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The igneous rockswith characteristic of porphyritic texture are called porphyry. It is named by the structural characteristics of the rock. Generally porphyry consists of alkali feldspar or quartz. Porphyry can be divided into extrusive rocks and hypabyssal rockstwo categories. Extrusive rocks can be divided into rhyolite porphyry, matte porphyry, leucite porphyry.Hypabyssal rocks can be divided into quartz porphyry, granite porphyry, syenite porphyry. Porphyry is very hard, has good compression resistance, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance. Its maximum compressive strength can reach to 300MPa even more. The Mohs hardness of it is 7 degree. Porphyry resources are very rich. It has a wide distribution throughout the world. Plenty porphyry resources let the mining cost become low. In summary, porphyry becomes an ideal raw material of artificial sand because of its hard texture and wide distribution. Porphyry can also be used as a green building material.

After crushing, sand making, screening, and a series of manufacturing processes, natural porphyrycan be widely used in water conservancy and hydropower, highways, bridges, airport runways, public works, high-rise buildings, and other fields. Porphyry is also widely used as aggregate of concrete. So how to design the porphyry crushing process flow is reasonable?

First of all, send the large porphyry to jaw crusher to crush it into small pieces. Because porphyry has a high compressive strength, if we directly adopt impact crusher will inevitably result in a serious loss of jaw plate, plate hammer, impact plate and other wear parts. As a result that we have to frequently replace these wear parts, which greatly increases the cost of production. Therefore, adopting the professional porphyry cone crusher with laminated principle instead of impact crusher is the best choice for users. It can reduce the loss of wear parts, to achieve economic production. Therefore, customers can choose jaw crusher add cone crusher as porphyry process.

Firstly, transport the porphyry raw materials evenlyinto the jaw crusher by vibrating feeder for primary crushing. After screening, the crushed material which meets the size requirements will be transported to cone crusher for secondary crushing. The part which doesnt meet the requirements will be returned to cone crusher for re-crushing. If there is a higher demand for the final product grain type, you can add a sand making machine to crush and shape the porphyry material. Finally, porphyry material with qualified grain size will be sent to sand washing machine.

In short, when we design the porphyry crushing process we should fully consider the investment and production costs. Three stage crushing process will inevitably lead to higher investment costs, but for long-term operation of stones factory, three stage crushing can significantly reduce production costs. This kind of complete porphyry processing line is with large yield, good effect. Therefore, for long development, this porphyry process line can get higher returns.

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