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caught on video: runaway cement mixer had brake failure that led to deadly crash into semi-trailer on transmountain road - kvia

The cement truck driver, 46year old Ricardo Moreno Esparza of San Elizario, "was reportedly sounding his horn as he entered the intersection on a red light" seconds before Wednesday's crash, police wrote in an incident report. It also indicated that the cement truck hit three other vehicles after its impact with the 18-wheeler.

ORIGINAL REPORT, April 15: EL PASO, Texas (KVIA) -- El Paso police said one person was killed along Transmountain Road in west El Paso on Wednesday morning after a cement mixer crashed into a semi-trailer hauling beer and other alcoholic beverages.

Video taken by motorist Jonathan Nava Galvan on Transmountain Road near N. Desert Boulevard at the time of the 8:40 a.m. crash shows the cement mixer barreling through the intersection without stopping for a red light, smashing into the truck's trailer and nearly obliterating it - scattering debris all around.

While I agree that the whole Las Cruces/El Paso corridor need major work, dont hold your breath on getting money from Bidens infrastructure bill. The Wall Street Journal is calling it The Green New Deal!!

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el paso cement truck in wreck video had brake problems, police say

A video on social media showsthe cement truck charging downhill on the west side of Trans Mountain Road. Aman comments on the video that the truck mighthave hit a vehicle asit nearly strikesothers on the mountain road.

"He's gonnahit somebody," a man's voice says on the video, before he and another man yell a Mexican swearword expression roughlymeaning, "You got to be kidding me," as the truck heads towardtraffic that has begun flowing acrossthe intersection.

In the video, the cement truck runs a red light and entersthe intersection, smashing into the side of a Miller Lite semitruck paintedwitha Dallas Cowboys helmet asdust, debris and beer cans are sent flying.

video shows terrifying moment cement truck loses control and crushes minibus

Fire officials were called to the scene and immediately worked to free the unidentified minibus driver from his flattened vehicle. In the footage, the man can be seen sitting motionless in the driver's seat with his legs hanging from the vehicle.