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Bentonite is an aqueous clay mineral based on montmorillonite. Bentonite can be applied to various industrial fields because of its adhesion, adsorption, catalysis, thixotropic, suspension. Bentonite ore is a multi-purpose mineral, whose quality and application fields are mainly depends on the content of montmorillonite and their crystal chemistry characteristics. Thus, bentonite development and utilization must be different according to different applications.

Chinese bentonite reserves rank first in the world, which is distributed over 26 provinces and cities and bentonite production and exports are among the best in the world. According to incomplete statistics, the annual output of Chinese bentonite has exceeded 3500000 tons at present, while the total reserves accounted for 60% among the world.Bentonite grinding products have been widely used in the industrial field. 1 Bentonite grinding products used inFoundry industry Compared with other binder, bentonite has an important characteristic, which is that it has certain heat capacity. As long as the heating temperature is not too high, just add some water, bentonite can still restore the adhesive ability. 2 Bentonite grinding products used in Drilling mud Bentonite for drilling mud is the second mainly applications about bentonite, the annual amount is about 700000 tons. Bentonite has strong water absorbability, which can absorb 8 times water larger than the volume, then the volume increase 10~30 times. Bentonite is an ideal material for manufacturing drilling mud. 3 Bentonite grinding products used in Sewage treatment Bentonite can be used as clarifier in muddy water. Printing and dyeing wastewater, coal gas washing wastewater and monosodium glutamate factory waste water can be handled with bentonite, the removal rate of waste can reach up to 99.5%.

At first the bulk of bentoniteis evenly sent to the jaw crusher for coarse crushing by vibrating feeder, after fine crushing the bentonite would be sent to the impact crusher by belt conveyor for further crushing.Then milling equipment is needed to make productions of bentonite powder .The following is a link for bentonite screening by vibrating screen. According to the different requirements of customers, different specifications of the bentonite can be screened. If the product is unqualified, they need to be sent back to cone crusher for the second crushing, which forming a closed-circuit crushing. The mainly equipment in the high fineness Bentonite powder production line is milling machine, which plays an important role in the production of bentonite powder.

According to customers requirements, SBM has succeeded in absorbing foreign experience and world-advanced technology and has a research and developmenton low energy bentonite grinding mill with self-owned intellectual property right.We guarantee to provide the most efficient grinding equipment, and make great contributions to your bentonite ore mining plant. According to the bentonite products demand in the market, we recommendLM Vertical Grinding Mill. LM series vertical grinding mills are widely used in grinding non-flammable and non-explosive materials Moh's hardness under 9.3, which becomes one kind of special equipment for bentonite grinding.

As a low energy bentonite grinding mill, SBM LM Vertical Grinding Mill has the incomparable advantages. It can realize the advanced bentonite process plant of set ting crushing, drying, grinding, grading conveying into a whole, simple, which covers an area of approximately 50% compared with ball mill, but also can realize open layout, thus this mill equipment can reduce a lot of equipment investment in your mining plant.

Its fully-enclosed layout features high integration. It integrates the functions of high-efficiency sand making, particle shape optimization, filler content control, gradation control, water content control, and environmental protection into a single syst