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101 examples of catchy construction company slogans and taglines

Here is a collection of the most outstanding construction company slogans in the entire industry. After that, we give you the Greatest Construction Company Names of All-Time followed by an expert article on How to Write a Catchy Slogan that Brings in More Customers.

Greatest Construction Company Names of All-Time Higher Dimensions Wall to Wall Construction Neighborhood Creations Full Circle Development Beaver Builders See All of the Greatest Construction Company Names of All-Time

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Your job requires you to use the highest-quality surveying equipment and tools, which is why Engineering Supply sells the most recognized manufacturers of commercial-grade surveying instruments. All of our products will stand up to daily commercial use, which is why you should buy your tools from us.

Surveyors today have access to both ancient and modern equipment. And while the theodolite is a proven tool that has been in use for centuries, the total station combines the function of a theodolite with some added features that eliminates the need for a second person. It can also give you more accurate measurements over extreme distances, which is gathered electronically and can be imported into a computer for further analysis. However, its more expensive than other types of surveying equipment and takes more skill to operate.

Like the theodolite, the auto-level is an optical measuring instrument. But unlike the theodolite (which can measure horizontal and vertical angles), the auto-level can establish or verify points located on the same horizontal plane. It also has an internal mechanism that removes the possibility of variations and inaccuracies in measurements. The theodolite has a mounted telescope that can be moved horizontally and vertically. And when its pointed toward the area you want to measure, it can determine the place of both the horizontal and vertical axes with a great deal of precision.

Here at Engineering Supply, we only sell the best survey supplies and tools because we know that, as a professional, you need to have high-quality instruments that are built to last. All of the products we have in our inventory are built for daily commercial use, so we dont sell cheap equipment. We know you want good surveying equipment that will save you time and headache on the job site. So if youre looking for some of the best tools on the market, be sure to look at what we have in stock.

We sell all types of surveying equipment from grade rods and laser levels to theodolites and total stations. And all of them will give you accurate results while youre on the job site. Were an authorized dealer of quality survey supplies. So no matter what kind of tool you need, we have you covered. Feel free to look at what we have in our store. And if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us. We would be happy to speak with you!

Land surveyors need to use high-tech equipment and mathematics to create maps and measurements of specific areas of land, and they may have a number of functions (depending on the type of surveying they do). Some of the common surveying jobs include: Construction or Engineering This type of surveyor looks at changes in property lines as well as the location of buildings and roads. This person may also survey road topography and grade, or may look at the appropriate depth for laying the buildings foundation. Geodetic Someone who uses satellite and aerial imaging to measure very large portions of the earth. Maps - Boundary or Land This type of surveyor fulfills the important duty of determining exactly where property lines are located. There are other types of surveyors, but these are the most common. Surveyors must stand by their work, and theyre required to make accurate calculations. Thats why Engineering Supply offers the best surveying instruments on the market. Some of the products that we sell include but may not be limited to: Surveying tripods Surveying bipods Fiberglass grade rods Aluminum grade rods Builders grade rods Story poles Laser levels Auto-levels Transit levels Hand levels Abney levels Surveyors brush axes Land surveying markers Land surveying rods Marking paint Surveying prisms Prism poles GNSS equipment Total stations GPS equipment Property corner pin finders Bags and cases Surveyors roll flagging Theodolites Transits Mag nails PK nails Magnetic locators Tribachs Land surveying adapters

EngineerSupply was founded and started in 1999 with the idea of aggregating Engineering Supplies, Land Surveying Equipment, Drafting Supplies, Art Equipment, Industrial Equipment, and Construction Tools into one combined catalog. Internet technology allows a company like EngineerSupply to keep a catalog updated, but that alone is not enough... View More

rc construction equipment & rc construction vehicles [2020 overview]

There is no denying the awesomeness of heavy machinery. We can all remember admiring the sheer size and power of construction equipment in action. Wishing as a kid we could ride in one or even possibly operate one later in life.

Even as adults it can be pretty mesmerizing watching an excavator make small work of a somewhat challenging task. Fact is, simply jumping in and operating rc heavy construction equipment is not realistic and requires years of training and certifications.

I got my first RC Excavator from a local hobby shop years ago. It was a spontaneous purchase and I had no expectations. I bought it for the looks and figured it would be good fun in the sandbox out back. Little did I know I would forever be hooked on RC Construction vehicles.

When it comes to RC construction equipment, there are many options available today. Whether you need a fantastic little RC loader or a scale replica RC dump truck chances are you will be able to get your hands on a great kit.

However, not all RC construction equipment is made equal. I developed this article to help you find the best value loaders, dumpers, and excavators that I have had the best luck with. Over the years I have tried a lot of different dirt moving RCs, and to be fair, not many really fulfilled my expectations. After all, who would want to buy something thats utterly useless out of the box?

So, to make matters simple for you, the following buyers guide will help you discover the best, affordable RC construction vehicles you can buy. But first, its important to know a little bit about the categories of RC Construction machinery and why they vary drastically in price.

Many of you will be on the hunt for a fun RC toy to play within the yard or with the kids. My recommendations are based on realistically affordable, yet good RC Construction choices. If you are a serious enthusiast, you may be looking into Hobby grade all metal hydraulic RCs. These are serious units easily costing $10,000 and beyond. Something of this caliber requires a more in-depth level of research. From my experience, the Wedico and Vario are some of the best high-end units you can buy. But, for a high-quality option, you can realistically afford Defiantly take a look at this all-metal excavator byTop Race.

There is no denying the awesomeness of rc heavy machinery. We can all remember admiring the sheer size and power of construction equipment in action. Wishing as a kid we could ride in one or even possibly operate one later in life.

Even as adults it can be pretty memorizing watching a excavator make small work of a somewhat challenging task. Reality is, simply jumping in and operating heavy rc construction equipment is not realistic and requires years of training and certifications.

The TopRace 23 Channel is not the cheapest RC Excavator, but all things considered it is amazing value. It fills the void between expensive 5k+ hydraulic RCs and cheep 80 dollar toy grade RCs. The problem with the cheeper plastic vehicles is they dont have the mass and power to actually dig. This is the big difference between the plastic and metal versions and why I recommend opting for an all metal version. After-all, this is why we are buying a RC excavator in the first place, right?

The Top Race 23 Channel Remote Controlled Excavator is a fantastic piece of machinery. It sits on the crossroads between the toy grade plastic excavators and the more powerful, more expensive hydraulic RC excavators. Theres no doubt that this is one excavator your kids are going to love.

And, yes we could pretend that its just the kids that will have fun with this excavator. But, whats the point? By the time youve got a taste of the Top Race 23 Channel RC excavator, youll need to get a second one. Just so you dont end up hogging the remote control.

So, whats so special about this RC excavator? A lot, actually. But it does have a few issues. But, will those issues be enough to put you off this excavator? I think not. But Ill let you decide for yourself.

As always, Top Race does not disappoint with this Remote controlled excavator. Made from strong and durable plastic, it features a realistic metal shovel. This RC excavator looks like the real thing and can easily be displayed on the shelf as a model of a real excavator.

Personally, I would rather have put it through its paces. It certainly can handle the pressure. For something so small (and made from plastic at that), this is one RC machine that will have your little one jumping for joy.

Note, I said little one? If you are a hobbyist, or this is your first rodeo with an RC excavator, then the Top Race RC excavator is perfect. It is several grades away from an ordinary toy because of the metal shovel. Seriously, that metal shovel makes a lot of difference.

A metal shovel means that you can actually do some low-down, dirty digging. Well, maybe not low-down, but you definitely will love digging in the dirt with this one. It easily carries materials like sand and dirt.

Probably, what I like about this Remote controlled excavator by Top Race is the fact that its made from plastic. That seems counter-intuitive because most people would prefer the all-metal or hydraulic excavators.

But, theres a reason to my madness. If youre new to RC excavators or youre buying this for a child, then this is a great way to discover if you really want to stick with this new hobby. The thing is, you wouldnt have spent so much money only to discover that youd rather not own a construction company even if its a remote controlled one.

However, I havent tried it in water just yet, and Im not likely to, either. This is such a fine excavator that I wouldnt want to risk ruining it. But, if you have your heart set on taking it through water, you could give it a try.

There are just so many Remote controlled excavators out there, particularly if youre searching for toy grade machines. I like this one because it lets you get your feet wet without hitting your pocket too much. Its affordable, durable and has a metal shovel. And yes, the metal shove is a big deal.

So, youve gradually been building up your toy grade construction company and you need to add a dumping truck to the mix. Introducing the HUINA dumping truck. Its made from plastic, but youre going to love how realistic it looks.

So, Im not much of a fan of plastic remote controlled trucks, but something about this RC dumping truck from HUINA appealed to me. Im not sure if its how it looks like a perfect little model of a real dumping truck, or if its the capacity.

The HUINA RC dumping truck is plastic, and while that could be seen as a negative, it isnt in this case. Although it is made from plastic, it delivers and delights. Its also incredibly affordable, which is always a huge plus. As a toy or a first remote controlled toy, this isnt a bad way to start.

If you value function over form and you have an appreciation for esthetics, then you will love this remote controlled truck. Its really lovely and I can see it sitting on a shelf as a piece of dcor. Its also durable enough to withstand a little roughhousing, which is incredibly important.

Now, thisHuina RC Dumperis probably one of the best budget toys on this list. Even though it falls into the were on a budget category, the quality of it is undeniable and just wait until you see how it drives.

It drives like a tank, which might confuse you at first. However, controlling it is quite simple; the remote control has only a few buttons. It also has headlights in the front and taillights in the back of the dumper, so when youre going backward, they will turn on, and vice versa.

Overall, if you are looking for a decent and fun dumper, this model is one of the best choices. Its agile enough to drive relatively fast, and the bucket itself functions beautifully. It has a good incline, which means that you will easily dump anything out of it. Furthermore, the button that you will use for the dumping out doesnt allow for gear grinding. So, even if you hold the button for a long time, the bucket will just go up and down, without any damage done to the dumper itself.

The tires on this little dumper are made of high-quality rubber, and they feature a great pattern. Because of that, you can rest assured that this dumper will go smoothly over almost any kind of terrain and obstacles.

Lastly, you ought to know something about the quality. Dont let the price fool you this dumper is worth every penny. Not only does it work exceptionally, but its also well-designed and realistic-looking. Plus, if you get any other RC construction toys, you will surely have a lot of fun digging and dumping.

So, I took the Hunina RC Alloy shovel loader for a run and found that it wasnt too bad. It was a little slow at the beginning, but I made a few adjustments and bam! The shovel loader performed pretty well.

Yeah, considering how amazingly affordable it is, Im really surprised that the quality was just fine. Better than fine, actually. This particular Huina RC excavator is sturdy and durable and I can tell you, your kids (or grandkids) will love it.

Seriously, Huina did a great job with the RC Alloy Shovel Loader by paying attention to details. The machine has a realistic look about it and could pass for a model. It is one of those remote controlled vehicles that will look awesome on a table or a shelf. It is that good looking.

Then, the tires are made of rubber, which gives it a touch of realism. You know that classic pattern, which most all-terrain vehicles have? Exactly! So, you can imagine just how awesome this truck looks with those super cool tires. I was pretty impressed by the energy put into the aesthetics of the tires.

So, its a bit light and maybe it might not move with as much power as some other models, but that can easily be rectified. A simple battery upgrade will give you an RC excavator that will thrill your kids.

Basically, I think this is a solid buy. For this price, its going to be pretty difficult to come up with something thats this great. If you want an RC vehicle with higher performance, you would need to shell out more $$$.

Generally, the Huina RC Alloy Shovel Loader is not a bad deal, if youre searching for a nice remote controlled excavator. It does what its supposed to do, moves decently and will bring lots of pleasure to any child. I would say that its a fun vehicle to have.

Now, what I really like about this truck is how well made it is. Ill say that TopRace did a great job with their tower crane because its strong and not easy destroyed. Although its made from plastic and some metal, the plastic parts are thick and sturdy. They took their time to design something of top quality.

So, I mentioned a few problems and to be honest, they can be potential deal breakers. The first is the run time. The battery life is poor and youll be lucky to get 15 minutes on a fully charged battery. This should not be a problem, except that the batteries take forever to charge. Okay, maybe not forever, but when youre waiting to take this machine out for a spin, it can seem like a lifetime.

Of course, I should also mention that some folks were lucky and theirs has a run time of close to an hour. So, dont completely write off the TopRace tower crane because of this. I wasnt lucky, but thats not to say its the same for everyone else.

Another problem is the amount of stuff this thing can carry. It cant carry really heavy stuff without tipping over. Then again, since this is a toy and not even a hobby grade one, I suppose its only to be expected.

Overall, its a cool vehicle to have. Its strong, sturdy and moves smoothly. Kids will love it and if youre new to RC vehicles and want to try out something thats budget friendly, then the tower crane by TopRace is a good place to start.

So, this is a great toy for children and if you go ahead and get it, you need to keep that in mind. Because this tower crane by TopRace looks so realistic and has a decent run, its easy to forget that when all is said, it is a childs toy.

If you like them big, youre going to love the Huina forklift. Not only is this model big, but it is also heavy and lots of fun to drive. For something so heavy, you would expect that the battery life would be trash, right? Wrong. This forklift will give you up to 30 minutes runtime, which I think is pretty amazing.

But, the most amazing part is the dual functions. You think youre buying a forklift and thats what you expect to see. But when it arrives, you discover that what you actually get is a forkliftANDa crane. How awesome is that?

So yeah, this is something kids will love, but as someone who plays around with RC vehicles a lot, I must say that I had a lot of fun with this baby. I tried to keep my expectations low, but this forklift by Huina exceeded them.

Amazingly, it looks so realistic. I almost went looking for my hardhat when I tried out this forklift. Its made from plastic and metal and the materials are top grade. Theres a lot of attention to detail here and it shows not just in the design of the vehicle, but also in the remote.

Now, the remote is exquisite and has about 7 channels so it may be a bit intricate to operate. However, theres a handy manual that explains everything. You can easily move the forklift forward, backward and to the sides.

I really liked the Huina remote controlled forklift and the fact that it could change into a crane was a nice surprise. This is going to be a delight for most kids and if youre getting it for yourself, youll love it too.

For instance, if youre talking materials, how do you decide between plastic, metal or hydraulic. And, what equipment exactly do you buy? There are so many from excavators to cranes, dump trucks, you name it. you can get the entire range of construction vehicles in remote controlled form.

Now, the aim is not to further confuse you, on the contrary. I have put this guide together to help you with your purchase. The thing is, you need to know what youre looking for and once you have that down, buying an RC construction vehicle should be a breeze.

First, there are different levels of RC construction vehicles, and Im not just talking about the type. You might have noticed that some remote controlled equipment look the same but, have widely varying price points. There are several things that influence that, but one of the determinants is the grade of the equipment.

Toy-grade RC construction equipment:Toy grade RC equipment might look a lot like the other grades, but one key difference is usually the cost. A lot of thought is put into the design, but it is made in a way that reduces production costs. So, if a toy grade RC has a problem, youre better off buying a new one or asking for a refund. Because theyre not usually made with replaceable parts. Also, theyre usually made from plastic, metal or a mix of both. Most importantly, theyre designed to be toys for children.

Hobby grade RC construction equipment:Hobby grade, ready-to-run (RTR) models are designed for RC enthusiasts. These are not toys in the strict sense of it, or they can be considered toys for grownups. While toy grade models are for kids as young as 4 years old, hobby grade models are usually from age 14 and above. These designed with components that can be repaired or replaced and are usually made form slightly higher grade materials than the toy grade version.

Hydraulic replica hobby grade:This is the serious stuff for those who take RC vehicles seriously. Theyre the bad boys of the RC construction world, are often large and can do almost anything a real industrial vehicle can do, thanks to the hydraulic cylinders. Generally, they are more expensive than other types of RC construction machinery and some hydraulic replica grade construction equipment can cost up to $5,000.

Second, you need to have a good idea about the purpose of the vehicle. Now that you know the different types of grade, what grade are you going to get? This will depend a lot of why youre buying the RC industrial vehicle in the first place. If youre buying for little kids, then going for a toy grade is probably a good idea.

So, you can have an excavator for digging dirt, and if you want to get a vehicle for your child to play within the sandbox, then this is a great option. Otherwise, you can choose between a loader, a dump truck, crane or forklift.

Finally, RC construction equipment can be lots of fun for different ages. There are all sorts from budget-friendly remote-controlled vehicles to high-grade RC industrial equipment. The important thing is to get a good quality one and whatever you do, remember to have fun.