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organic herbal tea - herbal weight loss obecut tea (1 plus 1 free this week) manufacturer from gurgaon

Organic FARM NATURAL Obecut Tea is a unique and naturally caffeine free herbal tea containing herbs that may aid in weight loss when combined with moderate exercise and a sensible diet. It also addresses all metabolic functional disorders linked to obesity or over-weight. Garcinia, Boerhaavia diffusa and Fructo oligo sacchharides with Stevia Green Extract Powder may help reduce body weight by suppressing appetite and inhibiting the conversion for calorie into body fat. These supplements also stimulates thermogenesis meet that helps body burn extra calories by biological combustion of food. FOS and Stevia Green Extract Powder are good source of soluble dietary fiber known for controlling water balance for the body.

Garcinia cambojia ext., Boerhaavia diffusa ext., Cassia fistula ext., Fructo Oligo Sacchharides. Stevia green ext. powder. Green tea ext, black tea ext, Maltodextrin, Silicon dioxide, Contains Natural and Natur Identical Flavours