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Chromite is an oxide mineral of chromium and iron. It has high carbon ferrochrome, medium carbon ferrochrome, low carbon ferrochrome, micro carbon ferrochrome, metal chromium, and silicon chromium alloy. Its quite hard, black and semi metallic.

Chromite is the main source of metal chromium and can also be used for refractory materials at high temperature. Chromite is generally lumped or granular. It has a normal spinel structure. Chromite Cr2O3 content of 67.91%, is the main source of industrial chromium, also can produce high-temperature refractory, with weak magnetism. Large chromite deposits are mainly found in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Russia and Cuba.

South Africas Chromite inventories rank first, and chrome ore reserves are as high as 72%. However, the amount of chrome ore exported to China from Zimbabwe and Kazakhstan, which has fairly high reserves, is not large. Turkey, with a reserve of only 0.9%, has become the second largest importer of chromite in China. Of course, such as Finland and India, although the export volume is small, but its own ferrochrome smelting technology is also high, ferrochrome quality is better.

Metal chromium is mainly used to smelt special alloys with cobalt, nickel and tungsten. These special and special alloys are indispensable materials for the production of guns, missiles, rockets and ships in the aviation, aerospace, automobile, shipbuilding, and national defense industries.

In chemical industry, chromite is mainly used to produce sodium dichromate, and then other chromium compounds, used in pigments, textile, electroplating, leather and other industries, as well as catalysts and catalyst agents.

In the nature, the chrome ore areexisting in sand or alluvial raw material, this kindtin ore called sandchrome oreor alluvialchrome ore, the raw materialmay be with stone, sand, gravel, soil, sticky clay, some times with other magnetic iron, ilmenite, hematite and other minerals. Thesand/alluvial chrome ore mine site is possible near river, onland , onmountain, or in the bushes,ect. The chrome ore concentrate is visible by eye, usually size can beseveral mm or below 1 mm.

The other typechrome ore is hard rockmaterial,thechrome oreis existing in hard rock, such as normal stone, quartz vein above the land.The rockchrome ore is mostly like to be with iron together.

The ore dressing technology of chrome ore mainly has Gravity separation process, the chrome ore mining equipment are jig separator, shaking table, spiral classifier, centrifugal concentrator and spiral chute, and sometimes the concentrate will be selected by weak magnetic separator or high intensity magnetic separator to further improve the grade of chromium concentrate and the ratio of chromium iron. Besides, some mines will also use flotation and flocculation flotation methods. But the most popular and common used mining method is by gravity and magentic separation for the chrome ore mining equipment.

The selection of chrome ore mining equipment is closely related to the physical and chemical properties of chromium ore. Because chromite is weakly magnetic, with the continuous improvement of high intensity magnetic separation technology, the technology of purifying chromium ore with high intensity magnetic separation has been very mature. Moreover, because the magnetic separation process has no pollution to the environment, the chrome ore magnetic separation technology has been popularized and applied in the major mineral processing plants.

JXSC mine machinery Company in China has more than 30 years professional experience at chrome ore processingplant, designfullset chrome ore process flowchart , provide complete setchromeoremining equipment, cansend engineer to mine site forminingequipment installation and commissioning guidance. Have already built many chrome ore processing plant in Africa countries. Include:South Africa, Zimbabwe, Madagascar, Albania, India, Philippines, kazakhstan,Russia,China,ect.

Chromeore Feeding:can be vibration feeding machine, feeding hopper, belt feeder, wheel loader or excavator feed directly. Usually will make grizzly bar on vibration feeder or hopper to remove big waste stones firstly. Depends on process capacity to choosesuitable chrome ore mining equipment.

Chrome ore Washing:the chrome ore washing machineis for washing clean the clay and mud in raw material, most popular used are chromeore washing trommel scrubber and chromeore washing trommel screen. Chrome ore trommel scrubber washeris for washing chromeore raw material that with many sticky clay,chromite ore washingtrommel screen is for wash chromite ore raw material that without much sticky clay.Depends on raw material conditionsto choosesuitable chrome ore washing equipment.

Chromeore Sieving:after washing, then sieve out some bigger waste stones ,the under screen slurry will go to next separation machine. This sieving process can use trommel screen or vibration screen orchrome ore high frequency vibration screenwhich is wided used chrome ore mining equipment

Chromeore Primary Gravity Separation: itis for primary chromeore concentration process, jig separatoror spiral chute separator arebest choiceof chrome ore gravity mining equipment.The concentrate ore discharged from them will send to2ndstageconcentration machine.

2ndStage Concentrationprocess:the concentrate ore from chromeore jig machine or spiral chute spearator will go to chromeore shaking table concentration machine for final concentration, can get high grade chromeore concentrate. Shaking table is a good concentration effect mining equipment for chrome ore processing plant.

Chromiteore Upgrading:if need much higher chromeore grade, can use high intensity magnetic separator toupgrade it. The chrome ore mangetic separator is also important chrome ore mining equipment for final upgrading.

crushers can be rough rock chrome ore jaw crusher, rock chrome ore fine jaw crusher, rock chrome cone crusher, rock chrome hammer crusher, roller crusher rock, depends on the rockchrome ore feeding size and process capacity to use which kind crusher.

Grinding:after crush the stone to smaller size, need to grind to power by chrome ore ball mill grinding machine or wet pan mill or other rock grinding machine, so the chrome concentrate can released out from stone. Then go to chrome ore separation machine and concentration machine.( chrome ore shaking table, chrome ore spiral chute, chrome ore jig separator,ect)