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Then read this article to find out about different types of concrete fountains currently available on the market. Moreover, you can also learn more about the properties of concrete and cement fountains to see why they are a good choice of material for water fountains. I have listed five different concrete water fountains below so that you can read their reviews and figure out if any of them could work for your style, space, and budget.

Concrete fountains are constructed from a composite material that includes fluid cement, bonded into coarse aggregate which then hardens over time. Mixing dry cement into the water makes it fluid, and then pouring it in with the aggregate, it becomes a thicker fluid that can be poured into molds and take different shapes as it cures over time. Concrete is one of the most often used building materials, so it doesnt surprise us that it has found its place among water fountains as well. It is a durable material, suitable for outdoor use when it comes to water fountains. Using them in your outdoor areas should make them even stronger over time, and if they are built from quality materials and produced from the right cement and water ratio, they will be very lasting.

When it comes to different kinds of concrete fountains, the market offers a vast array of cement fountains so that anyone can find something to fit their space, style, and needs. Cement water fountains come in different sizes, designs, and can usually be divided between wall-mounted models and free-standing floor concrete fountains. Concrete wall fountains usually take up less space and act as wall art producing waterfalls with the help of interior water pumps. Floor fountains, on the other hand, can take up more or less space, depending on the size of it, and can either be suitable for indoor or outdoor spaces. Most concrete fountains are usually suitable for outdoor use thanks to the durable material, and they create classic-looking fountains that can fit into different landscaping designs by adding a running water feature to them.

I would recommend you look up concrete water fountains by browsing some of the many online retailer websites. For example, Amazon is an online retailer that has many advantages, such as showing customer reviews and ratings that can help with deciding if a certain product is worth your money. Moreover, it allows you to read about the technical specifications of concrete fountains, and sometimes even offers free shipping and discounted prices, which can help you save money.

This cast cement outdoor fountain is manufactured by using a secreted poured concrete formula. To get a traditional-looking fountain, acid stains are used on cast cement outdoor fountains. This concrete outdoor fountain features three-tier water pools and raised off the ground. It measures 57 inches in height and is 31 inches wide. As it is constructed from durable concrete, this fountain is weatherproof and long-lasting.

This outdoor concrete fountain can be used in your garden, yard, patio, or any other outdoor landscape to bring a running water feature for the refreshment of the area. The included water pump moves the water from the bottom level up into the top of the fountain, where it bubbles and spills over catching in the top-tier pool and then flows over its edges, catching in the other tiers respectively. As the water reaches the bottom-tier, the pump recycles it to create constant water flow.

Installing the fountain in your home exterior will make it a focal point of the space, thanks to its height, durability, and overall design. It can help with relaxing by producing running water sounds, while also being a charming classical addition to the landscape. Even during the freezing temperatures, when water wont be able to run, this concrete outdoor water fountain will enchant the landscape and act as an artistic statue.

This concrete fountain is constructed from fiber-reinforced cast stone concrete with a French limestone color finish. It features a concrete fountain basin and a large concrete sphere fitted on top of it. This concrete sphere fountain is 31.5 inches wide and long, and 44.25 inches tall. The large concrete sphere fountain does not require any additional plumbing and recirculates the water inside the concrete fountain basin for creating a constant water flow.

The included submersible water pump moves the water from the concrete fountain basin into the hole at the top of the sphere where it bubbles and then spills down, washing the sphere and catching in the squared basin. The fountain self-recirculates the same water over and over again to create a continuous waterfall. To operate the fountain, you will have to plug it into a standard electrical outlet.

The sphere concrete fountain can be used in your outdoor area and help you relax by producing soothing water noises. The durable fountain with a minimalistic design will easily become the statement piece in your yard, or garden. It can be a great addition to your lounging area, as well as an entertaining area to wow your guests.

This concrete garden fountain features a glass fiber reinforced concrete birdbath with a fountain on top. The solar on demand fountain works by installing the birdbath in direct sunlight anywhere in your garden or landscape, collecting the sun rays and using the solar energy to work the water pump and produce refreshing waterfall streams.

The birdbath fountain features two-tiered water pools with a solar panel and water pump fitted into the top tier pool. The water flows from a nozzle head, creating multiple 360-degree water streams that gather in the top pool. The water then spills over the edge and falls into the bottom pool, which is wider and deeper than the top pool. The concrete solar birdbath has textured details on it, which makes it a stylish addition to your home.

This concrete garden fountain is a durable and eco-friendly choice that is run by solar energy, which saves you money. The running water sounds and shallow water pools will attract birds to your garden and allow them to drink and bathe in the birdbath fountain. The concrete garden water feature brings an added element of nature to your garden, allowing you to bask in the running water sounds and the bird songs.

This concrete fountain is 40.5 inches tall and suitable for wall-mounting. It is cast in stone and concrete to give the wall fountain a durable long-lasting performance. The included water pump comes with a 6-foot long cord for plugging into any standard electrical outlet. It features a back piece with an arch and a half-moon water basin at the base. It comes in many different color finishes, such as aged limestone, brownstone, alpine stone, and copper bronze.

No additional plumbing is needed for the concrete wall fountain to be able to work. The interior water pump recirculates the water, making it flow to the faucet featured on the back piece. It falls from the faucet into a small basin underneath and then spills over the edge, collecting in the half-moon basin at the base of the fountain, where the pump recycles the water for producing continuous waterfalls. It is ideal for mounting to an outdoor wall in your yard, on your patio or porch, or in your garden.

The concrete wall fountain is a stylish piece that adds to the decor of any outdoor area thanks to the different color finishes and the clean and sleek lines of the design. To assemble the concrete fountain, you will get the instructions described step by step. The running water sounds create a relaxing oasis where you will love to spend your free time.

The three-tier concrete fountain is 27.8 inches tall and features two-tiered pouring bowls raised off the ground with differently sized columns. The third-tier bowl is larger and located at the base of the fountain. This fountain is manufactured using glass fiber reinforced concrete and comes in light grey color and features mosaic patterns on three bowls and both columns. The heavy stone look is a great finish for outdoor areas and will look good even after enduring different weather conditions.

This 3-tier concrete fountain uses solar energy that collects in the on-demand battery with an on and off switch that allows you to choose when you want the battery to operate the built-in pump to create a three-tiered waterfall. When the switch is on, the pump moves the water from the reservoir into the top-tier bowl from where it pours down into the second tier and then into the bottom tier.

The sound of the continuous waterfalls can create a relaxing atmosphere in your garden, yard, or on your porch or patio so that you can unwind and de-stress after work. It is an eco-friendly choice that will save you money, while also accenting the landscaping with modern elements.

In conclusion to this article about the best concrete fountains, I would like to recommend the two following models. Firstly, the Fleur de Lis Garden Ornaments LLC fountain features three tiers and is 57 inches tall. It creates continuous waterfalls with the help of a built-in pump and easily becomes the focal point of any landscape. Secondly, the Smart Stone Concrete Solar Birdbath Fountain features a solar on-demand water pump that creates waterfalls falling over the top tier and gathering in the bottom tier pool. It is a stylish decoration to your garden and attracts birds to bathe and drink in wide and shallow water pools.

To learn about other types of fountains for sale, I would recommend you check out this article where I have reviewed different models of water fountains. If you are looking for a fountain for your garden, check out my article with some of the best garden water fountain models. In case you want to purchase a water fountain for your house, I would suggest you read my article with the selection of some of the best water fountains for home.

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Cement fountains generally last many years before developing small cracks, crumbles or figurines that release from the base. Cement repair is easily accomplished by the do-it-yourself homeowner in short time and with little expense. After the repairs are made, you can re-seal your entire fountain with a clear sealant or paint it to create a garden focal point that appears new.

Cement fountains generally last many years before developing small cracks, crumbles or figurines that release from the base. Cement repair is easily accomplished by the do-it-yourself homeowner in short time and with little expense. After the repairs are made, you can re-seal your entire fountain with a clear sealant or paint it to create a garden focal point that appears new.

Clean the repair areas with a wire brush to remove any small particles of concrete that have broken. Use the brush to clean larger pieces that have broken off a fountain, such as figurines, at the point they should attach to the fountain.

Apply a generous amount of epoxy on the attachment areas of a figurine and the area that it fits on the fountain. Hold the figurine in place with one hand. Place the loose end of a roll of duct tape on the center of the figurine and wrap the tape tightly around the fountain to hold it in place. Make at least one revolution of duct tape around the entire fountain and figurine.

Apply a coating of concrete sealer onto the entire cement fountain on the outside and inside, using a paintbrush. The sealer repels ultraviolet rays from the sun and seals the surfaces so it does not absorb water and results in cracks or breaks.

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I am looking to create a trough-like basin for two water features I want to place in my yard. I don't consider this to be in the landscaping/gardening department since I am working with concrete. My overall dimensions will be approximately 3ft wide and long by about 14" in height. Inside in the center of the trough I'm going to place a water pump so that a spring will shoot up about ten to twelve inches into the air to create that relaxing sound of splashing water. This will be a modern austere look/style.

In the link above the author of that DIY article states this could be used for a pond or aquarium. But then in the Q&A at the bottom he sort of contradicts himself by responding to someone who is asking to make a pond. Well, the contributor is asking to make a very large version on this. Devin Biggs, the author of the online article, responds back by expressing doubt that an 8ft long by 3ft wide version of a foam core concrete basin would hold up to the constant pressure of the weight of the water inside.

This makes me sort of doubtful that even my small dimensions would hold up over time. But then again, I have no idea and have limited experience in working with concrete. Does anyone know if using pink insulation foam board to create concrete troughs will hold up over time? I live in the desert so it'll never freeze. So there is no issue in freezing with water expansion; causing stress on the structure. I like this idea because it will be lightweight and I'd be able to move this, if I so choose.

Once you buy the water trough you are done. They come in a range of sizes. They will hold water a long time. They are not expensive. In the desert where you live there will be a store for people who keep animals and you can look at troughs there.

If the trough you like stands too high, set it down into the ground a few inches. If you are digging the chic look of concrete you can stack cinderblocks around the trough to occlude it from view. Or you can use rocks you find on your land, or salvaged bricks or timbers or stucco it or whatever you like. All the trim will be purely decorative which frees you up as regards choices.

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Our outdoor fountains can increase your homes value while simultaneously giving you a place to relax and reflect on the day. Outdoor fountains are the perfect alternative to lakes and ponds. Stagnant water and maintenance and cleaning issues are a thing of the past. Our fountains do not attract pests and insects. Constant flowing water does not attract bugs, insects, and other pests. Our fountains can transform your deck, patio, or entire backyard into a place of serenity. You can create the perfect utopia while remaining in the comfort of your home with our fountains. Shop our unique outdoor fountain styles and take advantage of free shipping!

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A Concrete Water Fountain is a great addition to any landscape. Not only are they a great focal point for the yard, fountains add the relaxing sound of running water that adds life to any Patio and are also Bird friendly!

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Adding new color to a cement fountain gives a fresh new look to the yard ornament. Yard fountains made of cement are typically for decorative purposes only. Over time, weathering from the sun, rain and other environmental elements can fade or damage the finish, diminishing the decorative effect. To fix this, the fountain needs a new coat of paint. While this is a beginner's-level project, it can be time consuming. Select a time when there is no rain or cold weather in the forecast for several days.

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