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Charcoal briquettes are pellets formed by mixing binder and fine charcoal powder through briquetting technology. One of the uses of charcoal briquettes is grilling. This article will introduce in detail the production process of charcoal briquette and how to use it for barbecue.

Charcoal, the ideal fuel for barbecue, can burn stably and cleanly. Charcoal comes in two types: lump charcoal and charcoal briquettes. The following will take you through these two types of charcoal to help you make the right choice.

Charcoal briquettes, the most popular barbecue fuel currently, are mainly made by charcoal briquetting machine. Their ingredients are charcoal, a small amount of sawdust, white ash, binder, etc. Coming in different shapes, charcoal briquettes generally burn at 800 to 1000 F.

Is charcoal briquette safe? Let's take a look at its production process. Charcoal briquettes need to be made with a reliable charcoal briquette machine. The following is briquette production process of a professional charcoal briquetting machine brand Fote:

Before briquetting, the raw materials need to be pretreated. The hammer crusher is suitable for crushing logs with a diameter of less than 200 mm. After grinding, the output diameter is 3-5 mm.

Due to the combined action of moisture, binders (such as starch), temperature (about 105F or 40C) and roller, the briquettes can maintain their shape when they fall from the bottom of the ball press.

For family barbecues, you can directly buy charcoal briquettes sold in bags. Don't be greedy for cheap charcoal. You should choose mechanism charcoal briquettes from regular brands as much as possible.

Step 4 Several pieces of applewood can be placed above the charcoal briquettes, which can increase the flavor of meat when burning. Or place fresh wet herbs (such as rosemary, thyme or bay leaf) on charcoal.

Step 2 Place the chimney lighter in the center of the charcoal grate, and light the newspaper with a long lighter or match through the hole at the bottom of it. When the newspaper burns below, the flame will light the charcoal briquettes above.

Step 3 Keep the chimney starter in place until the charcoal is completely ignited (about 20-30 minutes). When there is a layer of white ash on the surface of charcoal, it means that it is completely ignited.

Step 4 Pour these lighted charcoal briquettes into the grill and place them on one end of the snake with tongs. This will continue to light adjacent briquettes. The gradual lighting of the charcoal provides you with a constant low and controlled temperature over a long period of time.

Step 3 Place the food on the grate above the water pan and close the lid. Check the thermometer every hour to keep the temperature between 250 - 300 degrees Fahrenheit. You can control the fire by opening the vents to increase the temperature, or closing the vents to lower the temperature, but never completely close the vents.

Cover the lid of the grill and close its top and bottom vents. Wait 48 hours until the charcoal is extinguished and the grill is completely cooled. If time is tight, you can put sand on charcoal briquettes to extinguish it and wait for it to cool.

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The sawdust briquette machine also named sawdust briquetting machine, sawdust briquettes press, sawdust briquettes extruder, pini-kay making machine and so on. Which mainly presses all kinds of biomass materials such as wood chips, sawdust powder, rice husk into solid briquettes with a certain shape under high temperature and high-pressure conditions. For different customers all over the world, the biomass briquettes shapes can be customized by changing with various press molds.

The application range of the sawdust briquettes making machine is very wide, as long as the biomass material that meets the feed size and dry humidity requirements of the machine can be pressed by the sawdust briquetting machine.

The biomass material used for making rods must be particles with a size of less than 5mm, and the moisture content of the material must not exceed 12%. Therefore, for bulky raw materials, such as logs, branches, straw, etc., it needs to be crushed by a wood crusher.

In addition, for the wet material, we can use a airflow dryer to dry it, or use natural drying to reduce the moisture content of the material to about 12%. It should be noted that if your raw material is rice husk, you do not need to crush it, just use a dryer to dry it.

The sawdust briquetting machine is a device specially designed to form the biomass materials into pini-kay briquettes. The biomass briquettes processed by the sawdust briquettes making machine can be used directly as fuel, or they can be carbonized into rod-shaped charcoal by a carbonization furnace.

The design of the pini-kay making machine is very compact and the operation is very simple. Its main parts include feed inlet, motor, pulley, screw propeller, heating coil, forming cylinder, mold, electronically controlled display, etc.

When the sawdust briquette machine is working, it is necessary to turn on the power first to preheat the forming cylinder of the machine. After preheating for about 30 minutes, when the temperature of the machines electronically controlled display reaches 300C, the raw material can be added at the feed inlet of the sawdust briquette machine.

The way of adding raw materials can be manual feeding, or it can be fed by a screw conveyor. After entering the feed port of the machine, the raw material will be pushed forward by the internal screw propeller under the condition of high temperature and high pressure, and finally extruded through the mold in the forming cylinder to become a rod-shaped solid, that is, pini-kay briquettes.

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At present, there are many charcoal briquettes processing plants in the Philippines. They are mainly processing various specifications of fast-burning barbecue charcoal briquettes and hookah charcoal briquettes. The commercial charcoal briquettes machine for sale produced by our factory has been continuously exported to the Philippines in recent years. And because of the favorable price, good quality, and high production efficiency, our charcoal briquetting machines are very popular in many factories in the Philippines. So, what is the price of an industrial charcoal briquettes machine in the Philippines?

Before purchasing charcoal briquettes machine, charcoal factories at home and abroad generally have a full understanding of the working principle, accessories, price, freight, and other issues of the commercial briquettes making machine to be purchased.

And users will consult many charcoal briquette machine manufacturers or suppliers at the same time, hoping to get more quotations for comparison and screening. As for the price of charcoal briquettes machine for sale, if the freight price is the same during the same period, there will still be a big difference. Why?

Usually, the price of charcoal briquettes machine for sale Philippines mainly includes the ex-factory price of the machine itself and the price of accessories. But even for the same machine, the prices given by different manufacturers are different. Because the material, output, model, and the number of accessories of the machine will affect the price of the machine itself.

Therefore, when users purchase charcoal briquette extruder machines and compare their prices, they should not only pay attention to the price of the machine but should pay more attention to the quality and performance indicators of the briquette machine.

When coal briquette machines are used to produce coal sticks, most of the binder used is sodium humate. So far, many adhesive companies have also developed special adhesives specifically for raw materials such as coal powder and carbon powder. The content of the binder is one of the main factors that affect the quality of charcoal briquettes. The content of the binder in carbon powder is generally controlled at about 2%-3%.

When using charcoal briquettes machine for sale Philippines to produce coal briquettes, generally speaking, the moisture content should be as low as possible. But the moisture content should not be too low, try to control it at about 35%. The raw materials (charcoal powder or coal powder), binder, and moisture must be thoroughly mixed before using the briquette machine for production.

Shuliy Machinery not only provides high-quality machines but also provides comprehensive after-sales service. We have been focusing on the charcoal machinery industry for nearly 20 years and have rich experience in designing and manufacturing large and medium-sized charcoal machines to meet the needs of various customers. At the same time, according to the requirements of customers, we can provide services such as plant construction plan, market analysis, and best product formula. learn more >>>

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Briquette machine can mold a variety of mineral powder, metal powder, coal powder, coke powder and other materials by pressing. It is characterized by high briquetting pressure, adjustable revolutions, and a screw feeding device is alternative. The finished products can be used in different fields, such as coal, boilers, power plants, etc. charcoal briquettes can be used for barbecue.

When we mine the coal, transport it, dry it, there comes a lot of coal dust. As matter of fact, about 20% of the coal we can get is in small particles. So, coal briquette is a good way to deal with these fine or dust as briquette has more burning value and utilization rate.

Charcoal briquette is a very good fuel compare to biomass briquette which is also widely used. When we turn the biomass into charcoal, after a series of pyrolysis reactions, we remove the smoke, smell and only leave the carbon with the raw material, this makes the charcoal briquette with the advantage of smokeless, odorless and high burning value (80% ahead of biomass briquette) when burnt.

The ball press compresses the lime powder into a briquettes, which can replace the lime block as a good desulfurizer in the converter steelmaking. At the same time, in the production of calcium carbide, the lime briquettes can also replace the lime block to smelt the calcium carbide. The ball press machine improves the utilization rate of waste materials and has good economic and social benefits.

Desulfurization gypsum has another name as FGD gypsum, most of which comes from the power station as a byproduct. These desulfurization gypsums, with powdery status, is hard for transportation and storage. Dust pollution is also caused by it. Making briquette from this raw material will help to solve these problems.

It can press all kinds of iron powder, mineral powder, iron oxide scale, steel slag, coal, charcoal, refractory materials, etc. All materials that need to be smelted with powdery materials need ball press production line equipment.

The user can appropriately change the speed of the pre-press according to the pressing situation to achieve a higher pressing rate or greater production capacity. The compressed material is passed through the screening machine and the qualified briquettes are screened for packaging. The unscreened material can be returned to the warehouse and mix with the raw materials and then compacted.

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Nowadays, all industries are implementing the environmental protection concept "everyone has a responsibility to protect the environment". Many kinds of waste have been recycled and turned into treasures.

For example, construction waste can be recycled and crushed into building aggregates; powder produced by the mining process can be reused after processing; the desulfurization gypsum of the power plant can also be used to replace natural gypsum.

All these types of powder, waste, residue materials such as coal powder, iron powder, coking coal, aluminum powder, iron filings, iron oxide scale, carbon powder, carbon powder, slag, gypsum, tailings, sludge, kaolin, activated carbon, coke can be pressed.

First of all, the finished charcoal briquettes not only have the characteristics of smokeless, odorless, non-toxic, environment-friendly, but also has large heat, long burning time and are stable in heating.

Secondly, because the a briquetting machine or plant can produce material into different shapes, the final product is convenient for storage and handling. Besides, the finished product has a superiority that it is cheaper than other fuel.

Coal ash, commonly known as fly ash, refers to the dust and tailings collected from the coal-fired (including coal gangue and coal slime) smoke and the desulfurization and denitration ash generated in the production process of the thermal power plant.

The coal ash particles have a porous honeycomb structure, a large surface area, and a high adsorption activity, and the particle size ranges from 0.5 to 300 microns. And the bead wall has a porous structure, the porosity is as high as 50%-80%, and has strong water absorption.

With the development of the power industry, the amount of coal ash discharged from the thermal power plant has increased year by year, making it one of the most industrial wastes with current displacement.

If there are too much coal ash, it will pollute the atmosphere; if it is discharged into the water system, it will cause the siltation of the river, and the toxic chemicals in it will harm the human body and organisms. For these reasons, human beings need to press it into briquettes.

On the other hand, it is used as a raw material to obtain various benefits through processing. It can make coal powder burn more completely, get more heat energy and save resources, besides, it is clean and easy to store.

The rate of raw material consumption and waste generation in the metallurgical process is staggering. As the plant operates, lime powder is continuously produced and piled up. Before too long, it will cause blockages and environmental pollution.

However, if recycled, it is still a resource. Since it is powdery, it is difficult to store and transport. So, it is the most correct way to process it into chunks. Therefore, the quicklime dry powder briquette machines came into being.

Desulfuration gypsum, also known as flue gas desulfurization gypsum, sulfur gypsum or FGD gypsum, is industrial by-product gypsum obtained by desulfurization and purification of flue gas generated after combustion of sulfur-containing fuel (coal, oil, etc.).

According to the difference between the burning coal type and the dust removal effect of the flue gas, the desulfurized gypsum presents different colors from the appearance. Generally, the common ones are grayish-yellow or grayish-white, and the desulfurized gypsum of good quality is pure white color.

It mainly comes from the flue gas desulfurization process of the thermal power plant. Most of the power plants adopt the limestone-gypsum desulfurization process. At present, nearly 20 countries have adopted the flue gas desulfurization process in the world.

The sulfur dioxide in the flue gas is oxidized with calcium carbonate and air in the slurry to form calcium sulfate, and the calcium sulfate reaches a certain saturation, the calcium sulfate dihydrate will be crystallized, and then is discharged into the absorption tower, concentrated, dehydrated, and transported to a gypsum silo for stacking.

The price of desulfurization gypsum briquette is low. Compared to natural gypsum, desulfurized gypsum is renewable, the purity is higher, and the composition is more stable. It is easy to use after briquetting. People can make full use of the materials while reducing air pollution and dust pollution.

The above is a brief introduction to the 5 most common materials in the briquette machine. If you have any questions about the article, please let us know by leaving a message or chatting online, we will reply in 24 hours.

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The raw material for biomass briquette press includes sawdust, straw, farmland waste, etc. If you have such biomass raw materials and want to make them into stick shape biomass fuel briquettes, you need a biomass briquette press.

To make sawdust or other biomass raw materials into charcoal briquettes usually require 2 pieces of equipment: one is screw briquette machine (or called charcoal briquette machine), the other is charcoal burner or coking/charcoal kiln. The screw briquette machine can form biomass into demanded shapes (generally hexagon shape briquettes with hollow center), while the charcoal burner can carbonize the biomass briquettes into charcoal briquettes.

If your raw material is coal dust, carbon powder, charcoal powder or mineral powder, and you want to make them into ball, stick or honeycomb shape, etc. you need a coal briquette press. GEMCO has various types of coal briquette press for you to choose according to your raw material and final product shape.

machines to set up small scale charcoal briquettes making plant buy high quality charcoal briquette making machine for briquettes manufacturing business

Traditional charcoal and mechanism charcoal are two common types of charcoal available in the market. Traditional charcoal is made from wood, trunk or branches by carbonizing process and usually produces more smoke when burning, so now fewer and fewer people are producing it. Mechanism charcoal is made from biomass wastes through professional charcoal briquette making process and is cheaper, and gains more popularity in today's market.

The charcoal briquette making process consists of several steps. For each step, there is special equipment. All these equipment together combine a charcoal briquette making plant. Based on the users requirements and needs, the charcoal briquetting process and machinery may vary. However, certain steps like reducing moisture content, crushing the raw material, carbonization, etc. are usually common among all. (Read more: How to Make Briquettes?)

Raw materials (biomass wastes) used to make charcoal briquettes have a different amount of moisture in them. Depending on which type of raw material you are using, you would need to dry it at different extents. Drying the raw material is highly essential as it guarantees hard and dense charcoal briquettes. So, a drying machine or dryer is used to evaporate extra water present in the raw material.

The crushing machine is used to crush the raw material and convert it into small sized particles. Crushing the raw material is important as large sized particles cannot make fine and solid briquettes. However, sometimes the raw material used is already in its powdered form and you do not need to crush it further. For instance, the rice husk briquette processing usually doesn't need crushing process.

Biomass briquette press is used to convert processed raw material into the rod-shaped briquettes. As charcoal briquette making machine is the main part that produces the end product, buying an efficient briquette making machine is important to get a high yield. However, the product achieved at the end of this briquetting process is not the final product and is called semi-finished charcoal. These compressed charcoal briquettes need to be carbonized further to get the desired product.

In the final step, a carbonization furnace or kiln is used to carbonize the compressed briquettes. Most of the users now prefer a carbonization furnace or kiln. It is because it causes less harm or pollution to the environment and gives the product in less time.

Machines to set up small scale charcoal briquettes making plant buy high quality charcoal briquette making machine for briquettes manufacturing business: hot sale charcoal briquette making machine offered by briquetting equipment manufacturer or supplier, guide on process of charcoal briquettes production and how to start charcoal briquette making business with limited cost in Tanzania, Egypt, morocco, Ghana, South Korea, etc.

Charcoal briquettes and biomass pellets are all biomass fuels that is now very hot business project around the world. Many people who are interested in or want to invest in biomass industry are wondering which one can make much more money? Actually, the two biofuels have many commons as well as many differences.

They are both made from sawdust wood residue and other agricultural and forestry waste, and they are both used as fuels for civil and industrial industry. However, if you are going to start charcoal briquette manufacturing business or biomass pellet production plant, you should clearly know that biomass pellets and charcoal briquettes are targeted at different customers.

Therefore, before starting it, it is very important to find the right customers for your charcoal briquetting factory or pelletizing plant. Because of different demands, the profitability of biomass pellet and charcoal briquettes could not be completely compared. However, as long as adopting scientific management and finding out the accurate customers, you will be successful and gain profits from your own biomass pellets or charcoal briquettes manufacturing business.

Since establishment, GEMCO are trying to provide customers with high quality and factory equipment to make biomass pellets and briquettes. If you are interested in biomass fuel production business, we are your reliable supplier. We can offer customized plan that includes factory design, equipment selection, manufacturing and installation. Most importantly, we offer turnkey projects that cost low. Please contact us to get more detailed information!

wood sawdust briquettes production line | pini kay heat logs plant - shuliy group

The industrial wood sawdust briquettes production line mainly extrudes sawdust or rice husks at high temperatures and high pressures into biomass fuel called pini kay heat logs. This pin kay briquettes processing plant mainly includes the wood sawdust crusher, the sawdust dryer, and the sawdust briquetting machine. The biomass briquettes produced by the pini kay heat logs plant can be mainly used as fuel. And these solid biomass fuels are often used in boilers, restaurants, fireplaces, and other heating equipment. Large-scale production of sawdust briquettes must rely on a complete pini kay briquettes processing plant, with an output between 500kg/h and 2t/h.

Pini kay wood briquettes are considered eco hot logs. This is because the raw materials used to make pini kay logs are usually various agricultural and forestry wastes, such as branches, straws, rice husks, logs, wood scraps, etc. Sawdust pini kay briquettes are popular in many countries by recycling and reusing these biomass resources to produce high calorific value and easy-to-use sawdust pini kay briquettes. In many power plants, steel plants, canteens, hospitals, etc., pini kay heat logs are widely used fuels.

There are many raw materials used to process sawdust briquettes. All kinds of logs, hardwoods, and branches are common raw materials, such as pine, oak, etc. Various farmland straws can also be used to process pini kay logs, such as cotton stalks, sorghum stalks, rice stalks, corn stalks, corn cobs, rice husks, peanut husks, palm husks, etc. In addition, wood scraps, wood chips, wood chips, wood shavings, etc. from furniture factories can be used to process high-quality wood sawdust briquettes.

The complete set of sawdust briquettes making machine mainly includes crushing equipment, drying equipment, and sawdust briquetting equipment. As for the model of each machine in the sawdust briquettes production line, we usually customize it according to the customer's investment budget and processing requirements. Under normal circumstances, we will provide customers with a detailed pini kay heat logs production plan.

For large-volume raw materials, such as wood, branches, straws, etc., we need to use corresponding wood crushing equipment to pre-treat them. The wood crusher machine can smash the raw materials into sawdust with a fineness of less than 8mm. Moreover, the screen of the wood shredder can be replaced with screen holes of different diameters, so that we can process sawdust of different finenesses. Generally, the fineness of sawdust for processing pini kay briquettes is about 5mm.

Why do we need to dry wood sawdust? This is because the raw materials used by different sawdust briquettes processors are different, and the moisture content of the raw materials is also different. Sawdust with high moisture content is not suitable for making wood briquettes directly. Therefore, we need to use a sawdust dryer to dry the sawdust. The common sawdust drying equipment is a drum dryer machine, which can dry all kinds of powder and granular materials. Through drying, we can control the moisture content of sawdust below 12%.

The last step of making pini kay heat logs is to use the sawdust briquette machine to make solid sawdust briquettes from sawdust or rice husk under high temperature and high pressure. The pini kay briquettes making machine of this industry can process pini kay heat logs of different shapes and sizes. The internal screw of the machine can advance the sawdust added from the feed port forward. When the raw material is pushed into the forming cylinder, it will be heated by the heating ring outside the forming cylinder and then pyrolyzed.

Shuliy Machinery not only provides high-quality machines but also provides comprehensive after-sales service. We have been focusing on the charcoal machinery industry for nearly 20 years and have rich experience in designing and manufacturing large and medium-sized charcoal machines to meet the needs of various customers. At the same time, according to the requirements of customers, we can provide services such as plant construction plan, market analysis, and best product formula. learn more >>>

charcoal & coal briquette machine | briquettes extruder machine for sale - shuliy group

The charcoal briquette machine, also known as coal & charcoal extruder machine and charcoal briquettes making machine, which is the special equipment for briquettes production. The charcoal briquettes makers are composed of the base, bearing base, spiral shaft, discharge port, and extruding molds.

The charcoal briquettes extruder machine is widely used for the molding of charcoal powder, coal foam, coal gangue, lignite, anthracite, iron powder, aluminum powder, and other raw materials. And it is often used with the wheel grinder mixer and briquettes cutting machine, and it is the common equipment in charcoal briquettes production line.

The motor and the reducer adopt the belt flexible transmission, when the working load is overload, the belt skidding can well protect the motor and other machinery, and improve the working safety of the machine.

This charcoal briquettes making machine is very practical for making shisha or hookah charcoal briquettes in a high-efficient way. Shapes of the final charcoal or coal briquettes can be round, square, hexagon, quincunx, and so on.

Coconut shells, rice husk, wood branches, peanut shells, palm kernel shells, and other biomass materials can be carbonized by the carbonization furnace first. Then we can use a series of charcoal machines like charcoal crushers and grinders to make fine charcoal powder.

The charcoal briquette production equipment for sale is a screw-type briquette extruding machine, which is economical and increases the calorific value of the charcoal by shaping it into the form of briquettes.

The density of final charcoal briquettes from the charcoal briquettes making machine is very high so that it can burn a long time. The output capacity of charcoal briquette extruder machines ranges from 500kg-1000kg per hour.

Coal or charcoal briquette machine is widely used in the chemical industry, smelting, gas, ceramics, thermal power plant, ammonia fertilizer plant, and other industries, also widely used in the coal production line.

The coal or charcoal briquettes making machine mainly compacts the pulverized coal material which has been crushed by the coal crusher and stirred by the wheel grinding machine into a certain shape coal bar.

The charcoal extruding machine can be used for pressing different molds of briquettes by replacing matched molds. The customers can purchase a complete machine with many kinds of molds, then the machine can be multipurpose, and the customers can save capital.

We can also provide other kinds of charcoal briquette machines that can produce honeycomb charcoal or coal briquettes, cubic or round shisha or hookah charcoal briquettes, and bbq charcoal briquettes. This commercial charcoal briquette machine is often used in charcoal processing plants of various sizes to produce charcoal products of various specifications, such as barbecue charcoal and hookah charcoal.

In fact, the main function of the coal briquette machine is to make briquettes from carbon powder under a certain squeezing force. However, the carbon powder needs to be processed accordingly before being squeezed.

For example, we need to add a certain amount of binder to the carbon powder and ensure that the carbon powder maintains a certain moisture content. Moreover, after coal briquettes are made, we still need to cut them into briquettes of uniform length with the help of the briquettes cutting machine.

The Philippine customer personally visited our charcoal machine factory and ordered a briquettes extruder machine that can make cube hookah charcoal. The Philippine customer partnered with his Turkish friend to start a hookah charcoal production business. The raw material is coconut shell.

Among them, the Philippines and Indonesia are the two countries with the most exports. We can sell more charcoal briquette machines to Indonesia and other countries, in addition to the great local market demand, because our briquette extruders are too cost-effective.

Some users usually do not pay attention to follow the correct operating instructions when using coal briquette making machines. The consequence of this is that the briquettes have poor molding effects and low output. It can also cause the briquette extruder machine to malfunction.

Therefore, the main factor affecting the service life of the coal briquette machine is whether the user can operate the machine correctly. Our factory will usually send customers detailed operating instructions for charcoal briquette machines and correct operation instruction videos to help customers quickly master the method of using briquette machines.

The price of the charcoal briquette machine varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Usually, foreign customers also add freight when buying a commercial briquette extruder machine, so the price is higher.

The factors affecting the price of briquettes extruder machines are usually the quality of the machine and the efficiency of production. Therefore, customers should not only pay attention to the price of the machine when purchasing a coal briquette machine but should pay attention to the machine's performance.

In order to make the commercial briquettes extruder machine have a longer service life, the user should not only use the machine correctly according to the operating instructions but also know how to perform daily maintenance on the briquette machine.

The charcoal briquettes production business is popular because the industry is indeed profitable. The traditional lump charcoal production method has been gradually replaced by modern charcoal processing methods.

After briquetting, charcoal can be processed into various shapes and specifications, which makes charcoal more attractive in appearance and more versatile. In the process of processing charcoal briquettes, charcoal processors also increase the added value of their products and thus obtain higher profits.

In the production process of Charcoal briquettes, there are some factors that will affect the molding effect of briquettes, and users need to pay attention to them when using them. The first is the addition of adhesives. The proportion of binder added needs to be strictly controlled.

In addition, the dry humidity of the carbon powder should also be controlled. If the water content of the charcoal powder is too low, the production efficiency of briquettes will be slow and it is not easy to form.

If you have any questions about the charcoal briquette machine, please just call our website customer service phone number (WhatsApp) directly. We can provide detailed production solutions and quotations soon.

Shuliy Machinery not only provides high-quality machines but also provides comprehensive after-sales service. We have been focusing on the charcoal machinery industry for nearly 20 years and have rich experience in designing and manufacturing large and medium-sized charcoal machines to meet the needs of various customers. At the same time, according to the requirements of customers, we can provide services such as plant construction plan, market analysis, and best product formula. learn more >>>

briquette machine manufacturer - all types of briquetter for sale

As one of China's leading experts in the manufacturing and supplying for the machinery and equipment of briquetting, compaction, drying and crushing processes. Maxton provides equipment and technology for the regeneration of valuable secondary raw materials from industry to biowaste.

Our technical team of process engineers and after-sales service support technicians have helped customers find the potential of their waste through briquette solution development. Our main goal is to maximize customer satisfaction by providing the greatest possible benefits from our products and services.

A. Run a briquette plant is an easy way if you have proper material, make sure it has proper size, proper moisture, etc. Add proper material into the briquette machine and then the briquette is made! So, what our work is to make the material with that PROPER. And if purchasing from us, our engineer also can be out abroad to help you guiding set up your briquette plant.

A. It depends on the material and the working condition as well. Most of the material need to add binder when on briquetting, binder is also a good additive for protecting your briquetting system, but not all the materials need this, especially you are briquetting material like BIOMASS, LIME, etc. You can also briquette without binder by using hydraulic briquette press with high pressure, contact us and we will help to find your own briquette way.

A. Of course, almost all the materials can be briquette, the biggest problem for consideration should be running cost (electric, binder, workers, etc) and the investment (the briquette way, the plant equipment, etc).

A. The machine making process will begin as long as the payment is made, the produce time will be around 20-60 days, and other time for arranging the shipping will be about 10 days. The shipping time will be much different in different places from 10 days to even 90 days.

Were here to help and can help guide you or even put together a custom quote to fit your needs. Well ask you a few easy questions about your raw material and your plan, then put together the perfect solution for you. Plus, any purchase from us includes technical support for the life of the briquette system.

pillow charcoal machine | coal briquette roll press machine

Pillow charcoal machine is a roller type briquette press that can compress charcoal/coal powder into ball, oval, ovoid, egg, and pillow shape briquettes. It includes a pair of compression rolls with grooves, they are the main parts for the briquettes forming. You can produce different shapes and sizes of briquettes by changing the rolls of the briquette machine.

The coal press machine can be widely used in different industries. Besides charcoal and coal powder, it can also be used for compressing and forming gypsum, mineral powder, metal powder, etc. Thats why this machine is hot sell to Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ghana, India, Thailand, UK, America, etc countries.

The compression roller is the key part of the pillow charcoal briquette machine. Because of the high pressure and friction with the charcoal powder and particles, it is also a vulnerable part. When we purchase the spare parts of the charcoal briquette press, in addition to the price, it is also important for us to know about its material, shape, size, design, and maintenance. We have a page especially talking about the Coal Briquette Machine Press Roller.

charcoal briquetting plant - customized solution from material crushing to briquettes carbonization

Charcoal Briquette Plant Introduction Charcoal production line is used to make high quality charcoal for heating, warming, cooking and other industrial use, the whole charcoal production line mainly includes four processes: biomass material crushing, sawdust drying, charcoal briquetting and carbonization. The produced charcoal is featured with high density and good flammability, alternative to firewood and coal.

Charcoal Production Line Features 1. Reasonable design, convenient operation, labor and energy saving. 2. Automatic control of electric heating device, randomly adjust the humidity of materials to ensure the material molding stability, improving work efficiency. 3. The main parts of the machine adopt wear-resistant material with special treatment and heavy-duty design. 4. Applicable to all kinds of biomass raw materials, high production efficiency. 5. Oil-immersed lubrication system ensures a long working life. 6. Increased screw pitch of charcoal briquette press makes contribution to the feeding quantity, thus greatly improving the yield.. 7. Improved structure design of the molding cylinder has greatly reduced the frictional force between charcoal briquette machine and raw materials as well as increased the briquettes density.

Raw Material Requirement of Charcoal Production 1. Raw material: sawdust, wood branches, wood residues, rice husk, peanut shell, corn stalk, bamboo, sunflower shell, cotton stalk, coconut shell, bagasse, corncob, leaves and any other agricultural waste. 2. Raw material size: 3-5mm. 3. Raw material moisture: 8-12%.

Charcoal Briquettes Production Flowchart 1. Material Crushing: put the raw material into crusher and crush into small pieces (diameter is about 3-5mm). We have 3 types of wood crushers respectively designed for different materials. Wood blade crush, wood hammer mill and straw crushing machine.

2. Drying: dry the granular material in the dryer or in the sun, till the moisture is less than 12%. For small scale charcoal briquetting plant, we suggest flash pipe dryer, while for large charcoal plant, the rotary drum dryer is the best choice. 3. Briquetting: briquetting is the most important process for the whole charcoal briquetting plant, our charcoal briquetting machine can meet different needs to of various scale charcoal plant. 4. Carbonization: at last, carbonized the briquette sticks in the carbonization furnace.3 types of carbonization furnace for choice: Self-ignition Carbonization Furnace, Airflow Carbonization Stove and Lifting Carbonizing Furnace.

Top 4 Investment Advantages of Charcoal Production Line 1. Ready-in-hand raw material: in general, rural rice husks, peanut shells, cotton stalks, soybean stalks, corn straws, pressed sugar bagasse, furniture scrap and other materials can be used as charcoal production equipment raw materials. 2. Convenient to select plant site: in order to reduce the transportation cost, save the cost and increase profits, generally built the plant in a radius of about 50 kilometers place where there are sufficient raw materials 3. Expansive market: the produced charcoal or activated carbon charcoal can be used in the fields of industry, agriculture, animal husbandry, catering industry, as well as peoples lives heating, barbecue, etc 4. Easy operation: the operators only need to be trained for 3-5days for skillful operation.

how to produce rice husk charcoal and briquettes

Rice husk charcoal is formed by insufficient combustion of rice husk when heated to below its ignition temperature. Rice huskis the outermost part of thericeseed which is a hard layer and a waste material fromricemilling. Therefore, the raw materials for producing rice husk charcoal are abundant and low in cost. The production of rice husk charcoal is a low-cost and high-yield business.

There are two ways to make charcoal from rice husks, one is to directly carbonize it into charcoal through a carbonization furnace, and the other is to first make a shaped rod and then carbonize it into charcoal. Here we will introduce these two methods separately.

There are two types of carbonization, one is carbonization by a self-made charcoal kiln, and the other is carbonization by machines. As you know, we are a professional charcoal equipment manufacturer, so here we focus on the production of rice husk charcoal by machine. In addition to the cost of the carbonization furnace is higher than the self-made carbon cellar, other aspects such as the charcoal quality, output, flue gas treatment, etc., the carbonization machine win perfectly.

In theory, all carbonization furnaces can be used to carbonize rice husks. In comparison, we recommend continuous carbonization furnaces. If you know about continuous carbonization, you know that this machine is suitable for carbonizing materials less than 5cm, and the material humidity needs to be less than 20%. The rice husk fully meets the requirements.

Rice husk is rich in cellulose and lignin, so it can be made into briquettes with a briquette-making machine. Due to the small size of the rice husk, it does not need to be crushed and can be used directly to make rods. But it should be noted that the moisture content must be controlled below 12%.

bio-waste briquettes closing the door on charcoal

Kennedy Odhiambo, a former researcher and co-founder of Briquette Champions Africa believes that use of charcoal briquettes as a cleaner alternative to traditional charcoal, wood fuel and kerosene will soon be the new normal among poor households. This is in light of growing environmental concerns associated with charcoal burning that is posing a threat to forest cover, besides polluting the air. Indoor pollution amid poor ventilation has recently emerged a silent death-trap inside the walls of low-income households.

Unlike the traditional charcoal merchant, his machines produce fancy charcoal otherwise referred to as briquettes. Briquettes production involves compacting biomass waste into charcoal products in the form of solid blocks or pellets, with the advantage of emitting less smoke and being cheaper.

Driven by a burning desire to promote conservation of the countrys forests, Kennedy felt compelled to produce affordable machines in order to make them readily available to local briquette makers, especially the youth.

When more people adopt briquettes for cooking, especially in villages, peri-urban and informal settlements, less trees are felled for firewood and charcoal, thus conserving the environment. On industrial level, briquettes are cleaner, cheaper substitutes to dirty fuels like coal in heating boilers and furnaces.

A decade later in March 2018 when the Kenyan government imposed a ban on logging, sending charcoal prices through the roof, I saw an opportunity. Working as a researcher at the time, I partnered with two of my colleagues to explore other alternatives and thats how the charcoal briquette business came to mind.

As the demand for charcoal briquettes increased over time, we opted to start making briquetting machines so as to serve a larger population and promote cleaner fuel use, besides creating jobs. I wanted to make briquettes a common consumer fuel in Africa, one that would reduce dependence on forests for charcoal/wood fuel.

Besides the briquette machines, we also develop other related equipment including simple grinding machine for crushing raw materials and a drying system that comes in handy during rainy seasons and in cold areas.

The machine can be powered by both single phase and three phase motors. So whenever we receive orders, we have to inquire about the type of electric system in the location where the machine is to be installed.

We have several lines of briquette producing merchandise. For briquette machine/ press, the electric one costs Sh75,000 while the one running on petrol goes for Sh85,000. On the other hand, the grinding machine I talked about earlier has a cost range of Sh60,000 70,000 while the drying system suited for cold areas costs Sh130,000.

Our operations are driven and motivated by the need to preserve our natural heritage by not cutting down trees for charcoal. We are encouraging people to start making briquettes and flood the market as much as we can with it. Making charcoal briquettes a common commodity in the market through the proposition of lower price and clean fuel is the only way that we can completely eradicate wood charcoal use.

Rural areas have a lot of raw materials at their disposal. Some good examples include the rice husks in Mwea and Ahero; coconut husks in the coastal region; bushes in the northern part of Kenya, all of which can be carbonized and crushed into charred dust.

To make sure that every home, institution, catering service providers that previously used charcoal or wood has embraced charcoal briquettes. This will be a great save both environmentally and economically.

That said, some support from the government and the private sector would be of great boost. We are currently setting up an initiative that will donate briquette machines to at least five vulnerable groups in every county to create revenue from waste biomass.

For the clients that we had managed to train and deliver the machines to before the pandemic got worse are doing well. The lockdown means majority of the working population is at home and need fuel to cook, boil and even warm up during this cold season.