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This West Loop ice cream parlor dishes out a crazy long list of scoops, but we'll make this simple for you. Pick the soft serve, whatever flavors are on. We're a big fan of the vanilla and red velvet swirl. There's milkshakes and malts, and you can get just about any ice cream topped with Lucky Charms (this place does have an Irish theme, after all), which means that you really can't go wrong, even if soft serve isn't your jam.

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The Cone Guys is your go-to source of the best gourmet ice cream cones regardless of the season. With four distinct flavors made from the highest quality ingredients, you can have the assurance of getting the best from every bite.

For over 33 years, The Cone Guys have been making the chocolate chip cones in the market today. Our experts have perfected the art which is why all our cones will give you that excellent taste youve always wanted. With a pocket-friendly price and an attractive package, youll enjoy every bite of this amazing gourmet ice cream cones.

When getting these delicious gourmet ice cream cones, you can expect to enjoy sweet, scrumptious bites. The ice cream is made from high-quality ingredients to ensure that the end product will exceed your expectations.

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All of our award-winning ice cream is made right inside our restaurant using the finest ingredients and our original recipes. Only the freshest fruits and rich ingredients are chosen at the height of the season, delivering an unequaled ice cream treat for you!

The way we dip our ice cream is unique. Our small sugar, cake and waffle cones and our small cup, traditionally known as a single dip, have two hand-dipped scoops of ice cream so that you can choose two flavors if you desire.

We call it The Bull Frog Sundae because it is the largest sundae available at Frosty Frog Creamery & Caf. 12 scoops of ice cream make it family-sizedyou choose the flavors! Select from a wide variety of scrumptious toppings such as fresh fruit, whipped cream and nuts. Bring help with this sundae Youll need it!

All of our milkshakes are hand-dipped from any of the ice cream choices that are available that day. We make our milkshakes, malts and old-fashioned sodas and floats individually so that your ice cream drink is made just the way you want it!

Our sorbets are a perfect treat for those who desire a lactose free frozen dessert! We make a variety of delicious and fruity sorbet flavors. Sorbets contain NO milk or butterfat, and are both a palate cleanser and a refreshing dessert! Sorbets are always available.

Sherbets are made with milk products, but contain only 1% butterfat, and deliver a delightful dessert experience when you desire something a little lighter than ice cream. Sherbets are always available.

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Cone is an Irish-themed ice cream shop in the West Loop. (The theme has more to do with the owners being Irish than any particular obsession with the Blarney Stone or Liam Neeson, as far as we know.) Come here and order the Shamrock, which is soft-serve covered in Lucky Charms, or the Cone OFlake, i.e. soft serve topped with an Cadbury Flake bar. They also have a backyard that you can reserve for parties.