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Bevcon Wayors Hammer Mills made of several rows of rapidly revolving thin hammers are used to pulverize feed to size. Bevcon Wayors Hammer Mills are durable utility grinders capable of grinding most free-flowing materials.

Hammer Mills operate on the principle that most materials will grind or crush upon impact with the hammers. Hammer Mills are designed for fine crushing of soft till medium hard, non abrasive and non adhesive materials, such as coal, limestone etc.

A large application of Bevcon Wayors hammer mills can be seen in cement factories and in lime works crushing of bituminous coal for treatment of lime stones, for sintering purpose and according to the needs even in other industries. Their advantages is a high degree of crushing, high performance, a possibility of change of granulometric composition of the product within a large range an easy access to the internal compartment and consequently an easy operation and maintenance of the machines. Operating area of hammer mills can be heated by means of hot gases to treat materials with high moisture.

Bevcon Wayors Impactors are non-reversible rotor type machines with fixed impact bars for combination of impact and attrition crushing. The Bevcon Wayors impactors offer crushing with great reduction in size. These Impactors offer a reduction ratio of nearly 50:1.

The Bevcon Wayors Impactors, adopting a simple rotor, offer a surprisingly high throughput capacity. They also offer a greater flexibility to control the quantity of the feed as well as the quantity of the produce.

Bevcon Wayors Ring Granulator has an adjustable cage that helps in varying the output. Ring Granulators are designed with adjustable components to compensate for wear and tear and they do have tramp iron protection.

Bevcon Wayors crushers are used to convert large size feed into feed of a more manageable size. This is typical of any primary crushing applications of Run of Mine (ROM) materials. They are of compact size relative to the capacity they handle, consume less power, and are easy to maintain. They can offer capacities from 10 TPH to 200 TPH.

Bevcon Wayors crushers are available in two varieties Single Roll and Double Roll. Single roll crushers are non-reversible rotor type crushers. Single Roll Crushers are ideal for primary crushing of Coal, Lignite, Lime and other medium hard materials.

Double Roll Crushers are made of two counter rotating crusher rolls of which one is movable and the other is stationary. Double Roll Crushers are designed to produce cubical produce with less fitness generation. They are ideal for secondary and tertiary Crushing applications for crushing high moisture content materials like coal, lignite, limestone, iron ore etc, especially medium hard materials.

The screen can be built to include many inclinations, varying from 0 to 45 degrees to the horizontal. The various slopes may incorporate deck media with different apertures to meet the particular process requirements.

Bevcons Circular Motion Screens, available in single, double and triple decks, are built tough for long service life by adopting good manufacturing procedures including a welding less concept to minimize associated heat induced stress distortion and metallurgical discontinuities.

The robust design of circular motion screen includes special steel outer screen body, huck bolt design tensioning fitment for screen clot, special lubrication system for uniform grease distributions and modular screen cloth sections. The screen also uses springs made of special alloy steel that offers isolation efficiency of 96% 99% to reduce vibration on the mounting floors. The connecting chutes of the screen are specially designed to minimize dust generation.

Bevcon Wayors Circular Motion Screens are typically used to screen hard rock, sand and gravel, coal, husk, lignite, lime stone and iron ore etc. They are also used for mineral processing, material recycling and heavy duty construction.

The linear motion screens are available in single and dual motor versions. The dual motor version incorporates two Friedrich vibrating motors rotating in opposite directions, causing the screen frame to vibrate in a linear or straight-line motion perpendicular to the base plane of the motors. The more economical single motor version develops linear motion through the use of a unique, patented, pivoting motor mount system.

Bevcon Wayors Linear Motion Screens can be used in a variety of industries Breweries, Grit Removal, Fish and Seafood, Fruits and Vegetable processing, Industrial Wastewater, Meat Packaging Plants, Muncipal Waster, Paper Fiber Recovery, Petrochemical, River Dredging and Textiles.

Bevcon Wayors Dewatering Screens offer multiple advantages to construction and specialty aggregate producers. Supported by The tow high frequency 3.6KW vibrating motors fitted as standard to ensure maximum Dewatering, the screens offer a dry drip-free product that other types of equipment cannot provide.

flowing dry material over an inclined vibrating screen covered deck. The steady air flow holds the material in stratified flotation. The lighter material stays in the upper strata as it flows down the inclined vibrating deck with screen. The heavier material, such as stones, coarse sand, glass, metal, etc., travels up the inclined vibrating deck and out.

Bevcon Wayors Destoners are placed in many different locations in a cleaning system, both before and after cleaners and gravity separators. Destoners are not only used as a means of eliminating contaminants to improve the purity f the product, but is also essential to remove stones to eliminate excessive wear on all types of grinding mills, flaking machines, etc.

Bevcon Wayors Destoners are known for their remarkably fast and thorough separation of heavy foreign material removal. They have many applications including chemicals, coffee, peanuts, cereals, beans, minerals, and numerous other products.

Bevcon Wayors Vibratory feeders can be used to feed material to a process or machine. The material is almost always a dry material that unlike a liquid may not move down an incline without some assistance from the vibration effect.

An example would be a pill bottling system. A large batch of pills is dumped into the top of the vibratory feeder. Gravity will pull the pills toward the bottom of the feeder where they can exit one at a time so that they can be counted and fed into containers with correct number of pills in each bottle.

Bevcon Wayors Vibratory Feeders, mostly cone shaped, come in many shapes and sizes. They serve the same purpose to feed bulk material in an uncontrolled fashion and take material out at a controlled, measurable and steady rate.

Bevcon Wayors Vibratory Grizzly Feeders are fully floating, linear motion units supported on compression springs. They are driven by highly reliable Direct Force Exciters, through drive motor and cardan shaft coupling.

Typical applications include crusher relief operations in Mining and Quarrying applications. They are used to screening out trash and tramp material. For example, they are used for high capacity screening of moist coal in power plants without material blockage. They are also in increasing use in building roads and civil construction projects for screening of Basalt Rock, various types of stones and gravel.

The Bevcon Wayors flip-flow screens are ideally suited for heavy and very heavy screening applications. The flip-flow screens are made to be dust and watertight and are adjustable to suit the space and throughput requirements.

A wide range of industries use Bevcon Wayors flip-flow screens recycling, sand and gravel, iron and steel, concrete, asphalt & hard rock, woodchips and tree bark, scrap metal products, compost and peat, organic materials, quarry materials, and cement industry applications etc.

The highly efficient flip-flow screens, patented by Statec, can screen fine, medium and coarse materials on a continuous basis. The mesh sizes vary between 0.5 mm to 50 mm with screening capacities up to 400 metric TPH.

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Bevcon Lump breakers, also known as lump crushers, able to reduce lumps created in the production, storage or transportation of bulk solids and powders in aggregates, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, foods, agricultural feeds and other materials to a consistent size as required without generating excessive dust and fines.

Material that is stored becomes compacted and agglomerated. For instance, bagged powders can form lumps or even be solid lump in the lower layers, when stored on a pallet or exposure to humidity in the air. Lump breaker solves many processing problems including preparing of material for conveying, breaking up agglomerates and reducing material for further processing. Reducing lumps will make material easier to handle, improve materials flow characteristics and make ready for secondary size reduction, by increasing the materials surface area to improve efficiency for drying or for better mixing and finally ensure success of conveying, either in a pneumatic conveyor, belt conveyor, screw conveyor, or other conveying equipment.

Bevcon Wayors Circular Motion Screens are typically used to screen hard rock, sand and gravel, coal, husk, lignite, lime stone and iron ore etc. They are also used for mineral processing, material recycling and heavy duty construction.

Product particles that are too large are crushed by the rotating blades as they pass through a set of stationary blades across the lenth. The agglomerated product particles continue to be reduced in size until they are small enough to pass through and discharge below the unit. Bevcon Lump Breaker design is proven to provide a simple and efficient process of reducing compacted materials into a smaller and controlled granulated product allowing for more efficient and effective product handling by reducing equipment downtime.

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Subsidiary Companies BeRolleX, a subsidiary unit of Bevcon is a fully automated manufacturing plant spread over 1,00,000 square feet to manufacture Idlers & Pulleys and going to be reality by end of current FY, which will strengthen the organization back bone of manufacturing strengths and will create business opportunity for exports by meeting international quality standards. Know more

BeRolleX, a subsidiary unit of Bevcon is a fully automated manufacturing plant spread over 1,00,000 square feet to manufacture Idlers & Pulleys and going to be reality by end of current FY, which will strengthen the organization back bone of manufacturing strengths and will create business opportunity for exports by meeting international quality standards. Know more

Social Responsibility Apart from developing & introducing environment friendly and energy efficient products, as a corporate, we are aware of our social responsibility. We feel grateful towards the society and intend to give back to her. As an Engineering company, our aim is to usher in an all inclusive growth. Time and again, we have taken initiatives to support education for poor, extending education towards the specially abled children. Know more

Apart from developing & introducing environment friendly and energy efficient products, as a corporate, we are aware of our social responsibility. We feel grateful towards the society and intend to give back to her. As an Engineering company, our aim is to usher in an all inclusive growth. Time and again, we have taken initiatives to support education for poor, extending education towards the specially abled children. Know more

We are proud of the external recognition we have gained for the quality of our work, our professionalism and our commitment to client care. Bevcon teams continue to earn international acclaim from the media and esteemed industry sources. Know more

Its important to us to nurture an environment that fosters collaboration, teamwork and individual growth. Our culture supports not only the work we do, but our people in a variety of ways. Bevcon Careers

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Street No. 1, Road No. 10, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad PUZZOLANA TOWERS Sumedha Estates, Avenue -4 Street No. 1, Road No. 10, Street No. 1, Road No. 10, Banjara Hills,, Hyderabad - 500034, Dist. Hyderabad, Telangana

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Crushing and Screening equipment is the heart of any infrastructure project. The success of the project depends on the design, performance and flexibility of the crushing plant, wherein it is possible to vary the product mix.

Quality of the finished aggregates plays an important role Moreover, the quality of the finished aggregates also plays an important factor in deciding the crushing and screening system. Some of the other features that are key-in decision making are the capability of the crushing equipment and the crushing system to be able to adapt to the project requirement, cost of operation and maintenance, says RS Raghavan, Managing Director, Proman Infrastructure Services Pvt Ltd.

Understanding the application According to V. Manoj Kumar, Assistant Vice President PMG, Bevcon Wayors Pvt Ltd, Crushing and screening plays a very important role in the circuit. Bevcon starts with understanding the application of crushing and screening as a first step to pursue a suitable solution to our clients.

Crusher and screen capacities primarily by calculating the mass flow balance of the system. While selecting crushers and screens, the selection is based on the position of equipment in the circuit which is either primary, secondary or tertiary crushing or screening system. While designing individual equipment, consideration of the following points plays a very important role.

Evaluate the application The most critical factor here is the level of hardness of the material being processed. This is typically measured in compressive strength, or the maximum force that material can withstand before breaking. Primary jaw crushers process hard, abrasive materials such as granite, ores or recycled concrete. Cone crushers are known for their ability to crush hard, abrasive ores and rocks, but they are best suited for secondary crushing applications. Impact crushers are ideal for contaminated materials. They easily handle clay, dirt and metal mixed in with the material. While they can handle hard material, they are ideally suited for soft to medium rock.

Determine the desired output If an operation can sell 1, 92,000 tonnes per year, its crushers need to produce 1,600 tonnes each month. If a crusher is set up to run five days per week for eight hours per day, the operation will require a machine capable of processing just over 100 TPH.

Proper production capacities are critical to the success of a business. A crusher that is too small fails to produce the desired tonnages, which limits yields and profits and caps the organisations growth potential. A machine thats too large carries extra expense with no added value.

Attention to detail A crusher needs to withstand daily abuse. Investing in quality equipment and components upfront will save money in the long run. Before making a purchase, evaluate the quality of some of the crushers components.

Be sure the motor or generator and control panel has a good reputation and can meet the operations output needs. Note the hopper size. An oversized hopper can accommodate larger equipment used to feed the unit.

A crushers discharge chute is under a lot of stress for the majority of a machines run time, and, as a result, requires regular maintenance. To eliminate these extra costs, look for the specially designed discharge rock box that reduces the need for wear-liner replacement. The specialised design uses a shelf system with an abrasion-resistant wear bar that allows crushed material to build up and act as a wear liner. The result is zero maintenance, which translates to savings in labour and wears parts.

Compare apples to apples Its easy to get caught up in price. While saving money is important, so are the extras that will save time and money in the future. Take, for example, a crushers discharge chute. This area of the machine is under a lot of stress for the majority of the machines run time, and as a result it requires regular maintenance.

Most machines need wear-liner replacements on a regular basis. Some machines, however, have a specially designed discharge rock box that eliminates wear-liner replacements. The specialised design uses a shelf system with an abrasion-resistant wear bar that allows crushed material to build up and act as a wear liner. The result is dramatic savings in labor and wears parts.

Quality production at a low cost is everyones goal. Just be sure to consider all elements of the crusher and the operations needs before making the selection. After all, the right machine will make every job easier and more profitable.

Technical and financial parameters Speaking on what is to be considered while buying a stone crushing and screening equipment, Piero Guizzetti, CEO, MB Crusher India Pvt Ltd, says, The most important aspects of procurement decisions are related to the technical and financial parameters of the client requirements.

On the technical side, he adds, it is important to understand the type and size of materials which is to be crushed and or screened, the application, the intended use for the crushed material, the level of personnel and machines to be allocated, and the type of site one has at its disposal.

MB crushing and screening attachments are utilisable with any type of material, even the hardest and most abrasive ones. The unparalleled breadth of its product portfolio enables to also satisfy any output size requirement. The material can be used directly on site without any need to buy or hire any other resource or equipment. As a matter of fact, they are completely independent and do not require any additional operator as a static crusher would require. Finally, Guizzetti claims, MB products can be applied at any site, even the hardest to reach and most austere in terms of terrain.

Life-cycle cost analysis According to Guizzetti, On the financial side, CAPEX is one consideration but operational and life cycle costs are increasingly becoming the key factor for purchase decisions in India. This analysis requires one to look at the entire process associated with alternate solutions, as opposed to just the crushing and screening activity. Hence, considerations such as transportation costs of the materials to and from the site, to and from the crusher unit, become important, as well as fuel costs, personnel, maintenance costs, procurement of materials and so forth.

With MB products, the savings are easily recognisable. Guizzetti added, Transportation costs are eliminated and fuel costs are reduced. The personnel requirement is also minimised, as a single operator can also easily manage the crushing or screening activities as well as the maintenance requirements of the machine which are easy and economical. Finally, there is no need to procure materials as the output may be directly applied at site and or sold to the market.

Aggregate requirement for the project and the time scale for the production. Availability of quarries and aggregates. Depending on duration decide type of plant. > Mobile or skid or stationary plant. > Size of plant 200/300 TPH. > No of stages -2(Jaw + Cone) or 3(Jaw + Cone +VSI) or 4(Jaw +Cone + Sander +VSI) based on the sizes of aggregates and sand requirement. > Primary crusher capable of taking bigger feed size- 200 TPH plant feed size 650 mm. > If sand and fine aggregate required then Jaw + Cone + Sander + VSI to be used. > To maintain quality sand classification is required dry or wet type classification. If the quarries available are of short quantity and need to move the plant frequently then buy crawler mobile plants. > The plant should be ease to operate with electric drive in place of hydraulic drive. > The secondary crusher should be able to produce product (40, 22, 12, 6 mm). > Well proven screening station.

Capacity and final product size Chanchal Sinha, Business Head SMB India, Thyssenkrupp Industries India Ltd, says, The major parameters considered by customers are capacity and final product size as these are directly related to customers revenue.

He informs, Apart from this, quality of machines, wear and tear, ease of maintenance, design and execution capability, service and spare back-up available in close proximity are the factors which customers pay a great deal of attention to before choosing their right partner for their needs. Thyssenkrupp being highly-reliable in all these aspects is the natural choice for its customers.

Kleemann stands for excellent customer benefits Ramesh Palagiri Managing Director & CEO Wirtgen India, claims, Crushing and screening plants from Kleemann GmbH are characterised by their excellent customer benefits. The decisive elements for success such as technology, innovation, quality and service combine to make Kleemann like no other company. He adds, Its decade-long competence in the construction of stationary plants ensures an excellent position on the market for mobile plants. The plants are distinguished mainly by their sophisticated and detailed solutions which keep constant track of the entire process.

Solutions for buying stone crushing and screening equipment Guiding customers to take right decisions The crushing and screening industry in India is matured and the customer is aware of what he/she wants. Proman has been able to continuously educate the customers and guide them to take the right decision. A well informed and knowledgeable customer has always appreciated Promans professional recommendation and also the superiority of our crushing systems, says Raghavan from Proman Infrastructure.

Proman has been in the forefront in providing these requirements of the industry and are in a position to set up the most advanced crushing plant that can produce high quality aggregates, manufacture concrete sand, and plaster sand to the Indian standards specification. We have solutions for dry and wet process for plaster sand and manufactured sand and also dry mortar mix in bags, asserts Raghavan.

Bevcon offers screening technologies to mining applications Bevcon executes project with blend of latest technology with conventional systems in most optimised manner which will enhance the operations reliability. Bevcon core strength lies in use of Innovative Conveying Systems and Equipment which caters present day demands of Indian mining sector.

Kumar informs our highly competent technical team supported by technology partners from US and Europe are in position of supplying the Innovative equipments like: > Vibrating screens Bevcon offers various types of screening technologies to mining applications. This includes: High moisture ore screening in Flip Flow Screens which prevents from clogging of material to screen cloths. These screens are designed with higher G-force. The highest capacity Bevcon can produce screening with 27 sq. metre areas. High efficiency linear motion screens which include grizzly screens, dewatering screens etc. These screens will deliver high centrifugal force and fitted with maintenance free unbalanced exciters. The highest range includes up to the capacity of 1500 TPH for coal. Conventional high capacity and heavy duty circular motion screens up to 25 sq. metre areas.

Marsman offers high production at minimum electric power consumption Our equipment offer high production at minimum electric power consumption, claims Varma from Marsman. The product catalogue consists of jaw crusher, impact crusher, mobile crushing unit, vibrating screen and vibrating feeders of various capacities ranging from 50 TPH to 1000 TPH. Apart from supplying individual machines, we also cater to projects on turnkey basis. Marsman offers a wide range of mobile crushing solutions for quarrying, recycling, mining applications, aggregate production, coal production, iron ore and cement production. We also offer cone crusher and vertical shaft impactor manufactured in our sister concern company Shakti Mining Pvt. Ltd, informs Varma.

Marsman crushing and screening plants have been functioning successfully in India and abroad for years. With a strong network globally Marsman have been exporting to more than 30 countries worldwide and are well known entity among major mining companies. Marsman India Ltd also works as an OEM partner for UK Germany, Italy and other European manufacturers for years.

The new BF90.3 S4 from MB Crushers MB has recently launched its new S4 series BF90.3 model, which is the most sold model around the world and also in India. The new series is more compact in dimension that adds stability enhances performance and decreases maintenance and operational costs. The feedback received in India has exceeded all expectations and we are glad that it has also translated into increased interest level across our entire portfolio, says Guizzetti from MB Crushers.

MB Crusher machines will be displayed at Excon 2017. This year there will be very interesting news, since MB India will organise a real demonstration area with its machines working: visitors will have the opportunity to understand which kind of solutions MB crusher attachments can bring to their respective construction sites. In fact, compatible as an attachment with any excavator and or loader model and make, MB crusher machines not only provide savings on transportation, but also drastically reduce the amount of other equipment required at site and at the mine or quarry where the materials are sourced. Meet necessary project requirements Venkataramana from Puzzolana Machinery, points out few steps to be taken for projects. Plants of capacities up to 500 TPH capacities to suit the requirement of mega projects. First two stages with single primary Jaw crusher to take a feed up to 1000mm and single secondary cone crusher to produce (-) 55mm product and two tertiary cones and VSI to produce required aggregates and sand. Dedicated plants for 100 per cent sand production up to 500tph for both concrete sand and plaster sand. Plants of 200, 250, 300, 350 or 400 TPH plants. Cost effective and environment (green) protective solutions in classification both dry and wet. > Dynamic air separator (dry) > Bucket type classifier (wet) > Hydro cyclone classifier (wet) Special purpose screens.

Machines to be supplied depending upon customers needs Thyssenkrupp Industries India has one of the world class design and manufacturing facility to construct machines suitable for aggregate crushing and produce M-sand. These machines based on proven design comprising of jaw crusher, cone crusher and VSI which produce excellent quality sand suitable for construction purposes. Having various sizes of all crusher models suitable for capacities varying from 100 to 300 TPH. Depending on individual customer needs, machines can be supplied to suit final product size and capacity, informs Sinha from Thyssenkrupp.

Recently introduced adjustable bushing with four eccentricities in cone crusher which will enable crusher to change multiple strokes easily without much downtime and to suit their varied capacity requirements. Successfully developed optimum chamber design to achieve higher throughputs and higher per cent of cubical particles at lower power consumption.

Rotor parts are redesigned with high composite wear resistance material ensuring longer wear life and lower production costs. Unique feature of automatic oil or grease lubrication system for rotor bearings improves working hours. Also high flywheel energy ensures effective crushing of very hard material without affecting the motor power.

Kleemanns new EVO classifying screen Offers complete range of track mounted crushers from 150 TPH to 1500 TPH in jaw, cone, impactor and screens. Kleemann has expanded the EVO series overall by four classifying screens.

The track-driven double-deck classifying screens MS 702 EVO and MS 952 EVO as well as the triple-deck classifying screens MS 703 EVO and MS 953 EVO. The upper deck on both plant sizes has a screening surface area of 7 sq. metre or 9.5 sq. metre. As with the crushing plants, the favourable transport dimensions and short setup times of the classifying screens meet the demands of contractor crushers. The MS 702/703 EVO achieves a maximum output of 350 t/h and the MS 952/952 EVO an hourly output of up to 500 tonnes, explains Palagiri.

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The Single Roll Crusher, with its 6:1 ratio of reduction, is ideal for reducing large feed lumps to a medium product size while producing a considerably lower percentage of fines. The minimum product sizing of a Single Roll Crusher is generally limited to 2-3. The crushing is carried out between the full width of the extra-long curved crushing plate and the low-speed crushing roll. The curvature of the crushing plate provides an ample throat opening to capture large irregular feed lumps. The replaceable crushing plate tips or liners are slotted to intermesh with the roll teeth to produce a cubical product and effectively reduce slabbing.

Single Roll Crushers are V-belt driven and employ a large diameter flywheel with a gear and pinion set to reduce roll speed. With the assistance of the inertia generated by the flywheel, this crusher is operated with relatively low horsepower and requires lower headroom in comparison to other crushers used for primary reduction. The roll diameter and width of the crusher will ultimately be dictated by the feed size, product size and capacity.

Single Roll Crushers employ a tramp relief mechanism to allow momentary movement of the crushing plate so the uncrushable object can pass. The mechanism then allows the crusher to return to its original setting and remain in operation.

The Single Roll Crusher, which was originally patented by Samuel Calvin McLanahan in 1894, has evolved over the years to include design features to ensure many years of rugged operation. Complete with all safety guards, the Single Roll Crusher features an automatic tramp relief mechanism that allows the crushing plate to hinge open, pass non-crushable tramp material and return to the previous setting for continued operation.

Based on the application data and extensive field experience, McLanahan selects the proper duty class of Single Roll Crusher for each project. A fully-equipped application research laboratory allows for crushing tests to make sure McLanahan can provide the best possible solution.

A Single Roll Crusher is made up of a toothed roll assembly, which crushes the incoming feed material against a crushing plate. The Single Roll Crusher is designed to reduce larger feed sizes to the desired product size at a 6:1 ratio of reduction while producing a considerably lower percentage of fines. When properly fed in the direction of the roll rotation, the crushing action is carried out along the full width of the curved crushing plate, which ensures maximum throughput capacity. A properly sized roll diameter and tooth configuration grabs the incoming feed and pulls it into the crushing zone without hesitation. The crushing plate has reversible and easily replaceable crushing plate tips, which are designed to produce a cubical product while providing the producer with twice the wear life and simplified maintenance. Single Roll Crushers often require less horsepower and lower headroom in comparison to other crushers used in primary and secondary applications.

These units are designed to make crushing simpler and more effective. McLanahan Single Roll Crushers also feature hydraulic product size adjustment to perform relatively simple changes to the crusher setting if required.

When an uncrushable object, such as metal, roof bolts/timbers, etc., enters the crusher and the force necessary to crush this material is greater than the crushing forces of the crusher, the crusher allows the crushing plate to open and pass the tramp material. The crusher then returns to its previous setting and remains in operation.

Cobra Single Roll Crushers are the lightest duty in the McLanahan line of Single Roll Crushers. They are ideal for wet, sticky feeds and for processing materials such as clean coal, petroleum coke, sulfur, rosin, foundry cores, frozen agglomerates and other friable materials.

Rockmaster Single Roll Crushers are the heaviest-duty model in the McLanahan line of Single Roll Crushers. They are ideal for the most severe crushing applications and reduce extremely hard material and typical mine refuse.

Typically designed for primary crushing, McLanahan Single Roll Crushers efficiently crush material at a 6:1 crushing ratio. . They can continually withstand heavy-impact applications. Single Roll Crushers reduce large size particles in the feed to a medium size, while producing a low percentage of fines.