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the 10 best clothes dryers of 2021

Pairing your washing machine with an effective dryer is an absolute must. Your clean clothes aren't ready to wear without this large applianceor at least not in a timely manner. Luckily, there's a variety of clothes dryers that can gently tackle everything from your delicates, to your bath towels, and sneakers.

Thanks to modern technology, most of these machines can also dry your clothes in a way that minimizes wrinkles, saves energy, and keeps lint at bay. They come in both gas and electric models. Most full-sized dryers have a capacity around 7.0 cubic feet that can hold your weekly load of whites, unless you opt for a larger capacity model.

The roomy and practical Maytag MED5630HW is a top option for a dryer. This model gives you 7.3 cubic feet of space, and is up to the challenge of thoroughly drying loads large and small, and doing so without creating a ton of extra noise. Its equipped with advanced moisture sensing to ensure that each load is dry without wasting excess energy on a cycle. In addition, a wrinkle prevent setting can continue to tumble the load for up to 150 minutes after it's completed, to minimize ironing time on items like shirts or pants.

Now, this model might not have a steam function or reversible door, but it does have an extra power button and quick dry setting that you'll likely appreciate. Both of these options boost the power of the machine and ensure that laundry day doesn't drag on. You can also opt to purchase a pedestal or stacking kit separately, to give your laundry room some extra storage and floor space. All in all, at a decent price, this Maytag dryer covers the basics and then some, making it our best overall pick.

The Amana NED4655EW marries a good price point with valuable features. This budget clothes dryer isnt the fanciest model on the market, but includes settings that make it easy and efficient to dry your laundry.

The 6.5-cubic-foot drum isnt the largest capacity dryer on the market, but offers plenty of room for average-sized loads. In addition, an auto-dry sensor ensures each cycle only lasts as long as necessary to get your clothes dry. Plus, there's an optional wrinkle prevention setting, which will save you time with your ironing board, and make sure your shirts and pants are ready-to-wear upon coming out of the dryer.

If youre in the market for an electric dryer, remember that youll need a 220/240V outlet to plug your machine in to. Electric dryers require extra voltage to generate heat, along with power the controls and turn the drum. Many spaces and laundry rooms are already equipped for an electric dryer, so you may have no issues with installing this eye-catching model that offers easy loading, a range of cycles, and quiet operation.

Most notably, the LG DLE7300WE has a dual-opening door that can be opened hamper-style or to the side, depending on your preference or the configuration of your washing machine. Some people like opening it hamper style to prevent any clothes from falling on the floor, or to use it as a place to quickly fold a small load of clothes. In addition, the eight drying cycles and options are easy to use, and a FlowSense Duct Clogging indicator helps to ensure that lint doesnt linger in your vent system and impair dryer performance.

The LG Electronics DLGX4001W will check off many of your boxes, if you're not only looking for a gas dryer, but also one that's very functional. This appliance is stackable, equipped with a steam function, and can be controlled by other smart devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Not to mention, its drum has a total of 7.4 cubic feet of space, meaning it can handle a ton of clothes, sheets, or towels at once.

Of course, there's always a learning curve with laundry, as you may ask yourself regularly what setting your load should go on. This machine eliminates all of that guesswork, by using AI technology to select the appropriate settings. On its own, it'll select the best drying motions and temperature for the type of fabric in a load, assuming you pick the "sensor dry" setting. The model also features settings for bedding, delicates, and sanitizing. When a cycle is done, remove everything with ease, as it has a reversible door with a tempered glass window that won't easily get scratched.

By design, dryers require a fair bit of energy to operate. Between generating hot air, and tumbling a drum to take your clothes from drippy to dry, consuming a lot of energy is inevitable. But, you can offset some of the energy costs by choosing an energy-efficient dryer like the Electrolux EFME627UTT. This traditional vented clothes dryer will fit the needs of most households, despite using a heat pumpwhich sometimes gets a bad rap for not thoroughly drying clothes.

This dryer is part of a very energy-efficient washer and dryer duo and is Energy Star certified. This unit uses about 600 kWh, according to the Energy Star rating. Some of the features that will make a difference in your everyday routine include a 15-minute fast dry setting, that lets you dry smaller loads of clothes quickly and thoroughly without extended cycle times. In addition, an eco mode minimizes the energy consumption without sacrificing the dryers performance.

If youre tight on space, the LG WKEX200HBA is a great solution. It combines a washer and dryer into a single unit, and allows you to control both via a central control panel. Unlike other laundry centers, you'll notice the doors are both front-loading, which makes it easy to operate. In addition, the unit can be used alongside the LG ThinQ app, which helps you select cycles or save your very own presets.

When it comes to the dryer, you're certainly not limited on space. The stainless steel drum has 7.4 cubic feet of space, which is plenty for tumbling king-sized sheets or even a comforter. Now, if you do want to tumble a bulkier item, be prepared to run a quick touch-up cycle to tackle any damp spots. If you leave a freshly-dried load in the dryer for a bit, also be prepared to find your machine running again, as the dryer will occasionally re-tumble the clothes for up to three hours after the cycle has completed. This is how the machine prevents wrinkles from forming, while still offering a compact build that's great for small laundry rooms or closets.

The stackable Samsung DVE45R6100P doesnt skimp on features, functionality, or style. While you can position it next to your existing washing machine, it's also able to stack on top of its matching washerthe Samsung WF45R6100AP. It has the option to be put on a matching pedestal, for easy access to the 7.5-cubic-foot drum. You can make use of its reversible door too, which can swing open toward your washer or away from it, depending on the layout of your home and what's a more convenient system for you.

This model has many thoughtful amenities like that, that take it to the next level. For example, there's a steam function that'll rid your clothes of any wrinkles, as well as a lint indicator so you know when to clean the tray. It's able to dry a load of clothes to completion the first time around, meaning you won't need to run a touch-up cycle even when dealing with hard-to-wash items, such as pillows and stuffed animals. The very quiet operation of this appliance may make you forget it's running at times. However, quirky music will play when it's done and ready to be unloaded.

For a supersized dryer, look no further than the Whirlpool WED8120HW. With one look inside the drum, you will instantly feel confident that there are very few loads this dryer cant handle. This model has a total of 8.8 cubic feet of space for towels, blankets, clothes, and comforters. But, notably, it also has three sensors that ensure your clothes are dried properly. They recognize the amount of moisture in your load, and adjust how long the cycle lasts accordingly.

In addition, this model is able to turn into a smart model with a connected app subscription. You can run the sanitize cycle to eliminate a majority of common bacteria from your clean clothes, and steam cycle to tackle wrinkles right from the get-go. Finally, this model features a reversible door and interior light so you can get to your clothes with total ease.

Get a helping hand with your laundry when you choose a smart clothes dryer. The GE GFD85ESPNDG is part of a smart duo, but brings its intelligent features to any laundry set-up. It works with Amazon Alexa as well as Google Assistant, and a smartphone app that allows you to monitor cycles wherever you are.

Although this model can be noisy at times, it also has a reversible door, 7.8-cubic-foot drum, and stackable design to make your laundry experience as streamlined as possible. Along with a stacking kit, you can pair it with its matching washer. You can also make use of its steam function and sanitize setting to tackle both wrinkles and bacteria in your clothes. Are you typically in a rush? Run a quick dry cycle to have your clean clothes in under 23 minutes. It's that easy.

For a portable dryer that delivers plenty of heat no matter where you are, the GE DSKP333ECWW is the best option. This model is designed with saving space in mind. The 3.6-cubic-foot dryer is mounted on caster wheels, which makes it easy to roll in and out of closets, or from one room to another.

While its only able to dry about half of a regular-sized load, it does so thoroughly and conveniently. It channels the hot air through the rear of the drum and out the exhaust pipe in the front, ensuring that the air passes through the clothes inside. This makes a big difference in the efficiency of this portable dryerespecially if you compare it to others on the market. Whether you're installing it in a RV or an apartment, you'll likely think that it's a gem. Just be sure to plug it into a standard 120V outlet. The model is very quiet, so you dont need to worry about finding an out-of-the-way place to hide the machine.

Those who are looking to make laundry day easier and more efficient can't go wrong with our overall pick, the Maytag MED5630HW (view at Home Depot). It's easy to use, and features advanced moisture sensing and an extra power button. If you're hoping to spend less, the Amana NED4655EW (view at Walmart) is a quality pick, too. It doesn't have the bells and whistles of other models, including a large capacity drum, but will certainly get the job done.

Clothes dryers are either powered by electricity or gas. The best option for your household depends on your budget, and where you're installing the appliance. Depending on the brand, a gas dryer can cost a bit more than an electric one, especially since it requires a professional installation. However, the perk of spending more upfront is that your machine will be more gentle on your clothes, and be more cost-efficient to run, making it a great option for large households. In comparison, an electric dryer is easier to install and costs a bit less upfront, but does require a 240-volt outlet.

The capacity of a clothes dryer is measured in cubic feet, and determines how much laundry you're able to dry at one time. Capacity can range anywhere from 3.0 cubic feet in portable units, to nearly 9.0 cubic feet in high-capacity ones. The average capacity of a clothes dryer is 7.3 cubic feet, which can comfortably hold a king-sized comforter, in addition to some sheets. When thinking about what capacity works best for you, consider the size of your washer. A full load in a 5.2-cubic-foot washer can easily fit into a 7.3-cubic-foot dryer, and won't come out damp.

Like washers, clothes dryers can have a steam function that helps to reduce wrinkles and sanitize your clothes. In models with this function, steam is released into the drum during the cycle, adding moisture into the fabrics. Although this function adds moisture, it doesn't delay the drying process, and ultimately leaves your clothes feeling fresher. A steam function is usually found in more pricey models, but can be helpful if you want to quickly freshen clothes without running an entire cycle.

A dual-opening door gives you the option to access your dryer two different ways: opening the door hamper-style, or swinging the door to the side. This feature is particularly handy if you dont have a matching washer and dryer set, or have an unconventional laundry room and need your machine to be flexible. Now, this type of door shouldnt be confused with a reversible one, which can be installed to be either left or right opening.

Tempered glass keeps the door of your front-loading washer or dryer from getting scratches or dents. Therefore, this high-end material is great for homes with children, or laundry machines located in a mudroom or closet. Although youll still want to be careful to not chip the paint of your machine, bumping a laundry basket into one of these doors wont create noticeable wear and tear.

On the most basic level, a clothes dryer uses a combination of drum motions and air flow to dry your clothes and prepare them to be worn. Now, how air is circulated depends on if your model is ventless or vented. If your model is vented, then it continuously sources air from outside the machine, pulls it in, and uses either electric coils or gas to heat it. In contrast, if your model is ventless, then it'll pull in the air, heat it, and bring that same air through a heat exchanger to be used again. For more, you can check out our full guide on how a clothes dryer works.

How hot a clothes dryer can get depends on its power source. Typically, an electric clothes dryer will not get as hot as a gas clothes dryer. This type of appliance will take longer to heat up, too, because the electricity has to heat coils that'll heat the air. In addition, the setting you select affects how hot your dryer can get. On high heat, a dryer can reach around 135 degrees Fahrenheit, and on low heat, this number decreases to around 125 degrees Fahrenheit.

To clean a clothes dryer, you'll need rubber gloves, a glass jar, 1/4 cup of chlorine bleach, and water. To start, pull out the lint screen and throw away any lint that's attached. This should be done regularly, so your machine isn't at risk for starting a fire. Then, mix the bleach with one quart of water in the jar. Use a small towel to spread the mixture around the drum and interior of the door. To finish, run the clothes dryer on high heat, making sure to place a couple old towels inside so it's not empty. For more, see our full guide on how to sanitize and disinfect a washer and dryer, as well as how to clean vent ducts.

Like a washer, a clothes dryer should last at least 10 years. You can extend your appliance's lifespan by properly maintaining and cleaning it. Before running a load, remove any lint from the lint screen so the appliance can circulate air easily. Every few months, take time to clean the vent ducts and sanitize the drum, too. In addition, make sure to perform any needed repairs right away, especially if your dryer has gone through flooding. For more, see our guide on how often you should clean your home appliances.

The amount of watts, or energy, your clothes dryer uses can range from 2,000 to 6,000 watts. If you purchase an Energy Star rated model, your dryer will use an average of 3,500 watts. Many factors go into this measurement, including the power source your dryer requires, the capacity of your machine, and whether it's vented or ventless. To find how many watts your clothes dryer uses, check your user manual. Then, check out our guide on how to calculate the cost of running your dryer to see how that number translates in your bills.

This article was edited and updated by Marisa Casciano, who is the large appliance expert for The Spruce. Throughout her career, she's researched the ins and outs of air purifiers, dishwashers, cooktops, and more in the home and lifestyle space. As someone who's always on-the-go, she knows the hassle of a weak and unreliable clothes dryer that always requires a touch-up cycle.

how to store home appliances: tips from the home depot | extra space storage

I recently bought a house from a nice man who, just after the settlement meeting concluded, confessed that the 15-year-old front-loading clothes washer in place under my kitchen counter didnt work. He wanted to replace it for me, but the model had been discontinued, and he couldnt find a new washer that would fit in the space. He kept coming by to drop off spec sheets for new machines that were close in size, but all were too tall and would require major surgery to install. I surfed Craigslist for a washer that would fit andmiracle of miraclesI found a listing for the exact make and model I needed, never used and still in the box.

The former owner of my house and I conjectured over the possibility of divine intervention. Why else would someone keep such a new machine in storage for so long? Did the Craigslist seller win the machine on a game show, then find they had no use for it? Or buy it for a home renovation project that never came to fruition? I suppose that there are lots of possible scenarios that couldve led to my lucky find, just as there are plenty of good reasons not to dispose of something valuable just because you cant use it at the moment.

The real question is: How do you prepare and store machines like my vintage washer to keep them in shape for when youor someone like mecan use them? The answer: It depends on what type of home appliance it is.

Depending on what youre planning to store, its important to follow the right steps so that your household appliances not only work when you take them out of storage, but that nothing will happen to them while they sit idle.

Most major household appliances are pretty sturdy and stand up well if theyre stored in a clean, dry place with a temperature range above freezing up to about 100 degrees Fahrenheit. This is to say that if youre storing machines in a location prone to extreme winter or summer weather, theyll be better off in aclimate-controlled space. Whether you opt for an ideal self storage facility or not, keep the following in mind when packing up and storing appliances for extended periods.

My Craigslist washer arrived in great shape after untold years in storage. The hoses and small parts were all included, wrapped in the manufacturers packaging, so I was able to install the machine in a matter of minutes. Then, I started it up for a test run. Everything seemed in working order until we got to the spin cycle, when my kitchen started shaking like the walls of Jericho. Before anything came tumbling down, I turned off the machine and searched frantically for the installation instructions, which, in my haste, Id discarded with the packing materials.

Right there at the top, it said: REMOVE THE PACKING BOLTS THAT IMMOBILIZE THE DRUM TO PROTECT IT FROM DAMAGE DURING TRANSPORT BEFORE OPERATING THE MACHINE. So I did, and Im relieved to tell you that the machine wasnt damaged in spite of my habit of only reading instructions as a last resort.

Id hoped I could use this someday to infuse my how-to writing with my extensive personal experienceso here it is. When you pack up major appliances for long-term storage, be sure to include the owners manual.

Michael Chotiner is an expert in home improvement who writes about DIY and appliances for The Home Depot. With a background as a cabinetmaker and general contractor, he has done many kitchen renovations that included appliances, such as refrigerators, ovens, and dishwashers. The Home Depots appliances, including thecomplete selection of dishwashers, can be found on theThe Home Depot.

what is the home depot appliance return policy in 2020? - homeaddons

When dealing with things in our home, its great to have piece of mind when trying out something new. This is why I love the Home Depot return policy; it gives me piece of mind something we all can appreciate when purchasing appliances.

If you are going to be bringing a fresh to look to your home, you should get to know the return policy in detail, to avoid any surprises. Here is the Home Depot appliance return policy in more detail

If you went to the store to purchase these appliances. Then the item will be delivered to your house. Upon delivery, the item should be inspected thoroughly. If you have noticed any defects the product will be issued, as refused delivery. You have 48 hours to issue the product as refused delivery. After that 48 hour period, you have no option to return it, even if you have proper receipts and documentation.

Home Depot return policy appliances is very easy and simple. These items include: Generators (other than Whole House and Stationary Generators) Gas Powered Equipment and Tractors Consumer Electronics (Televisions & Computers)

Simply return these items in-store to receive a refund. If you do not have the receipt, then present the card that you used to pay for the item. If you did not pay with a card or do not have the card, you may be able to present your id and they will trust you with a refund.

Finding a purchase within the system without a receipt is not a problem. As long as you purchased with a debit card, credit card or in-store credit card, you will be issued a receipt. Using an in-store credit card, your order can be reviewed back to 365 days. Using a debit or credit card, an order can be reviewed for the previous 90 days. Unfortunately, if you have a missing receipt for a purchase made with cash, you are out of luck. Purchases made with cash are not tracked within the system.

It is important to discern whether or not your item can be returned. You may have an appliance that is an exception to the rule and can be returned. One place to check is the Home Depot Online catalog. In the description of each product, there is an indication of Returnable or not. For example; in the case of this GE washer / dryer, this item cannot be returned after 48 hours. This is when you should also understand the Home Depot exchange policy, in case the model isnt quite right, then at least you can exchange it.

For your convenience, items purchased online can be returned to any of ourstores within 90 days of purchase, subject to the Return Exceptions listed belowIf your online purchase was made with a The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card, The Home Depot Commercial Revolving Charge, or The Home Depot Commercial Account, you have 365 days from date of purchase to return the items to any of our stores to receive a full refund. All existing Return Policy rules apply.

Simply contact customer support at, 1-800-HOME-DEPOT (1-800-466-3337). Tell the operator the details or your appliance as well as the condition of your item. Another option is to bring into the store. Often, appliances brought into the store will require a call to Home Depot headquarters. Its best to call Home Depot support line before going in.

It should be noted that returns are done on a case by case basis. One store may give you a return while one may not. There are hundreds of factors that go into returns. For this reason, I have included a number of complaints about Home Depots appliance return policy. Keep in mind that, every refund case is different.

According to Home Depot, if an item is purchased out of buyers remorse a restocking fee will be charged. An item being returned is that the product is subjected to a 15 to 20 percent restocking fee. Adding up to over 100 dollars in some cases, this can be a problem. Although the charge is deducted out of the refund money, it is still something to consider.

If you would like to return a product by shipping it back, you will not be compensated for shipping. You will only be compensated for the product. This is also on top of the fact that there is a restocking fee. The only time you will be compensated for shipping is if Home Depot commits an error.

There are many conflicting stories about the return policy. Even if your appliance does not meet the criteria to be returned, you may still have a chance. I recommend going through all the sources listed. Ask nicely and be persistent. You will be surprised how often a product is returned even though it shouldnt be.


I bought a washer from Home Depot and the installer guys did a clean cycle on the washer then left. As soon as they left, the washer started banging & jumping. I figured maybe theres no clothes in there so its doing that. The next day I had to go out of town so I didnt do any load. 2 days later I came home to use my washer for the first time. Its banging, rumbling, making so much noise like a jet engine or there a tornado in my laundry room. Its been 3 days so Home Depot wont exchange it. Now Im sitting on a pile of dirty clothes bc Im too scared to run the machine again

I bought a $660 Maytag bravos cmt he impeller washer on Aug. 15th, 2018 from Home Depot. After 2 weeks of following the instructions to calling Maytag, I realized no matter what setting I used, clothes came out dirty, dry in spots and smelly. I tried to return the washer within 2 weeks. The mgr. stated Id have to get proof from a Maytag repairman that the machine was defective before they could accept a return. A service call bill was $99 if they found no defect. Plus Id have to pay 15% restocking fee. I gladly paid that to get an agitator washer that actually cleans clothes.

On March 12th, 2020 I purchased a Maytag washer and dryer from Home Depot. Worse junk Ive every bought. The water level is a joke, the agitator barely turn but worst of all the salesman told me I had 30 days to return it if I was not satisfied, well I was not satisfied so I reached out to Home Depot and the manufacturer immediately . Neither one had a solution for me so look like Im stuck with a big mess.


I just buy a new Maytag jen 5 .2019 top lid I been have the worst experience ever the clothes the come out dirt e some spot looks like the not even be washed .the water control doesnt cover the close even so I put little I try to contact the company end home depot the tell Mi there is nothing there K doing

Purchase a Samsung refrigerator had it delivered to the house within two weeks it stopped working called Home Depot they gave us a number to an appliance place got a hold of them they said they have somebody come out and look at it another week went by called again they said they have somebody coming out to look at it another week went by somebody came to look at it two more weeks went by didnt hear anything called back again they said that the guys waiting on the parts another week went by the guy come out to fix it didnt have the right parts another weeks going by and the freaking refrigerator is still not fixed. Not happy at all my son purchased this for his new home and still no refrigerator! Will never buy another appliance from home depot!

You need to make a complaint to the state attorney cosumer protection agency very easy online to do after many complaint maybe enough to have a major class action suit. I see so many of these complaints of new appliances!!

Have the same issue but with Amana. Home Depot is going to lose a LOT of customers if they dont resolve some of these issues with garbage washers that dont even wash. They have lost me for sure!

Just purchased a Samsung range, within 24 hours of delivery I reported to samsung customer service that I had an error code and the oven didnt work, and I wanted to return the range. That is what the paperwork from home depot said to do. No help from them, called a second time, again no help. Went to home depot and they said because samsung didnt give a specific reference number, they wouldnt take it back. Meet with store manager, he was nice enough to say he would take it back, but I needed to get it repaired first. So, after another week, repairman comes, will be back a week later, says he has to put $700 worth of parts in the range (plus his time for two visits). Waiting on him to return. In conclusion, paid $1900 for range that needed repairs, will have no often in our house for three weeks, still hoping the store manager will keep his promise to take back the appliance. Tube moral, make sure you get a reference number from Samsung and, call home depot within 48 hours, or you may get stuck with something you dont want. A big, big hassle for our household.

Purchased a refrigerated from Home Depo. It was not what I. could use due to arthritis went back to home depot talked to store manager I wanted to exchange for a side by side and pay the difference but they would not take back the refrigerator. Poor policy for refrigeratores at Home Depot.

I Purchased a Sharpe Microwave oven from Home Depot online on 5/31/2019. I had it installed by calling the apartment manager who sent a workman to remove it from the box and connect it. To get rid of the old one I asked him to put it in the box and take it away. My assumption was that the new unit would be operable. When I came back and turned it on, I found that it was defective. I called Home Depot who sent me around a loop and then connected me to Sharpe. They offered to replace it if I sent the serial number to them. I found that it was unremovable. I suggested that I send it out for a repair on warranty. They stated that it was an exclusive item and could not be repaired. Upon hearing this, it was time for me to return it to Home Depot for a refund and to select a different unit. Since I am old and decrepit, I cannot lift or carry the item. Therefore, it would make sense to have it picked up and returned without a box. Please let me know if this is possible.

Purchased a Whirlpool refrigerator for a remodel. After 2 weeks when I plugged it in, it did not work. NO RETURNS for any reason is ridiculous. Lowes has a 30 day return policy. I wont give my business to Home Depot anymore.

I was not aware of Home Depots return policy on refrigerators when I purchased it online. It was too small and I would like to return it and exchange it for a better fit, but they wont. Wish I had bought it at Lowes now! They have a 30 day return policy.

Surprisingly Home Depot staff never tell you that their return on product that is too loud, too big or other issues for major appliances is only 48 hours. When you work you might not get to see the problems until days after delivery. I just learned this. Our energy efficient freezer is making our light bill higher. It also is too loud. Runs constantly. I will never buy a major appliance through them again. Stick with local vendors. A little extra cost is worth it.

Were trying to return a glasstop stove to Home Depot because they did not inform us that you could not use cast iron or ceramic cookware on it. We told the saleslady that we only used cast iron crickets from her. No signs in the appliance department to explain the manufacturer recommendations either. And the saleslady did not mention the return policy either. If she had, we would have never made the purchase. We found out about the manufacturers recommendations concerning the use of the glasstops after taking the stove out of the box! Manager at the Home Depot in Kingman, AZ said that they are not responsible for educating their salespeople. Stove is sitting in our living room unused and it has been less than 24 hours. They are stalling us and playing ping pong between Home Depot and GE. Were turning in a dispute to our credit card company and considering a smalls claims suit (all within their 48 hour return period!) Moral, dont shop at Home Depot for big ticket items.

Incorrect! I purchased a stove, it was delivered today. My husband expressed to the driver it looked like a cheap piece of crap. Driver said no worries, you have 3 days to file for a return, so he waiting for me to come home from work. I came home and said no. Called Home Depot and asked if we could drive it back to the store ourselves. The answer is NO. Appliances are not returnable for Buyers Remorse and had to be refused at delivery. So, they dont sell them in store for you to look at, and you cant return them once you see them in person, even if it was not installed yet. Worst customer service ever.

Home Depot absolutely the worst retailer for returning appliances!!! Have a brand new GE gas range sitting in a box, trying to exchange for an electric range. Called within 30 days. No help at all. Go to Lowes!!!

I will never purchase another appliance from Home Depot. A damaged range was delivered to my house. The delivery guys tried to hide the fact it was damaged. I have surveillance video of them causing the damage and wheeling it in with the dent. I showed the photo to the manager. He refused to do the return even though they used deceptive practices. Manager and employees keep stating we signed the contract. I will purchase my items from Lowes from now on. They have 30 day window. I will purchase less from Home Depot due to their unethical behavior.

If you still have the receipt you could contact the retailer where you purchased the dryer. You may have to appeal to Whirlpool for warranty support as its been over 6 months. We cant say for sure what the solution is, but it appears Home Depot may not honor it after this time period, worth a shot though!

my dishwasher was delivered on 5/12/20 and after opening box on 05/14/20 discovered a broken door, a motor housing broken and tried to return it to the Watertown store the morning of 05/15/20 and they said i missed the 48 hour window. An appliance technician came out on 5/21/20 as it is under warranty for 1 year. he took pictures of the side of the front door that was dented and others of motor not attached etc saying it had been dropped at some point and the cost to repair was $1021 when it cost $507.77 new. he advised me to return and show the store the estimate. i am in disbelief after carrying the dishwasher in expecting a full refund or replacement and getting nothing but stress.

Never never buy any major appliance at Home Depot i purchased a Samsung dishwasher after it was dropped off discovered the way my counter top is i can use a top programming dishwasher need buttons in the front tried to return and was told no return on major appliances unbelievable that they are able to get away with these deceptive sales practices no way on my contract says its not refundable. I am ashamed to be a Home Depot card holder

Do not do business with Home Depot. I live with my granddaughter and family. She has been trying for almost a month now, to get a new refrigerator, thats not leaking, or scratch and dented. She paid for a NEW. Total nightmare. 1st refrigerator, after waiting 3 weeks, arrived dented and scratched, she refused. A week later, another one came, scratched and dented, refused again. Lastly one delivered and paid for EXPERT installation and now you guessed it, its leaking and damaging her floor. NO one will help her and pass her around from one person to another.

This makes me sick. I bought an lg dryer on June 23. It was delivered on July 16. On July 18 it stopped working. The machine hums when I go start, the drum doesnt turn. Ive tried all the resets. It doesnt work. Called HD got transferred to a phone thSt was never answered. I went to the store on July 19, to be told we missed the 48 hr window and were given a new number for repair service. Who told me LG would call me on July 21 that they would have repairman come on August 21. This is a nightmare. We plan to return appliance for a refund but after reading these comments, I have a feeling we are in for a real battle.

Just bought a Dishwasher from Home Depot, took them 6 weeks to install, they started it up and left. Washer did not dry, Called H.D. And they sent 2 people out, they said not their job to fix and left. Called HD and was told time up on return. Calling Frigidaire to day. Warning do not buy from Home Depot can not trust them a bunch of crooks .

Front of freezer scratched bringing into house. I do not want to return itjust get a discount for damage. Picture was made by delivery person and he indicated he would let HD knowdid not indicate I had to contact HD within 48 hours. I cannot find this on any of the papers I was given.

Odered my wash machine and dryer on Aug.9th. Just got it today September 12th. Not happy about it. The guys that brought it broke the dryer. So they are going to bring us a new one. I used the dryer and I dont like the door on it.You cant put the clothes basket up to the opening because the door opens down. We had a appointment for delivery on Aug. 22 the guys got off the wrong exit and couldnt get threw a underpass. So they never showed up or called to cancel. I will not buy appliances from home depot again. God only knows when we will get new dryer

Had a $2800 wall oven/microwave installed on July 7th 2020. On August 24th the oven quit working. Maytag sent a local repairman out, said he had to order a part. 7 to 10 days for the part to come in That was September 7th. Have heard nothing back. I have been without my brand-new oven for 35 days! Home Depot will not take it back, Maytag is in no hurry to repair it what should I do next? Live without or find a Lawyer???

Bought two Frigidaire freezers from Home Depot. One would not even come on and was taken back by delivery service and another ordered. The replacement was delivered over a month later and seemed to be working okay. A week later, I have $800 plus spoiled meat in my freezer and Home Depot will not take it back and I have only had it two weeks. I will be telling everyone I know not to EVER buy appliances from Home Depot. Also, the freezer that did work had a crushed corner of the door which they concealed with a piece of tape. They refuse to replace the door or the freezer.

On July 4, 2020, I bought an LG washer on my Home Depot credit card. The machine was on backorder so I did not receive it until September 16, 2020. My deadline for returning the machine had long since passed since I purchased it in July. Unfortunately, not receiving it until September, I couldnt possibly have known that it was a piece of junk. The machine started leaking from the bottom on October 6 and leaked again at approximate two week intervals through October and November with the last leak being this past Friday, November 28. I thought LG was the crown jewel of appliances. Not so..waste of money. LG provides poor customer service. The technician has been to my home after each leak (I sent pictures to him to verify). He just comes, watches the machine through a cycle. As my luck would have it, it doesnt leak while he is here. He then tells me he cant fix anything if he doesnt know the cause. Home Depot doesnt give a rats ass. Will never shop there again. Canceling my credit card. I have looked up the machine on Home Depots website and find that it is now Discontinued. Thats suspicious. I noticed a lot of recent negative reviews on this machine since my purchase. I think LG simply mass produced a piece of junk to peddle to Home Depot. Demand was great thats why they were on backorder.

I bought all set in The Home depot in August 2020, and refrigerator worked only 1 month after that compressor was locked, i called to The Home Depot, they said I have to call to Samsung for repairing , but still no lucky, nobody come to me to fix it and my family still without fridge, what should I do in this case? Who should i complain to? I am in Florida.

I brought a washer and dryer from home depot and on the first-ever use the will not hold water and the actuator broke into and millions pieces have had all kinds of problems with home depot and I think I am stuck with this piece of junk.please dont buy appliances from homedepot. R

What a sorry state of affairs! I wouldnt recommend LG to ANYONE..horrible Customer Service-(their system has been down for days and parts are on back-order..do not buy this product. Washer and Dryer..