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At Imperial Steel we fabricate tanks, reactors, pressure vessels and other equipment for industry leading manufacturers around the country. The stainless steel vessel shown here is a ball mill, which is used to grind raw materials into a fine powder. This powder is then used in a variety of applications such as mineral dressing processes, coatings and selective laser sintering. With in-house engineering capabilities, we are able to design and fabricate complex steel equipment for a variety of applications.

The body of the mill is constructed of 0.5" thick 304 stainless steel plate. Pieces were cut, bent, and rolled in-house before the mill assembly was welded. An insulation skin was applied to the mill for functionality. The finished mill has an outside diameter of 35", an inside diameter of 32" and a length of 51.75". Tolerances were held to 0.125" in critical locations and verified by dimensional inspection.

We specialize in providing high quality custom fabrications that equal or exceed customer expectations. Our comprehensive fabrication capabilities allow us to customize all parts rather than limiting ourselves to off the shelf components. For additional details about this custom stainless steel fabrication project, see the table below, or contact us directly.

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The reason your ball mill exploded is pretty simple; potassium chlorate and aluminium should not be ball milled together. If your going to say; "I done it many times before without a problem." just consider that your were lucky those times before. Potassium chlorate shouldn't be ball milled with any fuels, metals in particular.

Potassium Chlorate and Aluminum?Never ball mill a mixture like this. 3kg! Wow! You are very lucky!If you are not sure why it wasa bad idea to ball mill this stuff,you need to take a step back and re-learn the basics. Stay safe.

Black powder is the most dangerous comp you should ever even consider ball milling and I am afraid to say this out loud but ball milling potassium chlorate, sugar, iron oxide, aluminium is just freaking STUPID!

I'm just curious as to what sources you used before. I'm just asking for a link to the information you acquired to know that ball mills are even used in pyrotechnics. This is serious, because you nearly lost your life to misinformation. It's very serious indeed.

You know, you can still makean ignition charge but just mill the ingredientsseparatelyif they have to be milled or just diaper mix the ingredients. Yes, you are upset and you are fortunate as well. I spent a full month in a coma after a BP accident three years ago and had extensive skin grafts. This was just a fire, you has explosives* in a ball mill jar. You need to find a completely different method that removes the risk as much as possible.

Regardless of the media diameter (stated to be 40mm), at 300rpm, EVERYTHING in the vessel including material AND media would be centrifuged HARD TO THE WALLS. There would be ZERO milling action going on during the run.

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No one here is really interested in something that you bought. This is just another useless new thread that aggravates the guys who have been here a while, especially the mods. Make sure you search for ball mill threads before you start a new one. There are quite a few around here. So pick one and post it there.

Unless you got the ceramic from a reputable supplier (Dave Sleeter or Joel Harmon), I wouldn't use them for live material. There is a specific grade that is made by Coors-tek that is designed for the explosives industry, and designed not to spark. The surplus stuff being sold by the ceramics company in Texas does not have this special grade. I'm planning on getting some, and will only be using it for lone chemicals.

Ok I just bought one. Im making a 100 gram batch of basic blackpowder. (75/15/10). Im using 40 nickles for media. Hope that grinds it down. Some of the charcoal is still not completely powdered but Im going to screen if afer so it doesnt matter. How long should I keep it running? 5 hours?