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Discharge multi-purpose hose handling compressed air, water and aqueous solutions, oil, diesel and other petroleum based products having an aromatic content of maximum 50% by volume (not recommended for fuel applications)

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Too often, large mining operations have several contractors onsite providing a multitude of different activities from equipment provisioning to operations and maintenance. With multiple contractors come multiple problems, including duplication of efforts, multiple points of contact, and potential invoicing issues.

To better provide service on the mine site, AMECO has customized mining services solutions, allowing you to avoid duplicating resources in different areas of the mine by providing a single point of contact to provide all the equipment, operators, support services, and maintenance needed to execute work on the mine site. These services enable mine owners, operators, and other onsite contractors to optimize their resources, lower their costs, and execute projects more efficiently.

Through specifically created strategic alliances with our clients, AMECO offers a fully integrated solution, providing support, maintenance, and operation while removing the potential pitfalls of overspending on multiple contracts without the required results.

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TheSolutionFiles A Guide to P&H Mining Equipment Inc. Summary The P&H 4170C Mobile Mining Crusher is an integral part of the P&H IPCC System. The IPCC System combines the flexibility, productivity and reliability of the P&H electric mining shovel with the cost effectiveness of a long-distance, high-throughput conveyor material handling system. Benefits Operation of the shovel and 4170C are synchronized to optimize performance on a continual basis. The shovel and the 4170C are linked via PreVail (Remote Health Monitoring system) to promote coordinated maintenance schedules and optimize availability. The 4170C includes the 1662 Double Roll Sizer Crusher as a standard feature. Designed to accept material up to 1500 mm (60 inches) in size. Easily adjustable to control product size. Backed by the Best P&H MinePro Services: The P&H IPCC system is fully assembled and value-optimized with Life Cycle Management service support provided by P&H MinePro Services, who are focused on optimizing systems safety, productivity and reliability, truly a one-stop shop solution. 4170C Mobile Mining Crusher DraglinesDraglinesLCMLCMTechnologyTechnologyShovelsDrillsShovelsDrillsPeak continued4100XPC Figure 1: P&H In-Pit Crusher Conveyor System components

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