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Technology and policies enable net zero industrial greenhouse gas emissions by 2070.Electrification, use of hydrogen, energy efficiency, and carbon capture.Material efficiency, longevity, re-use, material substitution, and recycling.Specific technologies for iron & steel, cement, and chemicals & plastics.Carbon pricing, research support, standards, government purchases, data disclosure.

Fully decarbonizing global industry is essential to achieving climate stabilization, and reaching net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 20502070 is necessary to limit global warming to 2C. This paper assembles and evaluates technical and policy interventions, both on the supply side and on the demand side. It identifies measures that, employed together, can achieve net zero industrial emissions in the required timeframe. Key supply-side technologies include energy efficiency (especially at the system level), carbon capture, electrification, and zero-carbon hydrogen as a heat source and chemical feedstock. There are also promising technologies specific to each of the three top-emitting industries: cement, iron & steel, and chemicals & plastics. These include cement admixtures and alternative chemistries, several technological routes for zero-carbon steelmaking, and novel chemical catalysts and separation technologies. Crucial demand-side approaches include material-efficient design, reductions in material waste, substituting low-carbon for high-carbon materials, and circular economy interventions (such as improving product longevity, reusability, ease of refurbishment, and recyclability). Strategic, well-designed policy can accelerate innovation and provide incentives for technology deployment. High-value policies include carbon pricing with border adjustments or other price signals; robust government support for research, development, and deployment; and energy efficiency or emissions standards. These core policies should be supported by labeling and government procurement of low-carbon products, data collection and disclosure requirements, and recycling incentives. In implementing these policies, care must be taken to ensure a just transition for displaced workers and affected communities. Similarly, decarbonization must complement the human and economic development of low- and middle-income countries.

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2021 flooring trends: 25+ top flooring ideas this year - flooring inc

The time has come! Youre ready to do that remodel youve always dreamed of or flip that house thats been on the market for months. Getting the scoop on the latest flooring trends will help you start your project the right way.

Were here to help you find the latest, greatest flooring trends and prepare to tackle new styles in 2021. Theres nothing worse than spending your savings on a new floor only to have it go out of style in less than five years.

As technology advances, vinyl flooring gets closer and closer to natural wood and stone looks. Decorative patterns are gaining in popularity as well. Even better, all this beauty comes with no extra work. Vinyl floors involve less upkeep and maintenance and theyre easy to clean.

Tile flooring is famous for its classic look, versatility, and practically indestructible composition. Because glazed tile is naturally waterproof, it is the only flooring option that you can use anywhere bathrooms, kitchens, mudrooms, you name it.

Definitely! Tile is durable, easy to clean, and comes with the most style options of any other flooring. Theres always something new to explore with tile flooring, so expect to see it around forever.

Made to imitate solid hardwood, laminate is one of the more popular wood-look options for busy residential and commercial spaces. Laminate flooring is attractive, easy to maintain, and durable with its multi-layer design, all at a lower price point compared to hardwood floors.

Wall-to-wall carpet is a classic for flooring, but these days you have even more options to bring the durability and comfort of carpet into your home. Choose from a wide selection of carpet flooring, ranging from tiles to traditional broadloom, from nylon to polyester. You can even explore some outdoor options for those of you looking to step up your backyard oasis.

Engineered hardwood is a low-maintenance, affordable alternative to solid hardwood flooring. In addition to the real wood veneer surface layer, engineered hardwood consists of man-made materials such as high-density fiberboard (HDF) to provide the look of hardwood floors, with added durability.

Engineered wood is going to become even more trendy in the next few years. Homeowners are starting to value authentic looks and quality materials, and engineered wood offers both. As manufacturers find ways to develop more waterproof engineered hardwood, you can expect to see this trend grow.

We want things to be effortless. Were busy, weve got our lives and things to do, and spending hours maintaining a floor is not one of them. On the other hand, were starting to care about how things are made, where they come from.

It used to be that if you wanted waterproof floors, tile was your only great option. However, waterproof is the big thing right now. You can choose from waterproof vinyl, waterproof laminate, waterproof engineered hardwood, and even waterproof carpet!

Of course! Waterproof flooring has changed the game in the flooring world, and it shows no signs of stopping. Why would it? Everyone wants a beautiful, low-maintenance floor that resists water damage. I predict waterproof flooring will be virtually everywhere in the decades to come.

Weve reached a time where the young homeowner demographic comprises primarily millennials. And, not to pigeonhole an entire demographic, but as a group, millennials tend to care a lot about the brands they purchase from and how their purchases impact society, the environment, and more.

Because green or eco-friendly flooring is so big right now, almost all carpet is now being made from recycled materials, at least in part. Youll see various types of recycled materials, such as plastic soda bottles and even fishing nets. Pretty neat, huh?

If there were ever a sure thing in the world of trends, this would be it. I predict consumers will only demand more recycled materials and environmentally responsible flooring options for the next several decades.

These days, some people are choosing American-made flooring because they like knowing that their moneys going back into the U.S. economy. Lots of American manufactured products are also made sustainably, which is appealing to people who want eco-friendly flooring.

Domestic manufacturing also allows for a faster turnaround with new products. That means American-made flooring is constantly innovating to offer you the latest trends and the most cutting edge flooring technology.

But, when it comes down to it, the flooring trends with the most longevity are traditional, natural looks, such as wood and stone. But, you know, without the sticker price and maintenance of actual wood and stone.

Wood and wood looks have been popular in the home for ages. They just werent accessible to everyone. Solid hardwood flooring is expensive, finicky, and not ideal for families, pets, or areas where there will be a lot of moisture, like kitchens, bathrooms, and basements.

Both classic and contemporary, the marble look is a great way to pull out all the stops for a new floor. If youre looking for a floor that says high-end luxury without the price tag to match, marble-look tile or vinyl is for you.

The marble look is timeless, so you can expect this investment to last. If you want to modernize it a bit, you can always install your flooring in a contemporary pattern, but that might date it in a few decades.

While natural looks are still big, more and more people are starting to search out decorative flooring with some fun and personality. Geometric patterns are huge in tile, carpet, and vinyl right now, and that trend will keep growing.

Be on the lookout for decorative and graphic styles like parquet patterns and classic trellis designs. Kitchens and bathrooms are especially primed to benefit from this look. This is where creative flooring thrives.

You betcha! Decorative flooring is in the middle of a renaissance, with bold patterns, fun colors, and lots of ways to express yourself with your floor, almost like its art. Of course, decorative flooring styles wont completely overshadow natural and authentic looks.

Gray has quickly become the most popular trend, not just for flooring, but for kitchens and homes in general. Designers have also started mixing gray with other neutrals like beige, creating popular greige tones that go with any style. In 2021, youll be seeing a lot of greiges and charcoals adding depth and dimension to flooring.

In addition to looking chic and trendy, gray floors set the tone of a cool, contemporary home. They give you a neutral backdrop for decorating in virtually any color. Aquas, greens, bright bold colors or even black and white they will all go with your sleek gray flooring.

As more homeowners embrace the light, airy feel in their homes, you will see a huge resurgence in blonde wood (and wood-look) floors. Blonde floors, in particular, can give you that light, timeless feel.

The open, light, airy look is especially popular in modern kitchens. Homeowners are now steering away from sharper, modern, industrial looks and trending towards an updated farmhouse style. Light floors are perfect for this!

If you ask me, the blonde wood look will become a trend-turned-classic before you can even think about switching it up to something new. If you like them, go for it! Theyll be a hit for quite a while.

Whitewashed wood floors typically show the appearance of wear with the darker colors peeking out from underneath. It fits right in with the 2021 aged and worn trends happening across all styles of flooring.

Cool, contemporary colors are in right now, with lots of blues and greens in tile and carpet, and lighter, airier tones for wood and stone looks. Cool tones will be trending across the flooring market in 2021, but to be frank, the trends often drift back and forth between warm and cool tones.

At this point, blue is almost like a neutral in how its so versatile in design spaces. A gray-blue floor adds drama without being too overwhelming. Youll see a few cooler-toned stone looks, but the biggest place youll see this trend is with decorative tiles, carpets, and vinyl

I think this cool, contemporary tone is going to be around for a while. As long as you stick to lighter, more muted looks, it should have some staying power. Dont go out and buy some neon blue or green flooring.

High color variation is trending in wood (and wood looks) as well as tile. Wood looks typically feature color variation between planks, whereas high variation in tile typically refers to the amount of color variation in each plank.

Now, with modern technology, you can achieve these more random, natural looks with laminate, vinyl, engineered wood, ceramic tile, you name it! This makes your floor more of a statement piece and tends to pair best with simple but contemporary decor.

The challenge with something bold like high color variation is its a very specific aesthetic. Wood looks will likely be trendy for the next decade or so. Although, I predict high variation tiles will stay trendy significantly longer.

Speaking of high variation, expect to see more black and white flooring in 2021! This vintage look is growing more popular, especially with tile. Checkerboard looks and creative variations on the pattern are all over Pinterest as people start to prefer the old-timey, retro aesthetic.

Black and white floors might often be paired with bright accent colors in smaller spaces. Its a classic color choice that can work with modern looks as well as vintage. Younger homeowners especially might navigate toward this option because they enjoy the novelty feel of a black and white floor in their kitchens or bathrooms.

Soon, short, thin planks will be seen as outdated. In fact, I would venture to guess that going with smaller planks could significantly reduce your homes resale value. And also, they just wont look as good.

Herringbone pattern floors create a contemporary zig-zag pattern by connecting two planks at a 90-degree angle. This makes your floor look pretty unique, and its easy to DIY, so its a popular trend with homeowners. Meanwhile, chevron floors also feature an arrow-like design, but the planks are angled and come together to a point.

The checkered look has always been a classic design in kitchens and bathrooms, and now this vintage pattern is coming in full force. As trends move more toward unique and vintage styles, it only makes sense that checkerboard floors would make a comeback.

This trend isnt just for black and white, either. You can find checkerboard patterns in a huge variety of colors, and even with designer printed tile. The checkered pattern of mosaic tiles is also known as a patchwork tile look.

This refreshed vintage style is a great way to update a smaller kitchen. In those days, most kitchens were half the size of the kitchens we have now and the style fit perfectly into that small, homey space.

I think this is a look that will be super popular with younger, millennial homeowners for several years to come. However, if youre thinking about long-term resale value with a wealthier market, I would go with a wood look, instead.

Say goodbye to boring old tile transitions with straight lines. Youve probably seen this trend on Pinterest. Trickling floor transitions are the hottest new craze and for a good reason. It looks super cool!

This pattern is often achieved with hexagons, but any tile shape will work to create a one-of-a-kind look as you transition to other rooms in your home. Its the ultimate way to express your creativity.

Maybe! This bold design is not for everyone, but it does add a unique modern touch to any space. My guess is that the trickling floors trend will grow more in the coming years, but never become the go-to option for flooring.

Another top trend this year is texture in general. Scrapes, knots, wirebrushed, you name it. People want a floor that not only gives the visual appearance of being aged and worn but has the same unique texture and feel.

This one is my favorite! Handscraped looks instantly make your home look timeless and expensive. These are perfect for rustic decor with plenty of character. Theyre also a great backdrop for industrial kitchens.

Because handscraped floors look truly finished, they are trendy not just with younger homeowners but with more established homeowners, as well. Handscraped floors are almost guaranteed to amp up your home value.

Youll see trendy handscraped wood looks in traditional wood, engineered wood, laminate, vinyl, and tile. And, honestly, theyre all in! Each floor just has different advantages so its really up to you what youre looking for.

Another bonus of wirebrushed floors? They hide dirt really well so you dont have to clean your floors as often! If cleaning isnt your favorite pastime, that is a huge selling point. Especially in the kitchen.

People love floors with character and its no secret that distressed floors have a whole lot of it! With intentional scrapes, knotholes, and even burns, distressed floor textures are meant to give your floor character, like its much older than it actually is.

Setting the tone with a floor that looks almost historic instantly gives you an envy-inducing decor. Distressed floors make a great pairing with brick walls, fireplaces, stacked stone, farmhouse kitchens, basically every other hot interior design trend going at the moment.

This is a look that will divide people. I do believe distressed looks will continue to be popular, particularly with younger generations. However, I dont anticipate it will spread quite in the same way as handscraped and wirebrushed looks.

However, I also wouldnt say theyre trending right now. They are holding strong, still incredibly popular. However, its the textured finishes that are starting to steal the spotlight. For the moment.

The new, updated frieze carpets inspired by shag carpet texture are super cute and tremendously popular. A little time and technology go a long way and, now, carpet manufacturers have taken an outdated fad and come up with a trendy new twist.

Loop Berber carpet has been quite popular in commercial areas because the loops make the floor last so long. But youll see it a lot in homes, too, especially busy residences with lots of traffic and maybe even some pets. This sleek, clean, modern carpet trend doesnt just look great. Its also practical.

When you combine cuts and loops, you can create unique, stylish patterns and textures. Youve probably seen this a lot in rugs. When you run your hand along the rug and you can feel the contrasting textures? That is usually cut and loop carpeting.

As you can see, a lot is going on in the flooring industry right now. There are plenty of different, unique options trending that will likely stick around for years to come, which means your possibilities are endless.

Ari Ziskin is our resident expert in all things fitness, dance and flooring trends. After five years of blogging at Aris Menu, where she was featured on sites like The Huffington Post and Buzzfeed, Ari decided to pursue writing full-time. Nothing makes her happier than sharing her knowledge to help people create their gyms and begin their fitness journey.

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It sure is great to know that environment-friendly flooring options that are made from natural, renewable, and recyclable materials are getting more popular. My daughter is really looking to remodel her home to align with her zero waste lifestyle, and I think this type of flooring will definitely suit her. Ill be sure to help her look for flooring contractors that could set her up with this kind of project. Thanks!

Thanks for the great article on flooring trends in for homes. Ive been looking for a style I like and really enjoyed the suggestion to angle wood flooring and using hand scraped wood to give the flooring a distressed, yet modern look. I will have to look into flooring costs for this type of flooring when we re-do our floors.

My husband and I are remodeling out kitchen and were thinking we want t o replace the floor. I had no idea there were so many different kinds of floor. I really like the ceramic tile, its very durable which is great for our family, and it also comes in so many different designs.

Your blog is fantastic! I can tell a lot of hard work goes into this site. Im not huge into trends, but a lot of these floors look great. I find it hard to beat good old fashioned antique heart pine, but thats just my Southern roots talking.

I like that you explain how you can get concrete look tiles that have the durability and are low-maintenance benefits of porcelain. This would be a great way to keep your floor looking great and in good condition while matching the style of your home. When choosing floor tiles, it might be a good idea to consider what look you want to determine which material would be best so you can then go online and find a supplier that carries the kind you want.

Natural stone floors have many benefits, such as being cost-effective, as your blog suggests. Whilst being hard-wearing, easy to clean, natural stone floors can add value to your property. The use of natural stone has an appearance of elegance and sophistication and rarely goes out of fashion.

Thanks for the tip to consider using distressed wood for more variety and character. My husband and I want to have the ground floor of our home remodeled soon, including new wood flooring. Im glad I read your article because you gave me some great new style ideas to consider as we look at our flooring options.

Absolutely the BEST blog/information on flooring!!! Exactly what I was looking for Comparisons and 2019 trends. My husband and I built our last home 11 yrs ago and MY how flooring has changed in that short amount of time. We are about to start building our 3rd home and the options for flooring are amazing. So glad to know there is water-proof laminate available and affordable. Also, its nice to know that laminate and vinyl are not just for cheapskates anymore. Thanks for your hard work.

Glad to hear youre enjoying our blog, Rochelle! Vinyl and laminate are definitely making a comeback in a great way. Good luck with building your new home, and please let us know if we can help. Wed also be curious to know what flooring questions you have along the way!

I like the idea that you suggested that I can get white ceramic flooring for my home. In my opinion, it would make my living room look bright. Ill be sure to hire a service to install them so that it can contrast my dark furniture.

Great article and very helpful. I really like the blonde color flooring and I was thinking that would look great in my basement. Do you think using luxury vinyl plank would be the best option? I have had some moisture issues in the past. Should I go with a WPC or SPC core?

Thanks for your question. If you expect to have some moisture in your basement, your best bet is to go with waterproof vinyl with an SPC or WPC core. However, before investing in new waterproof flooring, it would be a great idea for you to address any ongoing moisture issues in your basement.

Thank you for this interesting post. I live in Florida. Im looking for changing the carpet on the second floor and the stairs, but Im struggling with the decision of what is the best option for upstairs, also if it should match the stairs flooring with the second floor. I have tile downstairs, but I think this option is too noisy for the second floor. Please let me know your thoughts.

Hi Pat, Thanks so much for reaching out. Hard surface flooring such as tile, hardwood, laminate, or engineered wood would be noisy on the second floor, but the right underlayment can help with noise and you can cover the floor with a large area rug for even more sound control. Carpet is an excellent choice for the second floor as they help muffle the sound. Plus, manufacturers have made so many improvements to carpets so they are more durable. Some carpets are stain-proof and waterproof so your floors will look great no matter what for years to come! You canRead more