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Worldwide, Many developing international locations produce widespread portions of agro residues but theyre used inefficiently inflicting good sized pollutants to the surroundings. The major residues are coconut leaves, rice husk, groundnut shells, sawdust, espresso husk, cotton Salk, coir pith, jute sticks and so on At a distance from the problems of storage, managing and transporting the direct burning of loose biomass in conservative grates is associated with very low thermal performance and normal pollutants. As a conventional instance, about 800 tones of rice husk ash are generated each day in Ludhiana (Punjab) as a end result burning 2000 tones of husk. Briquetting of the husk could lessen these pollution troubles at the same time as at the equal time utilizing this essential home/industrial electricity resource.

Briquetting generation is yet to get a strong grip in many growing international locations because of the technological constraint involved and be deficient in knowledge to evolve the era to in shape local conditions. Overcoming the numerous operational issues related to this era and making sure the nice of the raw fabric used are pivotal elements in determining its business success. further to this business part, the importance of this generation lies in keeping wooden, a product extensively utilized in growing nations and save you waste thats commonly dump within the land but biomass technology makes most beneficial use of that.

Briquetting is the technique to make charcoal briquettes from low bulk density to high bulk density. Charcoal briquettes are crafted from two crucial substances. The most enviable elementseco friendly products are hardwood along with tough maple, birch, hickory and softwood inclusive of rice husk, tea husk, fruit pit, nut shells. Minor components include a binding agent to late the backyard sear recognize when the briquettes are geared up to cook over.the producing manner of biomass briquettes includes techniques. One is kiln approach and every other is retort method. First scorch the wood and then carbonizing the coal. Charcoal briquette manufacturing is environmentally pleasant in every other way: the charcoal briquette and pellet producer inside the India use only waste products. Sawdust and timber from briquette system producers and pellet manufacturers are converted from the abundance of waste into useable briquettes.

Price have a look at of a biomass Briquetting plant is widely biomass and site genuine and depends at the range of machines install inside the plant. therefore, it is crucial that a opportunity file must be prepared for every Briquetting unit before its installation. those charcoal briquettes are utilized in stoves and furnaces without creating any pollution.The biomass Briquetting plant is Eco friendly clothing and trusted supply of renewable energy.

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We are shipping coconut charcoal briquettes from the port of Semarang (Tanjung Emas, ID SRG) or Surabaya (Tanjung Perak, ID SUB), Indonesia. Tracking containers from the charcoal factory to port takes 12-18 hours. By car, it takes only 3 hours, but the truck drives slower. Departure time to destination is every Friday, Saturday and Thursday, CY Closing is Monday, Wednesday and Friday accordingly.

We sell our coconut charcoal briquettes on a FOB or CIF basis, we are happy to help you to recommend a good shipping line. Transshipment of containers is usually done via Singapore or Port Klang, Malaysia.

All payments should be made via TT (Telegraph transfer) bank transfer to our company account in Indonesia. We use Bank of Mandiri and BCA. Swift code is BMRIIDJA for Mandiri and CENAIDJA for BCA. We do not accept L/C for the volume of fewer than 10 containers of coconut charcoal. Western Union, Bitcoin, and others not bankable payments are not accepted. Payment should be done in USD, free from issued bank charges.

Payment terms are 50% down payment. After receiving this payment we start production of coconut charcoal briquettes, printing inner boxes. To load 120 feet container we need 3 working days. After the production process is done we are packing charcoal cubes into inner boxes and then to master boxes. Labeling boxes according to your requirements. Staffing container with coconut charcoal briquettes boxes takes 2-3 hours.

After container with coconut charcoal is shipped we prepare shipping documents: Bill of Lading, Certificate of origin, invoice, packing list. It takes 3-5 days to prepare all the documents. Right after that, we send you a photocopy of B/L and COO. Now is your turn to transfer us the rest 50% of payment. After we receive payment we send you original documents via DHL or just a telex release.

We pay a lot of attention to produce coconut charcoal briquettes according to your specifications. Every production batch is tested separately.We are happy to see your staff in our charcoal briquettes factory in Indonesia. You can come at any time to monitor the production process and stuffing of the container. Please come to our factory to check the quality or you hire an independent surveyor who will do it for you.

We do not do the design ourselves. Our main focus and specialization are to produce coconut charcoal briquettes for hookah and shisha. We are not designers, we are the manufacturer. Our primary focus is to make good coconut charcoal for wholesale and bulk buyers with specific parameters.

Size of 1 kg coconut charcoal briquettes pack is 4 pcs x 3 pcs x 6 pcs. Each piece is 25 mm long. The total size of the 1 kg package is 100 mm x 75 mm x 150 mm. Design your package accordingly with these sizes.

Please pay your attention, that our price includes printing the inner box with standard design on 230 gr carton paper in full color. If you need a different paper or laminating, emboss contact us to recalculate the cost of printing

To order bulk coconut charcoal briquettes for hookah & shisha choose charcoal specification. We produce coconut charcoal briquettes in Super Premium, Premium, and Standard types. The main difference between these types is in Ash content, moisture, volatile matter, and drop test. Besides, we can produce coconut charcoal according to your specifications.

Then contact us via Whatsapp +62 87784456772 or email us to [email protected] We will confirm charcoal production dates, availability and issue your invoice. You are welcome to visit our charcoal factory to see and test coconut charcoal briquettes by yourself.

Yes, please come and visit our coconut charcoal factory in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Let us know the date and time of your arrival and we will pick up you at the airport in Yogyakarta. We send you our car to bring you and show you our production process. It takes about 2 hours drive from the airport to our charcoal factory. We can also help to arrange your accommodation in Yogyakarta

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JAAS is one of the emerging manufacturer and exporter of 100% coconut shell charcoal briquettes in India. We are more focused on quality so that we are very keen on selecting the premium quality raw materials; also we implemented more innovative production process which ensures quality in every aspect up to packing & dispatch. We can produce briquettes in any preferred shape & size. Since we use high quality charcoal our briquettes will of premium quality and will be free from smoke, odors & spark during burning. Our raw materials are of very high quality which makes the shape and edges of our briquette more uniform and solid. Lot of attention is given to the consistency and uniformity of briquettes. We have the appropriate production line for manufacturing briquettes which enables us to handle the large quantities as well as minimum quantities according to the customers needs. We have a very innovative and green technology to dry the briquettes, since drying briquettes is very challenging part of the manufacturing processes.

Our commitment to quality is reflected in our people, processes, and facilities. Extensive use of world-class manufacturing equipment maintains accuracy in our processes. Leak test and final inspection stations are as critical as designing and assembling, and our final products stand testimony to this.

Weve built our reputation on fast, accurate, on-time delivery. We have the staff, equipment, and total commitment to complete even the most challenging projects on time. Our reliability in meeting shipping dates is one of the many reasons for our impeccable customer retention.

We are very glad in the way that our briquettes are supplanting wood charcoal in numerous enterprises as it has enormous points of interest over it in each zone and it is much more affordable than wood charcoal.

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We firmly believe that credibility and perfect product is most essential to the sustainable development of the company. With customer satisfaction as our utmost target, well keep up our effort to develop win-win business for a better future with customers.

All payments should be made via TT (Telegraph transfer) bank transfer to our company account in Indonesia. We use Bank BCA. Swift code is CENAIDJA for BCA. We do not accept L/C and others payment methods. Payment should be done in USD. Payment terms are 50% down payment. After receiving this payment we start production of coconut charcoal briquettes. To load 120 feet container we need 5 working days. After the container with coconut charcoal is shipped we prepare shipping documents: Bill of Lading, Certificate of origin, invoice, packing list. After the documents are ready the rest of 50% of payment must be fully paid.

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CV. Krambil Jawadipa Nusantara is a leading manufacturer and exporter of 100% coconut shell charcoal briquettes from Indonesia. We control every step of the manufacturing and quality control process of our briquettes from coconut shell selection, cleaning and carbonization all the way through to final briquetting, drying and packaging.

CV. Krambil Jawadipa Nusantara is a privately owned company with a broadly diversified customer base. Our dedicated production and quality control teams have tirelessly worked to deliver the best quality products expected by our customers. Supported by more than 50 employees and more than 200 farmers, and best technology for our industry. Ultimately, it is our top priority to meet our customers satisfaction and expectation.

We understand that your company may looking for high quality with reasonable cost Coconut Shell Charcoal Briquettes. We appreciate for a chance to be your new supplier and certainly looking forward to a long term business relationship with your company.