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Besides single roll machining machines, Herkules also offers complete roll shops as a tailor-made solution from one single source. The development of a shear knife grinder by Herkules is a further expansion of the product range in this field.

When designing and producing the new machine type, Herkules Meuselwitz benefits from decades of knowhow with nearly 2,000 flat grinding machines built here. A high degree of automation, precision, flexibility, reliability and intuitive operation are the most important characteristics of this grinder. Both straight and curved knives can be ground with high precision thanks to flexible programming functions.

The table on which the shear blades are mounted is designed as a magnetic clamping plate that can be swiveled by up to +/- 90 degrees. Thus, all shear blades can be machined with the appropriate clearance angles.

The swivelling angle is set either manually or motorically via a worm gearbox. The angle can be preset in the CNC control. The angle setting of the clamping table is controlled directly at the rotation axis via an absolute encoder. After the angle has been positioned, the table is clamped.

The carriage is made of high-quality gray cast iron. The linear ball bearing units that are installed at the bottom, combined with the guideways installed on top of the machine bed, guarantee a consistent, backlashfree and smooth longitudinal motion of the grinding saddle.

A three-phase servo motor is used for the longitudinal motion. Transmission takes place via rack and pinion. The traversing speed is infinitely variable. The position of the grinding saddle is automatically identified with the help of a measuring system. A central oil lubrication system supplies all moveable points of contact of the carriage, the cross slide and the grinding saddle.

The cross slide is made of high-quality gray cast iron, as well, and functions as a carrier element of the grinding saddle. The guidance system comprises well-proven guide rails and linear ball bearing units. The transverse movement of the grinding wheel is performed by a three-phase servo motor and a backlash- free, preloaded ball screw. The axis position is constantly determined via an absolute encoder on the motor shaft.

The vertical movement of the headstock is performed with the help of a backlash-free, preloaded ball screw and a three-phase servo motor. Emergency retraction is initiated immediately in the case of a power failure, preventing dangerous ejection of tools. A hydraulic system supports the accuracy of the machine during grinding (precision in range).

The grinding spindle is installed in a housing in precision bearings. A lubrication system that combines special high-performance lubricating grease with a sophisticated sealing air system guarantees lubrication for the entire service life.

Before being put into operation, the grinding wheels are statically balanced on a balancing device. The balancing device is integrated in the machine bed and allows for balancing of the grinding wheel according to the diameter, as well as the width.

The shear knife grinder is controlled by a CNC control of the type HCC/KPM 50. The control has been developed within the HerkulesGroup especially for this application. It seamlessly blends into the range of other machine controls by HCC/KPM. The user benefits from a consistent operating philosophy and the perfect integration of the machines in the roll shop and the optional Roll Shop Management System. The control allows for both manual and fully automatic control of the shear knife grinder.

In addition to the magnetic clamping plate, shear knife grinders made by Herkules can optionally be equipped with a magnetic rotary table for the machining of cutter disks with diameters of up to 500 mm. The speed of the rotary table is infinitely variable.

best knife grinder for beginners: top 10 picks [2021 reviews]

Blade smithing is considered one of the manliest tasks in some cultures. Without the right tool and materials, achieving this art form is challenging. And a knife grinder is the tool that most professionals use for making their knives. This powerful tool is an effective one in sharpening and shaping metal.

These machines are much efficient and make the process quick while giving you old-fashioned crafts. The best knife grinder for beginners will allow you to do almost anything if you know your project requirements. But worry not, even if you are unaware. In the beginning, buying an affordable and small model and then picking a heavy-duty model will be a wise decision.

We made a list of the 10 best knife grinders worth the money from a wide range of knife grinder models. All the reviewed knife grinders are unique in their performance and will assist you to unleash your creativity. We will also share all the detailed information related to knife grinders so that you can pick the best grinder under 300 dollars from so many models.

1 X 30 Belt Grinder: This type of belt grinder comes with the cheapest price tag. They are versatile enough and deliver the same result as the expensive machines. A beginner can easily handle and use them too. They are suitable for light-duty and DIY projects.

1 X 42 Belt Grinder: Performance of 1 X 30 and 1 X 42 belt grinder is similar. But there is a small selection of readily available abrasives for it; it is not recommended. Shelling is not entirely worth it for a 1 X 42 due to the similar price of a 2 X 42 and the provision of a wider belt for more durability.

2 X 42 Belt Grinder: This is one of the most popular types of belt grinders, and most manufacturers make 2 X 42 belt grinders. They are equipped with a 6 disc sander in the side and deliver the best result in a knife-making project. These tools are easy to use and the most efficient belt grinder compared to other types.

4 X 36 Belt Grinder: It is another most common and widely used belt grinder. You will find them in different hardware stores. They are built for a woodworking project and cant offer the best result in a knife-making project.

Powerful grinding wheels make a bench grinder eligible for multiple tasks. All bench grinder models dont come with similar-sized grinding wheels. 6 10 is the grinding wheel size. Also, they are equipped with different grit to allow you to do a wide range of functions.

You might have seen knife grinder with a different price range. It is because of the variable speed and distinct motor horsepower feature. For making a knife, the knife grinder machine should have a minimum 1/3 horsepower motor to get better performance.

This general-purpose belt sander is an ideal tool for sanding and finishing a wide range of solid material such as wood, metal, plastic, etc. It can do typical operations like sharpening, making knives, polishing, deburring, and surfacing.

It consists of an induction 1/3 HP, 3.5 Amp,120V motor and operates at 3450 RPM. The engine offers the required power to accomplish small to medium tasks quite efficiently. The most important thing is, you can adjust the belt position either vertically or horizontally, as per your project requirement.

Other worth mentioning features are the belt cover lock and tension handle. Both parts will assist you in changing the belt comfortably. You can remove the belt cover by loosening the belt cover lock knobs. And release belt tension by pulling down on the tension handle.

Its white grinding wheel will allow you to grind at low temperatures without making any trouble. Adjusting the eye-shield doesnt require any tool, and LED light are the added benefits of this knife grinder.

Palmgreen 2 X 42 Knife Grinder is a reliable product that is promised to deliver ultimate performance in a variety of tasks. Vertical and horizontally adjustable arms ensure convenience when handling any project with this knife grinder.

It doesnt show low performance under load because it is equipped with a heavy-duty capacitor-motor. It is designed in such a way that you wont feel any hassle to change the belt. Working with it is convenient because you can tilt the belt and discs work table both according to your requirement.

The good news is that the platen is removable to allow the belt to flex and sand on a non-flat surface like a bowl or cup. The wheels are made of aluminum, and it is sturdily built, which guarantees that the tool will provide service for the long term.

The Grizzly Industrial H6070 1 X 30 Knife Grinder comes with a 1 wide and 30 long belt along with a 5 disc. This portable unit delivers the best performance when your project is to handle intricate cuts. It will provide efficient dry sharpening, knives making, smooth sanding, and many other projects.

Removable platen, an idle roller guard, and 2 dust ports are some of this knife grinders exceptional features. It offers comfort to its user since its disc sanding table and grinding belt tilt to 45. The removable belt plates measure 1 X 3, and thus contour sanding is quite simple with it.

By adjusting the tension, removing the old grinder belt, and installing the new one in the same position, the belts are easy to remove. The process is simple enough that a beginner can comfortably do it. Its 12.5 x 16.7 x 11.5 measurement makes it a space-saving knife grinder. You can store it up in a compact area because of its compact size.

For homeowners or DIY enthusiasts, the Rikon 50-161VS Power Tools 1 X 30 Inch Belt Sander is a must-needed knife sander in their toolbox. This power tools most exciting inclusion is variable speed, which makes it one of the best belt grinder for metal work in the market.

4A and 1/3 HP motors enable the belt sander to do nearly any task. The powerful engine can operate both disc and belt sander and deliver a significant result all the time. Since it comes with a variable speed feature, it can do intricate cuts with ease. The tool will never disappoint you with its performance.

Another best factor of this belt sander is its machine frame. Rigidity is mandatory when you operate a machine, and this tool is manufactured with a solid metal base and a durable frame to ensure rigidity. You can lock the workpiece on the table with its locking mechanism, and the work table gets tilted to a 0 45 angle.

Moreover, you cant make any mistake in positioning the belts appropriately on the frame because of the tracking knob feature. The manufacturer knows that cleaning is a mess after every grinding project. So, it is built with a dust port and hood to reduce your stress of cleaning.

Are you looking for a belt sander that is efficient enough to finish a project within the shortest possible time? Look no further and buy the Kalamazoo 1SM 1 Belt Sander that is eligible to sharpen a blade within 1 minute. It can also handle deburring, smoothing, shaping, sizing, and sanding of metal, wood, and plastic.

4 contact wheel and 100-grit grinding belt are the unique features of this belt sander. Also, 3 X 3 measures tilting rest table is adjustable, and with the belt, it weighs only 32lbs. Besides, at the base of this belt sander, you will find a bolt hold to bolt it on the table for better stability. This way, it has become a portable and stable gadget.

The sander has a backrest behind the belt to sand flat surfaces, and above that, the belt has no backing for curved surfaces. The platen is removable, but it is not necessary to remove it to do slack belt grinding. Hold the piece you want to slack grind above the platen.

Precise results and long lifespan these words perfectly go with the JET J-41002 2 X 42 HP Belt Sander. You can carry it to other locations without any hassle, thanks to its portable and easy-to-install feature. It is a widely used belt sander in workshops, and that is for a few good reasons.

It is a prime choice for many professionals because it can be tilted to both left and right sides at a 45 angle. You can work in smaller spaces since it has a 2 thinner belt. It is versatile in its class because you can accomplish a hand file, a coping saw, or jigsaw. This belt sander is built to ensure consistent quality and precise operations.

While working with it, the gadget will never displace or lose its position as it has rubber feet. Cast iron construction confirms that the unit will give you many years of service. You will love to know that this belt grinder is more accessible with a smaller opening. It is also the best choice for sharpening or shaping any blade or smaller pieces.

If your project requirement is to handle materials in odd shapes and angles, this belt grinder will undoubtedly deliver the best result. It is a knife grinder that is durable, premium quality confirmed, and intelligent control meets all your requirements.

The manufacturer RIKON is popular for manufacturing tabletop tools for multiple industries. This RIKON Power Tools 50-151 Belt with 5 Disc Sander is suitable for small to medium tasks. It features an integrated belt and disc sanding surface, and you will get this exceptionally made knife grinder at a budget-friendly price.

Unavailability of dust collecting port is common in affordably priced knife grinders. But this knife grinder comes with a vacuum port for the belt sander and another for the disc sander. The belt sander has 100-grit 1 X 30 sanding belts. At the same time, the disc sander is built with 5 and 80-grit discs. You can install smaller discs, but it is recommended not to do that.

The tool is designed ergonomically. The manufacturer RIKON ensures that working with it will be easy and comfortable. A 7.25 by 4.75 cast aluminium table helps its user to rest the workpiece conveniently. The disc sander table tilts from 0 45 angle. Moreover, it consists of a miter gauge that slots in.

If you dont have a permanent space to install it, no worries. You can quickly carry it with you because it weighs only 18 lbs. 4 modifiable rubber feet will give the knife grinder impressive stability. If your grinding project requires mounting of the grinder on a workbench, you can do that too with screws or bolts.

Dont get fooled with the compact and small design of the knife grinder; it will merely impress you with its performance. The way it scrapes off metal to make knives or shape solid materials, you will say WOW! 3450 rpm/min is its rotate speed, 35 m/s is disc speed, and 18 m/s belt speed makes this gadget one of the best efficient knife grinders in the list.

During a knife making operation, the tool will not wobble as its heavy-duty base averts walking. The belt holder comes with an adjustable angle option from 0 90. The best feature of the tool is, replacing features of the sanding belt and disc. And the replacement process is too straightforward that a beginner can do it without any hassle.

Dust and debris are common while working with a knife grinder. And you can get hurt with these if there is no protective equipment installed in the knife grinder. Keeping this point in mind, this knife grinder comes with a protective eye guard to keep your eyes safe from dust and debris. Also, sudden sparks cant do any harm.

If you are aware of your grinding project and looking for an efficient machine that can deliver the best result, then this NORSE BDSG2X6 9681119 Knife Grinder will be your best friend. Many professionals and customers appreciate its mirror-like performance.

It is equipped with a powerful 1/3 HP motor and can sharpen a knife and deliver the precise result. Moreover, its abrasive belt measurement is 2 X 42. Furthermore, it consists of a 6 PSA abrasive disc. As per your requirement, adjusting the belt to horizontal and vertical ways is also simple.

Another thing is, the belt adjusts automatically because of its direct driven motor. Also, belt arm angles can be adjusted to 45 90, pretty amazing, right? 4480 RPM is the belts maximum rotation speed, and 3600 RPM is the disc rotation speed. All these features ensure that you will get the expected result in the shortest possible time.

Belt changing process will never let you sweat, and it is tool-free too. The machine is easy to use and any beginner can adapt himself to the machine very shortly. Undoubtedly, this machine will add a vibe to your workshop.

When the product comes from one of the top-rated manufacturers, DEWALT, you cant resist buying the product. DEWALT always manufactures the top-quality product, and this DEWALT Bench Grinder 8 (DW758) is also no exception. It is a professional-grade knife grinder that will definitely meet all your project requirements.

You will find a large 8 wheel in this gadget, and the powerful HP motor delivers the required torque to rotate the wheel. Considering its small and compact size, it provides efficient performance all the time. Moreover, you can be sure that this knife grinder model will help you achieve a smooth grinding experience, and it will not stall or suffocate on anything.

You may think that it will create a lot of noise with its powerful motor and you will be unable to concentrate on your work. But the good news is, it is one of the silent gadgets more than its competitors. However, we still recommend you to use ear protection while working with this powerful tool.

Another strong point of this grinder is its cast-iron base. The base has a large surface area that confirms rigidity and stability. Also, to ensure superior safety, it is equipped with different safety points such as a transparent view spark protector.

As stated earlier, belt sanders are efficient in making knives. But you cant pick any belt sanders from the market. If you buy a belt sander without knowing the essential considerations, you will lead yourself to a cheap quality machine.

Let me ask you a question, will you operate a power tool that is not user-friendly. I believe the answer is NO. It is essential to buy a knife grinder that is easy to use. However, every power tool has a learning curve. And your picked knife grinder has to come with easy-to-use characteristics after you get familiar with it. For instance, you should replace the belt within the shortest possible time.

Through the motor horsepower feature, you will learn about the power of a knife grinder. Generally, small knife grinders consist of a 1/3 HP motor. You cant question these knife grinders in terms of performance, but you shouldnt buy these knife grinders if you make knives for a living.

In contrast, more giant knife grinders are equipped with a 1 HP motor. Since they are more potent than small knife grinders, you can easily make knives with them. But they are expensive. In comparison, small knife grinders are available with an adjustable speed settings feature. Also, being a small tool they are easy to handle. Moreover, they come with a wallet-friendly price tag.

Belt speed plays a vital role in terms of making a quality knife. Undoubtedly, you will take more time to make a knife if the knife grinder belt speed is low. Also, you cant maintain the work if you need to make a lot of knives daily.

To learn about the belt direction, look at the belts backside. Some belts are manufactured with one-way direction, dont buy these belt types. If you dont find any arrow symbol at the belts back, then the belt can move both ways.

Dont choose a big knife grinder, and the installation process is challenging. The grinder should come with an easy to use and carry feature if you do not make a lot of knives daily. Remember to pick a portable and lightweight knife grinder.

You will find knife grinder models in the market that are available with dust collecting ports. You can make a connection to other vacuums with the help of this collecting port. As a result, you can keep your working area clean.

Price is another crucial factor that you cant avoid. Everyone looks for an affordable option, and you get what you pay for. You have to pay more when you are looking for a knife grinder with many features. A cheap model is not good enough to deliver quality performance.

You can smoothen metal using various tools, but the knife grinder will undoubtedly deliver the required result. It is an electric-powered machine that can give a new shape to different materials. Due to their easy-to-use and efficient characteristics, many professionals and DIY enthusiasts use it to make a metal knife.

The art of making knives is one of the courageous and hardest tasks. To get the job done, people started honing stones, but soon they started making a knife that is also considered as an art of absolute caliber.

You can make thousands of knives regularly with the help of different machines. So, you can find a general knife effortlessly. But finding a premium quality knife that suits your hand is a challenging task.

Install the medium grit belt into the belt sander. Then select the belt sander direction. When you decide to position the arm horizontally, make sure the belt sander spins opposite to you. And the belt should turn towards you if it spins vertically.

Answer: This is a question for many people. The truth is, knife sharpeners are a great tool for sharpening any metallic item. They remove metal from metallic surfaces greatly and perform fast to sharpen a knife.

Answer: Sandpapers get clogged by gunk and using an abrasive cleaning stick, you can easily clean the sandpaper. Place the abrasive cleaning stick down and run the sandpaper over it, this way all gunk will be cleaned effectively.

Before buying, if you are new in the industry, focus on the ease of use, power, belt size and speed, and durability feature. These features will help you narrow down your list and find the best-suited belt and disc sander, Bench Grinder, or anyone combo of knife grinder for your project.

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