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Established in the year 2014, Sri Sivasakthi Engiineerings has created a dignified position in the market. We are a Partnership based firm. The company is located at Namakkal (Tamil Nadu). We are affianced in manufacturing and supplying a wide assortment of Grinder Machine, Extruder Machine and Plastic Pulverizer Machine. Additionally, we also provide PVC Pipe Die Work and Extruder Machine Maintenance Service to our customers.

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Are you looking forward to DIY wood lathe plans or coming up with an idea to buy an affordable CNC wood lathe for wood cylinder, wood balusters, stair spindles, roman columns, baseball bats, wood bowls, wood cups, wood vases, table legs, chair legs, sofa legs, ottoman legs, furniture legs, beads, barrels, buddha heads, gourd pendants, wood pens, other wood arts and wood crafts in USA, UK, UAE, Canada, Australia, Russia, South Africa, China, India or other countries from Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Africa, and Oceania? Review the 2021 best CNC wood turning lathe machine buyer's guide for woodturners, wood fabricators, woodworkers, CNC lathe machinists, operators and beginners, we'll offer you 2021 cheapest CNC lathe machines with custom CNC wood lathe service to fit your woodturning projects, ideas and plans.

Lathe is a type of machine tool for wood and metal, which fixes the workpiece on the main shaft and rotates at high speed to process the cutting tool in the feed motion. A lathe is a power tool that is driven by an electric motor to rotate the spindle through a belt and gear transmission system, which drives the workpiece on the spindle chuck to rotate, and then uses the turning tool fixed on the tool post to perform turning. The main workpiece is round rods. The cutting work includes turning end face, inner and outer diameter, arc, taper, drilling, boring, eccentricity, embossing, cutting, grooving, turning thread. Most lathes are equipped with a variety of special tools, which can complete internal and external machining, drilling, threading, cutting grooves, end face machining, turning external circles, drilling center holes, turning holes, reaming, turning tapers, turning forming surfaces, knurling, coiled springs and more processing procedures. There are two common types of lathes: metal lathes and wood lathes. Metal lathe is a machine tool that uses turning, cutting, grinding or special machining methods to process various metal workpieces to obtain the required geometric shape, dimensional accuracy and surface quality. Metal lathes are the most widely used and most numerous machine tool category. There are many classification methods for metal lathes, and the most commonly used classification method is to classify according to the processing nature of the lathe and the tools used. In addition, it can be classified according to the degree of versatility of the lathe, the working accuracy of the machine tool, weight and size, the number of main organs of the machine tool, and the degree of automation. The asset scale of the metal lathe industry ranks first among all sub-sectors of machine tools, which is much higher than that of other sub-sectors. For wood lathes, please refer to the following introduction.

Wood lathe is a type of woodturning machine tool that rotates the workpiece on its axis to perform various operations, including turning, cutting, sanding, broaching, carving, knurling, drilling, deformation or facing with cutters that are applied to the workpiece to create an object with symmetry about an axis of rotation. Wood lathe is a type of popular woodworking tool. There are two common types of power wood turning lathe machines: fully automatic CNC wood lathe and semi-automatic wood lathe. Automatic wood lathe is refer to a type of power woodworking tool with computer numerical controlled, all the work is automatic from the beginning to the end. Semi-automatic lathe machine is as same as fully automatic lathe machine but the feed work is finished by manually or by CNC machinist.

A woodworking lathe consists of a bed, a tailstock installed at the end of the guide rail of the bed, a tool holder installed at the middle of the guide rail of the bed, a headstock installed at the head of the bed, a main shaft installed on the headstock, and the chuck on it, the motor installed on the headstock, and the variable speed transmission device installed on the motor shaft and the main shaft and the headstock box are characterized in that the variable speed transmission device is composed of a slave fixed on the end of the main shaft The fixed half-wheel of the variable speed triangle belt wheel, the movable half-wheel of the driven variable speed triangle belt wheel fitted on the main shaft and inserted into the fixed half-wheel, and the push-pull arm mounted on the end of the movable half-wheel with bearings are installed on the compression spring between the push-pull arm and the headstock, the rack fixed on the push-pull arm parallel to the main shaft and sliding in the hole of the headstock, the end of the gear meshing with the rack passes through the gear shaft of the headstock, to the small shaft is installed in an open groove at the end of the gear shaft and has an eccentric wheel with a handle, a movable half wheel and a fixed half wheel of an active variable-speed V-belt wheel mounted on the motor shaft or its connecting shaft, and is mounted on the movable half. The compression spring and the safety between the wheel and the motor shaft or the retaining ring at the end of the connecting shaft V-belt in the belt driving and driven gear wheels formed. A wood lathe is also known as wood turning machine, wood lathe machine, wood turning lathe, wood turning tool, woodworking lathe machine, woodturning lathe machine, lathe machine for wood.

CNC wood lathe is a type of woodworking machine tool with Computer Numerical Controlled system for rough and fine turning of outer circle, inner hole, end face, tapered surface, grooving, and cutting to realize fully automated operation for one-time finished wood projects making. A CNC wood lathe will complete the manufacturing process of a piece of wood without human intervention according to the CNC programming. After the program instructions are input into the memory of the CNC control system, they are compiled and calculated by the computer, and the information is transmitted to the driver to drive the motor through the CNC controller to turn the designed files. A CNC wood lathe is also known as computer numerical controlled wood lathe, computer-controlled wood lathe, C and C wood lathe, CNC woodworking lathe, CNC wood turning tool, CNC wood turning lathe, CNC wood turning lathe machine, CNC wood lathe machine, CNC lathe machine for wood.

Semi automatic wood lathes are mainly designed for craftsman and hobbyists. Fully automatic wood lathes are widely used in industrial manufacturing applications, school education, small businesses, home business, small shop, home shop. Woodworking lathes are mainly used for cylindrical workpiece, bowl sharp, tubular sharp, baseball bats, stair spindles, wood balusters, roman columns, wood cups, wood bowls, wood vases, table legs, sofa legs, chair legs, ottoman legs, furniture legs, barrels, beads, gourd pendants, buddha heads, wood pens, other wood crafts and wood arts. You may call it as wood cylinder turning lathe, stair spindles turning lathe, wood balusters turning lathe, wood columns turning lathe, wood bowls turning lathe, wood crafts turning lathe, wood vases turning lathe, table legs turning lathe, baseball bats turning lathe.

CNC wood turning is a form of CNC woodworking that is used to create wooden objects with wood lathe tools. CNC wood turning is different from most other forms of CNC woodworking in that the wood is moving while a stationary wood lathe tool is used to cut and shape it. Many intricate shapes and designs can be made by CNC lathe machines.

In the process of numerical control turning, the numerical control device is a special CNC system that controls the numerical control woodworking lathe and completes the automatic machining of the parts. It receives digital parts patterns, process requirements and other information, and performs interpolation operations according to a certain mathematical model. As a result, the speed and position of each movement coordinate of the lathe are controlled in real time to complete the machining of the parts.

Step 1. When turning a workpiece on a CNC lathe machine, first of all, according to the pattern and process plan of the processed parts, write a program list in the format specified by the CNC system used, and record it on the program carrier.

Step 4. According to the signal sent by the CNC device, the servo system drives the moving parts of the CNC lathe machine through the servo actuator through the transmission device, so that the lathe works in accordance with the prescribed action sequence, speed and displacement, so as to produce the parts in accordance with the drawing.

If you have an idea to buy a cheap wood turning lathe machine, you may wonder how much does the best wood lathe cost? how to get a fair price or final price? The wood turning lathe machine cost all depends on the machine configurations, inlcuding axis, spindles, blades, cutters, power supply, control system, driving system, other hardwares and softwares. The final price range of CNC wood turning lathe machine is from $2800.00 to $11180.00. If you want to buy overseas, the final price need to add the fee of tax, customs clearance and shipping costs.

Centre wood lathe machine is the most common type of lathe. The old transmission of centre lathes was driven by a belt-conducted tower wheel, but now, it has been changed to a gearbox transmission. The advantage of the gearbox is that it can accurately control the speed of the spindle without excessively high spindle speed, belt friction, or slippage. Because the spindle is placed horizontally, it is also known as a horizontal lathe machine. If the bed surface is notched, it is a Gap lathe.

Benchtop wood lathe machines are also known as desktop lathes. Their type and structure are similar to centre lathes. They are usually installed on a work table and get their name. They are suitable for the production of precision measuring tools, instruments and small parts.

The main shaft of the vertical wood lathe is installed vertically, the bed is horizontal, and the workpiece is placed on the rotatable bed. It is especially suitable for turning large diameter but short length workpieces.

Turret wood lathe machines are also known as hexagonal lathes, which are designed to replace the tailstock of ordinary lathes with a hexagonal rotating turret. Especially suitable for processing a large number of workpieces in a variety of processing procedures (such as drilling, reaming, boring), and suitable for mass production.

The automatic wood lathe machine can automatically turn the workpiece according to the processing order. After the turning is completed, it will automatically retract the tool, feed the material, and perform the turning of the next finished product, which is suitable for mass production of smaller diameter workpieces.

The copying wood lathe machine is also known as profiling lathe or imitation turning lathe, which uses the stylus to move in accordance with the shape of the model or template, and the wood lathe tool also moves the turning work accordingly, so it can turn the workpiece exactly as the model.

The full name is "Computerized Numerical Controlled Wood Lathe Machine", or "CNC Wood Lathe Machine" for short. The advantage is that it is suitable for processing workpieces with large quantities, complex designs and high precision requirements.

The headstock, also known as the main spindle, is located on the left side of the lathe. It consists of a transmission mechanism (belt-conducted tower wheel transmission, gear transmission, etc.) and a hollow spindle with Morse taper. The rear part of the main shaft is equipped with a gear, which is connected with the tower wheel or gear of the transmission mechanism to drive the main shaft to run. The front part of the spindle can be equipped with chuck, face plate and other fixtures to clamp the workpiece. (The advantage of the hollow spindle is that it reduces the weight of the spindle and can hold long workpieces. It can also be used with cutting tools to realize automatic loading and unloading.)

The main motor drives the main shaft to rotate through the transmission chain including the intermediate gear rod and the spindle high and low speed conversion rod. The main shaft drives the Ball Screw or Feed Rod under the control of the tumbler gear and the gearbox to realize the linkage between the main shaft rotation and the feed of the tool post.

The lead screw is used for thread turning. The rotation of the main shaft drives the lead screw through the set of gear transmission pairs in the gearbox to drive the screw at a determined speed ratio. A nut that is cut in half is installed in the tool post, which can be fastened on the thread of the screw when closed, and then drives the tool post to move at a certain speed (one revolution of the spindle, how long the tool post moves) to cut the thread .

Smooth bars are used for turning smooth outer surfaces (or knurling). A keyway is cut on it, and a sliding gear in the tool holder is sleeved on the light bar to receive the movement. At this time, the knife is moved by a rack mounted under the bed. The difference with the lead screw is that the speed ratio of the main shaft and the smooth rod is not fixed, and the transmission chain of the fast feed motor can be connected through the clutch, so that the smooth rod rotates quickly to drive the tool post to quickly approach the workpiece and save processing time.

The tool post movement switch is a four-to-five-position (that can be moved on a cross-shaped track) handle. It can be moved up and down to change the rotation direction of the light bar. The middle position cuts off the transmission chain from the spindle, stops the rotation of the light bar and prevents Movement interference, and then pull left and right to turn on the fast feed motor to implement fast feed. There are also lathes, the handle can only be moved up and down (two directions and three positions), and the fast tool is a separate handle installed on the carriage box.

If the built-in gear of the gearbox cannot meet the processing requirements, you can open the cover of the change gear cover, hang a gear with a specific number of teeth on the shaft, and move the handle to select the change gear to move according to the set transmission ratio of the change gear. Knife.

The bed is a large basic part of the lathe, which is made of cast iron that has undergone quaternization. There are two high-precision V-shaped guide rails and rectangular guide rails, the guide rails are generally made by high-frequency hardening treatment. The guide rail is divided into two parts to guide the carriage and tail stock to move. A lead screw is installed under the bed. The screw will match the rotation speed of the main shaft and can cooperate with the automatic feed mechanism of the tool seat to perform threading and workpiece knurling (or embossing).

The slide box is framed on the bed, and the hanging part on the side is equipped with a transmission mechanism to receive movement from the lead screw and the smooth rod, and drive the tool holder mounted above to cut.

The carriage includes a compound carriage and an automatic feed mechanism. The compound carriage can operate horizontal and longitudinal feed. (The transverse feed direction mentioned here is kept perpendicular to the bed, and the longitudinal feed direction is parallel to the bed, that is, from the perspective of the spindle rather than the operator.) Generally speaking, the longitudinal feed of the lathe is carried by the slide plate. The large hand wheel (feed hand wheel) on the box is operated and the horizontal feed is operated by the hand wheel on the tool holder. The principle of automatic feed mechanism for threading and workpiece hobbing is to use the workpiece on the lathe to run at a constant speed, and the tool in the carriage is used for turning at a constant speed and linear movement.

A wood turning tool is clamped on the square tool holder. This part of some lathes can hold four turning tools at the same time, and one turning tool is selected for processing with a handle that rotates 90 each time, saving the trouble of frequent tool changes.

When the thread/smooth surface cutting control rod is turned to the thread position, the two half nuts in the slide box are buckled on the lead screw, and the transmission chain from the sliding gear on the smooth rod to the rack of the bed is disconnected, and the tool rest is The lead screw drives the thread turning; on the contrary, the smooth screw cooperates with the bed rack to drive the outer circle cutting.

The vertical and horizontal feed control lever controls whether the upper seat of the compound tool post or the horizontal sliding plate is linked with the light bar, that is, whether the wood lathe tool feeds automatically.

The tailstock is located on the right side of the bed. The shaft hole of the tailstock has a morse taper, which can be equipped with drills, reaming cutters and screw taps for inner hole processing. You can also move the tailstock on the guide rail according to the length of the workpiece; at this time, the tailstock can be equipped with the top center to bear the workpiece clamped by the chuck to prevent the workpiece clamped by the chuck from being too long and difficult to clamp .

The face plate is a basic fixture accessory of a lathe, used for wood or metal lathes. It is a round metal (usually cast iron) plate. There are many radial or irregular parallel slender grooves on the face plate, which are used for boring and drilling of larger or irregularly shaped work objects, and work objects that cannot be clamped by other methods.

The high-efficiency and functional "CNC wood lathe" is developed through CNC technology and other mechanical technologies. It can process complex rotary wood products or semi-finished wood products. It is a special woodworking machine tool developed in accordance with the requirements and the characteristics of the woodworking industry, and the combination of woodworking operation habits. Through CNC technology to control mechanical actions, it is possible to process complex shapes of rotary wood projects or semi-finished wood projects such as cylinders, cones, curved surfaces, and spheres. It is especially suitable for the mass production of small and medium-sized woodworking enterprises. The shape can be flexibly set at any time and the processing style can be quickly changed.

5. The learning time is short, 30 minutes to understand the programming method, 30 minutes to understand the operation process, 30 minutes to understand the equipment maintenance method, and one week can achieve proficient operation;

8. The spindle speed is high, and the workpiece clamping is safe and reliable. Most CNC lathes use hydraulic chucks, which are convenient and reliable to adjust the clamping force, and at the same time reduce the labor intensity of the operators;

9. All CNC lathe machines with automatic tool changer adopt an automatic rotary tool post, which can automatically change the wood lathe tool during the machining process to continuously complete the processing of multiple procedures;

10. The main drive and feed drive of CNC lathe machine adopt independent servo motors to make the transmission chain simple and reliable. At the same time, each motor can move independently or realize multi-axis linkage.

Mini benchtop wood lathe is an entry level lathe machine on desktop or table top for beginners with craftsman hobbyists to make small wood arts and crafts turning works, such as wood beads, wood bowls, wood cups, wood pens, buddha heads, etc. Now the best bench-top wood lathe for sale at low price.

Small wood lathe for beginners is a type of hobby CNC woodworking tool with wood turning blades instead of handheld wood turning tools for wood balusters, stair spindles, baseball bats, roman columns, wood bowls, wood vases, wood cups, table legs, sofa legs, chair legs, ottoman legs, barrels, beads, gourd pendants, buddha heads, wood arts and wood crafts. The small wood lathe with CNC controller is mainly used for craftsman, school education, hobbyists, small business, small shop, home business and home shop.

2021 best CNC wood turning lathe machine is a used for bowl sharps, vases, goblets, cups, mugs, table legs, baseball bats, wood crafts and various cylindrical woodturning projects. Now the best wood lathe for sale at an affordable price.

New design automatic CNC wood lathe machine is equipped with double axis for turning staircases, stairway balusters, stairway newel posts, table legs, chair legs, bed rails, baseball bats, etc. Now the wood lathe for sale at low price.

Automatic feeding CNC lathe machine is suitable for mass production with the same wood turning designs, the CNC lathe machine can automatic loading raw timber, automatic centering, automatic turning according to the CNC program, saving time and labor to improve the working efficiency.

Double axis automatic CNC wood lathe is designed for cylindrical workpiece, tubular sharp and vehicle wood crafts such as baseball bats, pillar, staircase columns, roman columns, general columns, table legs, chair legs, etc.

4 axis CNC wood lathe is not only used for 3D turning and broaching, but also used for 3D carving and cutting patterns with the additional spindle, now the best 4 axis CNC wood lathe for sale at affordable price.

3 axis wood lathe machine with three turning axis, which can turn 3 pieces wood columns with maximum 120mm diameter and 1500mm length at the same time. The 3 axis wood turning lathe machine processing length can be customized to 2000mm, 2500mm or 3000mm.

ATC CNC wood lathe adopts automatic tool changer system and 4th axis, the 4 axis ATC CNC wood lathe is widely used for 3D turning and carving roman columns, table legs, sofa feet, baseball bats, wood bowls, vases, etc.

Hobby wood lathe machine for custom woodworking with CNC controller, single spindle and double cutters is designed for craftsman, small business or industrial production, the hobby CNC wood lathe machine is mainly used for turning the complex shape of wood cylinders or semi-finished wood products.

Industrial wood turning lathe machine with CNC controller is designed for table legs, stair balusters, stair spindles, staircase columns, roman columns, bowl sharps, tubular sharps, vehicle wood crafts, general columns, baseball bats, sofa legs or chair legs.

Affordable wood CNC lathe machine is used for turning complex shape of rotary or semi-finished wood products, such as staircase column, cylindrical, conical, curved, spherical, etc. Now the CNC wood lathe machine for sale at affordable price.

Multi-function CNC wood lathe is equipped with three independently controlled cutting tools, the first turning blade for roughing the square wood to be shapes designed, the second milling tool for twisting or fluting, the last one producing one-off bespoke turnings. A sanding head with narrow belt for sanding turned or straight profiles is optional.

STL0810-2 small wood lathe is one new designed mini wood lathe with CNC system for customers with limited space in workshop, it features all the functions for wood turning of stair handrail, vase, bowl, baseball bats, wood crafts, etc.

Looking for a power lathe machine for rolling pins making to roll out pasta, cookie, and pizza dough for your baking plans or cake decorating? Review the rolling pins making machine for turning, sanding, broaching, knurling, facing, or carving wooden rolling pins plans & projects.

Hobby CNC wood lathe is used for various cylindrical workpiece, bowl sharp, tubular sharp and vehicle wood crafts, such as various staircase column, roman column, general column, tables or chairs legs, washstand, wooden vase, etc.

Wood handrails, wood staircase pillars, wood staircase railings, wood stair columns, wood stairs turning projects by CNC wood lathe machines from STYLECNC, including STL1530, STL1516-2 and STL1530-S with spindle for carving as option.

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Available in a wide variety of tooling options. These grinding machines are built for high production but also come in styles perfect for quick part change overs. The flexibility allows for this one machine to be your solution to grinding an array of different part sizes. A horizontal double disc grinder can also be set up for grinding step or non-coplanar parts!

A perfect grinding solution for thin parts, gravity works with you to obtain your finish grind requirements. These machines are typically built with rotary style tooling. Quick unload can be accomplished with gravity unload from the rotary carrier.

Spindle Upgrade and New Control System Did you know that C & B Machinery has the ultimate retrofitpackages for your Besly DH6 Double Disc and Besly V-Series VerticalDisc Grinding Machines that can be installedon your plant floor with minimal...

Company Description: C & B Machinery was established in 1982 and since 1990 has focused mainly on new and re-engineered/re-tooled face grinding machinery. C & B Machinery is a premier U.S. designer and manufacturer of high-precision production grinding...

On August 17, 2020, Orbitform, along with their group of investors, acquired C & B Machinery. C & B Machinery will stay a separate entity with its own staff and facility with additional backing by the skilled manufacturing team at Oritform. Orbitform looks...

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Specification KAPP 2003 Model : RS2003 Qty : 1 Manufacturer : KAPP Year : 1972 State : Excellent Status : Visible Dimensions : Weight 8500 Kg Manual : yes Description : Distance between Broach holding ce...

Specification Model : RS1203 Qty : 1 Manufacturer : KAPP Year : 1972 State : Excellent Status : Visible Dimensions : Weight 6900 Kg Manual : yes Description : Distance between Broach holding centers 2000 ...

Specification Diameter Ground : 3 to 16 mm Length to be ground : 32mm to 150mm Width of Grinding Wheel : 12 to 40mm Grinding Speed : 30 metre/sec Total Power Required : 14KW ( Including spindle motor, hydraulic, ...

Specification Maximum length between centres 1890 mm Maximum length ground 1750 mm Maximum table traverse 2130 mm Work centre height from table top 175 mm Vertical traverse of wheel head 200 mm Spindle axis to wo...

Specification Swing 1,000 mm Centers 5,000 mm Weight Between Centers 9,000 kg Crowning (Yes/No) Yes Weight 48000 kg Grinding diameter: 1000 mm Centre distance: 5000 mm Max. workpiece weight between centres: 9000 ...

Specification MATRIX Model S10 x 1830 BROACH GRINDING MACHINE, Max length admitted between centres...... 1830 mm Max diameter admitted........ 254 mm Max diameter ground...... 152 mm Component root diameter serra...

Specification Work produced has twice the pitch of the leader bar and nut Maximum Diamter of Thread Recommended..... 2 in. (50 nun) Maximum Length of Thread capable of being Ground at One Setting. in. (100 mm Max...

Specification Work produced has twice the pitch of the leader bar and nut Maximum Diamter of Thread Recommended..... 2 in. (50 nun) Maximum Length of Thread capable of being Ground at One Setting. in. (100 mm Max...

Specification Swing over bed 610 mm. Swing in gap 762 mm. Max length of work-piece 1220 mm. with Internal grinding head & 24 Inch quill. Overhead swing down crush dresser. 3-point steady. 3 jaw chuck. Guards. Coo...

Specification Used heavy duty thread/worm Grinder,Maximum Diameter 355, 1066 mm between Centres.totally enclosed machine guarding. Hydraulic Power pack for automatic infeed.Diamond wheel dresser unit B00810. Full...

Specification Used heavy duty thread/worm Grinder,Maximum Diameter 355, 1066 mm between Centres.totally enclosed machine guarding. Hydraulic Power pack for automatic infeed.Diamond wheel dresser unit B00810. Full...