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Artificial sand, also called crushed sand or mechanical sand (m sand), refers to rocks, mine tailings or industrial waste granules with a particle size of less than 4.75 mm. It is processed by mechanical crushing and sieving.

In China, the artificial sand was mainly used in the construction of hydropower systems. For example, the Three Gorges Project and the Yellow River Xiaolangdi Project used artificial sand to prepare concrete. Due to the remote environment of the hydropower project and the high quality of sand and gravel, the projects have taken the materials locally.

Many Indian states have decreed the use of crushed sand in infrastructure construction because of its high compressive strength and cohesion and the adverse environmental effects of river sand mining, which will greatly boost the demand for artificial sand.

There are both natural and human factors in the increasing demand for artificial sand. The former is that the natural sand is about to run out, while human factors include people's requirements for environmental protection and the need for high-quality concrete.

With the development of infrastructure, the natural sand resources formed by hundreds of thousands of years in many countries and regions have been almost exhausted, which has affected the further development of construction projects.

Driven by huge interests, natural sand has been indiscriminately mining, which changes the river course, affects the safety of river embankments, destroys the living environment of fish and contaminates the groundwater. The crushed stone sand is an important alternative resource to change this phenomenon.

In the process of mining river sand, it often produces a large amount of tailings which is not used reasonably. Especially in small mines, the tailings are piled up at random, occupying land and polluting the environment.

Besides, in urban planning and construction, a large amount of construction waste is generated, which actually can be crushed by the crushers to produce the artificial sand and aggregates for promoting resource utilization.

With the rapid development of concrete technology, the comprehensive performance of high-performance concrete and high-strength structural concrete has higher requirements on the quality of aggregates, requiring it with stable quality, good gradation and shape, while less and less natural sand meets the requirements. Therefore, people are turning their focus on artificial sand.

Artificial sand and mixed sand are mainly used in building construction, municipal construction, transportation, and other projects whose concrete strength grade is below C60. When meeting the corresponding technical requirements, they can also be used for concrete projects such as ports and water conservancy.

The vibrating feeder feeds the stone evenly into the coarse crushing machines for the primary crushing of the stone. The crushed stone from the coarse crushing equipment is transported through the belt conveyor to the fine crushing machines for the secondary crushing.

The primary crushing equipment directly processes supplied materials from the stone material factory and is the foremost processing plant. The jaw crusher is the ideal choice for primary crushing.

The secondary crushing equipment is responsible for the middle and fine crushing in the stone crushing process. The secondary crushing equipment mainly includes impact crushers and cone crushers.

The crushed material is conveyed by the belt conveyor to the crushed sand making machine for fine crushing. The finely crushed material is then screened through the vibrating screen for coarse sand, medium sand, fine sand and other specifications.

VSI sand making machine is called high cost-effective sand making equipment with low initial investment cost and good use effect. It is high in operation efficiency with the PLST crushing cavity.

The HVI sand making machine manufactured by Fote is more advanced in technology. Its butt ends and lubrication scheme are modular in design, and the peripheral guard plate can be turned up and down to extend its life cycle. It has the effects of sand making and shaping at the same time.

For those with strict requirements on the powder content of sand, a sand washing machine can be installed behind the sand manufacturing machine, and the sewage discharged from the sand washing machine can be recycled by the fine sand recovery plant.

The following video shows clearly the difference between crushed sand and river sand from the aspects of source, wastage, setting time, shape, silt content and so on. It is worth collecting and sharing with friends.

The table below shows the mix ratio of M15 M55 and M55 M55 concrete designed for artificial sand and river sand. The results show that in the same Concrete Mix Design, the strength of concrete by artificial sand is higher.

As the demand for aggregates from China, Africa, Latin America, Europe,etc. will continue to rise, and the price of artificial sand will also increase, the outlook for the global aggregate market for sand and gravel is worth looking forward to.

According to the Global Sandstone Aggregate report, by 2020, the demand for aggregates of sand and gravel in the Asia-Pacific region will increase the fastest in the world, and the growth rate of India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and other regions will be among the best.

Due to the economic transformation, the demand for sand and gravel aggregates in China will slow down. However, the report predicts that by 2020, China will still be the world's largest aggregate demander, accounting for almost half of the world's total aggregate.

The Global Sandstone Aggregate report shows that the reserves of natural sand are gradually decreasing globally, and in some developing countries where the demand for aggregates and sand is huge, illegal sand mining has happened frequently. According to the report, by 2020, the reserves of natural sand resources in some countries will be quickly depleted.

The depletion of natural sand resources will lead to a sharp increase in the price of aggregates and artificial sand, especially in areas where the demand for aggregates is huge. It can be seen that the profit margin of the artificial sand is very large.

The m sand manufacturing machine produced by the supplier Fote is suitable for m sand making production line of high hard and abrasion-resistant materials such as limestone, quartz stone, granite, river pebble, basalt, cement, various ores, glass raw materials, mechanism building stone, gold slag, etc.

The limestone, widely distributed in nature, is easy to obtain. It is the main raw material for manufacturing cement, lime and calcium carbide. After being processed, limestone is used in large quantities as building materials. Generally, simple processing process is through the limestone sand production line.

Quartz is a hard, wear-resistant, chemically stable silicate mineral mainly composed of silicon dioxide. It is an important industrial mineral raw material generally used in glass, building materials, ceramics, high-tech electronics industry, etc. after crushing and sand making.

The granite has the characteristics of hard texture, high strength, abrasion resistance and weathering resistance. It has the title of "The King of Rocks" and is a good building material. It is rich in resources with low mining costs but high product value. Granite is a popular choice when the product needs to be weather-resistant or durable.

The river pebble resources are rich with low collection costs and high application value. After making sand from river pebble, it is widely used in water conservancy and hydropower, expressways, high-speed railways, passenger dedicated lines, bridges, airport runways, municipal engineering and high-rise buildings in the engineering field.

Basalt is the best material used for repairing roads, railways and airport runways. With the characteristics of strong compressive resistance, low crushing value and strong corrosion-resistance, it is the best cornerstone for the development of railway transport and road transport.

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hunan 130-200tph construction waste crushing line

Material: Construction waste Capacity: 130-200TPH Application: The finished product would be used in road cushion, home mixing station and local brick enterprises. Equipment: K Series Mobile Crushing Station

The customer eventually selected SBM Industrial & Technology Group's mobile crushing equipment through multiple investigation, meanwhile, this project is the largest scale, the lowest production costs, the best efficiency of a solid waste treatment production line in surrounding Changsha. Now production line is working well and produce gravel and stone 130-200 tons per hour.

Construction waste is first fed by rod vibrating feeder whose feeding grates can function as pre-screening. On the feeder, a part of fine material can be sieved out without further crushing and the remaining material is transported into the PFW1214II impact crusher and after crushing the material meeting the discharging standard would be sent out by belt conveyor. Because the customer wants mixture of material of different sizes, there is no screening equipment.

The project is designed by SBM. It uses advanced K series of mobile crushing station which helps greatly save a lot of unnecessary investment. Compared with the fixed production line, K mobile station has some benefits: short period, fast follow-up transitions, not only reducing the investment risk and opportunity costs for investors, but also avoiding the demolition work after finishing the project. What's more, it's more economic and environmental protection; in addition, excellent depreciation and value-increasing ability can help investors quickly launch new projects. Meanwhile, after finishing a project, investors can sell it for money so as to reduce investment cost.

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development history

Based on nearly 50 years of professional experience and continuous pursuit of technological progress, Nanchang Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. (NMS) has become one of the leaders in the crushing and screening industry in China.

The national high-tech enterprise certification management leading group composed of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Finance, and the State Administration of Taxation has identified the national high-tech enterprise

The National High-tech Enterprise Certification Management Leading Group composed of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Finance, and the State Administration of Taxation has identified the national high-tech enterprise

The national high-tech enterprise certification management leading group composed of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Finance, and the State Administration of Taxation has identified the national high-tech enterprise

Nanchang Mineral Systems Co., Ltd. was rated as the Provincial Enterprise Technology Center by Jiangxi Provincial Industrial and Information Technology Commission, Jiangxi Provincial Department of Finance, Jiangxi Provincial Tax Service under the State Taxation Administration, and Jiangxi Provincial Taxation Bureau.

The vibrating screen of Nanchang Mineral Systems Co., Ltd. was rated as Jiangxi Brand Product by Jiangxi Provincial Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau (currently Jiangxi Provincial Market Supervision Administration).

Nanchang Mineral Systems Co., Ltd. was rated as the Jiangxi Provincial Mineral Processing Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center by Science and Technology Department of JiangXi Province and Jiangxi Provincial Department of Finance.

The JC series jaw crushers of Nanchang Mineral Systems Co., Ltd. won the Second Science and Technology Prize of China Machinery Industry issued by China Machinery Industry Federation and Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society.

The screen registration trademark of Nanchang Mineral Systems Co., Ltd. was rated as Jiangxi Provincial Famous Trademark by Jiangxi Provincial Administration of Industry and Commerce (currently Jiangxi Provincial Market Supervision Administration) and Jiangxi Provincial Famous Trademark Recognition Committee.

The vibrating screen of Nanchang Mineral Systems Co., Ltd. was rated as Jiangxi Brand Product by Jiangxi Provincial Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau (currently Jiangxi Provincial Market Supervision Administration).

The three-cycle dustproof vertical-shaft impact crushers of Nanchang Mineral Systems Co., Ltd. won the Technological Innovation Fund for Small- and Medium-sized Technology-based Enterprises by the Management Center for Technological Innovation Fund of Small- and Medium-sized Technology-based Enterprises under the Ministry of Science and Technology.

The VS series vertical-shaft impact crushers of Nanchang Mineral Systems Co., Ltd. won the Nanchang Third Prize of Science & Technology Progress issued by the Achievement Division of Nanchang Municipal Science & Technology Administration.

Nanchang Mineral Systems Co., Ltd. was rated as the 2008 Contribution Unit to Jiangxi Provincial Standardization Innovation by Jiangxi Provincial Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau (currently Jiangxi Provincial Market Supervision Administration).

The vibrating screen of Nanchang Mineral Systems Co., Ltd. was rated as Jiangxi Brand Product by Jiangxi Provincial Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau (currently Jiangxi Provincial Market Supervision Administration).

The granulating dryer of Nanchang Mineral Machinery Factory won the Second Prize of Science & Technology Progress of 3000*12000 Gunite Granulating Dryer issued by Nanchang Municipal Peoples Government.

The granulating dryer of Nanchang Mineral Machinery Factory won the Second Prize of Excellent New Product of 3000*12000 Gunite Granulating Dryer issued by Jiangxi Provincial Economic and Trade Commission.

250tph granite processing plant

The project belongs to the solid waste recycling project supported by the government. It is used to tackle the problem of local crushed granite sheet tailings and occupation of land with obvious economic benefit and social benefit. After the completion of the project, it became a demonstration production line for the local construction of "green hills and clear waters".

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