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For d50 milling in the 545 micron (< 325 U.S. standard mesh) range, the Quadro Fine Grind F10 delivers unsurpassed particle size consistency and maximum on-spec yield. Used to size-reduce diverse materials and those traditionally considered to be difficult to grind such as APIs, excipients, fine chemicals, nutraceuticals and high-value flavors and fragrances. Read our blog to learn more about fine powder grinding.

This ultra-fine powder grinding mill yields the highest percentage of fine particles within target of any fine mill technology with up to 40% improvements compared to other milling options such as pin mills. Competing technologies typically dont incorporate two-stage size reduction technology like the Fine Grind, so they are simply not equipped to replicate the Quadro Fine Grinds supremely narrow particle size distribution (PSD) curves.

Fine Grind F10 is a turnkey, automated, stand-alone process systemwhich makes itthe ideal addition to your production line when quick and efficient process integration is paramount. The exclusive all-in-one platform design eliminates the need for ancillary equipment.

Our equipment is designed to handle the toughest milling applications, which is why professionals around the world choose us. With models specifically designed to meet ATEX Zone 20 (1D) requirements, we provide the most comprehensively safe mills in the industry.

All equipment destined for Europe is CE marked and comes with an EU Declaration of Conformity. It is certified to comply with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, the Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU and the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2014/30/EU.

Quadro Engineering, a division of IDEX MPT, Inc has earned the respect & trust of customers worldwide through our commitment to improving the performance of their powder processing operations. We set the standards by which others are measured.

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Gunpowder, also called black powder, is a simple mixture of saltpeter, sulfur, and charcoal. The trickiest part of making black powder is sourcing these three supplies. Once you find them, you mix them together and create an explosive black meal. Be extremely cautious when handling black powder, and make sure to store it away from heat and flame. Read on to learn more about how to make gunpowder.

To make gunpowder, start by buying saltpeter, which you can either do online or by looking for stump remover at a garden store. Then, grind separately the saltpeter, charcoal, and elemental sulfur into powders using a mortar and pestle. Before mixing the powder, decide how much gunpowder you want, then use a scale to measure out the components, which should be 74.8 percent saltpeter, 13.3 percent charcoal, and 11.9 percent sulfur. To mix the ingredients, put them in a mortar and pestle, dampen them with water for safety, and grind them for 10 minutes. For tips on how to store gunpowder safely, read on! Did this summary help you?YesNo

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Powdering herbs is one of the most common ways to take it. This method of taking is not only convenient, which is easy to add flavor to the food, but also the utilization efficiency of the medicine is improved. In general, herbs that are ground into fine powder have several advantages:

Conventional grinding has the characteristics of low processing efficiency, high processing cost, processing precision and unstable processing quality. Traditional herbal grinding relies mainly on labor. The automatic herbal grinder can effectively improve the traditional extraction process. It can grind herbs, spices, etc. into very fine powder in a short time, which improves the grinding level and ensures the precision and quality of the grinding process.

As an expert in the pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical packaging industry, iPharMachine has provided solutions for hundreds of pharmaceutical and health product manufacturers for 17 years. By visiting customers, we get good reviews from our customers.

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Whether youre looking for a new plant-based protein powder, or want to try this as a flour, pea powder uses dehydrated peas that are then ground into a fine pea flour. With several health benefits and a simple process to make, its an excellent option for anyones kitchen. Plus, making this product at home is far more cost-effective than buying store-bought!

If you are within the vegan food circle at all, youll probably have noticed a plethora of pea-based products entering the market these last couple of years. That includes meat alternatives, pea protein powder, milks, and more. However, more than that, green pea flour is also delicious in a variety of baked goods, too.

In this blog post, Im going to provide a little look-see into what the health benefits of peas are and pea nutritional information, as well as how to make a super-simple pea powder using dehydrated peas made in either an oven or dehydrator. Ill also be providing a list of ways that you can then use the resulting powder.

A 3/4 cup serving of peas contains more protein than a quarter cup of almonds and a fraction of the calories. In fact, according to Healthline, a 170g serving (1/2 Cup) of peas contain just 62 calories, and 4 grams of protein, while providing 34% of your daily Vitamin A, 24% of Vitamin K, and 13% of Vitamin C (just to name a few).

While I noticed one source that stated otherwise, as far as I can tell, green peas are also a complete protein, containing all nine essential amino acids needed to be ingested by our bodies, but it low in methionine.

Green peas also contain no cholesterol and are rich in polyphenol antioxidants. Plus, the high protein and fiber levels make them an excellent option for keeping you feeling full for longer, as well as being beneficial to digestive and gut health.

Overall, there have been studies linking green peas to a reduced chance of heart disease, with lowered harmful LDL cholesterol levels, reduced likelihood of stroke, and they may have anti-cancer properties and inhibit tumor growth. Plus, their low GI content means they can help control blood sugar levels and can reduce the risk of diabetes.

Green peas are a source of the antinutrients phytic acid and lectins.These can interfere with certain nutrient absorption and can cause some people to experience some digestive upset. Luckily the levels within peas are lower than most other legumes and unlikely to cause you issues unless you are eating them very frequently.

This post is technically a pea flour and wont compare to store-bought pea protein powder. This is because pea protein powder is usually made from a pea protein isolate, from either yellow or green peas. This means that they have found a way to isolate the protein within the pea powder specifically, and thus it is highly concentrated.

Meanwhile, pea flour in the whole ground peas, containing all of the elements and nutrition of the whole pea. While some may wonder why bother to go to the effort of preparing dehydrated peas to then grind into powder, etc.

Pea flour is an ingredient you can easily add to a variety of meals for a healthy protein boost, without any of the nasty additives and sweeteners that many protein powders include. Plus, you can also make flavored varieties too!

Pea flour is remarkably simple to make and can be done using either an oven or dehydrator. Ive also included the bonus information on how to sprout your peas if you want to do that, too (as I know some may).

For this recipe, I used fresh peas Garden peas (also called English peas, green peas, June peas, etc.). You can use frozen peas that have been thawed, which will likely result in a more vibrant green color. If wanting to sprout the peas first, then youll need to begin with dried green peas.

Sprouting dried peas is a way to make the nutrients more bioavailable and combat the effect of the antinutrients. I usually dont do this step as peas have lower levels of these antinutrients in comparison to most pulses, like dry beans, anyway.

The basics of sprouting include soaking the dried peas overnight (between 8-10 hours is best) and then draining the water. Then, you leave them to sprout for 24-48 hours, rinsing and draining them a couple of times during the day. You can see the full process in my Growing Wheatgrass post, as it is identical.

Place the peas on the dehydrator tray or oven tray in a single layer and place in the oven at 60C/ 140F for 4-5 hours. If your oven doesnt go as low as that, then you may need to crack open the open door while heating, so that they dont burn.

If you have any questions, leave a comment below, Id also really appreciate a recipe rating. Also, If you love this recipe as much as I do, love seeing your recreations, so feel free to tag me on [email protected]

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Hi Arwa, Depending on how you are consuming the green pea powder, to change/mask its taste easily, you can combine it with other ingredients you can use coconut milk instead of water, or add fruit, nut butters. You can also add sweeteners to the mix. I hope this helps.

fine grind pharmaceutical powders to gain control of your final psds

The F10 Fine Grind is the right choice for exceptional control of final PSDs for the production of Pharmaceutical APIs or where the goal is the production of high-quality food products ranging from nutraceuticals and nutritional supplements to dairy (i.e. lactoferrin), flavors/fragrances & herbs/spices.

The QuadroFine Grind F10 offers an all-in-one powder fine grinding platform. It is a turnkey, automated, stand-alone, portable milling and processing system which operates without the need for additional expensive auxiliary equipment. The platform includes a product feeder, PLC control panel, milling chamber and product collector. Negligible vibration means it doesn't need to be fastened or secured in place like other technologies such as pin mills.

The in-feed product is control fed. The first stage milling ensures material is continuously and uniformly dispersed into the action zone. In the second stage, the impeller reduces the particle to the final PSD through inter-particulate acceleration, impact and attrition. Material is discharged through the bottom of the milling chamber into a product collector.Download the F10 Fine Grind Brochure

The F10 Fine Grind has the highest percentage within target particle size distribution of any fine mill technology it delivers a more consistent and narrower PSD curve than pin mills for d90 targets in the 20-60 m range and a d50 of 10-60m. The PSD spans are so narrow that they are often equivalent to spray drying technologies.

This tight PSD reduces waste due to overs and fines and removes the need for further screening downstream. By way of example, consider the ability to reduce out-of-spec product by even 10%, of an API costing $250/kg. Over the span of a year this could equate to a saving of $125,000 if 5,000kg are processed. For many applications, the F10 Fine Grind is capable of improving on-target results by even higher percentages, which when applied to even costlier APIs, would make the return on investment complete in just a matter of months.

The F10 is the only fine grinding technology that provides operators with four separate variables with which to adjust and fine-tune the particle size distributions and capacities. By simple adjustments to impeller RPM, screen selection, feed rate and air flow, users can easily fine tune the PSD to the desired target. Therefore, the F10s operating parameters add the flexibility to achieve desired PSD targets which often vary from product to product. This is opposite to many pin mills which operate with fixed speeds, and thus the milling forces are the same for all products and the results are not always the desired ones.

Because the F10 Fine Grind is a highly controllable methodology it will reduce the amount of waste product and improve profits. At a typical +99% product recovery, it is extremely efficient what goes in, does come out and the reduction in waste not only significantly improves profitability, but reduces a lot of headaches associated with API losses. This is particularly important in Pharma, where laborious paperwork is required whenever there is a 'loss' of a controlled API above 1% of its batch size.

The Quadro F10 Fine Grind utilizes a two-chamber high impact size reduction process. In the upper chamber, a full-face impeller imparts centrifugal acceleration to the incoming particles which are pre-milled through a calibrating screen. This step pre-sizes the incoming product to a more homogenous distribution prior to entering the second milling chamber. In this second milling chamber, a longer impeller imparts a much higher tip speed which results in higher internal velocities and more particle-to-particle attrition.

The built-in vacuum system draws the fine powder out of the lower milling chamber into a product collector where powders are slowed down and channeled to a collection point. The product collector is equipped with a very efficient filter back-wash system to ensure continuous air flowability for consistent milling results throughout the batch.

However, unlike production scale pin-mills which may require up to 870 m3/hr of clean air, the F10 utilizes a mere 102 m3/hr for the same capacity throughput an 88% reduction in clean-air consumption!

One of the major benefits of the F10 Fine Grind during production runs is the ability to recover +99% of all the material processed through the milling platform. Therefore, regardless if the batch is 300 or 3000 kgs, residual non-recoverable material typically ranges between 150 to 300 grams. But even when processing smaller batches (as small as 1 to 3 kgs) typical residuals rarely exceed 150 grams. Therefore, the F10 will yield much higher percentages of product than other technologies and thus ensure maximized profitability. The F10 Fine Grind has truly revolutionized the 20-60 m API and fine grinding market with an elegant and versatile single-platform solution.

The F10s sanitary design and easy to clean configuration means that product maintenance or batch changeovers are completed very quickly and easily. All components can be taken apart in a minimal amount of time without the need for specialized tools and has been proven to reduce cleaning time from 9 hours (typical for a pin mill) to just 1 hour in API applications.

Topics: particle size distribution (PSD), Conical Milling, Particle size reduction milling

Quadrohas been specializing in milling and powder processing technology for over four decades, during which time we have gained extensive knowledge that we can share with our customers to help you improve your production capabilities.

Quadro has earned the respect of customers with a wide variety of applications in more than 80 countries. Our recognized leadership in specialized process equipment was launched by a single idea in 1976 that has stood the test of time - the original conical mill, or Comil..

Quadro Engineering, a division of IDEX MPT, Inc has earned the respect & trust of customers worldwide through our commitment to improving the performance of their powder processing operations. We set the standards by which others are measured.

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E-Grind's Wheel Grit Diamond Series is the crystal type with yellowcolor and high transparencyand low impurity content. It provides premium performance in impact toughness, static pressure strength, and thermal stability.

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A pulverizer or grinder is a mechanical device for the grinding of many different types of materials. When you pulverize something, you break it up until it becomes dust or powder. We offer grinders for both laboratory analysis and industrial production, which grind the powder into ultra fine. Grinders from iPharmachine are with high quality and competitive price.

A cone mill is a machine that is used to reduce the size of material uniformly. It is named cone because of its shape and it can come in various diameters. It has a wider opening that allows the matter to be ground to be placed and a narrow ending for the exit of finer materials. Besides, the cone mill is suited for use in wet, dry or fine milling in the food, chemicals, and pharmaceutical industries. You can also find a cone mill in consumer goods manufacturing industries where fine crushing is needed. A cone mill is easily adaptable depending on your needs or what you want to use it on. All you need is a change of the granulating screen. This can help you get a cost-cutting as well as a cost-effective solution to your size reduction needs. Conical screen mill or cone milling is the most efficient and beneficial method for size reduction in powder processing industries.

As an expert in the pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical packaging industry, iPharMachine has provided solutions for hundreds of pharmaceutical and health product manufacturers for 17 years. By visiting customers, we get good reviews from our customers.