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The CC-HD bucket is the realization of a vision that our founders, Paul D. Taylor and Ted W. Beaty, had in the early 1970s. They wanted to eliminate the inherent problems of steel buckets, so they created a strong, resilient plastic bucket. Stronger, safer and more efficient than steel buckets, the CC-HD bucket is the gold standard of performance, durability and cost effectiveness.

This material is non-corrosive, tough and flexible, so polyethylene buckets create less product damage, reduce backlegging, and are nonsparking. It is lightweight and has a clean discharge, which makes polyethylene perfect for free-flowing product applications.

The high density polyethylene used in Tapco buckets is termed slow burning. It has been tested under ASTM Test No. D635. It also meets the criteria for approval under the Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 302 and Underwriters Laboratory Bulletin No. 94. Combustion in an excess of air results in harmless by-products (fumes) which are nontoxic.

Minimum bucket spacing has historically been nominal projection plus 2". Many style CC buckets, however, are being used at projection plus 1", and some even closer. For engineering purposes Tapco recommends using nominal projection plus 2".

Can be intermixed with existing steel or nonmetallic buckets. Some consideration should be given to balance. Bucket projection varies by manufacturer and material. Check elevator for proper clearances.ContactTapco for recommendations.

Fanged elevator bolts and nylon insert lock nuts are recommended for pulleys 6" in diameter and over. No. 3, Eclipse slotted head elevator bolts are recommended for pulleys under 6" in diameter.Flat steel washers must be placed inside the bucket under the nuts.Check elevator for proper clearances.

Polyethylene buckets should not be used with the following: (1) Materials over 200F/93C. (2) Sharp edged materials such as crushed glass or oyster shells. (3) Large dense materials such as gravel and ores over 3/8" diameter. (4) A few extremely abrasive and sluggish materials such as dried whey, some pellets and extruded feeds. (5) Some severe soybean and rice applications.

Welding and cutting on elevator legs without taking proper precautions is extremely dangerous and can cause a violent explosion. Polyethylene buckets can be ignited and will burn from improper welding and cutting.

4b cc-s heavy duty plastic agricultural elevator buckets and cups

At 4B we have helped to upgrade hundreds of bucket elevators over the years for many different industries. Our application engineering expertise includes: grain storage, animal feed, flour milling, brewing, biomass, cement, coal, frac sand, as well as other processing industries.

Using your key technical data, 4B engineers will provide preliminary design and component details to enable your bucket elevator to operate at its optimum capacity and discharge potential. If your existing elevator cannot be upgraded to meet your current needs, 4B engineers can provide a basic design for a new one.

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We also supply welded (according DIN standards) or plastic buckets for minerals and particularly challenging conditions, centrifugal or gravity discharging. Our elevator bucket program also includes the well-known European models (Columbus, Starco and Super Starco) in pressed steel, stainless steel, HDP, polyurethane or nylon.

For over 25 years Muller Beltex has been the distributor in Europe of Maxi-Lift plastic elevator buckets. These are very economical buckets for high capacities and abrasive bulk products. All types are available in HDPE, wear-resistant and non-adherent polyurethane or Zytel heat-resistant nylon and are very abrasion-resistant.

Our stockholding strategy and top-quality product range allows us to always offer the right solution for your elevator. Largely the result of our customers needs we have continuously been optimising our product range.

From experience we know which elevator components and moving parts are subjected to the most wear. What lies at the heart of optimal and safe bulk processing is the elevator belt: to us, the elevator belt is the key. A good quality elevator belt is crucial and can be offered with Polysur.

The connection is the weakers link in an elevator belt, which is why belt fasteners deserve special attention. We supply various belt fasteners for connecting belts with specially woven polyester/polyamide plies (EP) or steel fabric reinforcements.

Muller Beltex likes to share their knowledge as a consultant for your specific issue. Engineering,advice and supervision services to get your bulk handling and processing equipment running optimally. By involving us at an early stage, we can offer you the right solution based on our broad experience and know-how.

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U Series bucket elevators utilize a single trunk casing and are built with thicker steel to handle corrosive, abrasive and hostile materials. When the elevator experiences extreme temperatures and/or additional harsh material characteristics, Universal Industries, Inc. offers chain instead of belt for various U Series Elevators.

Each U Series model offers an EASY DUMP capacity rating that utilizes gravity discharge techniques to reduce product damage. After product is transferred into the elevator, the buckets travel up at a low rate of speed and then slowly tilt over the head pulley to allow the product to gently cascade down into the discharge housing. This continuous cycle provides a smooth flow of material with minimal damage.

Each of our elevators can reach a range of different capacities and speeds, while offering similar accessories and options for each one. Available in powder coated carbon, stainless, or galvanized steel with buckets available in HDPE, carbon steel, nylon and urethane.

Since 1906, Universal Industries, Inc. has been striving to manufacture quality & reliable equipment serving the bulk material handling industry. Our decades of knowledge and experience in the industry has allowed us to design and engineer products that create significant value for our customers.

Universal Industries, Inc. designs and manufactures bucket elevators / grain legs, slider belt conveyors, idler bed conveyors, continuous cup elevators, and grain & commodities equipment that is suitable for a wide variety of industries and materials.

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Tiger-Tuff is the original maximum duty elevator bucket. We designed and engineered it to increase bucket life. It lasts longer, so you replace fewer buckets, lowering downtime and maintenance costs. The Tiger-Tuff has proven its value over and over around the world. High volume applications are perfect for Tiger-Tuff. Minimum spacing is nominal projection plus 1. The recommended belt width for a single row of buckets is actual bucket width plus 2.

DRILLING: Elevator buckets are manufactured without a drill pattern. Special drilling or punching can be accommodated upon customer request.VENTING: Available as needed. See venting options in our catalog.DIGGER BUCKETS: Use slightly larger metal digger elevator buckets to help loosen material in the elevator boot section that has set up or hardened, thereby reducing abrasion on the plastic buckets. Call for details on Metal Digger elevator bucket options.

DIGGER BUCKETS: Use slightly larger metal digger elevator buckets to help loosen material in the elevator boot section that has set up or hardened, thereby reducing abrasion on the plastic buckets. Call for details on Metal Digger elevator bucket options.

SPACING: See elevator bucket spacing details in the size chart (depending on materials and speeds, smaller and larger spacing may be used).INSTALLATION: Use a #1 standard elevator bolt or Sabre-Tooth elevator bolt for installation. Designed to be used with fender or flat and lock washers and hex or locking nuts. If buckets are being installed on chain, use hex head bolts, nuts and washers.FDA: Both the urethane and polyethylene are designed to FDA specifications for direct contact with food products.

INSTALLATION: Use a #1 standard elevator bolt or Sabre-Tooth elevator bolt for installation. Designed to be used with fender or flat and lock washers and hex or locking nuts. If buckets are being installed on chain, use hex head bolts, nuts and washers.

BUCKET SIZE PUNCHING WEIGHT, LBS. CAPACITY, CU. IN. BucketSize Length Projection Depth Back Wall Thickness Centers # ofHoles BoltSize 2-1/2 HDPE Nylon Urethane WaterLevel Usable5 Deg. StdSpacing in. mm in. mm in. mm 6 x 5 6-5/8 168 5-3/4 146 4 102 0.33 4-3/8 2 1/4 1 0.84 - - 67.20 73.98 4 7 x 5 7-5/8 194 5-3/4 146 4 102 0.33 2-11/16 3 1/4 1 0.98 - - 79.72 89.24 4 8 x 5 8-5/8 219 5-3/4 146 4 102 0.33 3-1/16 3 1/4 1 1.11 - - 88.54 97.98 4 9 x 5 9-5/8 244 5-3/4 146 4 102 0.33 3-5/8 3 1/4 1 1.25 - - 107.37 121.27 4 10 x 5 10-5/8 270 5-3/4 146 4 102 0.33 4-1/8 3 1/4 1 1.40 - - 121.30 138.89 4 11 x 5 11-5/8 295 5-3/4 146 4 102 0.33 3 4 1/4 1 1.53 - - 140.70 153.16 4 12 x 5 12-5/8 321 5-3/4 146 4 102 0.33 3-3/8 4 1/4 1 1.67 - - 159.87 167.14 4 8 x 6 8-5/8 219 6-7/8 175 5 127 0.40 3-1/16 3 1/4 1 1.64 - - 135.56 150.85 5 9 x 6 9-5/8 244 6-7/8 175 5 127 0.40 3-5/8 3 1/4 1 1.77 - - 150.26 165.87 5 10 x 6 10-5/8 270 6-7/8 175 5 127 0.40 4-1/8 3 1/4 1 1.92 - - 170.69 185.62 5 11 x 6 11-5/8 295 6-7/8 175 5 127 0.40 3 4 1/4 1 2.06 - - 185.18 200.36 5 12 x 6 12-5/8 321 6-7/8 175 5 127 0.40 3-3/8 4 1/4 1 2.20 - - 200.37 220.58 5 13 x 6 13-5/8 346 6-7/8 175 5 127 0.40 3-5/8 4 1/4 1 2.34 - - 220.78 240.48 5 12 x 7 12-7/8 327 7-7/8 200 5-3/4 146 0.42 3-3/8 4 5/16 1 3.24 3.55 3.98 269.24 298.12 6 13 x 7 13-7/8 352 7-7/8 200 5-3/4 146 0.42 3-5/8 4 5/16 1 3.47 3.82 4.29 292.51 323.22 6 14 x 7 14-7/8 378 7-7/8 200 5-3/4 146 0.42 3 5 5/16 1 3.73 4.07 4.56 315.77 350.58 6 15 x 7 15-7/8 403 7-7/8 200 5-3/4 146 0.42 3-1/4 5 5/16 2 4.02 4.19 4.72 346.64 383.38 6 16 x 7 16-7/8 429 7-7/8 200 5-3/4 146 0.42 2-7/8 6 5/16 2 4.21 4.32 4.84 377.41 415.14 6 11 x 8 11-7/8 302 8-7/8 225 6-3/4 171 0.50 3 4 5/16 2 4.01 4.33 5.08 340.02 374.70 7 12 x 8 12-7/8 327 8-7/8 225 6-3/4 171 0.50 3-3/8 4 5/16 2 4.24 4.58 5.45 373.00 411.05 7 13 x 8 13-7/8 352 8-7/8 225 6-3/4 171 0.50 3-5/8 4 5/16 2 4.43 4.66 5.60 404.85 446.15 7 14 x 8 14-7/8 378 8-7/8 225 6-3/4 171 0.50 3 5 5/16 2 4.77 5.02 5.99 436.80 481.35 7 16 x 8 17 432 9-1/4 235 6-3/4 171 0.50 2-7/8 6 5/16 2 4.82 5.68 6.96 512.57 566.39 7 18 x 8 19 483 9-1/4 235 6-3/4 171 0.50 3-1/8 6 5/16 2 5.89 6.39 - 567.49 627.08 7 20 x 8 21 533 9-1/4 235 6-3/4 171 0.50 3-1/2 6 5/16 2 6.62 6.94 - 646.81 714.73 7 22 x 8 23 584 9-1/4 235 6-3/4 171 0.50 4 6 5/16 2-1/2 7.85 8.45 - 701.90 757.40 7 24 x 8 25 635 9-1/4 235 6-3/4 171 0.50 3-1/2 7 5/16 2-1/2 8.50 9.27 - 763.40 831.08 7 16 x 10 17 432 11-1/4 286 8-1/2 216 0.75 2-7/8 6 5/16 2-1/2 8.87 9.12 - 795.70 875.37 9 18 x 10 19 483 11-1/4 286 8-1/2 216 0.75 3-1/8 6 5/16 2-1/2 9.83 10.17 - 910.00 1001.21 9 20 x 10 21 533 11-1/4 286 8-1/2 216 0.75 3-1/2 6 5/16 2-1/2 10.27 11.02 - 1032.50 1135.98 9

Digger buckets are slightly larger to aid in breaking up material adhesions in a bucket elevator. Diggers extend 1/4 further than plastic elevator buckets. Weights and dimensions will vary. Tolerance is a 1/4 on all bucket dimensions except bolt hole diameter which is 1/16. Capacity is based off of plastic elevator buckets of similar style. Buckets available in carbon or stainless steel. AR wear lips, back plates and venting available upon request. Buckets available in gauges including 14GA, 12GA, 10GA, 7GA, 1/4 thick.

Tiger-Tuff Steel Digger Bucket Size, InchesPunching, InchesWeight, Lbs.Capacity, Cu. Inches SizeLength (L)Proj. (P)Depth (D)Centers (E)# Of HolesBolt Size10 GA Carbon SteelWater Level (X-X)Useable 5 Over X-5 12X713-3/88-1/873-3/845/1615.7283.18312.06 13X714-3/88-1/873-5/845/1616.35292.51323.22 14X715-3/88-1/87355/1617331.49365.3 15X716-3/88-1/873-1/465/1617.65346.64383.38 16X717-3/88-1/872-7/865/1618.3379.9418.65 11X812-3/88-1/88-1/4345/1617.33340.02374.7 12X813-3/89-1/88-1/43-3/845/1618.9373411.08 13X813-7/89-1/88-1/43-5/845/1619.9404.85446.15 14X815-7/89-1/88-1/4355/1621.3436.8481.35 16X817-1/29-3/48-1/82-7/865/1623.1512.57566.39 18X819-1/29-3/48-1/43-1/865/1625.2567.49627.08 20X821-1/29-3/48-1/43-1/265/1627646.81714.73 22X823-1/29-3/48-1/4465/1629.43701.9757.4 24X825-1/29-3/48-1/43-1/275/1631.37763.4831.08 16X1017-1/211-3/4102-7/865/1630795.7875.37 18X1019-1/411-1/2103-1/865/1632.59101001.21 20X1021-1/211-1/2103-1/265/1635.61032.51135.98

PolyApplication:Grains & Food Products TemperatureRange: -60F to +180F(210F intermittent)FDA Approved Material: YesComments:Economical, high density polyethylene. FDA approved material for handling food grade products.

NylonApplication:Hot, high impact, abrasive dense productsRange: -60F to +300F (350F intermittent)FDA Approved Material: NoComments:Best for high heat applications, with tough impact and abrasion needs.

UrethaneApplication:Heavy, abrasion, sticky materialsRange: -60F to +180F(210F intermittent)FDA Approved Material: YesComments:Most flexible and abrasion resistant. Resists product sticking and sharp cutting particles.

FDA NylonApplication:Hot, high impact, abrasive food grade productsRange: -60F to +300FFDA Approved Material: YesComments:Best for high heat food grade applications, with tough impact and abrasion needs.

A single shipment, on a single invoice, from a single source: Maxi-Lift. For a limited time only, Maxi-Lift is offering 3% OFF on new bundle orders. Contact us today or call (800) 527-0657 for more information!

elevator leg troubleshooting: identify problems by examining

This article from the Aug./July Grain Journal is based on a presentation by Carl Swisher, sales manager, 4B Components Ltd., Morton, IL (309-360-1228), given at the GEAPS Cornbelt and Hoosier chapters 2018 mini-convention, Nov. 13, in Covington, IN.

The centrifugal discharge bucket elevator is very popular in the grain and feed industry for elevating large quantities of bulk material quickly and cost effectively, but when issues arise, it can be difficult to identify the causes.

Scrapes or scratches on plastic elevator bucket side walls indicate belt migration on the pulleys as the buckets are sliding along the side wall of the elevator leg casing. Correct this by leveling the pulley and making sure there are no bent or worn pulley shafts.

Increasing belt tension will keep the belt centered on the crown of the pulley. In rare cases, the belt may not have been cut straight or the mechanical splices not installed at a 90-degree angle from the belt edges.

A bowed out front lip suggests that there is an obstruction inside the bucket elevator or that the belt has not been tensioned properly. Check the throat plate for proper adjustment as well as the clearance of the bucket lip in the boot section. Tightening the belt will make it more taut and reduce any flapping that might allow the bucket lips to scrape the inside of the casing or launch off the pulley.

A worn bucket face that has become thin from excessive wear also is susceptible to being bowed out due to the weight of the product. If the material being elevated is too heavy for standard HDPE buckets, consider installing buckets made from nylon for greater impact tolerance and rigidity.

Although plastic buckets inevitably wear out over time, if the wear is rapid or excessive, the capacity of the bucket will be diminished and replacement will be required. Several causes can drive excessive wear: The input may be too abrasive for the type of plastic being used for the buckets. Switching to a resin with greater abrasion resistance, such as nylon or urethane, may be the solution.

The caking of material in the corners of the boot or casing also can accelerate wear. An alternative to replacing all buckets with a material with greater abrasion resistance is adding a digger bucket every seven to 10 buckets in series. Digger buckets usually are made of steel and fabricated to be 1/4-inch greater in length and projection. Their oversized dimensions break up the crusty or caked material and allow the following plastic buckets to carry the load. It is possible to use a same-sized nylon bucket as a digger with the employment of spacers between the bucket back and the belt to push out the digger the necessary 1/4 inch.

Finally, excessive down-legging can distribute additional material in the boot, causing the bucket to dig through the input more than is necessary. Severe down-legging, or material not making it into the outlet hopper and continuing down the casing, can be caused by a multitude of problems from loose belt tension, to improper belt speed, to the wear of the buckets themselves.

Impact to the bucket often is the cause of cracks between bolt holes. The same goes for fractures along bucket seams. Unless an obstruction can be found within the elevator leg, this usually is a one-time occurrence caused by a foreign object entering the leg.

The most common material used in the production of plastic elevator buckets is high-density polyethylene (HDPE). It is relatively inexpensive, made with FDA-compliant resin, and durable enough for most grain and feed applications.

Polyurethane (urethane) is another engineered resin that offers abrasion resistance but also flexibility and adhesion resistance for applications such as sticky animal feeds, sharp-edged inputs, or high-throughput systems.

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