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One of the advantages of industrial clusters is the localized industrial elements, which not only reduce the procurement and supply costs of the enterprises in the park, more importantly, greatly facilitate the communication and interaction between the upstream and downstream enterprises, so as to both technical innovation createdcondition. "since 2011, according to the park project basis and location advantages, Zhengzhou City to build construction machinery industry base, the construction machinery industry has shown a good momentum of growth in size, quality, and efficiency simultaneously.With the beneficiation technology continues to progress, the reform and innovation of magnetic separator are carried out , the use of micro-guide parallel magnetic circuit technology, the small size of the magnetic system, light weight, the magnetic field of the magnetic separator uses two types of magnetic materials: a magnetic low, low, the relatively large size of the permanent magnet material as a secondary pole, another for the extremely high performance, small size as the base, the energy product of two permanent magnetic materials for magnetic separator difference of more than 10 times, how composite use is extremely important general methods often result in material waste increased magnetic separator magnetic flux leakage, low the magnetics working point, and the magnetic field stability is poor, a new centralized ease assembled magnetic technology, the two magnetic properties of a difference to teach a large permanent magnet materials organic combine to make it in the best state of the operating point.

The dry magnetic separator of our company is composed of the magnetic circuit trace magnetizer, the overall magnetic circuit of the plurality of permanent magnets and magnetic workspace. The salient features of the magnetic circuit of the magnetic separator: fully closed state, magnetic flux leakage, the magnetic field is stable, large work space, and the formation of a weak, medium, strong three magnetic zone. Advantage of the magnetic separator technology: with a small amount of magnetic conductor and a plurality of permanent magnets composed of multiple magnetic workspace, the formation of weak, medium, strong three areas of magnetic field is a machine multifunction machine ring selection provides conditions, and small size, light weight, the sorting machine easy to implement large-scale. Magnetic circuit stability is good, and after years of calibration, the magnetic field does not significantly diminish. The permanent magnetic material can be fully utilized, so that the magnetic material characteristics at the optimum value. The magnetic energy between the larger permanent magnet material used in combination, reduce costs, reduce the magnetic flux leakage, and improve the utilization of the magnetic material, create the conditions for the selection of the separator .

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Under the new economic situation of 2012 , Chinese machinery market has produced a series of new magnetic separator equipment, which not only used in the mining industry, but also the timber industry, mining, ceramic, chemical, food and other plants! With China's sustained and rapid economic development, the steel industry is developing rapidly. the ore demand of domestic iron and steel enterprises has increased rapidly , domestic mine production has been far short of needs, therefore, they had to rely on high-quality iron ore resources abroad for decades, the majority of the beneficiation workers for China's iron ore resources "poor, fine " these two characteristics miscellaneous features carried out a lot of research work to solve many technical problems, have made great progress and development of Chinese iron ore beneficiation technology has greatly improved the overall level. Especially in recent years, the development and successful application of new efficient sorting equipment, new efficient flotation reagent, as well as a new separation process. The breakthrough has been made so that the beneficiation process indicators.The market new magnetic separator is mainly focused on the magnetic and beneficiation form, permanent magnet drum magnetic separator, dry magnetic separator, magnetic separation machine. Magnetic drum magnetic separator for cylinder surface magnetic field strength is much higher than ordinary permanent magnetic separator, easy to operate and maintain, and has a significant energy saving performance when used in various types of concentrator site. Permanent drum magnetic separator magnetic separator cylinder can be equipped with three tank that half countercurrent tank (CTB), downstream trough (CTS) and countercurrent tank (CTN), in order to adapt to the different sorting requirements. Dry magnetic separator for dry magnetic mineral separation, magnetic separation machinery, relative to wet magnetic separator liquid to use as a diluent to improve the efficiency of separation in terms of sorting minerals, dry magnetic separation machine requires dry mineral separation between particles can move freely into the independent free state, otherwise it will affect the magnetic effect, and may even cause the serious consequences of non-separation. Wet magnetic separator is commonly used in the iron ore equipment (iron ore magnetic separator) and manganese equipment (the manganese magnetic separator),which is a kind of mainstream high intensity magnetic separation beneficiation equipment. Wet permanent magnetic drum magnetic separator iron ore processing plants generally use the magnetic separator, which applies to the election of strongly magnetic mineral.

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Superparamagnetic particles have been used extensively in diagnostics and other research applications for the isolation of cells and biomolecules such as antibodies, nucleic acids, and polypeptides. The biomagnetic separators available from Bangs accommodate a complete range of magnetic separation applications, including cell sorting, mRNA and DNA isolation, and the purification of proteins and protein complexes.Our biomagnetic separators feature high-energy neodymium-iron-boron [Nd-Fe-B] magnets that ensure fast separation rates, excellent wall or well retention, and maximum yield. They are suitable for use with each of our magnetic particle lines. See our Biomagnetic Separators brochure.

The 1.5 mL Magnetic Separator is a durable plastic magnetic separation unit designed to accommodate a standard 1.5 mL microcentrifuge tube for a complete range of magnetic separation applications, including cell sorting, mRNA and DNA isolation, and the purification of biomolecules. By placing the tube into the separator, our high energy neodymium-iron-boron [Nd-Fe-B] magnet will quickly draw superparamagnetic particles out of the solution. Once separation is complete, with particles firmly held to the wall, the supernatant may be removed. The 1.5 mL Magnetic Separator is simple and easy to use with most established bead protocols. See magnetizing force here.

The BioMag MultiSep Magnetic Separator accommodates three different tube sizes, which makes it a convenient and economical solution for processing magnetic microsphere samples. The MultiSep can be used with 50mL, 15mL, or 1.5mL centrifuge tubes for individual separations in a variety of applications.

The BioMag Multi-6 Microcentrifuge Tube Separator is a durable plastic magnetic separation unit designed to accommodate six 1.5mL microcentrifuge tubes. The magnets and tube holders are positioned to efficiently magnetically separate microliter volumes common in molecular biology applications.

The BioMag 96-Well Plate Separator (bottom pull) is a durable magnetic separation unit designed to accommodate most 96-well plates. The magnetic separator consists of permanent magnets enclosed in a plastic frame.

The BioMag 96-Well Plate Side Pull Separator is a durable magnetic separation unit designed to accommodate 96-well plates that allow the magnetic pins to fit between the individual wells. This separator allows particles to be pulled to the side of the walls, giving access to the bottom of the wells for more complete fluid removal and less chance of particle aspiration. The magnetic separator consists of 24 permanent neodymium-iron-boron rod magnets embedded in a plastic frame.

The BioMag Flask Separator is a 12.5cm x 6cm rectangular magnetic separation unit designed for use with tissue culture flasks. Test tubes may be used with this unit by securing tubes against the magnet with a rubber band (or by using one magnet on either side of the flask, as shown in the image to the left). The unit consists of permanent magnets enclosed in a plastic frame. The magnetic strength contained in each disc magnet is 27 megagauss Oersteads. Hurry! The BioMag Flask Separator is being offered at a discounted price, so stock up today!

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MAGNETIC SEPARATORS a wide range of MAGNETIX products, designed for metal separation in applications such as: mining, power industry, recycling andfood industry. The magnetic separators are installed on belt conveyors, chutes and pneumatic conveying pipelines.

Magnetic and electromagnetic separators MAGNETIX are products with the best European quality. We can get it because all steps of manufacturing of metal separators from designing, testing and production are in our factory. For building of metal separators we are using the strongest neodymium and ferrite magnets and the best quality parts from our European suppliers. The best quality is signed by ISO certificate TV NORD.

In the offer the Customer can find typical magnetic separators for typical sizes of conveyors, pipelines and chutes. MAGNETIX as a producer realizing also not typical projects where is designing of different sizes and types of magnetic separators for many industrial installations. Special metal separators can be using in explosive zones ATEX like coal mines and power plants, mils, sugar factories etc. with high explosive dustiness.

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2. When materials are put in a closed strong magnetic field, they will form a stable parabolic movement. Due to the different strength of attraction of the magnetic field, clods and grains will be separated.

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Eriez Drum Separators remove both large and small pieces of iron contaminants from material processing lines. Powerful permanent magnets enable more efficient separation performance for a broader range of applications than ever before. The complete line includes standard models in diameters from 12 to 36 inches (305 to 915 mm), and widths from 12 to 60 inches (305 to 1525 mm). These units provide efficient separation on volumes up to 25,600 cubic feet (725 cubic meters) per hour. They provide years of troublefree automatic removal of tramp iron from heavy flows of bulk materials, including large and highly abrasive materials.

As material reaches the drum, the magnetic field attracts and holds ferrous particles to the drum shell. As the drum revolves, it carries the material through the stationary magnetic field. The nonmagnetic material falls freely from the shell, while the magnetic particles are held firmly until they are carried out of the magnetic field.

Type CC Model Drum Separators have a unique criss cross magnetic circuit. A powerful permanent magnetic field uniformly covers the entire drum width to ensure maximum tramp iron removal. The smooth stainless steel shell with single wiper strip assures positive tramp iron discharge and a minimum of product carryover on powdery or cohesive materials.

Rare Earth Drum Separators should be used for applications where a high degree of product purity is required. Rare Earth Drums are effective in removing very fine ferrous particles, locked particles, and even strongly paramagnetic particles. Magnetic lines of flux are concentrated in each internal pole, creating an extremely highgradient magnetic field.

Type A AgitatorType Drum Separators automatically removes difficulttoseparate magnetic contamination from nonmagnetic materials. This Drum (available with or without HFP housing) has a specially designed magnetic element that causes agitation of materials passed over it. The agitation moves the material in and out of a set of magnetic fields, and thereby physically shakes nonmagnetic materials from ferrous materials, even when entangled.