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a batch of mining equipment of china coal group was exported to spain and the middle east

On the morning of September 14, a batch of mining single hydraulic props and articulated roof beam equipment were loaded in the intelligent equipment manufacturing workshop of China Coal Group, and then they will be exported to Spain and the Middle East. Over the years, with high-quality products and perfect after-sales service, our group has sold more than 10,000 kinds of products to 34 provinces, cities and autonomous regions across the country, and exported to 158 countries and regions around the world, establishing a good reputation and reputation in the industry.

The single hydraulic props for mines exported to Spain this time were independently developed and produced by China Coal Group Intelligent Machinery Factory. The products have been innovatively improved to overcome the defects and problems of the DZ (piston) single hydraulic props and have large working resistance. , Light weight, long service life, large working stroke, low cost of use, convenient operation, wide range of use and good stability, and many other advantages. Since the product was put on the market, it has been well received by customers at home and abroad. At present, the 57 models of "ZHONGMEI" mining hydraulic prop products independently developed and produced by our group have all obtained the mining product safety mark certificate, and the products are very guaranteed in terms of quality and safety.

The products exported to the Middle East this time include single hydraulic props and hinged roof beams for mining. The hinged roof beam is a kind of mine support equipment, which is combined with various types of single metal pillars to form a metal support. It is a high-strength roof beam for the support of the coal mine in the horizontal and gently inclined working faces. It can realize cantilever support. There is a larger unsupported space between the coal wall and the pillar, which provides conditions for the realization of coal mining mechanization. The hinged roof beams produced by our group are of reliable quality, superior performance, complete technical parameters, and perfect after-sales service. The products are currently exported to many countries around the world and have won unanimous praise from customers at home and abroad.

As a member company of the United Nations Global Compact, China Coal Group has adhered to its global development strategy for many years and established China Coal Manufacturing Group Co., Ltd. in the Cayman Islands, UK. Established China Coal Group (China Coal Group) in the United States, Beijing Yike (Hong Kong) Network Technology Co., Ltd., China Mining Construction Equipment (Hong Kong) International Trade Co., Ltd., Shandong China Coal Mining Group (Hong Kong) International trade co., LTD, Established China Coal (Hainan) Import and Export Trading Co., Ltd. in Hainan. Continuously improve the global reputation and competitiveness of China Coal, and establish an international trading system of China Coal Group with the import and export of machinery and equipment as its core and resources and market as its elements.

At present, China Coal Group has a cross-border e-commerce team of more than 100 people covering English, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic and other languages. The group has registered the "China Coal" trademark in 38 countries and regions around the world. It has obtained the rights to use China Coal's trademarks in the 27 member states of the European Union and the United Kingdom, Mongolia, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Israel, and sold more than 10,000 coal mining machinery products to the world through the group's self-operated cross-border e-commerce platform The group's global customers reached 480,000 in four countries and regions, making positive contributions to the development of international import and export trade!

In the future, China Coal Group will actively seize the opportunities of the times, increase overseas market expansion, expand the scale of foreign trade exports, and strive to enhance the international competitiveness of China Coal's own brands and the group's internationalization level. Promote the group's foreign trade import and export to a new level, and contribute more to the development of global trade!

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Epiroc is a reliable industry partner. We cover segments from Mining, Construction, Demolition and recycling, to Water, oil and gas. We have products, solutions and services for mining & rock excavation.

coal asia holdings, inc

COAL ASIA HOLDINGS, INC. ("COAL") is an investment holding company whose primary purpose is to engage in the acquisition of companies specializing in the exploration, development, and mining of coal and other energy related businesses in the Philippines and around Asia.

Our aim is to become a key contributor to national development by being a major player in the development of the Philippine coal and energy sectors known for our commitment to safe and environmentally friendly business practices in the communities we operate in, reliability in providing timely and economically attractive energy solutions to the markets we serve, and integrity in conducting our business and enhancing value for our stakeholder. The company supports its wholly-owned subsidiary with financial and managerial level expertise through its senior executive and management team composed of individuals with a proven track record of successes in a broad range of businesses.

COAL has recently acquired Titan Mining and Energy Corporation (TMEC) which owns 13,000-hectares of coal resources in Davao Oriental and Zamboanga Sibugay. It has established over 120,000,000 MT of coal resources to date and has the country's second largest coal reserves. Through on-going exploration work and drilling programs, the resources and reserves is likely to go over 200,000,000 MT. An independent report dated May 8, 2012 values the Company's current coal and energy assets at approximately P12.5B or USD300M. This report was done by Multinational Investment Bancorporation (MIB).

semirara mining and power corporation

We operate the largest and most modern pit mine in the Philippines. Our truck and shovel operations can produce 16 million metric tons of coal a year.We have an installedgeneratingcapacity of 900MW, with an additional 1,200MW in the pipeline.

By integrating our coal mining activities and power operations, we have created a value chain that enables us to transform low-value input into high-value output ina continually efficient and responsible manner.

In 2008, our coal mining operation secured certifications for international standards of Environmental Management System/ISO 14001:2004, Occupational Health and Safety Management System/OHSAS 18001:2007, and Quality Management System/ISO 9001:2008. In 2018, we have successfully transitioned to Quality Management System/ISO 9001:2015 andEnvironmental Management System/ISO 14001:2015.

Our subsidiaries, SEM-Calaca Power Corporation and Southwest Luzon Power Generation Corporation, have likewise been in conformance to Quality Management System/ISO 9001:2015, Environmental Management System/ISO 14001:2015, and Occupational Health and Safety Management System/OHSAS 18001:2007.