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Cone crusher, as the early appeared crushing machinery, was well-known for its superior secondary and fine crushing ability of hard rocks. Cone crusher was flowed into China in 1950s. After half a century, China's crusher manufacturer had made lots of breakthrough achievements in its development. Although china's cone crushers technology still cannot compare with world advanced one, in crushers field, cone crushers made in china gradually become an emerging force never can be neglected.

Many famous transnational enterprises were likely to purchase high quality western brand at the cost of high price in order to pursue stability. In recent years, with the rise of China crusher brand, the structure begins to change gradually.

In order to improve production capacity for the concrete production line, a famous concrete batching plant in Korea wants to reconstruct the aggregate production line. Their original production line used METSO HP300 as the secondary crushing machine, since the production capacity increased so much that a single machine cannot meet production requirements anymore, so the decision of purchasing another machine was made. In consideration of high cost for purchasing METSO machine, the principals gradually threw their eyes to China brand.

After a period of trial run, it proves that the production capacity and equipment stability of SANME SMS3000 is not inferior to METSO's, Korean customer is very satisfied with SANME's high cost-effective machine. Compared to world brand, SANME crusher possesses equal production capacity , much lower price, superior service, and the equipment stability is not inferior to world brand's; German quality but China price; So When you have old production line needing reconstruction, or crushing demand, why not choose China famous brand Shanghai SANME?

SANME, as the leading crushing and screening equipment manufacturer in China, in recent years, has actively introduced in German advanced manufacturing and design technology, and constantly designs and improves core technology, which makes SANME machine can catch up with and even surpass world advanced crushers. Now, SANME can offer customers complete series of crushing and screening equipment and complete solutions. SANME wins a good reputation of "One of The Top Ten Mining Machinery" in China.

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Technical functions of Granite crusher Granite is definitely an igneous rock and it is formed from magma. Granitic magma has lots of possible origins nevertheless it should inconcrete machine dealer locatortrude other rocks. Most granite intrusions are emplaced at depth within the crust, ordinarily higher than one.5 kilometres and up to 50 km depth inside thick continental crust. The origin of granite is contentious and has led to varied schemes of classification. Classification schemes are regional and include things like French, British, and American techniques. Granite can be a popular and widely happening type of intrusive, felsic, igneous rock. Granites commonly possess a medium to coarse grained texture. Occasionally some person crystals (phenocrysts) are larger than the groundmass in which situation the texture is often known as porphyritic. A granitic rock using a porphyritic texture is at times known as a porphyry. Granites could be pink to gray in colour, dependant upon their chemistry and mineralogy. By definition, granite features a color index (i.e. the percentage in the rock produced up of dark minerals) of under 25%. Outcrops of granite are inclined to form tors, and rounded massifs. Granites sometimes take place in circular depressions surrounded by a choice of hills, formed because of the metamorphic aureole or hornfels. Granite is normally found in the continental plates on the Earths Crust. Granite crusher zenith crushers and grinding mills possess a pretty vital part in . The jaw crusher is normally utilised as the principal crusher and cone crusher is applied as secondary crusher. The large stress mill (Raymond mill) is often employed as grinding machine to grind granite to final dimension. zenith will supply vibrating feeder to feeder granite to crushers, vibrating screen to screen distinctive dimension items and belt conveyor to transform granite from 1 location to another. There's a good results granite quarry situation in Egypt. zenith types every one of the production line and supplies all of the mining equipments for this quarry. A number of are zenith goods and other individuals are purchased from other manufacturers by zenith. zenith spare no efforts to best our pre sale, in sale and immediately after sale solutions and target on each and every detail from your layout stage until finally the last installation. At last, zenith allow the consumers obtain satisfaction from our , grinding mills and services. Talc Ball Mill Machine Sale Hydraulic Cone Crusher Manufacther

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With the development of the stone crushing machine, the occurrence of new materials and advanced techniques, more and more granite crushers are manufactured in the market, and the differences in their prices are widening.

Granite is a kind of igneous rock, also known as acid crystalline plutonic rock, which belongs to hard stone. It is made of feldspar, quartz, and a small amount of mica. Granite is dense and has a granular structure.

The main component of granite is silicon dioxide, which has a hardness of 6 to 7 according to Mohs hardness. Natural granite has different shapes and needs to be crushed to meet the demand for materials in various fields.

The color of granite depends on the colors and distributions of feldspar, a small amount of mica, and the melanocratic mineral. The colors are usually gray, red, roseate, or gray alternating with red.

After processing and polishing, the surface of granite will form a beautiful speckled pattern with different shades of color. The pattern is characterized by fine and uniform grains, with star-liked mica highlights and sparkling quartz crystals.

It is often used as the primary crushing equipment of granite and the large granite can be crushed to a particle size of less than 100 mm. During the crushing process of granite, a piece of granite is crushed by shearing, breaking, splitting and extrusion which makes the finished product more solid.

During the working process, granite jaw crusher runs stably with lower faulty rate and longer service life. It also has the advantages of small investment, large crushing ratio, wide applications, and high working efficiency.

It not only realizes the selective crushing of materials but also significantly increases the product fines ratio and cube content, greatly reducing the needle-like materials and the wear on the parts.

In addition, the cone crusher also uses a modular design. Through the replacement of the cavity type, it can realize the conversion of coarse, medium and fine crushing, improve the production efficiency, and also meet the large production demand.

The discharge port, screen and key parts of the cone crusher are equipped with a spray system, which can humidify the dry material, increase its weight, and effectively inhibit and reduce dust pollution.

The dilution of noise first passes through the environmental protection layer built into the cone crusher. This wear-resistant buffer layer not only dilutes the noise but also protects the machine and reduces the noise around workers.

However, the hammer and counter-attack plate of the impact crusher are easy to wear. Especially when crushing hard rocks such as granite, the wear is more serious and the wear parts need to be replaced frequently, which not only increases production costs but also extends downtime.

The granite aggregate processed by the sand making machine has a solid shape, strong adhesion and long durability, and is widely used in highways, railways, bridges, airports, real estate and other fields.

If the material requirements are low, the jaw crusher and the cone crusher are required to crush the granite. Or else, the sand making machine should be added for the final shaping of the material.

The granite sand making machine is stable in operation. the failure rate is very small, the output of sand making machine is huge, and the finished products are uniform with cubic shape, which is favored by downstream users.

The semi-mobile granite crushing plant is mainly designed to eliminate the problems that occurred in the actual crushing site for users. The integrated unit installation and flexible movement solve the obstacles of crushing operation for the customer, and the operation saves much time and effort.

The equipment adopts a half vehicle-mounted structure with tires as the chassis. The flexible collocation allows it to be used in combination with different crushers to meet the different needs of customers.

Mr. Paul from the UK sent his feedback: "since the introduction of this semi-mobile granite crushing machine in our plant, the output of our entire production line has stabilized. Our company is very grateful for the benefits this equipment provides for us."

Based on the traditional semi-mobile crusher and combined with the properties of granite, the portable granite crushing plant is specifically designed. It has significant advantages in both structure and performance, arousing the attention and favor of users at home and abroad.

Portable granite crushing plant is mainly composed of four parts: feeding system, crushing system, screening system and conveying system. The purpose of the feeding system is to feed granite materials into the crusher or the screening machine; the crushing system is used to crush granite; the screening system is used to granite gravel screening; and the conveying system is used to transport the finished gravel products.

The materials that larger than the particles are returned to the sand making machine and continue to be crushed. Small substances are sent to the sand washing machine for cleaning. The cleaned materials are sent to the finished product pile by the conveyor.

The finished product of the sand and gravel treated by the production line has a uniform particle size, good granular shape and low output rate of stone powder, which can fully meet the demand of strict requirements.

Granite is a material with high hardness and high silicon content, which is difficult to crush in actual crushing operations, or it is relatively high in crushing cost. If an unsuitable crusher is selected, the damage speed of the wear parts will be accelerated, and it will need to be replaced even in a few days, and the running cost will increase.

Since granite is a brittle material, the improper crusher will increase the content of the needle-like material and increase the internal crack of the finished product, thereby reducing the application range and increasing the production cost.

Two or more crusher types will be used in the granite crushing process, so the combination of crusher is especially important. A good production line will make the crushing process run more smoothly, and save labor power and material resources while increasing production.

The crushing of ore cannot avoid the generation of dust. The diffusion of dust will not only pollute the environment, but may cause downtime if it is slightly inadvertent. Therefore, when the crusher is selected, its sealing system and dust control methods should be perfect.

Under the background of environmental protection, reducing noise interference is also one of the channels for environmental protection. Therefore, when choosing a crusher, noise issues should also be taken into account.

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