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particle analysis in mining and minerals

The USGS (United States Geological Survey) Mineral Commodity Survey for 2015 lists more than 90 different minerals from abrasives to zirconium. Of these, 14 have a U.S. mine production of more than $1 billion in 2014.

Extracting useful minerals is an arduous and technically demanding process. First, any material on top of the deposit, known as overburden, must be removed or tunneled through. In the next step, the ore is blasted or cut and loaded and hauled to the mill for the secondary crushing and grinding which prepares the material for its intended use.

In many cases, the valuable minerals are mixed with gangue, commercially useless material, and the ore must be separated. The first step of many separation processes is comminution (size reduction) followed by classification (separation by particle size) either for further grinding or the next step, concentration of the ore. During comminution, ore must be ground such that the particles are small enough that each particle consists of primarily one mineral. These particles are then separated to concentrate the mineral product.

Gravity separation relies on differences in material mass to separate minerals. Methods include jigs, sluices, spirals, shaking tables, fine particle separators, and hydrosizers and cyclones. Gravity separation is separation based on weight only and is directly affected by particle size since volume is proportional to weight.

Jigging uses pulsed water flow or a similar process to push up ground material. Heavier and larger particles will sink more quickly between pulses and thus tend to the bottom of the jig. Thus, uniform particle size is important to ensure separation by density and not size. In addition, jig operation (length of water pulses) and design will depend on the size of particles being separated. Sluices and spirals rely on the difference between viscous drag and buoyancy for particle separation. This difference is directly related to particle size. Gravity tables use a vibrating platform to separate by particle size and specific gravity. Thus, narrow size distribution feeds result in better separation.

Here the material is separated by surface chemistry. Bubbles flowing through a slurry or suspension will tend to stick to particles with a hydrophobic surface and cause the particles to float to the top of a froth for recovery. Often, particle surfaces are selectively modified so that mineral surfaces are hydrophobic while gangue surfaces are hydrophilic. Particle size is important to the process efficiency. Overly fine particles may be entrained in the bubble flow regardless of surface chemistry, reducing the effectiveness of separation efficiency. Overly large particles will tend to sink regardless of bubble attachment.

The behavior of a particle under electrostatic or magnetic fields can be exploited to separate particles by type. These fields will induce charges (or magnetism). The resulting forces will cause particles to move depending on particle mass. Thus small particles are moved further than large particles. Furthermore, particle charge is a surface phenomena and the larger surface area of fine particles will tend to have a higher charge. These size effects can lead to separation by size rather than composition. As such, a narrow size distribution often, but not always leads to better separation.

The final product is often graded and sold as-is or for further processing. Typical customers will want a particle size in order to ensure that their process is optimized. Thus, in the all important step of selling products, many mines will control particle size. In some cases, particle shape is important as well.

Choice of particle size analysis technique is a function of the goals of the analysis. Many of the particles encountered in mining are characterized by sieves (classifiers). These are screens with a known opening (mesh) size. Particles smaller than that mesh size will pass through the screen and larger particles are retained. Analysis is performed by building a stack of sieves and shaking the stack, either manually or with a sieve shaker. Material caught on each screen is then weighed and the data combined to extract size distribution. The sieves are then cleaned for reuse.

Sieves have a long history and low initial cost. Sieve results are often strongly affected by operator technique. This effect is somewhat mitigated by sieve shakers (albeit at an increase in cost). In addition, sieves are delicate and mechanical shock can change the size of the screen openings. Furthermore, since the particles directly contact the screen surface, sieves will wear during correct use (or cleaning). As the sieve openings expand, the obtained results will drift over time with little or no indication to the operator that they are no longer accurate. Sieve analysis is widespread due to its longevity and intuitive use. Newer technologies have considerably improved the accuracy, reliability, and time of analysis - all providing improved margins for producers - leading to sieves being replaced in many companies and industries.

As particle size decreases, sieving and/or dynamic image analysis becomes more arduous or impossible and laser diffraction becomes the technique of choice. Once the particles are too fine for image analysis - roughly several microns - they are best analyzed by laser diffraction instruments such as the LA-960 and LA-300.

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Graphite has a stacked planar sp2-hybridized C6 ring structure, displaying a polymorphism with rhombohedral, hexagonal, and turbostratic. Based on its structure-property relationship, it affords a variety of technologically innovative applications or performances in industries, such as lithium-ion batteries, fuel cells, two dimensional graphene, water purification, electronics, fiber optics, spintronics, refractories, electrical products, electric vehicles, etc. The monetary value of graphite depends largely on carbon content and flake size. However, the physical separation of graphite from its ore body is known to be very expensive, energy intensive and time-consuming. Hence, this study extensively describes a current purification method for producing high-quality graphite material with impurities reaching about 10100mg/kg, attracting a lot of end users. It also describes the potential applications of graphite materials and identifies the future scope of a new market, depending on material purity. Finally, the current and future graphite-mining countries are investigated in details.

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Bridgestone wins GM supplier of the year awardNashville, Tennessee Bridgestone Corp. has been named a 2020 General Motors supplier of the year, marking the sixth consecutive and 19th overall recognition for the brand. The annual awards, which celebrate suppliers that delivered GM customers with high-quality components and innovative technologies in the previous year, were announced during the GM supplier business meeting on 22 June 22.

BKT launches new agro truck tires Seregno, Italy Indian off-road tire maker Balkrishna Industries Ltd. (BKT) has launched the Multimax MP 569 tire for the agriculture industry, the company announced 8 July. Part of the Multimax line, the tire is ideal specifically for a range of applications for agro trucks, mixed-use vehicles which are deployed when road movements are also necessary.

Michelin Pilot Sport All-Season 4 launches 44 new sizes Greenville, South Carolina Michelin has introduce 44 additional sizes for its Pilot Sport All-Season 4 tire, which was launched last year. The tire bridges the gap between ultra-high-performance summer and all-season tires providing year-round performance with 4% better dry braking, 5% better wet braking and 10% more snow traction, Michelin announced 1 July. New Michelin truck tires for extreme winter conditions Paris Michelin has launched its new range of winter tires for trucks: Michelin X Multi Grip. Available since 1 July, the tires deliver even better performance than their predecessors in extreme winter conditions, Michelin said 30 June. Marked with 3PMSF, the tires have outstanding grip on snow- and slush-covered roads. Tour de France begins with Conti tires Brest, France The worlds biggest bicycle race will start on 26 June in the French city of Brest, with Continental playing as the main partner of the event. A total of six teams will compete on Continentals Competition Pro LTD tires in this years race, said Continental in an announcement 23 June. This high-tech racing tire, weighing under 250g, has been developed at the Continental plant in Korbach, Germany, and is manufactured by hand.

Michelin develops tire for AGVs in ports Paris Michelin has launched the new Michelin X AGVEV, which it says is the first tire specifically designed for automatic guided vehicles (AGV) operating in ports. The tire, Michelin said 23 June, offers smooth running and very low rolling resistance. Furthermore, it comes with a specific patch inside that allows for easy fixing of sensors for tire pressure and temperature monitoring.

Apollo tires on Hyundai Alcazar Chennai, India Korean car maker Hyundai has selected Apollo Apterra Cross tires for its latest SUV model, Hyundai Alcazar. This is the first OE fitment for the tire which was launched in March and is Apollos first dedicated range of tires for SUVs, the tire maker announced 24 June. Apollo will supply the tires in 18-inch size.

Conti on Ford Mustang Mach-E Hanover, Germany Continental has received original equipment approval to supply tires to the all-electric Ford Mustang Mach-E. The company will supply its PremiumContact 6 tires to the car maker to provide sporty and comfortable driving as well as low rolling resistance, said Conti 24 June.

Bridgestone Battlax Hypersport tires on Yamahas YZF-R7 Tokyo Bridgestones Battlax Hypersport S22 tires will be available as original fitment on the Yamaha Motor's supersport model motorcycle the YZF-R7. The tire, said Bridgestone 9 June, offers sporty handling and superior grip on wet and dry surface.

Hankook, DTM Trophy starting second season together Neu-Isenburg, Germany Hankook will start a second season together with the DTM Trophy, supplying Ventus Race tires to brands such as Aston Martin, Audi, BMW, Porsche, Mercedes, Toyota and KTM. Hankook is the exclusive tire partner of the GT series, which opens in Monza, Italy 18 June.

Nexen selected OE on VW Golf, SEAT Leon Seoul Nexen Tires N'Fera Sport tires will feature as original equipment on Volkswagens eighth generation Golf and SEATs fourth generation Leon, fitted in size 225/45R17 91W. The tire, said Nexen 16 June, is designed for European sports vehicles and provides outstanding performance and safety during high-speed driving.

Kumho named sole tire supplier for new Renault Arkana Kumho has been appointed as the sole tire supplier to Renault for its new hybrid Arkana compact SUV model, the company announced 14 June. Kumho will supply its top-selling ECSTA HS51 tires in sizes 215/60R17 and 215/55R18 to the car maker.

Hankook supplies EV tires to Audi e-tron GT Neu-Isenburg, Germany Hankook is now supplying Audi's first all-electric sports car, the Audi e-tron GT, with its specially developed Ventus S1 evo 3 ev tire, the company announced 14 June. Hankook said it had carried out many technical refinements to optimize the performance of the sport car. The company is supplying tires in size 225/55R19 XL 103Y on the front axle, and 275/45R19 XL 108Y on the rear axle.

Kama Tires achieves corporate IMS certificate Nizhnekamsk, Tatarstan Kama Tires, part of Russias Tatneft Group, has successfully passed the certification audit of the corporate integrated management system for compliance with international standards ISO 9001, IATF 16949, ISO 14001, ISO 45001. The audit, said Tatneft 10 June, coveredall production and service divisions and assessed the tire makers compliance with quality, industrial safety, labour protection and environment requirements.

Continental launches new loader tireHanover, Germany Continental has launched a new telehandler and skid-steer loader tire. The CompactMaster AG tire is the first to be designed with a new turtle shield tread layer and twisted steel belt, said Conti 18 May. The reinforced tire has a hard shell and a more flexible steel wire construction to help prevent cuts and damage. In addition, the new lug design of the tire provides 5% more surface area for enhanced grip, compared to a standard agricultural tire pattern.

Pirelli marks 70m runflat tires Rome, Georgia Pirelli has marked 20 years of runflat tire production with over 70 million units built since 2001. Over the past two decades, Pirelli said its engineers developed more than 1,000 different types of tires featuring run flat technology, allowing drivers to keep driving for up to 50 miles at a maximum speed of up to 50mph.

Kumho bags international design awardKumho has been awarded the iF Design Award 2021 in the professional concept discipline, for its highly innovative concept tires, the e-NIMF and the e-TOPs. The e-NIMF (eco-friendly, no inflation, and maintenance-free) is a non-pneumatic tire, featuring spokes that remove the need for air. The revolutionary e-TOPs (eco-friendly topology-optimised and punctureless tyre) is a hybrid product with the potential for use on autonomous cars. Its airless upper structure of spokes and tread protect the tire from the threat of foreign matter, while the lower, less vulnerable section contains a degree of air.

Linglong wins three honours from Chinese car maker FAW. Changchun, China Linglong Tire has won three suppliers award from Chinese car maker, the company announced 7 May. The awards, it said, included the collaborative innovationQizhi award, by FAW Hong Qi, R&D collaboration award by FAW Pentium, and excellent R&D supplier by FAW Research Institute.

Goodyear tires for Porsche 911 GT3Brussels Goodyear will supply the Eagle F1 SuperSport R as original equipment for the latest edition of the Porsche 911 GT3, it was announced 21May. The Eagle F1 SuperSport range is Goodyears flagship ultra-ultra high performance (UUHP) tire portfolio with three different variants, SuperSport, SuperSport R and SuperSport RS. The tire maker will provide size 255/35ZR20 tires for front wheels and 315/30ZR21 for the rear wheels of the new Porsche 911.

Michelin launches first tire range for electric busesParis Michelin has launched its first range of electric bus tires that can also be adapted for use on traditional urban and suburban vehicles, the French tire maker announced 30 April. Michelin X Incity EV Z initially designed for electric vehicles has a load capacity of 8 tonnes to handle the weight of electric buses. Michelin has employed its regenion technology to build the tire with a progressive tread design that delivers longitudinal and lateral grip.

EV subscription service Onto selects Michelin tiresStoke-on Trent, UK All-inclusive electric car subscription service Onto is to fit Michelin replacement tires across its fleet, it was announced 4 May. The move, said Onto, will support extended battery range, low noise and long-lasting safety. Michelins EV range includes the Michelin e-Primacy, which according to the tire maker has the lowest rolling resistance in its category, and the Michelin Pilot Sport EV, which is designed for electric sports car. Continentals AllSeasonContact wins Auto Express product awards Hanover, Germany Continentals AllSeasonContact has won Auto Expresss Product Awards 2021 in the all-season tire category, Conti announced 5 May. The award, said the tire maker, highlights exceptional performance, quality and value, with extensive testing taking place to pick the strongest choices across multiple product categories.

More OE fitments for Yokohamas Advan Sport V107 Tokyo The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd is supplying its Advan Sport V107 tires to BMW M GmbH as original equipment (OE) on the BMW M3 Sedan and BMW M4 Coupe, two new high-performance sports models launched globally by the German automaker. Yokohama Rubber began supplying the tires in November 2020, shipping 275/40ZR18 (103Y) size front tires and 285/35ZR19 (103Y) size rear tires. The two new models join the M5 as BMW M models using Yokohama tires as original equipment.

Pirelli launches Powergy summer tireMilan, Italy Pirelli has launched its new Powergy summer tire focused on safety and sustainability. Dedicated to the aftermarket for modern crossovers, SUVs, sedans and MPVs, will be available in 55 sizes from 17 to 20 inches by the end of this year, with speed ratings from H to Y. The A-rated tire was developed with extensive use of virtual reality and offers excellent wet braking performance, as well as low rolling resistance for reduced fuel consumption, Pirelli said 13 April.

Apollo claims breakthrough in cross-ply technologyGurgaon, India Apollo Tyres has launched a cross-ply rib tire for steer axles in commercial vehicles, employing a host of innovations in the product design and compound technology. Launched after 2.5 million kilometres of testing, the breakthrough Apollo Abhimanyu was developed at the tire makers global R&D centre in Chennai and is currently being produced at its manufacturing unit in Perambra, Kerla. According to Apollo, the tire delivers 15% better initial tread mileage (ITM) compared to other tires, while the heat ageing resistant casing offers durability, retreadability and casing value.

Michelin, BMW co-develop tires Paris As part of their long-term collaboration, French tire maker Michelin and BMW have developed customised tires for the new BMW M3 Competition Saloon and BMW M4 Coup, Michelin announced 2 April. The Michelin Pilot Sport 4S* and MichelinPilot Sport Cup2* Connect have been developed specifically for the BMW M3 and BMW M4, recognisable by the star marking on their sidewalls. The tires, according to Michelin, feature innovative tread design for better grip and deliver high standard of precision and sporting performance.Some of the technologies used in the tires include a hybrid nylon/aramid belt for precise response to input from the driver; waved casing plies for faster response and a sportier feel at the wheel and; outer shoulders reinforced by a high-resistance compound for durability during track use.

GRI supplying forklift tires to Kion GroupColombo Industrial trucks supplier Kion Group has selected GRI to supply its Ultimate XT tires for its Linde Material Handling forklift trucks produced in Germany, GRI announced 5 April. GRI said the high-grade speciality tires are produced in Sri Lanka, using unique tread pattern for high traction and special compound for reduced heat build-up, high run-time and low rolling resistance.

AutoBild names Bridgestone manufacturer of the year Brussels Bridgestone has been named summer tire manufacturer of the year for 2021 by renowned German publication AutoBild, the Japanese group announced 25 March. Bridgestone tires were recognised for their driving dynamics and more balanced performances in this years tests. Bridgestones newly released Bridgestone Potenza Sport was named winner of AutoBild sportscars' 2021 sports tire while another flagship products, the Bridgestone Turanza T005 summer tire received high ratings for its all-round capabilities.

Michelin wins 5-year UK fleet supply contract for LineageLondon Industrial logistics group Lineage Logistics has awarded Michelin a five-year tire management agreement covering its UK fleet after back-to-back tire trialsshowed potentials for sustainability gains. The trials, said Michelin in a statement, used a pair of identical vehicles operating out of Lineages Heywood site, and saw Michelins regional tread pattern tires outperform the companys current policy. Lineage will now move to Michelins X Multi tires across its regional fleet of more than 400 commercial vehicle assets in the UK, which includes 304 trailers, 121 tractor units and 16 rigids.

Brussels Falken Azenis FK510 tires have received the top overall rating in a recent tire testing performed by Europes largest automotive federation ADAC (General German Automobile Club), Sumitomo Rubber Industries (SRI) announced 12 March. In its evaluation, ADAC found that the tire provided outstanding performance under both wet and dry driving conditions, making it an excellent all-around summer tire, SRI said. In particular, the tire received high marks for hydroplaning and wet grip performance during wet testing, as well as for handling and braking performance during dry testing.

Yokohamas Advan Sport V107on German premium cars Tokyo The Yokohama Rubber Co. (YRC) is supplying Advan Sport V107 tires for use as original equipment on BMWs new iX3, the first Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV) with an all-electric-drive system from the BMW brand. In addition, the tire maker is supplying the tire as OE on Mercedes-AMGs new SUV, the GLB 35 4MATIC, which went on sale in Europe in December 2019. Yokohama Rubber began shipping the tires to the BMW Group in September 2020, supplying three sizes. The version of the Advan Sport V107 that received technical certification for use on the GLB 35 was jointly developed with Mercedes-AMG, Yokohama announced 6 April.

Hankook expands motorsport activitiesHankook has expanded its involvement in motorsport, becoming the new and exclusive tire supplier to various European TCR series. The tire maker will supply the series with the Ventus Race tire from this season, which starts in Slovakia 7 May, it was announced 18 March.

Michelin partners with 'digital freight forwarder' Michelin has entered into a partnership with European digital freight forwarder Sennder, for the supply of tires to the company's fleet of thousands of trucks.The partnership will give sennders carriers customised access to a suite of 'low-rolling resistant and durable' Michelin tires, which will help save fuel consumption and make journeys more cost-effective and sustainable, Michelin said 17 March. Bridgestone wins AutoBild sportcars testBridgestone's new flagship sports tire Potenza Sport has been named winner of AutoBild sportscars 2021 sports tire test. Scoring ahead of tires from eight other manufacturers, the Bridgestone Potenza Sport, tested on a Ford Mustang 5.0 in the size 265/35 ZR 20, was given the overall best score in the wet and top ratings on dry roads to be classed as exemplary by the German magazine, the tire maker announced 11 March.

Pirelli vaccine programme Pirelli announced on 17 March that it is willing to make Covid-19 vaccinations available to employees through its own structures and in accordance with the national plan. Pirelli claims all-season advance

Pirelli has rolled out a new all-season tire, claiming it to be the quietest tire of them all, with reduced braking [distance} in the wet, dry and on snow. longer life and lower fuel consumption. The Cinturato All Season SF2 is available with puncture-sealant and runflat technologies as well as a version for EVs. The compound becomes softer in cold and wet conditions, more rigid when it is dry, partly due to the use of biphasic polymeric materials chemically linked by silica particles, which also help to lower rolling resistance.

Sumitomo Rubber Industries opened a major indoor on-ice tire testing facility at its winter-tire proving ground in Nayoro City, Hokkaido. The Nayoro Indoor ice field (NICE) features a 100m braking test course and 30x30m turning test course for high-precision testing regardless of weather conditions = thereby speeding up development work.

BKT has expanded its V-Flexa range of radial tires for agricultural trailers with three new sizes: VF 600/65 R 26.5, VF 650/55 R 26.5 and VF 560/60 R 22.5. The tires are designed to transport 20% more weight with the same air pressure than standard tires. The latest-generation Flotation product features a tread with three belt layers in HD steel which provides greater strength to the casing and hence resistance against damage. An extra-large tire-print optimises load distribution and reduces soil-compaction.

Nokian Tyres is to introduce a concept winter tire made using only renewable and recycled materials by 2025. The company said 28 Jan that it already uses bio-based materials such as canola oil in its products and actively researcheseco-friendly materials as well the utilisation of recycled materials. By designing this concept tire we will start a new foundation for future innovations for a better tomorrow, says Olli Seppl, Nokian Tyres Head of R&D.

Goodyear on announced a collaboration with ConMet to create combined digital solutions that will better connect commercial truck fleets to the health of their tires. The companies will use their combined expertise in connected mobility and existing data resources to provide fleets with holistic insights on tire and wheel end performance. The goal is to allow fleets to remotely monitor their vehicles in real time, automate insights and make better maintenance decisions in order to improve vehicle safety, as well as maximize efficiency and uptime.

Goodyear Ventures, the Akron tire makers venture capital arm, has added autonomous delivery company Starship Technologies to its investment portfolio. Founded in 2014, Starship builds and operates a network of self-driving robots that carry and deliver packages, groceries and food directly to customers. Its electrically powered, autonomous robots are completing thousands of deliveries daily and have traveled millions of miles in several cities across the world as they offer people a convenient, contactless delivery service.

Hankook is to equip the Audi RS Q8 with its premium tires ex works. The 600 hp Audi Sport vehicle will come off the production line fitted with Hankook's ultra-high performance Ventus S1 evo 3 SUV summer tyres in 22-inch, or optionally the i*cept evo 2 SUV winter tyres in 22- or 23-inches. A two-layer carcass and the use of an aramid composite material reduce the unwanted expansion of the rolling circumference at high speeds by up to 60% compared to previous profiles. Performance on both dry and wet roads is further enhanced by a new tread compound using high-performance natural resins.

Kumho has claimed to be the only tire maker to have gained a 2020 China Red Dot Design Award. The mark was granted to the companys Majesty 9 Solus TA93 asymmetric summer tire engineered specifically for the Chinese market. Features include sound harmony technology, optimised contact-pressure and increased durability.

Nokian Tyres has introduced an all-season passenger vehicle tire for the North American market. Called the One, it complements light-truck, SUV all-season products released last year. Employing proprietary Aramid reinforcement technology, it is designed particularly for safety, fuel-efficiency and durability.

Paris: Michelin has developed a specific tire for Porsches recently launched 911 GT3 Cup (992) model, reserved for its single-make championships. The French tire maker said it created the new Michelin Pilot Sport Cup N3, combining superior grip and consistency with longer life. As part of the joint development process, Michelin said the size of the tires contact patch has been increased through a reinforced architecture and the use of new, more resilient materials.

Seoul: Volkswagens electric vehicle VW ID.3 has completed a tour of Germany on Hankook Winter i*cept evo 3 tires. After driving for 65 days and more than 28,000 kilometres across Germany, the campaigning team set a world record for the longest continuous journey with an electric vehicle through a single country, said Hankook in a statement 14 Dec.

New Pirelli Scorpion Zero all-season on Land Rover Defender Milan, Italy: Pirelli and Land Rover have co-developed new Scorpion Zero all season tires that will feature as original equipment on the latest Defender. Created through an intense development programme, the ultra-high performance tire is intended for SUVs and designed to deliver maximum performance both in the dry and in the wet, Pirelli announced 15 Dec. The tire, is an upgraded model of Pirellis standard Scorpion Zero all season, featuring improved off-road ability and reduced rolling resistance.

Tokyo Sumitomo Rubber Industries has begun supplying high-performance Falken Azenis FK510 tires to Toyota Motor Corp. for use as factory standard tires on its new model Mirai, a fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV), which went on sale this December. The high-performance Azenis FK510 tires feature asymmetrical tread pattern that optimises the distribution of pressure through the contact footprint. The feature, in addition to a rounder profile design, provide superior stability and manoeuvrability performance when driving at higher speeds, SRI said in a 15 Dec statement.

Seregno, Italy: Indian off-road tire maker BKT has expanded the range of its lead product, Agrimax V-Flecto. According to the company, a new size is already available in addition to three new sizes currently under development. The new size is VF 710/70 R 42 and will will soon be followed by VF 750/70 R 44, VF 710/75 R 38 and VF 710/55 R 38, BKT said in a statement 15 Dec.

Weissach, Germany: German car maker Porsche AG has selected Pirelli P7 and P Zero Elect tires a new range of tires designed to meet the distinct performance needs of electric vehicles as original equipment fitments for its electric-driven four-door four-wheel-drive Taycan sports car. The designation is the first OE fitment for the Elect line, which Pirelli Tyre SpA said was developed in line with its "perfect fit philosophy."

Akron, Ohio: Goodyear's consumer business unit is focusing its attention in 2021 on its light truck/SUV tire lineup with the launch of the new Wrangler Workhorse Powerline, encompassing three tires designed for both highway and off-road applications. The Wrangler Workhorse Powerline portfolio comprising HT, AT and RT applications focuses on longevity, utility and enhanced traction. The new lineup is expected to launch in the third quarter of 2021.

ContiConnect Live available for specialist vehicles Hanover, Germany: Continental AG has extended the supply of digital tire monitoring application ContiConnect Live to specialist vehicles, the company announced 7 Dec. The service, which complements ContiPressureCheck and ContiConnect Yard had previously been offered for truck fleets. The cloud-based real-time data service will initially be rolled out in Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, UK, Finland, Sweden, Norway, France and Portugal.

London: Michelin has introduced two new sizes of its multi-purpose, all-season CrossGrip tires for operators of backhoe loaders, skid steer loaders, telehandlers and small tractors. The new 440/80 R34 and 480/80 R34 CrossGrip fitments expand the range, which was launched in 2018, to 12 dimensions, available on both the original equipment and replacement markets. CrossGrip tires form part of Michelins Compact Line range and offer a high load capacity and special rubber formula designed for year-round use.

Contis AllSeasonContact takes wins Auto Express tire test London: Continentals AllSeasonContact has won the top spot in this years all-season tire test from the UK's weekly selling car magazine, Auto Express. Debuted in 2018, the tire is Continentals first all-season tire for Europe and combined elements of both Continentals premium summer and winter tires, the tire maker announced 26 Nov.

Goodyear, Maxxis earn Ford World Excellence awards Dearborn, Michigan: Ford Motor Co. has honoured Cheng Shin Rubber Ind. Co. Ltd. and Goodyear as top-performing global suppliers at the 22nd annual Ford World Excellence Awards, held virtually 17 Nov. Taiwan's Cheng Shin Rubber Maxxis International was recognised as a sustainability supplier of the year winner and Goodyear earned a special recognition award for its performance in the area of delivery.

Gurgaon, India: Apollo Tyres has launched what is describes as the most advanced cross ply lug tire for commercial vehicles in India. The XT-100HD offers high load carrying capacity and mileage, while ensuring the most durable casing in the industry, Apollo said in a statement 26 Nov. According to Apollo, the tires are produced at companys facility in Vadodara, Gujarat, and have been extensively tested on customers vehicles in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh.

Seoul: The new MINI John Cooper Works GP, limited to the production of 3,000 cars worldwide, is exclusively fitted with Hankooks new ultra-ultra-high performance (UUHP) summer tire Ventus S1 Evo Z, Hankook announced 19 Nov. In addition, the tire line-up includes Ventus TD for racing purposes and winter tire I*cept evo 2.

Nashville, Tennessee: Bridgestone Americas plans to address key market segments in 2021 with upgraded Potenza ultra-high-performance tires and an all-season luxury/SUV/CUV performance tire dubbed the Alenza Ultra AS, the company announced during its consumer dealer network event 18 Nov.

New York: Pirelli has tailor-made a Scorpion ATR tire specifically for the all-new Ford F-150 which was launched earlier this Autumn. Co-developed over the past two and half years, the tire has maximum level of grip with improved rolling resistance, thanks to a new mould profiles. A new tread design also reduces tires noise by up to three decibels, according to Pirelli.

Rancho Cucamonga, California: Toyota Motor has selected a 17-inch size of the Falken Ziex ZE001A all-season tire as an OE fitment on the redesigned 2021 Sienna minivan, which is due in North American showrooms by late 2020 or early 2021.The fourth-generation Sienna, which features a hybrid powertrain across all trim levels, reflects Toyota's attempt to redefine the minivan segment by targeting the vehicle at a wider array of life stages and activities, according to Sumitomo Rubber North America Inc. (SRNA), producer of the Falken brand.

Topeka, Kansas: One of the most famous motorcycles in history has been re-"tired." Evel Knievel's original 1968-spec "American Eagle" Laverda recently was restored with Avon motorcycle tires. The famous stunt performer's refurbished motorcycle which Knievel used to make a host of jumps during the late 1960s and early 1970s was unveiled 6 Nov at the Evel Knievel Museum in Topeka.

Nashville, Tennessee: General Motors Co. has selected an 18-inch version of Hankook Tire's Dynapro MT2 light truck tire as an OE fitment on its 2021 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra 2500HD models. The fitments extend Hankook Tire America Corp.'s OE supply relationship with General Motors, which began in 2002 and includes multiple fitments on Chevrolet, Buick and GMC models.

Akron, Ohio: Goodyear's WinterCommand Ultra tire which was among the new products promoted at the tire maker's Customer Conference held in early February in Aurora, Colorado is now available for purchase in the USand Canada.According to Goodyear, the studless tire excels in wet handling, wet cornering grip, deep water curved hydroplaning and ride comfort, providing optimal grip for drivers looking to maximize traction and improve starting and stopping in winter conditions.

Melksham, UK: Avon Tyres has add a new all-season tire to its passenger car radial and SUV line-up, the company announced 6 Nov. The new tire, Avon AS7, boasts both 3PMSF (three peak mountain snow flake) and M+S (mud and snow) ratings, and is designed to deliver reliable traction in unpredictable weather and demanding conditions all year round.

Bridgestone tires will be standard fitment on the Grenadier, a much-awaited debut from automotive newcomer Ineos Automotive. To be released in early 2022, the rugged 4x4 will arrive on the market with Bridgestone Dueler A/T 001 tyres as its standard fitment on both 17 and 18 wheel variants, the tire maker announced 5 Nov.

Neu-Isenburg, Germany: Hankook has added an all-season pattern for passenger cars and small-to-medium sized SUVs to its Laufenn brand tire portfolio. The addition is part of Hankooks continuous global expansion with its second brand Laufenn, launched in 2015. The all-new Laufenn G FIT 4S will initially be available on the European market in sizes 13-18 inches, Hankook said.

Akron, Ohio: Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Co. has recently named Goodyear an "elite supplier."The award is reserved for the top 1% of Lockheed Martin's more than 1,400 suppliers, Goodyear said in a statement 4 Nov. The honour is in recognition of Goodyear's contributions to the F-35 Lightning II programme at the aircraft maker.

Irvine, California: Electric-vehicle startup Rivian Automotive LLC will use specially engineered versions of the Pirelli Scorpion light truck tire as the exclusive tire fitments on its R1T pickup and R1S SUV. Pirelli and Rivian co-developed dedicated versions of Pirelli's Scorpion Verde All Season, Scorpion Zero All Season and Scorpion All Terrain lines in 20-, 21- and 22-inch rim diameter sizes to meet Rivian's specifications, Pirelli said in a 2 Nov statement. Among the distinct characteristics Rivian specified for its vehicles are low rolling resistance, low noise generation, light weight and grip.

Daventry, UK: Hankook Tyre UK has won TyreSafes Tyre Manufacturer of the Year Award for a second year in a row. The award recognises Hankooks significant contribution to raising driver awareness of tire safety-related issues, the Korean tire maker announced 29 Oct. Bridgestone UK was also awarded TyreSafe innovation & use of technology award for a host of technologically advanced products and services across its business, the Japanese tire maker announced 27 Oct. The award recognises Bridgestones technologies such as first-of-its-kind monitoring system for detecting tire damage issues in real-time, TPMS for mining and off-the-road tires offered by Bridgestones iTrack Solutions, and its Webfleet Solutions.

TRA warns against operator non-compliance London: An increasing number of small tire recycling operators are failing to meet legal requirements associated with the size of their businesses, according to recent surveys by the UK Environment Agency (EA). A 2019 inspection of almost 60 sites in England showed more than 30% of operators were legally non-compliant with the T8 exemptions, which are designed for small businesses, said UKs Tyre Recovery Association (TRA) in a 28 Oct statement. In addition, in a survey of operators in first eight months of 2020, showed that almost 50% of sites visited failed to meet the legal requirements under the exemption regulation.

Kumho wins all four top design awards in 2020 Seoul: Korean tire maker Kumho Tire has claimed the extraordinary feat of winning all four worlds top design awards in the same year. The Seoul-based manufacturer announced 14 Oct that it had been presented with the Good Design Award 2020 for two of its new products: the Solus HA32 and PorTran CW11. Kumho had already won the German iF Design and Red Dot accolades as well the American IDEA Design Award earlier this year.

Hankook tire OE fitments on new Audi RS modelsNeu-Isenburg, Germany: Hankook is expanding its original equipment business with Audi AG, now supplying tires to two new RS models. The Korean tire maker is now supplying its Ventus S1 evo 3 models and Winter i*cept evo 2 to the Audi RS 6 Avant and Audi RS 7 Sportback, which were launched earlier this year. The Ventus S1 evo 3 is equipped with a high-strength bead core which, in combination with the reinforced sidewall, is claimed to provide sporty and dynamic handling as well as driving control, straight-line stability and steering precision. Hankook Winter i*cept evo 2, with asymmetric tread, is supplied as an optional winter tire for both Audi RS models.

Goodyear names Canadian distributor Peterborough, Ontario: Goodyear has added Kadex Aero Supply Ltd. of Peterborough as a distributor of its aviation tires in Canada, in a bid to expand its reach in the country, the US tire maker announced 28 Oct. Kadex is a family-owned and -operated aircraft parts and service distributor with locations in Calgary, Alberta, and Peterborough. The Kadex partnership is not exclusive; Goodyear will still work with its existing Canadian distributors.

GRI supplying farm tires to Belgian OEM JoskinColombo, Sri Lanka: Speciality tire manufacturer Global Rubber Industries (GRI) will be supplying agricultural tires to Joskin Col, a Belgium-based manufacturer of farm machinery. GRI is supplying its Green Ex FL700 heavy duty floatation tire for Joskin slurry tankers, the tire maker said 30 Oct. The specially designed tire is able to withstand heavy loads and performs well under harsh conditions, GRI said. The tire has a wide tread design and heavy load capacity at low inflation pressure, providing for increased balance and reduced soil compaction.

Kumho named OE supplier for the new koda Octavia Seoul: Kumho Tire has been named as the OE tire supplier for kodas latest generation Octavia, the tire maker announced 26 Oct. The new Octavia now comes equipped with Kumhos ultra-high performance (UHP) ECSTA PS71 tire, which was developed at the companys new R&D Centre at Yongin near Seoul, and has been designed for outstanding high-speed stability.

Bridgestone's Blizzak LM005 wins another European test Bridgestones flagship winter tire Blizzak LM005, has recently picked up a string of award wins from renowned European test magazines. The UKs Auto Express and Germanys Auto Motor und Sport, ACE Auto Club Europa, Autozeitung and Auto Bild sportscars all named the Blizzak LM005 winner of their respective 2020 winter tire tests, Bridgestone announced 19 Oct. The tire maker launched Blizzak LM005 in early 2019.