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machine condition monitoring devices and systems crystal instruments - leading innovation in vibration testing, condition monitoring, and data acquisition

The compact Spider-80X combined with EDM Cloud is designed for machine condition monitoring. With EDM Cloud, the test and the test engineer can literally be oceans apart. Applications include machine conditioning monitoring, wind turbine vibration and status monitoring, bridge and railway vibration monitoring, tunnel sound monitoring and more.

The CoCo-70X is Crystal Instruments latest handheld vibration analyzer, featuring an improved user interface and redesigned chassis. The CoCo-70X is a four-channel vibration analyzer with an IP-67 rating, designed specifically for the machinery Predictive Maintenance (PdM) community. The CoCo-70X offers powerful processing capabilities and an intuitive user-interface, providing users with an easy-to-use data collection experience. The newly designed chassis is lighter and more ruggedized, making the CoCo-70X a perfect device for route-based measurements.

The CoCo hardware platform supports two different software working modes: Dynamic Signal Analyzer (DSA) and Vibration Data Collector (VDC). Each working mode has its own user interface and navigation structure. DSA mode is designed for mechanical structure analysis,testing and optimization, electrical, geophysics, and a wide range of other applications. VDC mode is dedicated to route-based machine condition monitoring, vibration data collection, and trending.

Remote Condition Monitoring (RCM) by Crystal Instruments is designed for the remote monitoring of equipment or structures that are inaccessible to configure within a local network. Common applications and examples of remote condition monitoring include the monitoring of vibrations during the transportation of equipment, monitoring vibrations on bridges and structures close to rails or roadways, and monitoring vibrations caused by rotating windmills on the ground.

The Vibration Diagnostic System (VDS) is a vibration data management system designed specifically for the Machinery Predictive Maintenance (PdM) community. It harnesses the graphic display capabilities of Crystal Instruments EDM Software for the work of machinery vibration analysts. It allows the user to quickly get to the data for a machine of interest and display that data in the familiar Tri-axial or Single Axis view. It lets users quickly compare to other data from the same machine, quickly navigate back into the historical data of the machine, and quickly compare the data to that of other machines in the database.

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Make go or no-go maintenance decisions with confidence. The Fluke 805 Vibration Meter is the most reliable vibration screening device available for frontline mechanical troubleshooting teams that need repeatable, severity-scaled readings of overall vibration and bearing condition.

top 25: best male masturbators - intense masturbation sleeves and 100% automatic vibrating masturbaters

Why use a male masturbator or cock sleeve when you can just use your hand, right? Well some of the masturbators on this list vibrate, stroke your cock 250 times per minute, and use AI to simulate a real-life blowjob.

Designed with virtual reality (VR) porn in mind, the Kiiroo KEON is an automatic male masturbator that milks your penis for you, allowing you to manually control the stroke length and speed or sync it up with VR porn for a reality-bending masturbation experience.

While the price tag is a little steep, this amazing masturbator allows you to choose from 5 masturbation sleeves 4 vagina styles and one anal style. This way, you can customize your male masturbation experience right down to the sleeve material and texture.

Kiiroo KEON is designed to work with various VR porn sites, including FeelMe, Feel VR Porn, and the Pornhub VR section. The masturbation toy strokes your cock in sync with the blowjob/sex/handjob in the porn youre watching, leading to absolutely next-level hands-free orgasms.

In case you arent aware, Fleshlight isnt a type of sex toy its the name of the company that invented these male masturbator toys. The standard Fleshlight toy is actually called a Stamina Training Unit and its a unique piece of mens adult toy history that you should own.

Famously feeling like the real thing due to Fleshlights patented Superskin material, this masturbation toy is the closest youre going to get to real sex without actually f*cking anyone. Whether you use your hand or hump this thing on your bed, itll hit the spot for sure.

One of Fleshlights Quickshot range, the Vantage is an icy, cool-looking transparent male stroker that is open-ended and quite short, coming in at 3.5 inches long. It has a pretty intense texture inside, full of tightly-packed lumps and bumps that milk your cock into submission.

This masturbation sleeve is pretty cheap for a Fleshlight product and it can also be used with the Quickshot Launch, their automatic male masturbation machine that well get to later. However, just beware that the Vantage is very tight, so steer clear if your cock is quite girthy.

Designed as a vibrating male masturbator, the Lovense Max 2 uses vibrations and 360-degree contractions to give guys amazing orgasms that edge them to the brink of climax in a way that most toys just cant.

The Max 2 can be controlled by a combination of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in the Lovense Remote smartphone app. This allows you (or your partner) to control the toy from the same room or 1,000 miles away, opening up a whole new world of sexual possibilities.

A unique design for sure, the Tenga Zero Flip Hole EV can open up like a book, making it easy for guys to clear away any jizz/lube before and after using it. If youve ever known the pain of training to clean a Fleshlight, this convenience cannot be underestimated.

The Tenga Zero Flip Hole EV comes with manual suction pads, so it really sucks down onto your cock, and the numerous vibration settings allow you to experience vibrating pleasure down the entire length of your cock. With easy cleaning and charging via standard USB cable, its hard not to love this thing!

Designed for the ultimate mens masturbation experience, the Quickshot Launch uses Quickshot strokers (like the Vantage we looked at earlier) to milk your penis automatically at up to 250 strokes a minute much faster than a human would be able to stroke a cock for long.

This thing also comes with a universal smartphone mount, so you can watch your favorite porn while this toy automatically jerks you off no hands needed! The 60-minute battery life is solid and you can customize the experience further by trying out different Quickshot strokers with different textures too.

Stoya Destroya is quite possibly the best Fleshlight Ive ever used. Taken from a mold of the real-life vagina of porn actress Stoya, this intense 9-inch-long masturbator uses lumps, bumps, ribs, and fangs to really grab your cock with a death grip and take it on a wild ride.

Made from Fleshlights famous SuperSkin material, this is also one of the most realistic vaginas youre ever going to see on a mens masturbation sleeve. Part of the Fleshlight Girls collection, you can actually buy many Fleshlights based on many women in the porn industry, including Sasha Grey, Riley Reid and more!

One of the best male masturbators on Amazon if you dont want to spend a fortune, the Doc Johnson ULTRASKYN masturbator sleeve is simple, cheap, and easy to clean. What more can a guy getting off ask for?

5.4 inches long with a bumpy internal texture for your pleasure, this is the ultimate simple male stroker. You can also turn this thing inside out too, allowing you to experience a smooth, tight sensation if you feel like a change. Neat!

One of the best penis strokers for guys who dont need their cock to go gliding through an assault course every time they jack off, this simple Fleshlight has a tight butthole opening followed by a long, smooth internal sleeve.

If you want to last longer with your masturbation toys or you prefer to massage your whole penis rather than just the glans, then I would recommend this Fleshlight for sure. As a result, this Fleshlight is great for guys with foreskin who just want a tight hole to fuck!

Utilizing a very fancy-sounding system called Oscillating Pulse Plate Technology, the Hot Octopuss PULSE is a vibrating penis stroker that you can use static or while stroking your cock. Lots of older men with ED or mobility issues love this thing, as well as toys like the Fun Factory Cobra Libre II.

This male masturbation vibrator comes with 6 vibration patterns and 8 intensities for each of those patterns, giving guys 48 different sensations to explore. Unlike some of the others in this category, the PULSE is universal for most penis sizes thanks to its unique design. Good stuff!

A unique concept, Tenga Egg packs are packs of eggs, each of which houses a male stroker and a little pouch of lube. Its like Kinder Surprise, but the surprise is a little cock stroker you can have a wank with.

Designed similarly to a Quickshot stroker, but smaller, this cheap male stroker from LoveHoney is made from high-quality material that rivals some of the best sex toys for men. One of the cheapest strokers youre going to find, this is a great way to introduce your cock to the world of stroking!

With a 1-inch opening and 2.5 inches of insertable length, this masturbator is perfect for jacking off or for using with a partner as an accompaniment to a blowjob. Its definitely one of the best male masturbators in terms of price and versatility.

Often featured in the official LoveHoney sex education videos, Alana is quite possibly the best masturbator you will ever use. Bent over in a doggy-style position, this small sex doll is showing you her ass and pussy, allowing you to enter whichever hole you want.

Designed so it looks like a real womans backside, Alanas pussy and ass are both ribbed internally for your pleasure, measuring 7.5 inches and 4.5 inches deep respectively. Squirt some lube, grab on to those cheeks, and pump the night away into Alanas sweet pussy!

Designed via machine learning after watching thousands of blowjob videos, the Autoblow AI uses computer-learned patterns to simulate a blowjob in the most realistic ways possible, with 10 different modes and many speeds to explore.

Im not personally a huge fan of this product, but tons of guys seem to love this automatic male masturbator machine. Its easy to clean and pretty easy to use, but keep in mind that it can get a little loud if youre trying to be discreet.

The Fleshlight toys youve heard of are actually called Stamina Training Units or STUs for short. These large pussy toys are designed to replicate real vaginas and anuses, with realistic holes and internal textures that use a variety of lumps, bumps, and patterns to massage your cock as it glides past them.

There are many variations of Fleshlight nowadays, including vibrating Fleshlights and the Fleshlight Launch an automatic male masturbator that uses an STU to milk your cock automatically, similar to the Quickshot Launch.

A fairly broad type of masturbator, penis strokers are sleeves or tunnels designed to act as fake vaginas or fake butts for men to masturbate with. Theyre usually open-ended. You should use them with a decent water-based lube and make sure that you clean them regularly.

These male sex toys will usually have some kind of ribbed texture inside for increased pleasure, and sometimes a partner may use one during sex or while giving you a blowjob (if the stroker is short enough).

Automatic masturbation machines like the Fleshlight Launch and Quickshot Launch are designed to stroke your cock for you automatically, making it easy for guys to have a hands-free orgasm without needing a partner.

You can usually customize the stroke speed, length, and position of these machines. Some also allow you to change out the internal sleeve for different textures or add in vibrations and contractions for additional sensations.

Each of these materials have different pros and cons to consider, but youll usually find that cheaper toys are made from jelly rubber or TPE/TPR. These materials are both types of rubber that tend to degrade more quickly than SuperSkin or silicone.

The reason that Fleshlights are annoying to clean is because of the drying process. If your sleeve or your case is not 100% dry when you put them back together, you can end up with mold and mildew growing in your Fleshlight.

If you need to speed up this process, some people GENTLY push a thin towel through the inside of their SuperSkin sleeve to help catch more water as their sleeve dries. Be VERY CAREFUL as you can damage the SuperSkin this way.

If youve got a more advanced masturbator like the Kiiroo KEON, why not try some VR porn? This is when your automatic masturbation machine syncs up with movement in the porn, making it more realistic and fun.

Overall, the Kiiroo KEON offers you the best possible masturbation experience, with VR capabilities, 5 different sleeves, an ergonomic design, and the ability to customize the stroke speed and length to your perfect setting.

However, if youre looking for something a little cheaper, Id recommend you try the Quickshot Vantage due to its cheap price, open-ended design, intense sleeve, and the ability to be used solo or with a partner.

best rechargeable massager handheld devices

I hope you love the products I've recommended below, just a heads up that as an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. This means I may earn commissions on products bought via links on this page.

A cordless massage may not be as powerful or boast the same features that a electric device may, but they certainly do have there advantages. Deciding whether to buy a cordless or corded version can often go down to convenience on your lifestyle. Choosing from the best rechargeable massagers whether handheld or not can be a difficult task when there are many options.

Like anything that requires the use of a rechargeable battery, you are going to find some models that are superior to others in regards of lifespan, but lack certain features. Choosing a top rated rechargeable massager with a quality battery is in my opinion the best route to go. Due to being so portable, they can be used at many locations, not just for home use. So having a decent battery is going to make for a reliable experience, time after time.

Whereas if you go for the version with more bells and whistles, you may find that the battery life is not all that great. So my recommendation is to get a high quality electric massager for the home with all the bells and whistles, but when it comes to being portable. Look for one with the best built in rechargeable battery. With that said, lets look at just a few of the pros and cons of using a cordless hand held massager.

The types of massage the Pure Wave CM07 offers are; A thumping percussion and a gentle vibration (Amazing for facials). Great for deep tissue massage because of these two massage styles. Due to being a rechargeable battery operated device, there is no heat or infrared function.

This does not mean the Pure Wave is not a solid massaging tool. In fact, due to gearing the power to mainly the percussion massage, I find that the CM-07 is extremely good for attacking Trigger Points and as mentioned earlier awesome for getting deep into muscle territory. Its the point head attachment that makes this device stand out from the crowd. Its amazing at pin pointing tricky areas that were once difficult to reach from a standard thumper style head.

In the user manual for the Pure Wave CM-07 you can learn more about the specs, but the important thing to know is that the CM-07 uses 7.2V Lithium-ion. While the manual states 3 hours of continuous use, this will be determined by the amount of pressure and force you put on the massager. When it comes to charging this device, allow about 2 hours for the first charge, then from then on 1 hour should be sufficient. I find the charge time to be quite short in comparison to other rechargeable devices.

What makes the Styles II a great choice is the fact it can be used both as an electric massager and a cordless model. For other models, using the device while charging (Plugged into the wall) cannot be done. I find this to be a great feature, especially for people on the run.

You may have not heard of the model Styles II before, they area a company (Styles 2 Fitness) based in Pennsylvania that specialize in health and fitness with quite a nice range of massaging tools and machines.

The knowledge in this niche, shows from the quality of the design and applicable features. The handle is not only comfortable, but long enough so you can grip it and reach to areas like the lower back without the assistance of someone else. The 6 massage head attachments are all uniquely designed to perform a specific job. The pointy head normally used for breaking down knots has a nipple like tip. The little point on the end is designed to accurately get to the areas that larger heads can;t reach.

While great for the neck and shoulders, the Styles 2 has enough attachment heads to target just about anywhere on the body. But like the Pure Wave mentioned above, heat is not a feature of this device.

The Elecitizon is a very powerful rechargeable massager which can pump out 4000 pulses per minute or 4000 rpms. Which makes it slightly more powerful than the Pure Wave model. Unfortunately it cannot be used while being charged like the Styles 2 model. But it can last a good 80 minutes once fully charged.

There is however a safety switch installed that shuts down the device after 15 minutes to cool down the high density copper rotor. After about 15 minutes its back up and ready for round 2. I guess some folks may find this irritating, but its a measure to help prevent motor burnout and increase the longevity of the product.

The Elecitizon is rather quite to use and has a ergonomic long handle like the Styles 2 to reach the mid back region. You can tell its a quality product when you hold it. While not too heavy it certainly isnt light and fragile like some of the disposable massaging devices.

Boasting a battery capacity 1800 mAh, on the lowest speed it could potentially run for 2 hours without charge and about 80 minutes on the higher intensity levels. So its a quality battery with a quality motor. Just what we want from a rechargeable handheld massager.

The Max 2 by Brookestone could have easily been the best handheld wireless massaging device except for the lack of pin point location feature. But in saying this, the Max 2 is designed differently. Its designed to be a work horse on the larger muscle groups.

With two big nodes that can pump out up to 2.5k RMS, the Max 2 is one heck of a powerful cordless massager (Check Manual Here). While not as powerful as its corded friend, the Max 2 certainly does impress. This machine operates on a Lithium-Ion battery, so you know you are getting the best. No need to worry about discharging the battery when not in use. However, it does need to be charged to work, you cant use the device when it is charging.

Quite incredibly the Max 2 has 5 different intensity levels (I like the hardest setting). Which is very good for a battery operated device. There is also 3 different styles of massage you can get. My favorite being the Pulsing. This is a percussion massage that you can really feel going up and down into your muscles. Great for the legs and back!.

But for the more calming massage, there are 2 more styles; Energizing and Soothing. The Soothing being the more relaxed of the two creates a rolling type of deep massage. Great for recovering from a workout or after sport.

I dont personally think you can get a better 2 node rechargeable massager, especially at the price it is. If a more broader massage is what you are after, then the Max 2 may be a great fit. Only downsides are the not being able to use while charging and not having the finer detail massages. But heck, there;s nothing wrong with having more than one massaging device.

Theres not too many neck and shoulder massaging devices that are corded/rechargeable and this one by Bruntmor is our #1 pick. These types of equipment typically offer a Shiatsu style of massage. They are not really what you would call handheld, but because this model is cordless, it can be used just about anywhere. The more common corded versions are restrictive to the length of their cords. Which can sometimes make it difficult or impossible to use the massage on their thighs, lower back, legs and even the bottom of your feet.

I do love how you can use the Bruntmor while it is charging, this is a great way to sit down and get a massage while watching TV. Not having to worry about if there is battery power left. Then when you want to go to the office, or even in the car. You can take the fully charged device with you for further massage.

Heat. Some love it, some dont need it. Which is what makes the Bruntmore another good choice. If you dont like heated therapy, simply dont turn the heat on. But if you do (Yes please), then its as simple as pushing the button that looks like 3 little wavy lines and you can get your heat on.

The Bruntmor offers 2 styles of massage, but both being the Shiatsu form. There are 8 round nodes which act as a kneading type of massage. They go in a circular motion rather than in and out like the above percussion massage tools. I more relaxing type of massage for relieving stress in the neck and shoulders, but can be applied to the whole body as well.

With the heated massage going, the Bruntmor can last about 2 hours without needing to be recharged. Which is a considerable long time. But it goes for even longer without the heat on, which is about 3 hours. The total recharge time takes about 1.3-2 hours. Overall, its hard to find defects n the Bruntmor and being wireless just makes it even better.

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best handheld massagers 2021 | top ten reviews

The best handheld massagers are an excellent way to relieve tight muscles around your legs, shoulders, neck and back at home. They can be used any time, or picked up between your usual hands-on massage appointments. Most handheld massagers come with accessories so you get precisely the right type of massage. So whether you need a massager for general aches, pains and post-exercise soothing, or a powerful percussive massager (massage gun) to ease deep knots, help is at hand.

Percussive massagers are popular among people who exercise regularly. Thats because massage guns deliver a deep tissue-style massage and promote better bloodflow (good for post-workout recovery). While all the best handheld massagers have a range of settings, a few have extra functions. This includes heat therapy and app control. Massagers usually come with different massage heads (or points) too, which are designed to work with different types of muscles.

Most of our recommended massage devices also have different speed and intensity levels; ideal if you want to start gently and then build up as your muscles recover. The best handheld massagers are made by HoMedics and Pado, while the top-rated percussive massagers come from Therabody (Theragun) and HyperIce. The Theragun Mini works with an app to deliver the perfect massage sequence for your needs, and is therefore our top pick.

If youve been working from home more, a percussive massager can help relieve pain brought on by bad desk posture. On that note, wed also recommend a standing desk. If you feel stiff and achy in the mornings, your bed might be to blame - check out our best mattress online guide if so. For now, lets take a closer look at the best handheld massagers and how they could bring you relief.

Theragun massagers are some of the most coveted wellness products in the world, so we were very excited when the Theragun Mini landed. This dinky handheld massager is now the baby of the Theragun bunch, yet it still delivers an incredibly powerful performance despite its small stature.

Therabodys Theragun Mini is super-simple to use, with an on/off button and three speed settings to cycle between. As such, you can enjoy a more custom massage in the exact area you need it most. Its a total game-changer among the best handheld massagers, and can be used on various parts of your body to ease muscle tension and soreness.

Youll be able to enjoy 150 minutes of use per full charge, with Therabodys own QX35 Motor with QuietForce Technology helping to keep the noise down. We dont agree with Therabody that its so quiet you can hardly hear it, but compared to other handheld massagers, its far more discreet.

Wed highly recommend the Theragun Mini to anyone looking to engage in a regular practice of deep tissue massage at home, and to gain relief from muscle soreness and tension. We'd also recommend it for enjoying a deeper sense of proper, full body relaxation to help you feel replenished, as via the Therabody app you can even find massage routines to perform to help relax your muscles ready for sleep.

The Pado PureWave CM-07 Massager is one of the best handheld massagers you can buy right now, and comes recommended by therapists too. Its designed to take on muscular aches and pains in more ways than one using percussion as well as vibration. The PureWave is also cordless, light and slim, and simple to use with multiple therapy-grade massage tips. There is also a good selection of speed, pressure and sensations in short, whatever your needs, the Pado PureWave CM-07is sure to help.

The tips include a silicone massage-oil applicator, an air-cushion tip for general massage, a six-head tip for deep-tissue/sports massage, a point tip for acupressure, a scalp tip and a gentle migraine tip to give a gentle vibrating massage to the head. The percussion mode is designed to relieve deep-tissue tension and loosen knots, while the vibration mode can help with more sensitive parts of the body.

The Pado PureWave CM-07 handheld massager is ideal to use straight on the skin or through clothing, and over on the companys website it gets plenty of positive reviews including from trained therapists who use the device on patients, also recommending it for in-between treatments.

Theres plenty of power packed into this device, with the high-speed percussion motor, operating up to 3,700 RPM and facial micro-vibration motor, vibrating up to 10,000 RPM. The intensity and speed is easily controlled on the unit, so you can start slow and build up until you find the right level you need to help soothe your aches and pains.

If you suffer from occasional pain or tension in your neck or upper back and shoulders due to intense exercise, posture issues or a non-ergonomic desk setup, and have been cleared by your doctor to use a handheld massager at home, the Mighty Bliss Deep Tissue Back and Body Massager is a good choice. Its powerful and effective, pushing out 3,700RPM to relax tight muscles and ease cramps and muscle knots.

While it isnt the quietest model in our round-up of the best handheld massagers, its lightweight, easy to use and also one of the most versatile devices here. In fact, there are six different massage heads included to help you enjoy a range of different massage techniques on various parts of your body. This enables you to play around with what feels best for you.

The Mighty Bliss handheld massager is safe for use on your back, arms, neck and legs, and is perfect for regular use as part of an at-home massage therapy treatment. You could also use it to warm up your muscles before a high intensity fitness class or workout, though nothing substitutes for proper stretching.

In terms of battery life, youll get around two hours of use per full charge, and it usually takes around an hour to charge the device. Bonus: you can even charge the massager while using it. Mighty Bliss also operates a hassle-free lifetime replacement policy to boost your confidence when buying this massager.

Hyperices Hypervolt handheld massager is a smart choice if you need a device thats powerful yet quiet for use at home or down the gym. But these arent the Hypervolts only great qualities, as this handheld massager is also compatible with Bluetooth allowing you to pair it with the Hyperice app, so you can work your way through a massage sequence to suit the part of the body you are working on. This is a useful feature and the app will even automatically adjust the speed of the device for you as well.

The Hypervolts Quiet Glide technology is ideal if you dont want to disturb those around you but still want the benefit of a powerful device. The high-torque 60-watt motor can be adjusted over three speed settings, while the interchangeable attachments Fork, Ball, Cushion, Flat, Bullet deliver the right type of massage for your needs.

Of course, you can also use the Hypervolt without the app, by simply choosing your speed manually low for sensitive areas, medium for larger muscle groups on the arms and legs, or high for dense muscle such as on the hips and quads.

Lightweight, ergonomic and rechargeable theres little to fault with the Hypervolt handheld massager, although some people might find the design of it a little unusual, with its functional-looking aesthetic and 90-degree handle that might make getting to certain areas such as the back a little trickier. If thats the case, one of the longer handled devices on our list might be better suited.

Enjoy a deep tissue massage at home with the Thumper Massager Sport, specifically designed for fitness fans who might be dealing with muscle soreness and tension after an intense workout. But you dont need to be a fitness fanatic to get the most out of this handheld massager - itll work wonders for relieving everyday tension and pain too.

The Thumper Massager Sport uses a tapotement action, which is basically a form of percussion massage best suited to fleshier parts of the body such as the thighs. Like the Theragun Mini above, its designed to reach deeper into your muscles to offer deep tissue treatment. It isnt as compact and simple to use as the Theragun Mini, but it does have a longer handle for dropping the massager right down into the middle of your back.

On the head of the massager youll see two interchangeable massage spheres that sit flush against your body to knead and work your muscles without dragging your skin. The Thumper Massager Sport also has variable speed control from 20-40 pulses per second. Once the speed is set, the Thumper will maintain that pulsation speed even if you apply extra pressure to the massager.

The HoMedics Percussion Pro With Heat Massager penetrates deeper muscle groups than many other handheld devices. The design makes it easy to hold while tackling those harder to reach areas of your back.

You can even choose to have a heated massage to boost recovery of tight or sore muscles. Let's be honest, heat is also massively relaxing, which makes this one of the best handheld massagers for simply relaxing and unwinding too.

There is no independent on or off switch, so if you're using the Percussion Pro With Heat on the lowest speed setting, you'll need to cycle through every speed setting before the device will shut off. That's pretty annoying. The HoMedics massager comes with two sets of heads, one of which is soft, one firm. This enables you to choose the level of pressure and intensity you receive from your massages. Changing the heads is simple too.

The HoMedics Percussion Pro With Heat Massager is heavy, so our arms became tired quickly during testing. Fortunately, the ergonomic handle makes it somewhat easier to hold. Oh, and since there's no battery, you can't escape the mains outlet. The cord is a decent length though, so it's not a huge issue.

The Renpho Rechargeable Handheld Massager comes with five different massage heads, each designed to provide a different massage technique for various parts of your body, such as your shoulders and thighs. The Renpho is superb at relaxing tight muscles, especially those in the upper back, and would suit people who are used to receiving a sports massage.

If youre looking for a relaxing handheld massager, this isnt it - wed point you instead towards the HoMedics Percussion Pro With Heat (above), or even the Wahl 4120-600 All-Body Massager (see further down this list). The Renpho is powerful and effective for a full body massage, though it will only run for a maximum of 20 minutes at a time to prevent the massager from overheating.

Its among the heavier models in our round-up of the best handheld massagers, but the pay-off is fast relief from aches and stiffness, with strong vibrations that travel deep into your muscles. The Renpho pumps out 3,600 pulses per minute to reduce pain, and each of the five heads can be swiftly switched in and out. As for battery life, it will run for roughly 140 minutes per full charge.

Wahl proves yet again that you dont need to spend a fortune in order to enjoy a spot of massage therapy at home, though we will say that the therapy on offer here is very light compared to the likes of the Theragun Mini and the HoMedics Percussion Pro With Heat. Thats because the Wahl 4120-600 All-Body Massager is an entry-level model with two basic speed settings, whereas the other massagers are far more powerful.

The Wahl body massager provides a relaxing massager and is a good tool to use if you need a hand unwinding in the evenings. On the highest setting it can also be used to help you warm down after exercise, though the Theragun is better for boosting recovery post-workout.

Wahls body massager compares favorably in terms of price though, as it costs a fraction of what the top-performing models do. And considering that you get four interchangeable heads with this handheld massager, thats impressive for the sub-$30 price tag.

While wed prefer it to be a cordless design, the cord is plenty long enough to not hold you back or impede your freedom when massaging yourself or another person. If youre new to self-massage and want a simple to use device that provides a soothing massage, and dont need deep tissue therapy, this is definitely the best handheld massager for you.

The Thumper Mini Pro 2s massage head has two pulsing spheres that apply pressure to your muscles at varied rates. The spheres perform well both on dry skin and over light clothing, and can be used on all major muscle groups.

This handheld massager is especially effective as a back and shoulder massager, and sports a long, comfortable handle to help you reach all your aching muscles. The Thumper has three speed settings measured at 20, 30 and 40 pulses per second the lowest setting is geared more toward relaxation, while the highest setting is designed for deep tissue massage. Annoyingly, the Thumper Mini Pro 2 isnt cordless. However, while it requires a DC plug for power, its cord is long enough that it doesnt limit the massagers reach.

The Kikkerland AR18-A Massager is a very specialized handheld massager, on that it works best on your scalp but doesn't really work effectively on other parts of your body. Since it weighs just 1.6oz, you arms won't get tired when using it, and as it's such a simple device, it's infinitely less expensive than the other massagers above. There are nodes on the end of each massagers 'fingers' to gently massage and sooth your scalp. You can change your angle of approach to slightly adjust the pressure of the massage. Not only is this relaxing, it helps stimulate blood flow. The Kikkerland AR18-A Massager is only 9.5 inches tall and the fingers are flexible, which makes this a massager that's easy to pack and travel with.

Unfortunately, if too much pressure is placed on those fingers they will bend the wrong way and the metal will weaken, so be careful with it. Ultimately, if you want more of a sensory massage experience, and are focused more on your scalp than releasing muscle tension or pain, this one is fun to use.

Versatility and focus areas Some massagers are only good for one or two areas of the body, while others can work a far greater number of muscle groups. Additionally, some massagers are only work skin deep, while others deliver a deep tissue massage.

Typically, the more powerful massagers are filled with more mechanical parts. This often makes them heavier so it might be difficult to hold them for long periods. They also tend to be more expensive.

Massagers built for simple relaxation usually use vibration or non-mechanical means in order to relax your muscles. These devices are lighter, so you wont strain your arms as much as you would with a heavy percussive massager.

Heat settings Heat therapy helps to relieve pain in sore muscles, and it could help improve blood circulation to further reduce tension. This isn't a common feature in massagers, but it's very soothing.

Power Some handheld massagers need to be plugged into an outlet while others are battery operated. Battery powered massagers give you more freedom to move around during a session since you won't have to sit close to a power outlet.

Price We reviewed handheld massagers ranging in price from under $10 to over $250. The difference in price is related to each devices design, functionality and quality. Massagers with multiple settings generally cost more, as do percussive massagers that have enough power to provide relief from tension and tightness.

Shiatsu massage This focuses on pressure points and works well on tight muscles. This style of massage is good for most healthy people, though the intensity level can be high. If you have any back injuries you should avoid this type of massager, though it can feel really good on typically strained muscles like the shoulders.

Rolling massage Common among handheld massagers, as it involves applying constant pressure along the part of the body you're massaging. This is good if you have a hands-on job, like construction work, and is a low-impact way to stimulate the muscles in the lower back. This is a low- to medium-impact style of massage, so it's suited for most people.

Kneading massage Less common among handheld massagers. This is done with a circular motion, usually on both sides of the spine. This is good for soothing tension and working on particularly strained pressure points. This type of massage also has high-level intensity.

Percussive massage Can be done with some handheld massagers depending on the style. It's done through a series of rapid movements over a spot on the body for a short period of time. While it looks a little violent, this style of massage can relax your muscles and is effective for athletes.

Heated massage Adding heat to any of the aforementioned styles of massage can take your massage to the next level. Heat relaxes muscles, making them more susceptible to the kind of massage youre doing. Heat also reduces the possibility of injuring or straining muscles with a handheld massager.

The easiest way to answer do massage guns work? is by trying one out for yourself. When used as instructed, most people notice instant relief in their muscles, as well as an easing of any knots or tension. Its certainly been our experience, especially with the Therabody Theragun Mini and the HyperIce Pro.

Massage guns are ideal for topping up massage therapy between appointments, providing short-term relief and maintaining the good work done by a professional massage therapist. While many therapists use these devices themselves, you can also ask them to show you how to use yours effectively at home, with a setting and technique thats right for you.

For general aches and pains caused by sitting at a desk for instance, a smaller and cheaper handheld massager may be just as effective. Ultimately, the best way to reduce muscle tightness (and to figure out whats causing it) is to speak with a physical therapist.

When we have general aches and pains, our first response is often to touch or massage the area to help relieve the pain. But if the pain becomes intense, you will often need, quite literally, more of a helping hand in the form of a professional massage, or with a handheld massaging tool.

If you are having a massage from a therapist, then most humans respond to touch as well, which has an additional calming effect on the body. When the massager is used to relax the muscles, this has several benefits including:

Massaging the body is said to help get rid of natural toxins, but what are toxins and what harm do they cause? Toxins are a build-up of natural substances in the body, which are a by-product of normal bodily functions.

This includes lactic acid, caused by not stretching properly pre-exercise or not getting enough oxygen during high-intensity workouts, among other reasons. When toxin levels become high, they can make you feel sluggish and may manifest in other symptoms such as muscle pain and constipation.

Massage is said to be a way to release these toxins and prevent the symptoms from worsening. Drinking plenty of water will also help flush the toxins away, and is especially important to do after a massage.

Massage can also help with cellulite on areas of the body such as the buttocks and thighs. While cellulite is perfectly normal in all bodies, you may prefer to reduce its appearance. When incorporated into your self-care routine, regularly massaging the affected areas can help smooth out the skin.

top-15 back massagers 2021 reviews - buyer's guide

What is the best back massager? It is important that the device allows you to relax and is convenient to use, otherwise, there would be no point in massage. Shiatsu techniques deliver relaxing deep tissue massage. It should have a universal application so that you could use the massager with various types of armchairs and chairs. And a good model is the one that is multifunctional, adjustable and has several settings. We believe that Comfier Neck and Back Massager with Heat fits these criteria best.

OUR PICK1. Comfier Neck and Back Massager with HeatDesigned for full-body pain relief, this portable chair offers multiple massage options: Shiatsu, rolling, deep kneading, air compression, vibration, and heat therapy. It is made with 4 rolling nodes for a spot massage.

2. PlayMakar MVPThis medical-grade massage gun has 6 speed settings. Up to 53 strokes per second/5400 percussions per minute. 6 attachments. Equipped with a high-torque motor, applies rapid 10mm strokes. Low-noise operation (45-58dB). Reasonable price $149.

3. Jeanie RubWith a 4,600 RPM motor, this unit delivers deeper and softer massage. The pad measures 4 x 9 inches, covering a large body area. A 12-foot power cord is included.In comparison with the other back massagers, it provides deeper massage, which at the same time is softer than percussion.

4. iRelievThis is a wireless device combining TENS and EMS. It comes with 14 programs both for pain relief and muscle stimulation. It is a good choice for those who experience chronic pain as osteochondrosis, arthritis, neuralgia, or diabetic neuropathy.

6. HoMedics Easy Lounge Shiatsu Massage Chair with 3 Back ZonesThis is a full-fledged chair that can be easily adjusted or folded away for storage. It delivers a Shiatsu deep-kneading massage and heat therapy. The product offers 3 back-massage zones and comes with a controller.

While all back massagers seem to serve the same purpose mitigating pain and relieving tension in the back there are some nuances that are worth noting. When choosing your massager, it would be beneficial to know what its primary focus is. Below, we are going to compare the 4 most efficient back massagers: PlayMakar MVP, HoMedics, Comfier, Jeanie, and iReliev.

Lets start with your age. If you are an elderly person or have weak joints, you should opt for a more gentle massager like the Core Products Jeanie Rub Massager. While delivering a soothing deep massage, the device is soft on your joints and muscles. Made with a large 4-by-9-inch pad, it is equally good for reducing back pain and muscle stiffness. For better comfort, you can adjust the speed within a range between 1100 rpm and 4600 rpm.

Core Products Jeanie Rub Variable Speed Massager, Deep Tissue Massage, Orbital Action for Back & Body, Professional Quality By Core Products International, Inc. $86.56 $ Buy Now Last update on 2021-07-09 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

If you are younger and work out regularly, you definitely face a problem of sore muscles. And this is where percussion massagers like the PlayMakar MVP come in handy! Like the Jeanie Rub massager, the PlayMakar is adjustable and has 6 speed settings. But it is more powerful, has a high-torque motor, and delivers up to 53 strokes per second.

Percussion therapy stimulates the repair of muscle fibers by delivering rapid bursts of pressure. Such a device can be used to treat knots in muscles, sciatica, tight and sore muscles as well as muscle pain in the back. How does the PlayMakar MVP help? First, it increases blood flow so that your muscle tissues absorb more nutrients. Then, the massager boosts lymphatic circulation, removing toxins and thus revitalizing your tissues. At the same time, kneading loosens and relaxes stiff muscles. Percussion massage is believed to be effective against chronic pain, but make sure to consult a doctor before using it if you have health conditions.

When compared to the above-mentioned products, the HoMedics Shiatsu Massage Chair has the advantage in that you can get a massage without someones assistance. This is the easiest and most comfortable way to relieve your back pain. All you need to do is just sit in the chair and relax. When not in use, it can be folded for easy storage. The massager uses a combination of Shiatsu deep-kneading massage and heat therapy. Both are very helpful for people suffering from back pains. Shiatsu harmonizes your back and improves the connection between its different areas. Heat therapy is effective against back pain primarily because it significantly increases blood circulation. As a result, more nutrients and oxygen travel to muscles, including those where the pain occurs.

HoMedics Easy Lounge Shiatsu Massage Chair with Neck, Shoulder, 3 Back Zones, Leg Massage, Soothing Heat, Intensity Control, Programmed Controller, and Foldaway Storage, Black Buy Now Last update on 2021-07-09 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

If you have pain in a specific area of your back, consider the Comfier Neck and Back Massager. Made with 4 rolling nodes, it delivers spot massage, concentrating the rollers to the troubling area. You can adjust the nodes position as well as remove the detachable cover for a more intense massage. Like the HoMedics massage chair, this product allows you to receive a massage without someones help. Even better, it is more portable and versatile in use. You can place the device on your sofa or recliner, use it at home or in the office. Another advantage of the Comfier massager over the HoMedics model is a wide choice of massage functions. Depending on what kind of pain you are experiencing, you may choose Shiatsu, vibration, heat, or air compression massage.

Comfier Neck and Back Massager with Heat- Shiatsu Massage Chair Pad Portable with Compress & Rolling,Kneading Chair Massager for Full Back,Neck & Shoulder, Full Body By Comfier $196.99 $ Buy Now Last update on 2021-07-09 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

The iReliev System is a great choice for those who experience chronic pain associated with health conditions, such as osteochondrosis, arthritis, neuralgia, or diabetic neuropathy. Chronic pain is often neuropathic, meaning it originates from the nerve, not the injured tissue. TENS units are widely used by healthcare professionals to relieve chronic pain without medication. Compared to other massagers that use strokes, vibration, or heat, this is an absolutely different approach. A TENS machine like the iReliev uses a mild electrical current that stops pain signals in the brain. This device features 14 programs, one of which targets specifically pain caused by arthritis.

When back pain becomes unbearable, you decide to obtain a massager that will always be at hand. It turns out that Amazon.com alone sells over 2000 massagers made by different manufacturers and of various qualities. How do you not get lost in that choice? Should you pick a handheld back massager or a full back massage cushion? What will be better for relaxing spasm in muscles: a vibration, percussion or shiatsu back massager? Which one is more appropriate for osteochondrosis or neuralgia treatment?

Weve picked the top 15 best massagers and well classify them for you and explain their purpose.Massagers are used both as primary and replacement therapy for athletes, white-collar workers, drivers, and doctors treatments as well as for rehabilitation. Their use neither requires any special skills nor involves a second person.

There are 4 techniques inherent to classical massage: stroking, rubbing of the skin, kneading of muscles and vibration relaxing. While the vibrations help relieve muscle spasm tension, deep kneading allows working the muscles and intensifying blood circulation. The latter also removes toxins out of the body and increases metabolism.

If you need a full back massager, youll find a Shiatsu-nodded cushion most suitable for that. It will cover the entire back. Let us warn you about different pain thresholds. It is very individual, and while Shiatsu balls motion may seem too crude for some people, it's unfair to expect perfection from a massager.

If you have tense and spastic muscles, feel fatigue after sports or have improper desk posture, ahandheld electro percussion massager with massage heads would be the best choice. The device will relieve these symptoms and make you feel good. You can massage the muscles that require more attention yourself.

If you feel discomfort in your back when driving a car, you will find a heated vibrating massage cushion more appropriate. Many customers are dissatisfied with weak vibration, so you can buy a powerful full back massager with 8 Shiatsu balls for deep and intense massage.

If you suffer from osteochondrosis, neuralgia, pain in your back and neck,a pulse massager will definitely help. Technically, these devices are electro stimulators and not massagers. There are two types of electrostimulation, and they can either provide TENS or EMS or a combination of both.

TENS (transcutaneous electroneurostimulation) works by stimulating hypodermic nerves with the current. The method has been clinically tested and is effective. It relieves chronic pain of musculoskeletal nature (osteochondrosis, intercostal neuralgia, and post-traumatic neuralgia).

EMS (neuromuscular electrical stimulation) improves muscle tone of extremely untrained and paralyzed people. It is also useful during stroke recovery. These devices are often positioned as a tool for weight loss and gaining muscle, but in fact, they are useless for that.

Mark Johnson Ph.D. is a Professor of Pain and Analgesia at Leeds Beckett University. He heads the Centre for Pain Research in the university's School of Clinical and Applied Sciences. Mark received training in neurophysiology at the University of Leeds and obtained his Ph.D. in Pain Science from the University of Newcastle. His areas of interest include TENS, laser therapy, acupuncture, and drug medication as pain-relieving treatments.

TENS is predominantly used to treat painful conditions, but it does not cure the condition. It tends to be used for relieving the symptoms of pain. And it is used for a wide range of conditions from acute pain for example, post-surgical pain, pain during childbirth right the way through to chronic persistent pain. For example, musculoskeletal pains like back pain and osteoarthritis pain. and what we call neuropathic pain. The research that we have done over the past 25 years suggests that the critical parameter is the intensity of TENS. And the other parameters like the speed of pulses or the patterns of pulses do not have a major influence as such. We advise our patients that when they apply TENS, as long as the strong current is comfortable, they can change the other settings and adjust them according to what they find most pleasant for them at that moment in time.

Percussion massagersuse vibration to penetrate deep into the muscles and relax them. Generally, such devices are hand-held and do not require professional assistance, something that makes them particularly convenient. Using strikes and thumps, the massager stimulates not just skin and muscles, but also bones, veins, nerves, and internal organs. As a result, the therapy relieves spasms and stress and also helps to remove mucus from the lungs.

Shiatsu massage can be delivered by specially designed chairs or more portable devices. This therapy resembles a palm massage and provides a gentle squeeze. Shiatsu helps relax and reduce stress and is particularly recommended for people with sore muscles. In addition, this treatment assists the drainage of toxins and increases blood circulation. Is Shiatsu effective? Well, scientists from the University of Salford (UK) have carried out research to reveal the effect of Shiatsu both in the short-term and long-term. British and German citizens took part in the test that has demonstrated that the therapy helps to relax muscles as well as affects the persons sleep and posture.

The TENS machine is another therapy suggested for treating sore muscles. The unit works by creating tapping and kneading that make the muscles relax.For instance, Hui En Gilpin from Pacific University has conducted a study to find out whether TENS machines are able to relieve severe pain in patients with osteoarthritis. The results have shown a significant improvement in pain following ten sessions. Based on these results, the researcher recommends using TENS equipment at 100 Hz and 200 s for 40 minutes five times a week for two weeks.That said, British scientists from Leeds Metropolitan University note that TENS does not work for postoperative or labor pain.

Vibrating massagers cause muscle contraction, improve blood circulation and temperature of the treated area. This therapy is recommended for dealing with neuralgia and fatigue, relieves pain and relaxes muscles. However, experts warn that vibrations can negatively affect nerve tissue because nerves do not like being battered.

Kneading involves squeezing and compression of the tissue. For better results, you can press the device firmer to penetrate deeper tissues. Kneading works by stimulating the vital functions of your body, including nerves and blood vessels. This treatment is also helpful for releasing toxins. For this purpose, it is recommended to drink more water so that more toxins could be eliminated with urine.

Weve picked 15 different back massagers for different people and situations: handheld massagers for you to determine the massage areas, electronic pulse massagers for muscular electrostimulation, Shiatsu back massagers for deeper muscle treatment, a vibrating massage cushion for driving and a full back massage cushion to put in your armchair so that you can fully relax with the confidence that an electronic masseur will do the job perfectly. Well start with the cheapest and simplest hook back massager.

As weve mentioned before, TENS (transcutaneous electroneurostimulation) stimulates hypodermic nerves with current and effectively relieves chronic pain of a musculoskeletal nature (osteochondrosis, intercostal neuralgia, post-traumatic neuralgia). EMS is neuromuscular electrical stimulation. This method improves the muscle tone of extremely untrained and paralyzed people. It is also useful during stroke recovery.

iReliev is a brand developed by ExcelHealth, a company that produces devices for electrical therapy, including TENS and EMS machines. Today, we will consider two iReliev models, one of which is an advanced wireless option while the other one is an excellent budget choice.

ET-5050 is a wireless model of iReliev TENS & EMS unit that comes at a price of about $200. The key advantage of this machine is its convenience as it is wireless and easy to use. You can do all your chores at home without worrying about the device being disconnected from the power outlet. This gives you the freedom of movement and saves your time. The latter will encourage you to use the machine more often, something that will positively affect the overall effect of the treatment.

The device is very powerful and has as many as 14 programs, some of which reduce pain while others stimulate muscles. One more benefit of this machine is its cost-efficiency, meaning that it comes with a rechargeable battery and you will not have to spend extra money on new batteries. The device is portable, easy to set up and use, and comes with a backlit display and timer. Extra pods allow you to cover various parts of your body during one session that can last for up to 60 minutes.

Alternatively, you may try the ET-7070 model, which is more affordable and will cost you less than $100. The reason for that is its wired design, which deprives the user of the advantages of wireless units. Still, this product has its own strong points. Apart from having 14 different programs, the unit boasts 25 intensity levels. It has a larger display than the ET-5050, something that is particularly convenient for elderly people. Moreover, this model weighs less 12 ounces against 2 pounds which makes it particularly preferable for frequent travelers.

Weve picked different electric back massagers that are similar in terms of appearance. Unlike Shiatsu massagers, the massage head is static, and neither rotates nor vibrates. It is a percussion massager which means the heads go in and out like hammers.

Now, lets consider amedical-grade massage device within this price range, which is obviously advertised as a powerful massager for athletes. This device delivers percussion massage and is recommended as a muscle recovery tool. It comes with six tips, two of which are intended for small and large muscle groups, while the others are used for deep tissue massage.

With six different speeds, the device produces up to 5400 percussions per minute.Equipped with a high-torque motor, applies rapid 10mm strokes. This item is quite heavy (2 pounds) but this downside is partially made up for by a carefully thought-over design including the ergonomic handle and battery power source.The manufacturer points to the fact that the unit has low-noise operation: 45-58dB.

There are several reasons for choosing this product. First and foremost, it is manufactured by Core Products International, which is a reputable American company that has been successfully operating on the market for years. Established in 1988, it has since then produced an array of therapeutic products, including special-purpose cushions, belts, pillows as well as massage equipment.

In comparison with the other back massagers, this item has the advantage of being able to provide deeper massage, which at the same time is softer than percussion. The motor of this device operates at a speed of up to 4,600 RPM. The disadvantage lies in that you cannot use the unit on your own, instead, you will need assistance, someone who will move it across your back. Moreover, the device is quite bulky. With a weight of about 7 pounds and a 12-foot sizable power cord, it is the last thing you will want to put in your bag for a trip.

Still, the products large-size was not actually the manufacturer's omission, on the contrary, this is a key element of the design. The pad measuring 4 x 9 inches allows the unit to cover a large area of your body with one touch, which makes the massage more effective. Depending on the speed you choose, the device can deliver either invigorating or soothing massage. One more advantage of this product that I would like to highlight is durable and quality material it is made from. When compared to other metals, cast aluminum alloy is more resistant to corrosion and is a good conductor of electricity.

Core Products Jeanie Rub Variable Speed Massager, Deep Tissue Massage, Orbital Action for Back & Body, Professional Quality By Core Products International, Inc. $86.56 $ Buy Now Last update on 2021-07-09 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Here weve picked two massagers, a vibrating and a Shiatsu-balls one. If you drive, go for a vibrating one (Be careful not to fall asleep as vibration massage is relaxing). Shiatsu balls are inconvenient for a car seat. Imagine how they would constantly stick in your back. You will be tired rather than pleasured by this if you are travelling a long way. At home, on the other hand, you can completely relax and have a deep Shiatsu massage.

The rolled massage will make you feel hard and merciless (yes, merciless, as many buyers claim that this massage is too strong) masseurs fingers. Naturally, the massage comes with some relaxing heat for your tense muscles.

It is suitable for people of various heights, ranging from 150 to 185 cm as two top Shiatsu nodes built in the headrest will provide you with quality massage if you adjust the cushion to your height. It is especially recommended for people shorter than 165 cm, as they usually find it difficult to buy a back massager with the headrest balls reaching their neck muscles. Two vibration sources with three intensity levels are built in the seat, and four Shiatsu nodes move along your lower back in a complex trajectory. Each of the nodes contains two balls creating a deep 3D massage effect.

Naipo Shiatsu Neck Back Massager with Heat, Adjustable Full Back Kneading Shiatsu or Rolling Massage Chair Massage Chair Pad for Neck Back Hip, Relieve Muscle Pain for Back Shoulder By GloriouS $139.99 $ Buy Now Last update on 2021-07-09 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Comfier Massage Seat Cushion with Heat universally relieves back and spine muscle pain and treats neuralgia, cramps, and arthritic pain in large joints. Massage of the back of thighs accelerates blood circulation in the legs, which is essential for people leading a sedentary lifestyle. Ten vibration zones across the entire surface provide for an even massage, even when driving.

There are no balls here as this cushion is designed for relaxing and soothing tired back muscles. Its purpose is to relax a drivers muscles during a long and tiring trip. However, judging by the reviews, many buyers would prefer having Shiatsu-balls along with vibrating elements. Still, such a design is dictated by common sense: long-term exposure of the back muscles to idle Shiatsu rollers will create discomfort.

This heated massage cushion is suitable for those who have a high pain threshold and can endure the pain or discomfort caused by Shiatsu balls massage. This is definitely the most functional option in the category of massage cushions without Shiatsu elements.

Comfier Massage Seat Cushion with Heat - 10 Vibration Motors Seat Warmer, Back Massager for Chair, Massage Chair Pad for Back Ideal Gifts for Women,Men By Comfier $57.99 $ Buy Now Last update on 2021-07-09 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

If your problem is topical (neck or lower back), you might find it sufficient to use an upper back & lower back massager. You can hold this small massage pillow against the affected area (your neck or knee) or place it under your lower back in the car on your way home. The second option, a Shiatsu shoulder massager with long looped handles attached to the massage nodes, is best for treating large areas, such as your back, shoulders, buttocks or thighs. Pulling the straps up and down, side to side and diagonally will practically replace a real-life masseur.

This is the smallest Shiatsu massager suitable for your neck, ankles, knees, elbows, and it can also be placed under your lower back. Zyllion has an ultra-thin design and is only 6 cm thick. Simultaneously, it provides complete acupressure with 4 Shiatsu nodes and heat muscle relaxation. It is popular for office and car use, as within 20 minutes it relieves stress in the most vulnerable areas when performing sedentary work. It is a bestselling pillow neck massager with about 10,000 reviews.

Zyllion Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager - Kneading Massage Pillow with Heat for Shoulders, Calf, Legs, Feet, Hands, Home, Office, Chair and Car - Black (ZMA-13-BK) By Zyllion, Inc. $49.95 $ Buy Now Last update on 2021-07-09 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Use this massager for semi-professional lower back, back and hip massage as the straps allow for faster and easier massage of large muscles than compact handheld massagers do. Nekteck provides 3 massage speed modes and manual intensity adjustment settings. A variety of options minimizes possible pain. Its indisputable competitive edge over rivals is in the double number of massaging elements as Nekteck has 8 built-in Shiatsu balls.

Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager with Soothing Heat, Nekteck Electric Deep Tissue 3D Kneading Massage Pillow for Shoulder, Leg, Body Muscle Pain Relief, Home, Office, and Car Use By Medcursor Inc $39.99 $ Buy Now Last update on 2021-07-09 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

This massager with five nozzles on a long handle is a quick helper against stress or pain: its huge flat disk kneads large muscles while four finger-like nodes nozzle mimics manual massage. The acupoint is well suited for concentrated massage of small areas and if the pain point is located deep in the tissue, a simple round nozzle is designed for a relaxing massage. This is a family massager.

Wahl Deep Tissue Percussion Massager - Handheld Therapy with Variable Intensity to Relieve Pain in the Back, Neck, Shoulders, Muscles & Legs for Arthritis, Sports, Plantar Fasciitis & Tendinitis By Amazon.com $20.13 $ Buy Now Last update on 2021-07-09 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Slight fatigue can be relieved with a regular wooden or plastic massager with protruding elements such as this 5-ball self-massage stick. It has a long handle, so you can reach the least accessible spots. It fits in your gym bag easily and is designed for a quick massage after intensive training or hard work

LiBa Back and Neck Massager for Trigger Point Fibromyalgia Pain Relief - Self Massage Tool (Single) Buy Now Last update on 2021-07-09 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Two features distinguish this from similar massagers: it has two massage heads and it exudes infra-red heat. With a weight of only 2.5 pounds, this model is portable and convenient. It is likely that heating will be the key factor when making a decision. The device is used for gentle massage.

HoMedics Percussion Action Massager with Heat | Adjustable Intensity , Dual Pivoting Heads | 2 Sets Interchangeable Nodes , Heated Muscle Kneading for Back , Shoulders , Feet , Legs , & Neck By Amazon.com $39.98 $ Buy Now Last update on 2021-07-09 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

This model is quite expensive but there are reasons for that. With 10,000 vibrations per minute, it delivers powerful deep tissue massage that is so effective that many therapists and sports trainers have chosen this device for professional use. For the record, Pure Wave is a registered trademark of PADO, a US-based company that is engaged in creating new technologies and, in particular, manufacturing professional-grade massagers.

The device works in two modes, delivering both body percussion therapy and soothing micro-vibration to your face. The percussion motor can produce up to 3,700 RPM (the number of turns in one minute), which makes it the best in its class. The facial motor located at the other end of the machine features a speed of up to 11,000 RPM.

According to clinically conducted trials, this massager helps to break down scar tissue, improves blood circulation, and relaxes muscles. There are two additional nozzles for your face and scalp. Not only will this massager replace a manual masseur, but it will also become your personal beautician by relaxing and improving the tone of facial muscles.

When used on larger muscles, it relieves pain and cramps, especially if you use a 6-head nozzle. Each of its heads is equipped with 8 silicone fingers for deep, fast and intensive muscle massage. One more advantage Id like to mention is the units portability, meaning that you are no longer dependent on an outlet and can use it on the road, in a plane, in a queue or anywhere else! It weighs less than its rivals (only 1.8 pounds).

PADO CM-07 Dual Motor Percussion & Vibration Therapy Massager for Back & Sports Pain, Sciatica, Neck, Leg, Foot - White By PadoUSA $99.94 $ Buy Now Last update on 2021-07-09 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

I spend 18 hours a day sitting in front of the computer. In my nearly 40 years Ive earned a degenerative disc disease, the curse of intellectuals with a sedentary lifestyle. I have a pull-up bar and a treadmill at home; I do 50 pushups on average daily, as well as stretching and other rehabilitation exercises to keep myself in shape.

Twice a year I visit a professional massage therapist who stretches the muscle tissues, relieves muscle spasms, and stimulates the spinal nerves. Therapeutic massage plays an important role in our faced-paced modern lives. In its normal state, the muscle tissue has to be smooth and elastic. This is exactly what therapeutic massage aims to achieve.

But massage is still not enough. Due to sedentary living, the muscles shrink and weaken. The cervical region is particularly affected. Cervical degenerative disc disease is associated with neck pain and stiffness, the insufficient blood supply to the intervertebral discs, which lead to their atrophy, shrinkage, and pressure on the spinal nerves.

Therefore, in between the therapeutic massage sessions, you can use a simple homemade hand massager. This is an emergency, short-term solution that would relax the tense muscles and alleviate muscles fatigue, as well as increase blood flow and stimulate nerves. You definitely need this massager if your lifestyle is primarily sedentary or you drive long hours, at least as a preventative measure against disc degeneration processes.

Specialists from Mayo Clinic say that massage, such as kneading and stroking, relieves muscle tension and stress mainly in the short term. However, there was a study showing that acupressure, a kind of massage that imitates acupuncture but without involving the needles' use, can have a longer-term effect. There are devices delivering Shiatsu massage therapy based on the traditions of Oriental Medicine. As experts from Acupuncture Massage College explain, Shiatsu amplifies the body's ability to heal itself. This therapy works by stimulating the immune system and helps to restore physical functions of the nervous system and internal organs.