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The main Gahcho Ku kimberlite cluster comprises four kimberlite bodies: Hearne, 5034, Tuzo, and Tesla. Hearne, most of the 5034 Pipe, and the Tuzo and Tesla occur under Kennady Lake, which has an average depth of 8 m. The Tesla kimberlite body is not part of the current declared resources or reserves. Gahcho Ku kimberlites are overlain by varying thickness of glacial boulder outwash and lake sediments (averaging 10 m thick), and have a combined water and sediment cover as much as 25 m thick. Drill information suggests that Tuzo and 5034 are located on an inclined feeder dyke system, the GK dyke, which dips roughly 25 degrees NNE. A vertical feeder dyke, as it is common for most maar-diatreme volcanoes, was not identified. Hearne is located on another feeder dyke system which dips to the North. The feeder dyke systems were repeatedly active during emplacement, resulting in a complex facies architecture of the kimberlite bodies rising from the feeder dykes. The kimberlite bodies are steep-sided comprising of several texturally distinct phases of kimberlite in which the textures vary from hypabyssal kimberlite (HK) to diatreme facies tuffisitic kimberlite (TK). TK displays many diagnostic features including abundant unaltered country rock xenoliths, pelletal lapilli, serpentinized olivine and a matrix composed of microlitic phlogopite and serpentine without carbonate. HK contains common fresh olivine set in a groundmass composed of monticellite, phlogopite, perovskite, serpentine and carbonate. A number of texturally hybrid kimberlite rocks display a textural gradation from TK to HK, which is characterized by a decrease in the proportion of pelletal lapilli and country rock xenoliths and an increase in groundmass crystallinity, proportion of fresh olivine and the degree of xenolith digestion (Hetman et al., 2004).Hearne KimberliteScott Smith (2005) modelled two bodies to comprise the Hearne kimberlite, Hearne South and Hearne North. Further analysis and additional drilling in 2018 has shown that these bodies connect as lobes of a single kimberlite body (Fulop & Pell, 2019). The Hearne kimberlite has smooth, steep-sided walls, and covers an area of about 1.5 ha. At surface, Hearne measures a maximum of 380 m x 90 m from north to south with its largest width occurring at the south end in the former south pipe. Average widths are approximately 40 m at surface. The south lobe is dominantly TK, and the north lobe consists of approximately equal amounts of HK and TK. The present pipe geological model for the Hearne South extends to 125 masl. Additional drilling has proven that the body does not extend beyond this depth; Its limited depth is most likely controlled by a steep N-dipping feeder dyke system. The north lobe narrows to less than 10 m width in the centre of the body at approximately 130 m depth below lake-surface. There is also evidence that the north lobe extends below 100 masl.5034 Kimberlite The 5034 kimberlite is a highly irregularly-shaped pipe and dyke complex that is comparable to kimberlite root zones elsewhere and has a surface area of approximately 2.1 ha. The main part of the 5034 occurrence that reaches the surface occurs under Kennady Lake and can be divided into four lobes: West, Southwest Corridor, Centre and East. These lobes are joined at the surface, but separate at depth. The Centre and East lobes are modelled separately at shallow depth, but rejoin at greater depth producing what appears to be a window of granite within the kimberlite. The East and North lobes are joined at depth, geologically continuous, and are collectively referred to as the Northeast Lobe, now including the Northeast Extension (Kurszlaukis et al., 2019). The surface measurements of the four lobes of the 5034 Main Pipe are approximately as follows: West Lobe 125 m x 45 m; Centre Lobe 125 m x 80 m; North-East Lobe 85 m x 65 m; and Southwest Corridor 330 m x 40 m.Tuzo Kimberlite The overall surface area of the Tuzo body is roughly 1.2 ha, which is covered by as much as 25 m of water of and glacial overburden. The kimberlite body comprises various fragmental and coherent kimberlites, and it contains abundant inclusions of the surrounding granitic country rock. The 2007 drill program results improved the definition of the shape of the kimberlite body, which is unusual as it widens towards depth from 125 m in diameter near the surface to roughly 225 m diameter at 300 m depth. Mineralization Hearne Kimberlite Five different phases of TK were recognised within the Hearne kimberlite.Hearne North LobeA major TK unit in Hearne North is the HNTKN that occupies the upper northern part of the main pipe. This TK contains <15% of granite xenoliths, but does contain autolith-like bodies and magmaclasts. The TK grades with depth into transitional textures resembling HK. The transition zone was termed HNTKNt. Below the transition zone is HK, some of which appears to be of the same phase of kimberlite as the overlying TK and TKt. The internal contact separating the TKN and TKNt is sub-parallel to the contact with the underlying HK. Both internal contacts dip at approximately 50 to the north. The HK immediately underlying the HNTKNt is thought to be part of the same phase and was termed HNHKN. This interpretation is supported by the similarity in macro-diamond grade between the textural varieties of kimberlite. These three textural units (HNTKN, HNTKNt, and HNHKN) represent the transition from the diatreme to the root zone within a single phase of kimberlite.Hearne South LobeBased on geological interpretations from limited core drilling, this body appears to be composed mainly of uniform diatreme-facies TK, containing as much as 50% granite xenoliths. The TK unit was named HSTKM. A separate transitional HK/TK was proposed and named HSTKW. The macro-diamond grades in both of the above units are similar.5034 Kimberlite Kryvoshlyk (2008) reported that the diamond distribution in the 5034 North Lobe appears to follow the layered character of the kimberlite overall. Maximum concentrations of diamonds appear often located close to the Orange Marker a specific petrological layer generally found between the two units comprising the majority of the pipe infill: the upper HKt and the lower HK units. Diamond count maxima in the East Lobe appear to create a lens-like body at a depth of 85 to 131 m towards its flanks and 107 to 211 m in its centre.Tuzo Kimberlite The kimberlite units of the Tuzo kimberlite pipe are characterised by a large variation of diamond counts in both micro as well as macro grain size classes, likely due to varying levels of dilution within the kimberlite.Volumetrically significant lithologies with elevated diamond counts are found in the coherent HK and HKt units at depth. The fragmental lithologies in contrast have the lower stone counts, which seem to correlate negatively with country rock dilution.

The Gahcho Ku Mine employs conventional open pit truck/shovel mining methods. Waste and ore are blasted and loaded using a fleet of diesel powered trucks, shovels, drills and ancillary equipment. Waste rock will be stored in two surface mine rock piles as well as in two of the excavated pits at later stages of the mine life. Kimberlite ore is hauled to a run-of-mine storage pad where the ore is stockpiled and loaded into the primary crusher via a front end loader. Kimberlite processing creates two additional waste streams of coarse and fine processed kimberlite. Coarse processed kimberlite (CPK) is loaded into haul trucks and stacked in a pile north of the plant, while the fine processed kimberlite (FPK) is deposited via slurry into a settlement pond known as Area 2. Non-acid generating (NAG) and potentially-acid generating (PAG) waste rock is differentiated using an on-site sampling system of blast hole cuttings. PAG rock is encapsulated within the surface mine rock piles and eventually below the restored final lake elevation of Kennady Lake during period of pit backfill. The mine design and consequent mine plan considers conventional truck / shovel mining utilizing 29 m3 bucket diesel hydraulic front shovels, a 17 m3 front-end loader and 218 t class haul trucks to mine kimberlite and waste. This large fleet is augmented by 12 m3 bucket front-end loaders, scaling excavators and five 90 t haul trucks. Production drill and blast activities are supported by a fleet of rotary blast hole drills drilling 251 mm diameter holes. Pre-shear and auxiliary drilling is conducted by down the hole percussion drills drilling 171mm diameter holes. Pit designs were developed using optimized Whittle shells as a basis, and these were used to develop the mine production plan and schedule. The mining sequence is optimized to smooth waste stripping requirements, while ensuring adequate kimberlite exposure to meet kimberlite feed requirements, as well as mine rock storage considerations within the Hearne and 5034 pits throughout the mine life.Pre-stripping began on land in the northern half of the 5034 pit in 2014, with the majority of the granite waste used for road, dyke and infrastructure pad construction. Unsuitable overburden material was placed in the South mine rock pile. Mining continued in the north side of 5034 until Q1 2016, when mining in the south half of the ultimate 5034 pit began. Mining in the 5034 pit will be completed in Q2 2024. From this point, mine rock from the adjacent 5034 NEX Pushback will be placed in the mined-out 5034 pit. Mining of Hearne pit started in December 2017 and will be completed in mid-2022. Priority has been placed on mining Hearne in these years to open up in-pit waste storage capacity. Once Hearne is complete, fine processed kimberlite will be diverted from the FPK storage facility to the empty pit. In Q2 2020, equipment will begin stripping the 5034 NEX Pushback which also incorporates the first phase of Tuzo. Tuzo ore from this first phase that will be mined with the NEX Pushback will be released starting in 2021 and will continue through to mid-2023. In mid-2024, NEX ore will be released and it will be the primary kimberlite production source until mining in the NEX Pushback is complete in Q1 2026. At this stage in the mine life, the combined mined-out area of the NEX Pushback and the 5034 pit will be used for Tuzo mine rock storage. Waste stripping in the third and final phase of Tuzo pit will begin in Q3 2023 and ore release will start at the end of 2025. Kimberlite production in Tuzo will be sustained until mid-2030. Commissioning of the treatment plant was completed in March 2017 with steady-state production expected through to mid-2030. The annual production is a planned 3.35 million tonnes in 2020, and approximately 3.23 million tonnes from 2021 to the end of the mine life.All three kimberlite deposits exist under Kennady Lake, and required substantial dewatering efforts prior to mining. Dewatering of the Southern portion of Kennady Lake (Area 8, 7 and 6) was completed in 2015 along with construction of the primary dewatering infrastructure exposing the 5034 and Hearne deposits. Completion of the remaining dewatering dike network and substantial dewatering of Area 4 was conducted in 2018 and 2019, which exposed the Tuzo mining area.The mining fleet must deliver 3.2 Mt of kimberlite annually to the process plant during production and strip an average of 32 Mt of waste per year during the same period. Peak waste stripping is approximately 44 Mt per year in 2024 when stripping is conducted at both 5034 and Tuzo.The Gahcho Ku Mine operates 365 days per year, 24 hours per day. The mine operation is run using two12 hours shifts, with the majority of operations and operational support personnel working a 14 day on / 14 day off rotation. A portion of Yellowknife based mine management and mine administrative staff work a four day on / three day off schedule working 12 hour shifts and provide a consistent management presence at the mine site.The current mine production plan for Gahcho Ku has been developed to maximize the value of the 5034, Hearne and Tuzo reserves through a strategic mining sequence. This sequence considers internal phasing to balance strip ratios during pre-strip activities, concurrent mining of all three pits, ore stockpiling and blending as well as in-pit backfill of the Hearne and 5034 pits during the later years of the mine life. The three pits are mined in the following order and for the following durations: 5034 commenced in 2014 and extends to 2026; Hearne commenced in 2017 and extends to 2022; and Tuzo 2020 to 2030.

The process plant is oriented along an east-west axis. Plant feed is introduced near the middle of the plant length. In the middle of the plant is the secondary cone crusher, the scrubbers and primary screening. On the west side of the plant the high pressure grinding roll crusher (HPGR) is positioned, along with the water tanks and the thickener.

The mine extracts kimberlite ore from three different kimberlite pipes: 5034, Hearne, and Tuzo. The process plant was designed to treat 3.0 million tonnes per annum of ore, however several throughput improvements have been implemented since commercial production was achieved in Q1 2017.The 2019 Strategic Business Plan includes an increase to the process plant throughput to 3.35 million tonnes in year 2020. From 2021 onwards, the plant rate is scheduled at 3.23 million tonnes per annum to align with the ore release rate that the mine plan is able to maintain based on the required strip ratios. In years 2024 and 2026 however, the annual plant throughput will be reduced to 3.18 and 3.13 million tonnes per annum respectively when waste stripping requirements are higher and the stockpile is depleted. The planned throughput is in line with demonstrated plant operation performance, as in 2019, the year-to-date plant throughput performance to the end of October averaged 3.53 millio ........

Reserves at December 31, 2020: Mineral Reserves are reported at a bottom cut-off of 1.0 mm.Mineral Resources are reported at a bottom cut-off of 1.0 mm. Incidental diamonds are not incorporated in grade calculations.

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The De Beers Group has an opportunity within the Mobile Maintenance Department at the Gahcho Ku Mine Site, based in the Northwest Territories for a highly motivated Heavy Equipment Technician. Reporting to the Mobile Maintenance Supervisor the incumbent will be responsible for the preventative maintenance and major repairs to mobile, auxiliary and stationary mining equipment, while continuously aligning daily functions to reflect the values of De Beers. The ideal candidate is one who is committed to safe working practices and strives for zero harm.

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The multiple awards that this project has received are a testament to the commitment of every employee and partner that has made Gahcho Ku the success that it is as an operation, having had a tremendous start with a world-class approach and delivery of the project phase."

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The De Beers Group has an opportunity within the Mobile Maintenance Department at the Gahcho Ku Mine Site, based in the Northwest Territories for a highly motivated Heavy Equipment Technician. Reporting to the Mobile Maintenance Supervisor the incumbent will be responsible for the preventative maintenance and major repairs to mobile, auxiliary and stationary mining equipment, while continuously aligning daily functions to reflect the values of De Beers. The ideal candidate is one who is committed to safe working practices and strives for zero harm.

We are the worlds leading diamond company, powered by thousands of people around the world who are driven to support thriving local communities, protect the natural environment, and stand with women and girls, focused on Building Forever.With headquarters in London and mines in four countries Botswana, Canada, Namibia and South Africa we are truly global. Established in 1888, our expertise ranges from exploration and diamond recovery, to rough diamond sales and diamond jewellery retail. In Canada we operate the Gahcho Ku Mine in the Northwest Territories, are working to advance the Chidliak Project on Baffin Island and have an active exploration program looking for Canadas next great diamond mine.Safety

Safety first is a way of life for us. We are unconditional about the safety, health and well-being of our colleagues, at work and at home, and about that of the communities where we work. We aim to lead the industry by investing in innovation to protect people, who are at the heart of our business. Our high performing teams take accountability for their own and others' actions, work collaboratively, and always show care and respect.

We are committed to promoting an inclusive and diverse workplace where we value and respect every colleague for who they are. We provide equality of opportunity to enable everyone to fulfil their potential.

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Gahcho Ku will play an important role in helping to meet the expected rise in demand for diamond jewellery globally. Find out more about the outlook for the global diamond industry in De Beers Diamonds Insight Report 2016.

Including its supply chain impacts, the mine supported more than 2,700 jobs in 2015, with employment at the site representing more than 10 per cent of employment in the Northwest Territories extractive industries.

De Beers' diamond mine portfolio has played a fundamental role in Canada's emergence as a diamond-producing country, now ranking as the third largest in the world by production value and fifth largest by production volume.

With the opening of Gahcho Ku, a head office move to Calgary completed, and ongoing strategies for further exploration, De Beers is actively planning for the next chapter in its operations in Canada. These operations, as they have in the past, retain a focus on investing locally to ensure that the benefits flow to the communities with which the company works.

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With a guest list of 150 investors, aboriginal chiefs, politicians, company officials and media from as far afield as Africa, the UK and Ireland, it took four aircraft from Calgary and Yellowknife to fly everyone in for the launch of the Gahcho Kue project on Sept. 20, 2016.

The six-hour event was a reflection of the meticulous planning poured into the NWTs fourth diamond producer (Canadas sixth) since the deposit was discovered some 21 years ago by Mountain Province Diamonds. It attracted De Beers to the find in 1997, and the two forged a 51:49 joint venture to bring it forward with De Beers holding 51% and acting as operator.

There was ample cause for celebration: their combined $1.056 billion investment is expected to harvest 54 million carats and pump hundreds of jobs and hundreds of millions of dollars into the NWTs flat lined economy over its 12-year life.

Our singular focus is to repay our shareholders and business partners, said Patrick Evans, president and CEO of Mountain Province, and to operate this diamond mine for the benefit of our employees and the communities they call home. Among the other speakers was Bill Enge, president of the NWT North Slave Metis Alliance, one of six indigenous groups which will receive beneficiary payments over life of the mine.

I think it will generate a lot of spin offs from this mine, said Tlicho grand chief Eddie Erasmus. for people up here in the north and Yellowknife, the Northwest Territories and Canada as a whole De Beers claims the overall project will be a $6.7 billion boost to Canadas economy. It comes at a critical time for both the NWT and De Beers.

For the NWT, it could at least replace the job and revenue losses brought on when De Beers shocked the territory by shuttering its problem-plagued Snap Lake mine in December 2015, at least a decade earlier than planned.

For De Beers, it marks the opening of its first mine since 2008 and its largest outside of South Africa. It will bring new high quality production into a supply chain that is forecast to start shrinking by 2020, and when prices for rough and demand for finished jewelry are expected to firm up.

Hatch Ltd., the global engineering firm, was brought into Gahcho Kue in 2010 by JDS Mining and Energy, to partner on the engineering, procurement and construction management (EPCM) challenge. Years of planning and co-ordination went into the two-year campaign to deliver and build the mine between 2014 and 2016.

John Bryant of Hatch was assigned as project manager in 2012. Bryant says the big push was to source construction equipment and a 450-person camp and get it marshalled in Yellowknife for the January opening of the 2014 ice road season.

While 2014 was a good winter road year, 2015 was a different story. Three bad storms cut into the season, but some 2,500 loads of critical machinery, materials and fuel did make it over the 400-km ice road.

Regulatory issues also created headaches. A permit for a carefully planned laydown area was withdrawn just weeks before trucking started in 2015, requiring a major push to build a new one in a hurry. Delays for accessing the mines permanent airstrip site meant a smaller, short term strip had to be built, capable only of Twin Otter aircraft.

Regardless, the EPCM team, lead by Allan Rodel (now mine general manager), brought Gahcho Kue on two months ahead of schedule and on budget. Bryant, along with the owners, lauded the teams exemplary safety record: only three losttime incidents in 3.8 million hours logged by over 1,800 workers.

The project has already garnered recognition. The Project Management Institute, Montral Chapter, gave its top honour in the private industry category to Gahcho Kue in November. Earlier in 2016, the Yellowknife Chamber of Commerce singled it out for its workplace health and safety award.

Three pipes will be mined at Gahcho Kue, a Chipewyan name meaning the place of big rabbits. Stripping began two years ago at 5034 pipe, with the first kimberlite fed into the 8,000-t/d mill in early June and the actual ramp-up started on Aug. 1.

Ramping up means slowly putting more into the system, with the right mix of country rock, and learning to balance those levels. Its also learning the orebody, the fine versus coarse material, says Ormsby. It was really a well-executed project, not just for De Beers Canada, but for us globally. Its really held up as a good example for how a project should be done.

The proof is in the early impressive results: by the end of September, 198,000 carats had been recovered, grading 1.52 carats/tonne. It included a number of specials, stones bigger than 10.8 carats which command big premiums if theyre of very high quality or vivid color. The best so far weighs just over 50 carats.

The partners will split production along their 51:49 ownership, with an internal auction to bid for parcels of the specials. Along with all other NWT mines, they are also obliged to offer up to 10% of production to NWT-based polishers; only one company, Crossworks, is established at this time.

From that point, Mountain Province will entrust its Antwerp-based broker, Bonas, with selling its parcels through conventional open tender to cutters and polishers every five weeks. De Beers has its own global marketing system under its trademarked Forever brand, carried by some 2,000 retailers.

Evans says his company will focus exclusively on managing Gahcho Kue as its sole asset and is not pursuing any new projects or exploration. De Beers, on the other hand, has had active exploration in Canada since the 1960s, and will continue.

De Beers is also pursuing expansion of its Victor mine near James Bay in Ontario, with plans for a bulk sample this winter at the Tango Extension, one of 16 kimberlites discovered by the company in 1987 four years earlier than the find that set off the NWT rush, he points out. Tango could add five years to Victors production, which would otherwise be exhausted by 2019.

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POSITION: Temporary Heavy Equipment Operator, Mining (REF6547T) LOCATION: Gahcho Ku Mine CLOSING DATE: 18.01.2021 This position is located at the Gahcho Ku mine site andworks four weeks on followed by four weeks off.

De Beers Group Canada, active diamond explorer and joint venture partner of the Gahcho Ku mine, is looking for team players who value mining with respect forthe environment and communities close by, and who will live up to everything a diamond represents forever.

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During 2020, the mine provided 597 jobs, of which 50 per cent were held by residents of the Northwest Territories a slight increase from 49 per cent reported in 2019. Significantly, the number of jobs held by Indigenous residents of the NWT increased to 168 last year, representing 28 per cent of the mine workforce which is the highest number since the mine began production in 2016 and a two per cent increase from 2019.

Our commitment is to create a positive lasting legacy that will endure well beyond the recovery of our last diamond. It is for this reason that we are committed to adding value to communities in the NWT. Through our community response plan, we provided timely and critical support to local communities challenged by the pandemic, said Nompumelelo Zikalala, managing director of De Beers Group Managed Operations. Our approach is guided by our ambiti ous Building Forever sustainability framework, our blueprint for a holistic, integrated approach to create a better future where communities thrive and the environment is protected by accelerating equal opportunity and protecting the natural world.

Stuart Brown, CEO of Mountain Province Diamonds, voice identical sentiment: Our commitment to enriching the overall well-being of local communities through our business activities includes ensuring that the socio-economic benefits of Gahcho Kue mine are shared locally. Despite the unusual challenges presented by the pandemic, the Joint Venture has continued to meet or exceed the commitments we have made.

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De Beers Canada is pleased to announce the inaugural direct flight from YYC Calgary International Airport to the Gahcho Ku Mine in the Northwest Territories, which is the worlds largest new diamond mine.

The employee charter flight took place yesterday, departing from YYCs Domestic Terminal - Concourse B, providing De Beers employees flying to and from Gahcho Ku streamlined access to connecting commercial flights across Canada and around the world.

Flights to and from the mine out of YYCs Domestic Terminal will take place twice per week on a year-round basis. De Beers Canada CEO Kim Truter says this latest company milestone was part of the companys strategy to enhance the employee experience and provide stronger support to the mine through the De Beers Canada Operational Support Centre which is also located in the airport terminal just a short walk to the departure gates. Our move to Calgary in July of last year was not only to be closer to our activities in the Northwest Territories, but to establish an Operational Support Centre with seamless access to the our mines in the Northwest Territories and Ontario, as well as our exploration and project initiatives across Canada, said Truter. These new direct flights will improve our connectivity, save time and make our team even more efficient.

The opening of new International Terminal provided us with the space in our Domestic Terminal to accommodate new business opportunities such as the De Beers workforce charter flights and is a great example of how we continue to grow YYC through diverse air service offerings, said Bob Sartor, President and CEO of The Calgary Airport Authority. With 16,000 additional passengers coming through the terminal annually on these flights, the De Beers employees will be able to take advantage of YYCs extensive route network to connect across the globe or to return home to destinations across Canada.

Approximately 150 mine-based employees will fly in and out of YYC each week, while De Beers Calgary-based operational support staff of approximately 68 people will regularly use the flights to Gahcho Ku, which is 1,401 km from Calgary.

De Beers Canada established its Canadian Operational Support Centre at YYC Calgary International Airport, officially opening the office in the Calgary International Airport Corporate Centre on July 6, 2016.

The ability for companies in Calgary to connect to their worksites, their customers and the financial community because of the first-rate transportation networks, in particular, our world-class facilities at YYC Calgary Airport Authority, are one of the main reasons Calgary is so attractive to companies like De Beers Canada. Its a significant competitive advantage, said Mary Moran, President and CEO of Calgary Economic Development.

The Gahcho Ku Mine in the Northwest is a joint venture between De Beers Canada (51%), the Operator, and Mountain Province Diamonds (49%). De Beers Canada is a 100% owner and operator of the Victor Mine in northern Ontario, the Mining Magazine 2009 International Mine of the Year and is also the 2015 and 2016 National John T. Ryan Award Winner for Mine Safety. De Beers Canada is also a 100% owner of the Snap Lake Mine in the Northwest Territories, which is currently in extended care and maintenance.

De Beers is a member of the Anglo American plc group. Established in 1888, De Beers is the worlds leading diamond company with expertise in the exploration, mining and marketing of diamonds. Together with its joint venture partners, De Beers employs more than 20,000 people across the diamond pipeline and is the worlds largest diamond producer by value, with mining operations in Botswana, Canada, Namibia and South Africa. As part of the companys operating philosophy, the people of De Beers are committed to Building Forever by making a lasting contribution to the communities in which they live and work, and transforming natural resources into shared national wealth. For further information about De Beers, visit itswebsite.

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With a total of two positive cases at the remote site now, it's prompted the N.W.T.'s Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Kami Kandola to declare an outbreak at the mine, according to a news release Wednesday morning.

The N.W.T. defines an outbreak in a closed facility, including remote camps, as one or more confirmed or probable cases of COVID-19 where infection took place at the facility. The statement Wednesday said it's a "high probability" that viral transmission to the second person happened at the site.

The two positive cases and all contacts have been in isolation at the mine since Saturday, the release said, and they are away from the general population at the site. Neither of the positive cases were infectious during travel to the mine, it states.

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BEIJING (AP) China sent a flight to bring home 210 of its nationals from Afghanistan, state media reported Friday, as the U.S. military prepares to leave the country and the security situation grows increasingly fraught. The Global Times newspaper published by the ruling Communist Party said the Xiamen Airlines flight departed July 2 from the Afghan capital, Kabul, and landed in the central province of Hubei. The airline confirmed the report in a post on its Twitter-like Weibo account but offe

Highly-trained Colombian soldiers left at a loose end after retirement have frequently been tempted by opportunities to ply their trade abroad as private military contractors from Iraq to Yemen, military officials and experts said on Friday. At least 17 ex-members of Colombia's military are among the suspects in this week's assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moise, who was shot early on Wednesday at his home by what officials said was a group of foreign mercenaries. But for those want to hire mercenaries, Colombia is a popular choice.

Police are asking for the public's help after two men were found dead on a road near Good Spirit Lake in Saskatchewan on Monday. RCMP said the bodies of 29-year-old Bryton Lawrason and 20-year-old Seth Hildebrand were found on Tiny Grid Road near Burgis Beach, about 190 kilometres northeast of Regina. Both men were from Edmonton. Their families have been notified. Police say the deaths are being considered homicides, but that the causes of death are not being released because they are part of an

Just days after a report on allegations of bullying and harassment against Chief RoseAnne Archibald was leaked and hours after she was elected the new national chief of the Assembly of First Nations Archibald said today she would support the implementation of a whistleblower policy at the AFN. "I have been the victim of workplace harassment and I know what that feels like," she told a morning press conference. "For too long, organizations like AFN have allowed this kind of behaviour to conti

TORONTO Ontario will move to the third stage of its reopening plan next Friday several days ahead of schedule allowing gyms and restaurants to open indoor operations and larger gatherings to take place. The government said high vaccination rates and improvements in other pandemic metrics had allowed for the early move to Step 3. It said positive trends are expected to continue up until the July 16 reopening date. Premier Doug Ford thanked Ontarians who have been administering and receiving

Body camera video of a mass shooting in Toledo show two officers running toward the sound of gunfire as they yell at people to "stay down" and "find cover" while dozens of rounds are being fired. (July 9)

A Fort McMurray father and son are looking to get their lives back on track after waking up from month-long comas, three days apart, following serious complications from COVID-19. Scott Langford, 32, and his father, Clayton Langford, 58, were both diagnosed with COVID-19 in May. They hadn't seen each other in months and contracted the virus separately. Both men have asthma, and weren't able to get enough oxygen when they were sick, leading to them being put into induced comas. "I spent the bette

A Taliban delegation in Moscow said on Friday that the group controlled over 85% of territory in Afghanistan and reassured Russia it would not allow the country to be used as a platform to attack others. Foreign forces, including the United States, are withdrawing after almost 20 years of fighting, a move that has emboldened Taliban insurgents to try to gain fresh territory in Afghanistan. That has prompted hundreds of Afghan security personnel and refugees to flee across the border into neighbouring Tajikistan and raised fears in Moscow and other capitals that Islamist extremists could infiltrate Central Asia, a region Russia views as its backyard.

LONDON (AP) A British police officer pleaded guilty Friday to murdering a 33-year-old woman Sarah Everard, who was abducted as she walked home from a friends house in south London. Wayne Couzens previously admitted kidnapping and raping Sarah Everard, a marketing executive who went missing on March 3. Couzens entered a guilty plea to murder during a hearing at Londons Central Criminal Court, appearing by video link from Belmarsh high-security prison. A major police investigation was launched

As COVID-19 vaccination rates increase and case numbers drop across the country, the provinces and territories have begun releasing the reopening plans for businesses, events and recreational facilities. Most of the plans are based on each jurisdiction reaching vaccination targets at certain dates, while also keeping the number of cases and hospitalizations down. Here's a look at what reopening plans look like across the country: Newfoundland and Labrador: The province's reopening plan begins wi