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Planetary Ball Mill is aimed at crushing, grinding, dispersed metal, non-metallic, organic, herbal and other powder design, especially suitable for laboratory research and use, its working principle is to use abrasive and test material in the grinding tank high speed tumbling, the material produced strong shearing, impact, crushing to crush, grinding, dispersing, emulsifying materials. The planetary ball mill is fitted with four ball mills on the same turntable, and when the turntable rotates, the ball mill can rotate around the turntable axis while also circling its axis, making planetary motions. The grinding ball in the tank collides with each other in the high speed movement, grinds and mixes the sample. The product can be used dry, wet two methods of grinding and mixing of different particle size, materials, the minimum granularity of abrasive products can be up to 0.1 microns. Can be very good to achieve a variety of process parameters, at the same time because of its small batch, low-power, Low-cost advantages, is the school, research units, companies are the crushing process, new materials, paint research the preferred equipment.

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The HMK-1901 planetary ball mill has been mainly manufactured to meet the demands of the fine milling sector. The mill combines all the standard mixing and size reduction procedures and simultaneously employs high centrifugal forces in order to generate high pulverization energy.

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The LABULK 0335 Intelligent Tapped Density Testerfrom HMKTest (Dandong HMKTest Instrument CO., LTD), is also known as a tapped density analyzer or tapped density meter. It has been specifically designed for measuring the tapped density of powders as well as granulated or flaked materials by repeatable or standardized procedures.

The LABULK 0335 Intelligent Tapped Density Tester effortlessly changes main parameters such as tapping speed and drop height in order to meet varied international standards. The LED and membrane control panel in the system provides easy and fast operation. The LABULK 0335 is also tailored with an acoustic cabinet in order to reduce the noise level, while a transparent plexiglass door allows operators to monitor the operation.

The system is incorporated with a micro computer that prints the test data, including volume, sample number, tap number, weight, operator, and tap density, at the press of the button. Besides being rugged, the plastic coated outer surface is also resistant to corrosion, guaranteeing easy cleaning and prolonged working life.

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- Density cup: stainless stee, cylinder, 100mL, volume calibrated, ID 45mm, IH 63.1mm - Funnel: ISO, stainless steel, ID 10mm, angle 20, height 145mm - Funnel brush - Spatula: stainless steel - Analytical balance: optional

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Planetary Ball MillHMKMill 1901 is a Fritsch type planetary ball mill designed and manufactured for requirement of fine milling industry.It integrates all traditional mixing and size reduction process and at the same time HMKMill 1901 planetary ball mill uses high centrifugal forces to generate high pulverization energy. It works efficiently and takes very short milling time. HMKMill 1901 Planetary Ball Mill is a convenient benchtop ball mill for size reduction and mixing purpose.Materials are milled in max 4 grinding stations.

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As a member of Chinese Society of Particuology, HMKTest has been operating under the brand AimSizer since 1997 with target of international high-end particle size test instrument market. The main product is AimSizer AS-2011 Laser Particle Size Analyzer. At present, there are more than 10000 of our laser particle size test instruments on the world market.

After the year of 2004, with the continuous contact with international customers, HMKTest constantly gets the urgent demand of international users in terms of particle size. Because in the particle size field, there are some powders that laser particle size analyzers cant measure. HMKTest actively refers to international standards, cooperates with internationally renowned experts and upgrades the technology, and develops HMK-22 Fisher sub sieve sizer which adapt to the international high-end market, HMK-200 Economical and Intelligent Touch Screen Type Air Jet Sieve SIEVEA 502 Electromagnetic Vibrating Sieve Shaker, etc. International granularity users satisfaction is the continuous power to push us forward. In order to cope with the trend of mass production of multiple instruments, The company established HMKTest brand.

While satisfying the particle size market, HMKTest invested capital in the research of powder flowability test, and successfully developed the worlds first AS-300A Full-Automatic Hall Flowmeter which there are more than 10000 on the world. In addition to this, HMKTest developed and produced HMKFlow 329 Angle of Repose Tester, HMKFlow 6393 Carr Index Powder Characteristic Tester Instrument which more fully meet the users powder flowability testing requirements.

HMKTest is also good in density instrument field. The density instrument of HMKTest covers tap density instrument and bulk density instrument. In terms of tap density instrument, HMKTest keeps making innovations and develops the worlds most advanced LABULK 0335 Four-Generation Fully Intelligent Touch Screen Tap Density Tester which changes the situation that the ineffective tap density tester or the bulk density tester which are not up to the international standards are used for a long time. In terms of bulk density instrument, HMKTest established LABULK brand. We stick with high requirements on products. Though the product is small, our sincerity is great. The loose density instrument produced by HMKTest has the most kinds, the best quality, the most customers in the world. There are more than 20000 of this kind of our product on the market.

The year of 2018 is a new start. HMKTest entered into Chinas domestic market, and establish Dandong HMKTest Instrument Co.,Ltd and start to provide various instruments and products for the factories set up by international multinational companies in China and domestic customers as a processing enterprise with common taxpayer qualifications. 20 years ago, HMKTest went abroad, winning respect for China in the international market. Now, HMKTest comes back bringing a large number of international experts and scholars, international advanced management experience, all kinds of instruments made totally according to national standard.

Dandong HMKTest Instrument Co.,Ltd is a Chinese scientific instrument manufacturer in the field of material characterization and is a scientific and technological manufacturer. It is one of the scientific and technological enterprises that produce the test instruments of powder physical characteristics in China. To make the company bigger and stronger, the companys business scope extends to more powder testing instruments. Through continuous technical research and development and cooperation, HMKTests business involves in all aspects of the powder industry. With accurate and durable performance of instruments, advanced technology in line with international standards, and honest and trustworthy business ethics, HMKTest has been recognized and supported by users so that the companys business continued to expand year after year. From ignorance to preliminary understanding, from the beginning to frank communication, from business partners to close cooperation, HMKTest has become a big brand in the field of physical characteristic equipment procurement at home and abroad.

HMKTest produce and sell five series which are about 100 kinds of products. There are Particle Size Analyzer series, Flowability Testing Instrument, Bulk Density Instrument series, Laboratory Sample Preparation series, Tablet Test series. Each kind of product has passed the domestic and foreign customers spot inspection. We welcome all walks of life friend to come to discuss the cooperation

SE5133/SE5134: These are graphene-based filler compounds that function for both corrosion protection and heat dissipation. It is the perfect choice for any corrosion-weak equipment that requires a great deal of heat dissipation.