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It's applied to iron, tin, tungsten, tantalum, niobium, gold, coal, monazite, rutile, zircon and other metal, nonmetal minerals with enough specific gravity dispersion of granularity ranged from 0.02 to 0.3mm.

This product has the features of reasonable structure, simple installation, small floor space, simple and easy operation, stable separation, clear classification, big processing capacity, high efficiency, high dressing and concentration ratio, high recovery and reliable operation.

This product has the features of reasonable structure, simple installation, small floor space, simple and easy operation, stable separation, clear classification, big processing capacity, high efficiency, high dressing and concentration ratio, high recovery and reliable operation, and in addition, it has light weight and low noise, and is damp-proof, rust-proof and corrosion resisting and well-adapted to the ore feeding amount, and the fluctuation of the density, granularity and taste of the minerals.

Erect the Spiral Separator, calibrate the perpendicular line and fix it in a proper position with iron structure or wood. Send the mineral sand with the sand pump to the two feeding mouth on the top of the spiral chute, add make-up water to adjust the density of the ore pulp, and the ore pulp will naturally rotationally flow down and produce an inertial centrifugal force in the rotary slant flow. The gravity and the centrifugal force will separate the ores and sand according to the proportion, granularity and shape of the ore sand, and the ore concentrate will flow into the concentrate funnel and be discharged with the pipe and the tailings will flow to the tailing funnel and be discharged to the sand tank with the pipe and drained by the sand pump to complete the whole separation process.

Model Spiral Diameter (mm) Trough Length (mm) Spiral rotate speed (r/min) Processing capacityt/d Motor Power kw Dimensions mm Total weight t Sand -return Overflow For driving For lifting Length Width Height FG-3 300 3000 12-30 80-150 20 1.1 ---- 3850 490 1140 0.7 FG-5 500 4500 8-12.5 135-210 32 1.1 ---- 5430 680 1480 1.9 FG-7 750 5500 6-10 340-570 65 3 ---- 6720 980 1820 3.1 FG-10 1000 6500 5-8 675-1080 110 5.5 ---- 7590 1240 2380 4.9 FC-10 8400 675-1080 85 7.5 ---- 9600 1240 2680 6.2 FG-12 1200 6500 4-6 1170-1870 155 7.5 2.2 8180 1570 3110 8.5 FC-12 8400 1170-1870 120 7.5 2.2 10370 1540 3920 11.0 2FG-12 6500 2340-3740 310 15 4.4 8230 2790 3110 15.8 2FC-12 8400 2340-3740 240 15 4.4 10370 2790 3920 17.6 FG-15 1500 8300 4-6 1830-2740 235 7.5 2.2 10410 1880 4080 12.5 FC-15 10500 1830-2740 185 7.5 2.2 12670 1820 4890 16.8 2FG-15 8300 2280-5480 470 15 4.4 10410 3390 4080 22.1 2FC-15 10500 2280-5480 370 15 4.4 12670 3370 4890 30.7 FG-20 2000 8400 3.6-5.5 3290-5940 400 11-15 3 10790 2530 4490 20.5 FC-20 12900 3210-5940 320 11-15 3 15610 2530 5340 28.5 2FG-20 8400 7780-11880 800 22-30 6 11000 4600 4490 35.5 2FC-20 12900 7780-11880 640 22-30 6 15760 4600 5640 48.7 FG-24 2400 9130 3.67 6800 580 15 3 11650 2910 4970 26.8 FC-24 14130 6800 490 18.5 4 16580 2930 7190 41.0 2FG-24 9130 13600 1160 30 6 12710 5430 5690 45.8 2FC-24 14130 13700 910 37 8 17710 5430 8000 67.9 2FG-30 3000 12500 3.2 23300 1785 40 8 16020 6640 6350 73.0 2FC-30 14300 23300 1410 ---- ---- 17091 ---- 8680 84.8

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Gravity Spiral Separator For Gold Applications: Gravity spiral separator has been used in to separate the granularity 0.3-0.02 millimeters fine grain like iron, tin, tungsten, tantalum-niobium, gold,ore, coal mine, monazite, rutile, zircon and other metals. The non-metallic minerals which have a big enough specific gravity difference

Gravity spiral separator is made of the fiberglass lined with wear-resistant polyurethane and corundum cover; the advantages are light, moisture proof, and anti-rust, corrosive proof and no noise, properly suitable for the different feeding particle sizes and grades.

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The spiral separator is the best gravity concentrating equipment, especially for concentrating sand ore in seashore and riverside. It is made of the fiberglass, lined with wear-resistant polyurethane and covered with corundum cover. It has advantages such as lightweight, moisture proof, anti-rust and corrosion, noiseless, very suitable for the different feeding particle sizes and grades.

Capacity: 0.15-8t/h Feeding size: 0.3-0.02mm Advantages: 1. Simple structure, easy to operate and maintain 2. Low energy consumption 3. Relate wide range of particle size 4. Small volume, space saving 5. High productivity and efficiency

Main parts: ore distributor, feed chute, spiral chute section, cutting trough, collecting hopper, support, etc. Spiral separator types: single spiral separator, lab spiral separator, rotary spiral separator, multi-deck spiral separator.

Application: The spiral separators are designed for classifying the granularity 0.3-0.02 millimeters fine grain like iron, hematite, ilmenite, chromite, brasses, tin, tungsten, tantalum-niobium, gold ore, coal mine, monazite, rutile, zircon, and other Non-ferrous metal, rare metal, and non-metallic minerals with different specific gravity in the mineral processing plant.

Working principle of spiral separators The ore materials are separated by the specific difference of gravity force, inertial centrifugal force, flow force, and surface friction of the light and heavy ore particles in the downward flow along the spiral tube slope. Generally speaking, the movement of the slurry flow on the spiral concentrating tables surface produces two directions, one is the longitudinal flow which rotates swiftly around the vertical axis of the spiral chute and down along the chute surface, which is called the main flow, the other is the transverse flow which rotates around a balance layer of the ore flow itself, called transverse circulation flow or vice flow. Under the comprehensive action of longitudinal main flow and transverse circulation, the mineral particles on the surface of spiral classifier move differently along longitudinal and transverse direction due to different density, particle size and shape, and settle at the bottom of the spiral groove in different time and speed, so the mineral particles are stratified according to density and particle size.

Stratification is the first stage of the separation process, which is basically completed after the first processing circuit of the spiral separators. After delamination, the light mineral particles in the upper layer flow to the outer edge of the spiral separator machine gradually, while the heavy mineral particles in the lower layer are affected less by the longitudinal main flow and move to the inner edge gradually. In this way, the layered particles are divided again, which is the second stage called zoning, completed after series ( 3-5 times ) sorting process. After the above two stages, the ore intercepting trough and the ore receiving hopper discharge the different grade separation products from the clay trough, and the separation process is completed.

The grain size distribution rule along the cross-section of the wet spiral separator is as follows: under normal ore-feeding conditions, more than 70% of the ore particles are concentrated in the middle of the spiral concentrator beneficiation area; About 20% of the ore grains are located at the inner edge of the chute; Less than 10% of fine ore grains are near the outer margin.

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