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Cien Miller, also known as Cien M, Crusher, Omega Destroyer Dictator Crusher, and Bunny Lord, and formerly known as Crusher-P,[1]) debuted in August 2010. She is an American song-writer, singer, producer, and illustrator. In the VOCALOID community, she was well-known for her horror-themed works. Her current songs are emotionally driven, thus explaining why she doesn't upload songs often.

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Crusher Physical Description Height Between 5'11'' and 9'10'' (1.80m and 3m) Skin color Bronze, Black Distinctions Quadruped movementBullet-proof crest resistant from most weaponryCharges at enemies with massive force Other Information Homeworld Xenomorph Prime, some encountered on LV-426 Other names Charger

The Crusher, also known as the Charger, is a Stage 6Xenomorph caste that was encountered by Colonial Marines from the USS Sephora on Acheron (LV-426). Its most notable features are its large head crest, which is said to be completely bulletproof, and its habit of charging its prey to inflict massive blunt force trauma. It acts as something of a heavy unit for the Xenomorphs, able to engage even armored vehicles with some success. This is considered to be the Xenomorph equivalent of a tank.[1]

The Crusher's mesoskeleton is a metallic black, though may reflect brownish undertones. They have been seen in various sizes, but are always considerably larger than common Drones. As the Praetorian-adjacent caste of a Runner evolutionary line, they can be similar in size to a Praetorian at between 5'11'' and 9'10'' at the shoulders.[1] With it's crest included, however, a Crusher can be taller than an adult alien on all fours. The Crusher's head is topped with a thick armored chitinous crest, larger even than on some Queens, that it lowers into a vertical position before charging its target like a bull. This crest is incredibly strong, hardy enough to repel most forms of gunfire (including even the M56 Smartgun), and when lowered into the charging position it effectively shields the Crusher's more vulnerable body from frontal damage.[2]

The force that the Crusher can impart with its charging attack is tremendous, enough even to propel an M577 APC sideways some distance or throw an individual Marine several meters through the air.[2] However, this unique mode of assault renders the Xenomorph virtually blind whilst charging, meaning it is unable to alter its course should its target move out of the line of attack. If an aggressor is agile enough to sidestep around a charging Crusher, its less resilient body will subsequently be exposed and left vulnerable. Even so, the creature is still incredibly tough, able to soak up significant amounts of damage before succumbing.[2] The P9 Sonic Harpoon Artillery Remote Projectile Rifle is a good choice of weapon to quickly kill a Crusher. A full magazine of ammo (ten harpoons) shot at a Crusher's weak spot its back is enough to kill the beast.[2]

Again similar to the Praetorian, it has limited mobility compared to its others Xenomorphs. It is unable to climb wall and properly jump due to its size and weight. It also can't walk on two legs, forcing it to move around on all fours.[1] However, it can rear up and use it's head as a bashing weapon or attack with it's foremost claws. Despite it's size and weight, it is very fast and can kill multiple enemies in a single charge.

Little is known about Crusher's intelligence, but it seems to be very limited as its only purpose is to charge its enemies like a rabid rhino.[1] It's basic form from which it evolves, the Runner, was also thought to have limited intelligence since it emerged from an animal host instead of from a sentient creature such as a Human or Yautja.

Crushers are typically only seen in mature hives, being the later stage of the more basic Runner, however some newer hives are known to have them.[2] They are effectively the "Praetorians" of the Runner metamorphic line, evolving from a Sentry Xenomorph. At the will of the Queen, the Sentry is exposed Royal Jelly and force-fed Raw-Metals for weeks by Workers. They will then coccoon themselves and undergo a lengthy transformation, where they will emerge as the enormous and heavily-armored Crusher. Presumably, the metals eaten during the process are the reason for the Xenomorph's exceptionally tough mesoskeleton.

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Introduction of metal crusher: Metal crusher is more popular in the field of metal recycling mill metal processing equipment, the machine can crush materials include: Sprite cans, Lulu cans, Red Bull cans, cans, ...

Introduction of metal crusher: Metal crusher is more popular in the field of metal recycling mill metal processing equipment, the machine can crush materials include: Sprite cans, Lulu cans, Red Bull cans, cans, ...

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Crusher Artwork of Crusher from Three Houses. Name (JP) First Seen Fire Emblem: Three Houses Weapon Type Axe Most Common Rank E Uses 20 [view] Crusher is an Axe that debuts in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. It is one of the Heroes' Relics, passed down through the bloodline of Dominic, one of the Ten Elites. When used by someone who bears the Crest of Dominic, the Combat Art Dust may be used.

Grants Atk+3. Calculates damage using the lower of foe's Def or Res. If a Rally Assist skill is used by unit, target can move 1 extra space. (That turn only. Does not stack. No effect on cavalry allies with Range = 2.)

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Its powerful live, polyphonic, multichannel granular synthesis algorithm creates very complex sounds, drones and outstanding surround effects. Since 1999, the crusher-X trademark has been "the" granular effect standard. crusher-X is used by famous sound-designers, composers, musicians and film-makers all over the world. It comes with GCOs, an Autotune and Pitch tracking system, up to 10-channel surround outputs, up to 199 individual grain streams, unique 3D grain visualization, over 3000 LFOs, over 340 real-time parameters and more than 170 presets. Read more about the crusher-X key features here.

For this purpose the qualification beautiful or ugly makes no sense for sound, nor for the music that derives from it; the quantity of intelligence carried by the sounds must be the true criterion of the validity of a particular music. Iannis Xenakis in "Formalized music: Thought and mathematics in composition.", 1963-1992

The crusher-X algorithm is based on the traditional granular synthesisalgorithm (Xenakis, Roads, Wilkins), which wasinvented in the early 1950s. In granular synthesis, short sound fragments (e.g. 50 milliseconds), "the grains," come from a fixed file buffer. The starting time, length and silence between the grains can be modulated. Working with more than one grain at a time is possible, thus you can create complex sound "clouds" from any soundsignal.

When experimenting with those (length of grains), I have discovered a certain confusion as to what effect one can expect when setting parameters to certain values. Not only it seemed that length and density each had an impact of its own on the character of the granulated sound, but it also appeared that their relational value was highly important. Leon Zadorin "Composing with Granular Synthesis"

A "window function" blends in and out the grains at the beginnings and endings of their life cycles. This function determines the character of the continuum and thus the different perceptions. Xenakis recommended the Gaussian window because of its theoretical considerations.

All sound is an integration of grains, of elementary sonic particles, of sonic quanta. Each of these elementary grains has a threefold nature: duration, frequency, and intensity. All sound, even all continuous sonic variation, is conceived as an assemblage of a large number of elementary adequately disposed in time. (...) Hecatombs of pure sounds are necessary for the creation of a complex sound. Iannis Xenakis in "Formalized music: Thought and mathematics in composition.", 1963-1992

Instead of the classic file-based approach, the crusher-X algorithm provides a floating grain buffer which allows real-time input and output. In this floating buffer, the grains are created by several generators routed to several outputs (surround modes) or combined to become single outputs (mono and stereo modes). You are able to apply many unusual modulations to the grains such as pitch, filter, pan, reverse, X-Crush, waveshape as you like - all modulated by independent modulation sources and modulation phases, either synchronized or not synchronized to the host. The X-Crush parameter is unique in the world of granular synthesis: It applies a ring modulation between the overlapping areas of the grains that follow each other. A feedback loop from the output towards the input is capable of generating extremely complex and non-linear sounds.

A complex sound may be imagined as a multi-colored firework in which each point of light appears and instantaneously disappears against a black sky. But in this firework there would be such a quantity of points of light organized in such a way that their rapid and teeming succession would create forms and spirals, slowly unfolding, or conversely, brief explosions setting the whole sky aflame. A line of light would be created by a sufficiently large multitude of points appearing and disappearing instantaneously. Iannis Xenakis in "Formalized music: Thought and mathematics in composition.", 1963-1992

star trek: why dr. crusher left tng in season 2 (& why she came back)

Star Trek: The Next Generation introduced Dr. Beverly Crusher during its pilot episode and the long-running character is remembered for being a consistent part of the main cast, but some Star Trek fans might also remember that actress Gates McFadden left the show for a whole season. After acting as the Enterprises chief medical officer inTNG season 1 and having herteenage son, Wesley Crusher, live on board with her, Dr. Crusher transferred off the Enterprise, leaving Wesley behind.

For TNG season 2, Dr. Katherine Pulaski (played by Diana Muldaur) took over the job of chief medical officer on the Enterprise while Dr. Crusher served off-screen as head of Starfleet medical, as explained by Captain Picard in TNG season 2, episode 1, The Child. While Dr. Crushers desire to accept a promotion and advance her career explains the characters temporary absence from the Enterprise, there are a few real-world reasons that explain why McFadden left the show and why she later came back.

According to Star Trek producer Rick Berman, McFadden was fired because the head TNG writer at the time, Maurice Hurley, had a real bone to pick with Gates [via Television Academy Foundation]. McFadden didnt care for Hurley, either. Hurley went directly to Gene Roddenberry and asked to have Gates let go. Berman, for whatever reason, decided not to get involved or prevent McFadden from being let go, but after Hurley left his position as head writer at the end of TNG season 2, Berman asked McFadden to come back. Berman said Muldaurs character just wasnt working, though its hard to fault Muldaur for that since she joined after the rest of the cast had a full season to develop chemistry on screen and friendships in real life.

McFadden was understandably skeptical of the invitation to return to TNG after being fired one season prior, but fan letters and personal phone calls from her former castmates, especially Patrick Stewart who playedDr. Crusher's love interest, Captain Picard, convinced her to return. In TNG season 3, episode 1, Evolution, McFadden picked up the role she had left, returning as Dr. Beverly Crusher, the chief medical officer on the Enterprise, where the character was also reunited with her son, Wesley, who had been promoted to the rank of ensign on the Enterprise.

Dr. Crusher remained a fan-favorite character throughout Star Trek: The Next Generation and beyond. Shes often regarded as one of Star Treks most underutilized characters, but even though Dr. Crusher was sometimes relegated to background duties while spouting futuristic medical jargon, the stories that put the spotlight on McFaddens acting talent showed how ambitious, level-headed, and funny Beverly Crusher could be.

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