much does a shipping container cost? 10 | FAQs

Weve calculated the average international shipping rates for some of our most popular journeys from the UK (London), the US (New York), Australia (Sydney) and Canada (Montreal). The rates are based on the port-to-port transportation of a 20ft / 40ft container of used furniture, and they were last updated in November 2020.

Please note: these container shipping costs exclude typical add-ons such as door-to-door delivery, professional packing/unpacking and basic insurance cover. Our shipping suppliers normally incorporate these services into their prices, so expect some discrepancy between the rates given here and the quotes you receive. These estimates should be used as an indication only.

Its not officially one or the other because it depends on what type of shipping youre using. When it comes to sea freight, the dimensions of your goods are the most important, while air freight cares more about the weight of your goods. The more goods you have, the more it will cost to ship them to your new home.

Will your goods be flying or sailing? The mode of transport will determine both the price and the time it takes for your belongings to arrive. Air freight tends to be the quicker and more costly alternative to sea freight, so if youve got time to spare then you should definitely opt for the ocean. Sea freight is usually around five times cheaper than air freight.

This one is pretty self-explanatory. If youre shipping your stuff halfway across the world then its going to cost more than a short trip across the Mediterranean. Whether your move is port-to-port or door-to-door will also affect costs; if your shipping company is going to transport your goods all the way from your old front door to your brand new one then this will bump up the price. Despite this, we thoroughly recommend door-to-door services as they can prevent logistical headaches.

Customs duties and service charges are unavoidable but they will vary from country to country. Naturally, the arrival destination of your goods will determine how much you have to pay in the way of customs and taxes. Check out our breakdown of these various charges near the end of the page.

International shipping has peak seasons, just like any other industry. These generally occur in the summer (between Augustand September) and just after the Chinese New Year (between January and February). During peak season, demand is greater, prices are higher and capacity is more limited. Its best to avoid shipping at these times if you want the lowest prices.

Thats why weve done our research and compared all the major money transfer services on the market, so you can choose the right one. Check out our expert ratings and find the best money transfer provider today.

There are at least 16 different kinds of shipping container, but luckily there are only two that you need to know about: the 20-foot and the 40-foot. The rest are generally for business-related and industrial moves. Here are all the key dimensions of 20-foot and 40-foot containers (no prizes for guessing how long they are):

A 20-foot container will typically hold the contents of a three-bedroom house. This means stuff like furniture, beds, fridges, TVs and storage boxes. The actual volume of a 20-foot container is 33 cubic metres (cbm), but in reality there is normally only about 25-28 cbm of usable space. If cbm doesnt mean anything to you then here are some other ways to visualise the space inside a 20-foot container. Its about the size of a single garage, and it can hold all this stuff (but not all at once):

A 40-foot container will give you double the amount of space as a 20-foot container, but it doesnt come at twice the price. 40-foot containers are definitely better value for money if you have a lot of stuff to bring. Houses with four (or more) bedrooms will most likely need a 40-foot container, unless you have one of those trendy minimalist homes that doesn't have much furniture.

Cant leave your trusty four-wheels behind? When it comes to shipping a car, the 20-foot container is big enough but it wont leave a lot of room for other cargo. Therefore, if you want to bring your car along with the contents of your household then youll most likely need a 40-foot container. Heres our guide to shipping cars.

The 40-foot container technically contains 67 cbm of space, although only about 54-58 cbm ends up being usable. If you want another visual aid, just double the numbers we gave you for the 20-foot container. Heres that funky purple infographic again to show you how much can fit inside a 40-foot container:

Depending on the volume of goods you want to ship, you may not need to pay for the use of a whole container. Shipping companies have devised a system for people with smaller amounts of cargo where several customers can share the space of a single container. This is called a Less Than Container Load (LCL) or a part-load shipment.

Typically, people who are moving the contents of a one-bedroom flat can opt for LCL, but volumes greater than that will usually require a whole container. This is called a Full Container Load (FCL) or sole-use shipment. Its a bit like the difference between a private taxi and a bus.

Its better value.In terms of cost per cubic metre, you get more bang for your buck with an FCL. The shipping company will charge you a flat rate for the use of the container rather than making you pay for the specific volume of your goods.

Its faster. When youre sharing a container with other peoples cargo, theres more waiting involved. Belongings have to be loaded and unloaded at each port and then placed on separate trucks. However, an FCL shipment doesnt need to be opened until its at your new house. The extra time required by LCL can vary, ranging from 4-5 days to a couple of weeks. It all depends on where youre going and the company youre shipping with.

Your goods are safer. With all the extra handling, LCL comes with an increased risk. The loading and unloading that happens at each port means that LCL shipments are moved around more often than FCL shipments. Naturally, this puts your belongings at greater risk of being damaged. FCL is much more advisable if you have fragile goods to bring with you.

You can ship a car.If youre sharing the use of a container with other people, transporting a car is too risky. Cars are very safely secured in shipping containers but they are big and heavy things, meaning there is always the potential for damaging other peoples cargo. FCL is the solution here.

Its the cheapest way to ship small volumes.If you dont actually have that much stuff to bring with you, it would be silly to hire a whole container. Everything will just rattle around once it starts moving.

LCL is the most cost-effective method for smaller moves and its quite common that someone will have only a couple of boxes to bring. Students who are travelling abroad just for a year or so regularly opt for LCL. However, there is a point where you should switch from LCL to FCL, even if you dont have enough to fill a container. Shipping companies advise that any shipment over 15 cbm should be sent by FCL, as this is actually more economical.

Choice of transport is another big factor when it comes to international shipping costs. Its all about balancing your priorities. Whats more important to you, getting your things shipped as quickly as possible or keeping costs down? Moving your belongings by sea and by air are the two most popular options for international moves.

Sea freight is low cost. Generally speaking, sea freight is about five times cheaper than air freight. To give you an idea, shipping the contents of a one-bedroom flat from the UK to Australia by sea costs around 1,700 (GBP) . Ship the same contents by air and youre looking at a bill of around 7,000 (GBP) . See our price comparison table below for more details.

Cargo planes are faster. If youre in a hurry to ship your belongings, transporting them by air is the fastest method of shipping. Between any two global destinations, it will usually take about 1 to 3 days. Compare this with a container ships journey from the UK to Australia, which takes on average 32 days. The ocean is a big place and a ship full of thousands of steel containers can only go so fast (about 23 mph).

Weve made another table to give you a better idea of the difference between air freight and sea freight costs. These prices are calculated for some of our most popular routes from the UK (the Port of London / Gatwick Airport).

If your international move doesnt involve crossing any oceans, then sea freight isn't an option. Of course, you can still transport your belongings by air, but your cheapest solution for a land move is by truck and train. Even a move from the UK to Europe will most likely not need a container ship, as trucks can take the ferry.

Trucks are more flexible. Were not referring to those articulated lorries that can bend round tight corners. Transporting your belongings by road means that they can be delivered right to your door without loading and unloading along the way. Unless youre moving to a house next to a train station, opting for rail means that your goods will have to be transferred to a truck before they can reach you. Whats more, a trucks time schedule is much less restricted than that of a train.

Rail is more economical and more ecological. Double whammy! Trains are the container ships of the land, offering a cheaper and greener alternative to trucks. They are also more reliable when it comes to reaching their destination on time, as they are not subjected to the traffic problems and bad weather that can blight road travel. Old, dependable locomotives!

It doesnt stop there. Once you know the volume and/or weight of your goods, the container size, whether its an FCL or LCL shipment and what kind of transport youll be using, there are still a few additional shipping costs that you need to think about.

You cant do much about customs duties. Your destination country will tax your cargo whether you like it or not, along with fees such as port service charges and terminal handling charges. However, these will vary from port to port so you should speak to your shipping company beforehand about what to expect. Our key piece of advice is to declare everything youre bringing into the country and dont take anything that isnt allowed.

With the technological advance of electronic scanning machines, its unlikely that your container will be physically inspected. In the USA, just 5% of inbound containers receive physical inspection, and its even less common in European ports. However, if the scans give customs staff any reason to be suspicious then your container will most likely be opened and investigated. In this scenario, shipping companies will usually ask you to cover all the charges incurred by this process.

A General Rate Increase (GRI) is the average rise in base shipping rates implemented by shipping companies. They are designed to cover the continually increasing costs faced by freight carriers and they occur very regularly (sometimes once a month). A continual cycle occurs: shipping companies implement GRIs, demand falls, they lower their prices, demand rises and another GRI is implemented. This is what makes container shipping prices so volatile.

Consequently, once your Cargo Ready Date (CRD) has been agreed with your shipping company, be sure to check whether it falls before or after a new GRI as this can make a significant difference to the price.

You need to make sure that your shipping company is clear with you about what service they are providing. They might only be offering you a port-to-port rate, which means theyll deliver your container to its destination port and then youll have to deal with it after that. This can often be more costly than opting for a full door-to-door service and its a bunch of logistics that you probably dont want to deal with. Be kind to yourself and make sure your container is being taken all the way to your new home.

Quarantine fees sound like a thing reserved solely for animals, but this is not the case in some countries. In Australia, for example, people there are worried about foreign pests (eg. insects or bacteria) disrupting their ecosystem. Officials will inspect all items coming into the country, looking for unclean pieces of furniture and outdoor equipment. This inspection comes with a fee, along with further charges if they find something that shouldnt be coming in. Its important that you know about any quarantine process before you start packing your belongings, so speak to your shipping company.

In short: yes. International shipping isnt always smooth sailing, so insuring your cargo is a no-brainer. And it won't cost you too much either. Shipping insurance is based on the monetary value of your belongings, rather than their weight or volume. So to insure cargo worth 40,000 ($55,000) travelling from the UK to Australia, it would only cost around 700 ($900).

International shipping has become increasingly safe, however, so you shouldnt worry too much about your possessions getting lost or damaged. Here are just some of the ways the international shipping industry has made moving abroad that bit more secure.

This fancy term basically means the use of several different types of transport. By using steel containers with standardised, universal measurements, the global shipping industry has found a way to move cargo seamlessly between sea transport and land transport without having to unload each time. The same container can travel by ship, train and truck all the way to your new house. Handling of goods is less frequent which means damages are far less likely. There are 50,000 merchant ships in the world fleet and they have all embraced intermodal transportation.

Most international container ships can hold over 10,000 20ft containers with the worlds largest container ship carrying up to 18,000 the mighty Maersk Triple-E. To put that into context, the biggest container ship in 1956 could hold only 800 containers. With all the steel boxes on board these modern vessels, its vital that they are all accounted for. Most shipping companies use ISO codes (a 4-character ID) to track every container electronically.

So, although international shipping is safe, it doesnt mean that accidents dont happen. Getting shipping insurance is a sensible option and shipping companies strongly advise it. You can check out our specific guide to international removals insurance.

A shipping container is not just for shipping; once its career on the sea is over, a container can be anything it wants to be. Arty people have transformed these big steel boxes into mini homes, trendy offices, garden sheds, swimming pools and pop-up cafes. The only limit is your imagination.

So how long will a shipping container last? Well, a container that spends its whole life on the ocean will be useful for about 10-12 years, but let it rest and its lifespan will grow to 25-30 years. Containers are windproof and watertight, but sadly they are not immune to rust.

There are five key factors that shipping companies use to calculate their costs: 1) the volume or weight of the goods, 2) the type of transport, 3) the journey distance, 4) the destination port, and 5) the time of year. Our suppliers can explain their calculations to you in more detail.

Your choice between air freight and sea freight largely depends on your budget and your time. Air freight is quick, with most journeys taking between 1-3 days, but its also very expensive. Meanwhile, sea freight is much slower, but its also around five times cheaper than air freight.

Generally speaking, it will cost somewhere between 1,000 and 2,000 to ship a 20ft container overseas, although this figure can vary quite significantly. For example, it depends on how far youre moving and how much youre bringing, as well as insurance costs, professional packing fees and customs charges.

A 20ft container contains 33 cubic metres of space, and it can usually transport the contents of a three-bedroom house. A 40ft container has more than double the amount of space 67 cubic metres and it is useful for whole-house moves of four or more bedrooms.

If youre buying a 20ft container that is new or has only been used once, it will cost about 2000, while second-hand containers should cost less than 1500. A 40ft container costs around 3000 if new and around 2000 if second-hand.

The next step is to find your best price. Theres an easy way to do this: simply fill in the form at the top of this page and up to 6 suppliers will get back to you with their quotes. If youre having to choose between several shipping companies, we go through 2020s best shipping companies here.

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