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Pros include job security, employee benefits like healthcare, professional and skill development assistance and friendly culture. Bangalore Sarjapura campus is picturesque and is a treat to work from. Company transport is available. Projects are very good. Work culture treats everyone equally Irrespective of age or position. Although there are some specific big shots who have joined Wipro laterally and think they are above all. But if you are correct at your end, you can fight to the highest level and people will look at it impartially. I would like to highlight one specific incident witnessed from the ground floor lift lobby of Sarjapur S4, Bangalore. A bigshot who had joined Wipro recently from I*****s and had a tremendous control and association with the client I supported was waiting for the lift behind 20 other employees huddled around. He wanted others to make way for him and started shooing people with a wave of his hand. Another employee, supposedly in late 50s requested him to stop and and let the people before him board. The bigshot actually said :"Do you know my position in this company?" The elderly employee replied: " I don't really care about it. I am here for 24 years and things don't happen like that here. Even Premji does not have a reserved parking. You can go complain to whoever you want". That left the bigshot fuming :p...Read More

There are only two cons in this company 1. Appraisals And appreciation : Extremely poor appraisal, far below market standards. Appreciations from higher ups, on spot awards etc, are a rarity. 2. Work life balance Of all the teams that I have worked with including mine, all of them each are 2-3 members short staffed. Hence the on floor employees are always stretched to 12+ hours to complete pending activities. Most projects don't have the concept of overtime. These two factors coupled together leads to a lot of employees dropping their papers, just like me. Once I declared my intent to resign, people started calling me and offering me promises of bonus cash, onsite opportunities, brand progression, higher role, etc. All I want to say is, if I am capable enough, these should have been offered to me without me having to resign. If these were offered on a timely basis, I would never have resigned....Read More

+ve: -security for job. -more career options. -salary credits on 1st, if it is on sunday will be credit on saturday. -ve: -being such a big MNC they only provide one way cab, -being such a big MNC, neither wipro nor we have shame to take such useless salaries. even a daily wage labor gets more than what a wipro employee gets. -the most funny part is their salary hikes, those amount doesn't make any changes in our lives, may be wipro thinks that we will buy properties with that hikes. -how much you work hard and learn new and mention in appraisal, at last you will only get G3 P3 nothing more than that. because of politics. -as said there are many career options, BUT we need to pass through so much politics. -even school or college students will have exams for every 1 or 2 months but in wipro we have one or other kind of exam every week, which if not done results in salary hold. -they don't give cab allowances if we don't use cab. -MOST IMPORTANT working hours per day is more than govt norms, all companies even a local company will make their employees to work 9 hours including 1hr break. but in wipro we will have 1hr break and 8.5hrs of work. 1/2 hrs more work daily but salary is way toooo less than any other MNC. don't know how govt is giving permission for their frauds and scams. -notice period is 3 months after resignation. -no work life balance, because working hours is more than all other companies and cabs pics and drops in office 30 to 45 mins before login time. we will go to our homes just for sleeping purpose. no proper sleep, no time spent with family, no time for personal life. -waking up>reaching 45mins early to ofc>working like animals for 9.5hrs>reaching home -working with wipro spoiled our name, when everyone asks our salary and wonders, saying such a big company and why so less salary. -end of the day everyone works for salary, no salary satisfaction, no career satisfaction, some part of our life gets wasted. WARNING: choose some other options...Read More

Joined Wipro as a Student - Computer Applications with a part time MS program offered from VIT. i was able to balance my study and work smoothly and parallely learn new technologies, grow my customer service experience and skills, rise from Junior Administrator to Senior Engineer and now as Lead Administrator in a systematic manner. Our customer is open to innovation and adopt new technologies and hence we get opportunity to always work on new security implementation projects and new tool implemenations, so there is always something new to learn which enrich your career and work expierence. Satisfactory Salary Increment and Growth within the project. Medica Benefits are Excellent....Read More

Sometimes work pressure is high and balancing the operations, project activities and task requires extra work hours and dedication, as work from Home has started since last year, managing the work within the work shift has become difficult - have to sacrifice additional hours to take customer calls beyond office hours to complete the pending work and activities. it disturbs family time and personal life. ...Read More

managing the entire IT infra of our customer, primarily server activities across multiple domains including office 365, Exchange, backup and security, VMware, VDI, AD, VIP user calls, guiding juniors team members and handling escalations.

Growth will depend on performance and if showcased well. 100% pay out on variable pay even during Covid crisis. Wipro is a MNC, has presence across globe with big pool of IT Services and carrier road map within Wipro is you can take movement to desired role and apply as per minimum eligibility like apply for movement after completion of 24 months in a project, skillset, experience. B1 band and above has 3 months of notice period, Average pay master and yearly appraisal around 5-10% depends upon individual performance and Account budget. Nice and hygenic Cafeterias. Good HR policies and Work from home available but also depends upon role. If working at client location, client holiday applies and may not be Sat/Sun fixed off. Overall Wipro is a good employer with high job security. you can always consider to become a part of Wipro. Hope it helps!!...Read More

Working at Wipro for me was a satisfaction filled by people around me, projects undertaken, flexibility in work, work culture, and new talent around me. They took in charge of the situation of COVID-19 from the time it was deemed to be serious in the office premises. They created covid help center , with medical care, help desk and platform to share the experience if any. It felt that somebody is there to look for if the situation turns bad due to Covid19....Read More

Not sure of other companies since Wipro is my first company. So my opinion is purely based on my experience in Wipro and what I have perceived the experience of other companies through my discussions with friends, cousins and ex-Wiproites working other companies. Few of the employees who have been Wipro for long time and those who have joined from service industries like HAL, BEL, TCS, HCL and private and public sectors and have taken up higher positions Wipro have a significant impact to current scenario in Wipro. They have contributed both positively and negatively. The major part of the culture in Wipro is driven by them since they are owning and are responsible for the same. I do not like part of the culture they have inculcated over a period of years. The very fact of restricting research, exploiting the budget of projects, solving the issues as a patch rather then long term solutions. Many a times I have seen managers and higher management exploiting the situation both monetarily and psychologically to the maximum extent possible. Since the above set of employees for a portion of the company, there is different set which contradict them and work with ideological theme to make the company successful. This balance is what is making the employees like me to survive and still continue with Wipro. We get to see both parts of the coin and we will be able to compromise the negatives with positives. Personally, I have got what I want in this company and I do justice to the work owned by me till I am in Wipro. Having said that, I always put the ownership on me to be in Wipro because nobody told me do so. So I cannot blame anyone for where I am today. Wipro is not an ideal company in my sense, to be precise. My view of what I expect of a company is different....Read More

Work at Wipro in the past few years was really something which i have liked compared to my entire stay in Wipro. May be it is not only about skills, it also covers managers, type of project, kind of skills and finance.

I had a very great working experience with Wipro. Being my first employer Wipro has always given me flexibility and time to groom myself and develop the skill set. It's great in terms of work life balance though it also depends on your client. Work hour is relaxed and job security is high. They provide good opportunities to learn new skills and they provide free certification vouchers as well for new skills related to Cloud etc. Annual hike is pretty much same as of other organizations but in my case Wipro had provided me retention bonus twice which shows their intention to reduce the attrition rate and retain the employee. Promotion process is debatable and depends on your ratings and relationship with the manager. Overall a very good organization to work and learn things....Read More

1. There's no skill development in most of the projects 2. HRs are never available when you actually need their help 3. Salary growth is very very poor 4. Most of the projects are less staffed for cost cutting purpose hence working for 10-12 hours or more is norm 5. Relocation policy is so bad. They give 12k on the name of relocation bonus plus you have to pay for the accommodation for which reimbursement will be given later. But how employ will pay 40k+ for accommodation in th first place? :( 6. Management only care about getting their work done 7. Shift allowances went for a toss during pandemic. 8. Not recommended if you want good career growth...Read More

Work environment will be good even though too much internal politics for hike(MSI). Good part of this organization is to giving the opportunities to employees to get expertise in various niche skills with dedicated mentors and curricula. It will be great company to work for if you have great pay (CTC) already.

Work life balance depends on the project or account you're working for. One account made me work in night shift for product go live without giving any compensation for it even though it is promised from ADH.

As a company, Wipro should care of his employees who work all the time. Many are not privileged to work from home. In such situation, Wipro hires CEO for more than 100 crores and deducting salary of ground level employees. But Ive learnt that I should be thankful that i wasnt sacked.

Ive been a very motivated and optimistic employee of Wipro for more than 5 years. But during this time, I learnt that a few managers can only raise voice in front of employees who are in lower band than them. And at the same time they are puppets of clients. No one cares for employee, theyll show compassion when you get COVID(onlyshow off) if youd really care, you wont call them out to work from office. No appreciation to people who have done a lot during this time, salary deduction on top of that. If youve been in company for 5 years, your hike cannot be more than 4K (4K for five years, not 1 year), doesnt matter how you perform. Wipro will externally hire a person with same position as you with double the package of yours, but wont increase your salary. Specially in kolkata location, they have monopoly and they are taking huge advantage of it. Thank you Wipro, from being a proud wiproite, Im just looking for an option to move and never look back. Days were easy and I had better management, Id respect Wipro for the growth and money Ive got so far, but in last 6 months Ive seen reality. I got money and growth not for free ! ...Read More

Good work environment and culture. Teammates are supportive and the management is transparent. There is a huge cafeteria and gaming arcade for chilling. Company policies are good, appraisals are fair and they give good salary hike and bonus every year.

There is a lot of politics and the management doesnt address our issues. Salary is decent but career growth is slow. There is a bond of 2 years before which you cannot resign. On the job training is not given to new joinees.

The job is quite interesting! I struggled a bit in the beginning as there was no formal training session. I learnt everything on the job. I got a chance to wear multiple hats and that helped me get a taste of different roles within the same team.

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foam-eeze bulk foam soap dispenser with refillable bottle | item #9325 | impact products

Impact Products is the dominant manufacturer of supplies and accessories to the cleaning industry. We operate office, manufacturing and distribution centers in: Toledo, Ohio, Purvis, Mississippi, and Riverside, California.

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Impact Products is the dominant manufacturer of supplies and accessories to the cleaning industry. We operate office, manufacturing and distribution centers in: Toledo, Ohio, Purvis, Mississippi, and Riverside, California.

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Impact Products is the dominant manufacturer of supplies and accessories to the cleaning industry. We operate office, manufacturing and distribution centers in: Toledo, Ohio, Purvis, Mississippi, and Riverside, California.