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Drum screen, with large volume, is a cylinder. It mainly consists of the motor, reducer, drum device, screen, frame, sealing cover, inlet and outlet. The drum device must be equipped with a steel ring to prevent the deformation of the drum screen.

It is widely used in the screening of raw coal, crushed stone and other materials in alumina plants, power plants, coking plants, cement, mining, metallurgy, building materials, coal chemical industries, etc. It is key screening equipment in the coal chemical industry.

Linear screens mainly screen fine particles with light specific gravity and low-hardness, mainly dry materials. They are usually used in food, chemical, building materials, and pharmaceutical industries.

When the materials are fed into the drum screen, due to its tilt and rotation, qualified materials (undersize product) are discharged through the discharging port at the bottom of the rear end of the drum, while unqualified materials (oversize product) are discharged through the other discharge port.

The linear vibrating screen adopts a vibrating motor as the vibration source, so the material is thrown up on the screen. Then several specifications of undersize products and oversize products are produced through the multi-layer screen. Finally, they are discharged from their respective outlets.

Generally, the inclination of the drum screen is 5-30. It is generally close to 30 for light and fine materials. When the material is heavier, it can be less than 20, and in special cases, 5-10.

The inclination of the circular vibrating screen is suitable when it is 20, and the general range is between 16-20. If the inclination angle is less than 16, the material on the screen may not move smoothly or roll upward.

The vibrating screen is screening equipment with a vibrating motor as the vibration source, so its screening accuracy is high. The trommel screen is high-output screening equipment with the screening accuracy not as high as the vibrating screen.

As for the circular vibrating screen, the material moves in a parabolic circular trajectory on the screen surface, so the material is dispersed as much as possible to improve the material's bounce force.

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