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The Taets Hydraulic pilebreaker is the most advanced, efficient and time-saving system in the world for trimming concrete foundation piles. Working with the pilebreaker results in a perfect horizontal finish, undamaged reinforcement and no cracks below cut-off level.

Taets manufactures hydraulic pilebreakers for prefab and cast-in-situ foundation piles. When you choose for Taets you choose for an established company with more then 36 years experience in manufacturing Pilebreakers. Read more about Taets

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The hydraulic type pile breaker can be use to cut the concrete pile head easily with higher efficiency.It is low-noise and safe operation. It has no impacting force on the body of the pile and no influence on the bearing capacity of the pile. The pile head cutter can short the construction period easily.

Concrete pile breaker is also named pile head cutter or pile head crusher. It is a tool to cut the concrete pile head, so the workers can connect the rebar in the pile body to others on the top for next construction job. SWT brand pile breaker is driven by hydraulic oil pressure. It can be installed on excavators, cranes, and other construction machinery which can output the hydraulic pressure as the power to run the pile head machine. The hydraulic power can be get from hydraulic power station directly.

3.Protective: The pile breaker is cutting the pile like aknife or like crumbbing the pile head by hand. It has no heavy vibration like the hydraulic breaker or hydraulic jack hammer by impacting on the pile. It won't destroy the foundation of the pile.

In most cases, excavator which can be moved conveniently is used as power source during engineering construction. Remove bucket of the excavator and sling chain of the pile breaker at the connection shaft of the bucket and the large arm to mechanically combine these two kinds of equipment together; and then connect the large arm hydraulic circuit of the excavator to cylinder circuit of the pile breaker with balanced valve to drive cylinder group of the pile breaker to work.

The SP800 hydraulic type concrete pile cutting machine can be repaired and maintained easily. When the pile breaker works continuously for 1 month or cuts 1000 piles, it shall be stopped to check whether each part is in good condition. The lifting device shall be firstly checked for damage and crack. Especially for sling chain and chain shackle, each part shall be checked carefully. If there is any damage or crack, replacement shall be made immediately!

The working unit shall be checked, especially for drill rod and hydraulic part! Drill rods are direct working parts and are prone to damage after reaching a certain workload. Make all drill rods stretch out through pressurization to check the drill rods one by one. If any damage or crack is found, immediate replacement shall be made. If all drill rods are in good condition, all hydraulic parts shall also be checked one by one. In case any damage or crack is discovered, immediate replacement shall be made.

SWT's hydraulic pile breaker is an important attachment used in many constructions works. Here you will get to know its characteristics, features, and functions. Also included will be how you can use them to get the best out of your construction project.

It goes by many names. For example, it is called the pile cropper or the pile cutter in some part of the world. It is a mechanical device of different sizes and types, and it has a hydraulic feature which makes it easy to operate.

The pile breaker is an attachment that you mount on machines such as excavators where it is used in pillar construction and demolition projects. For example, the attachment can be used in crushing the concrete part of a pillar without incurring damage to the steel reinforcement.

The hydraulic pile breaker can pull off works deemed hard due to its features and other things. At Sanha Machinery Tech, we have two types: the SH800 and SH400 hydraulic pile breaker. Below are some of the features of the SH800 type.

Choosing the SH800 hydraulic pile breaker is not only because of the specifications it comes with. It is about understanding each specification. It is only with a proper understanding that you can enjoy and maximize the use of the attachment.

Knowing the weight of the attachment is important before you choose the right model. It is important because it is one of the factors that determine the type of work the concrete pile breaker can do. It is also responsible for the excavator you can attach it to.

It would be best if you targeted the models you want based on the size of the concrete piles. For example, if you have a very large concrete pile, you can go for module number 13. This model comes with a diameter range of 1850-2000 millimeters

-Ease of Operation:The concrete pile breaker is easy to operate and does not require any professional skills to use. Therefore, there is a lower operation cost, machine maintenance cost, and labor cost.

-Diversity:Concrete piles come in different shapes and sizes. To combat this, you should use a customizable, adjustable and tailored pile breaker. The SWTconcrete pile breaker is customizable to fit any size. You can also change the module combination for both round and square piles.

Based on the shape of concrete piles, there are two types of pile breakers. There is a square pile breaker used for square-shaped concrete piles. There is also a round pile breaker used for round concrete piles.

To use the pile breaker, position it near the pillar you want to be broken. Activate the oil flow to allow the crushing process to take place. The crushing process will then occur without damage to the pile's internal structure. Lift the attachment upwards to remove the concrete while leaving the steel rod.

SWTpile breakers are gaining popularity because they are easy to operate, and they save time. They save time due to a fully automated process during use. They are used in several sectors in the construction industry such as housing, road making and bridge making.

The SWThydraulic pile breaker is a tool ideal for cutting or breaking concrete without adverse effects on the steel structure. At Sanha Machinery Tech, you can get the SH800 or the SH400 hydraulic pile breaker known for the high-quality and efficiency associated.

We ourselves are offering quality after sales service, and we also request our distributors have the same quality serivce idea to our users. We also set some overseas parts branch for quick parts delivery.