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Intuitive programming allows laundries to manage a variety of functions, including cycle time, drying temperatures, cool-down time and top-offs. Cycle time is programmable in one-minute increments and time countdown can be set for minutes or seconds.

Continental Gear Dryers for Fire Departments are engineered to safely and quickly dry personal protective equipment, including turnout gear, helmets, gloves, boots, face masks and self-contained breathing apparatuses (SCBAs).

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We are industry innovators. Continental vended and commercial laundry products bring real-life solutions to a variety of industries and applications. Engineered for unrivaled performance, durability and ease-of-use, Continental washers, dryers, feeders and ironers work in concert to save energy and maximize throughput and production. We offer the largest breadth of laundry products and systems in the industry!

Vended laundry owners and operators crave reliable laundry products that bring simple management and operation, along with heightened profit potential. Continental offers complete lines of hard-mount and freestanding washer-extractors and complementing dryers. Engineered for efficiency, boosted customer turnover, lower utility bills and greater appeal, Continental card/coin-operated laundry equipment allows operators to maximize their self- and full-service revenue streams.

At Continental, we provide a full breadth of highly tested and reliable laundry products constructed for longevity, safety, efficiency, throughput and performance. No wonder our products are in place at thousands of laundries in an array of markets across North America. We have it all washers, dryers, feeders, ironers, folders and stackers for any application, including fire, healthcare, hospitality, dairy, beauty, corrections, government, and so many more.

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ADCs laundry product designs are innovative and engineer-driven, improving efficiency and performance, extending product life and enhancing serviceability. Through nearly fifty years ADC has become the leading manufacturer of drying solutions embodying these designs for commercial coin-operated, on-premise, and industrial laundry markets in 90 countries worldwide. Now we also offer the same quality you expect from us in energy efficient washer/extractors.

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The experts at BDS know laundry equipment. From coin and card operated washers and dryers for self-serve vended laundries and multi-housing laundry rooms to giant-load industrial equipment for On Premise laundries, BDS is a true single source distributor. Youll also find all of the ancillary products and accessories for a successful operation including repair parts, laundry carts, folding tables, seating units, change machines, vending equipment, hot water systems, ozone units, laundry card systems, signs and decals and more at

American Dryer Corporation is a staple in the commercial laundry industry offering energy-efficient commercial dryers designed with top to bottom quality. We offer classic ADC dryer models made for faster dry times meaning more cycles per day and more earning potential for your business or OPL.

Electrolux machines are perfect for vended laundries and OPLsoffering countless profit focused features. From Automatic Water Savings to EcoPower settings, Electrolux machines help save as much as 30 percent of water on small wash loads and 15 percent in gas per use. In addition to money saving features Electrolux is also known for Text Messaging features which improves customer loyalty by sending a text message when a machine is available or when their cycle is complete.

As the largest commercial laundry manufacturer in the world, Speed Queens roots are in commercial laundry and a perfect option for OPLs, vended and multi-housing laundries. The strong foundation machine design virtually eliminates vibration and significantly reduces machine noise helping create a peaceful laundry room environment. The innovative design is meet with a robust interior offering a supreme wash featuring a smooth stainless steel wash tub helping protect your laundry to extend the life of all linens and fabrics.

The Maytag Corporation has been around since 1893 and is a staple in the commercial laundry business. Dependability drives Maytags smartly engineered equipment offering several programmable options to increase profit in all laundry room environments. With built-in energy efficiency, Maytag machines help save on labor costs and energy savings. Maytags latest feature Maytag 360 provides machine owners with real-time information to maximize profits by watching patterns and identifying targeted times for special pricing, sending notifications when a machine needs maintenance and keep customers or residents happy by allowing them to check when machines are available through a convenient smartphone app.

Whirlpool is one of the most recognizable names in the commercial laundry industry offering tremendous machines for multi-housing applications. Like all of the commercial laundry machines brand, Whirlpool is continuously improving energy-efficient solutions and custom wash programs to increase profits for owners.

UniMac is the world leader in OPL equipment offering durable machines exceeding the demands of commercial markets like hospitality, correctional facilities, fire houses, athletic facilities, car washes, dry cleaners, dairy farms, food processing plants, restaurants, spas, salons and much more. With several innovations, UniMac machines help maximize throughput with customized cycles and dryness settings. Optispray Rinsing technology reduces cycle time by 12 percent and cloud based management solutions providing owners with real-time information detailing machine error and productivity.

Wascomat lives within the Laundrylux brand alongside Electrolux featuring several benefits for vended laundry, multi-housing and OPLenvironments. With a variety of machines to choose from Wascomat offers energy saving solutions including 60 percent less water usage and 15 minutes less time in the dryer. These machines also improve overall productivity with extra-large load drums, allowing users to double capacity while the Cross Balance technology keeps loads balanced, helping to shorten time spent in the machine.

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Made in America and built for performance and reliability, Speed Queens commercial-grade construction means that each machine is rugged, dependable and built to last, providing the simplicity and performance needed to get clothes clean. Speed Queens machines maximize your profitability and provide unparalleled convenience for your property. Speed Queen commercial washers and commercial dryers combine superior durability with electronic digital display and vending meter, for coin or card operations. The end result is on-site laundry facilities that give residents the wash and dry they expect.

For more than 100 years, Maytag has stood for something thats as important today as it ever was: dependability. The companys focus on better-built equipment that delivers remarkable reliability, day after day is unsurpassed. When you choose Maytag Commercial Laundry, you can count on one thing: every belt, bolt and bearing that goes into the machines is engineered to last. To deliver true dependability, energy savings and easy use day after day, every part has to perform to keep you up and running.

Forward thinking innovation is what Whirlpool is about. Trusting Whirlpool for your commercial laundry needs might seem like a sure thing. After all, its one of the most recognized names in the industry. But if you need convincing, consider that Whirlpool washers and dryers offer energy-efficient equipment that saves money and builds profits; the machines have outstanding features and quality at an exceptional value; and stylish designs help make your business or facilities attractive.

Family owned since 1899, Miele produces household appliances for the kitchen, laundry room and floorcare, as well as appliances for commercial use and medical facilities. By offering durability, high performance, ease of use, energy efficiency, and expertly designed products with superior service, Miele strives to be the worlds most trusted and desirable premium appliance brand. Staying true to the Miele brand for more than 100 years, Miele is committed to long-term thinking and planning, continuity of values and goals, in addition to good relationships with customers and suppliers.

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High quality duvets, blankets, bed linens, towels, napkins, and tablecloths are essential to high-performing hotels and resorts. At Girbau Industrial, we understand how to maximize hotel laundry production while simultaneously offering guests flawlessly finished goods. Our continuous batch tunnel washing systems, washer-extractors, feeders, ironers, dryers, folders and stackers work in concert for lower labor hours and energy usage, catapulted throughput, and unrivaled results.

Girbau Industrial washers, dryers and towel folders allow high-volume waterpark laundries to quickly wash and perfectly fold towels of all dimensions. Girbau Industrial washer-extractors and complementing drying tumblers deliver unrivaled performance, longevity, efficiency and ease-of-use. Girbau Industrial soft-mount washers produce high-extract reaching 387 G-force and offer an easily installable freestanding design. The high-speed extract removes considerably more moisture per load, when compared with most competitive washers, and cuts resulting drying time by up to 50 percent. With shorter dry times, campgrounds complete significantly more laundry per day using less natural gas, labor and energy.

Healthcare laundries clean and process a variety of laundry items, including bed pads, gowns, blankets, sheets, towels and personals. Critical to properly cleaning each item type is a highly programmable washer-extractor and drying tumbler. Once programs are set, the washers automatically combine the right mix of chemicals, mechanical action, rinses, extract speed, G-force, and water temperature for superior results.

Party and linen rental operations require laundry processes that deliver superior results and a quick turn-around. By selecting the right laundry equipment washer-extractors, industrial ironers, flatwork folders and drying tumblers they can dramatically boost laundry productivity, while using less labor, water, natural gas and electricity.

Industrial laundries require highly productive and programmable laundry products to quickly process a variety of goods. Simultaneously, they need equipment that delivers the highest quality results. Girbau Industrial products work in concert to curb energy and operational costs, while catapulting throughput and quality.

Girbau Industrial offers complete product and service solutions for commercial and industrial laundry operations across North America. When you choose Girbau Industrial, you get the full package from help with laundry sizing, equipment mix and layout, to training and technical services after installation. Our comprehensive product offering perfectly fits the needs of small commercial laundries, just as it does industrial operations. Stay small, or grow for expanded services and bolstered revenue. Whatever your goal, weve got the solution!

Braun consistently builds equipment that is simple to use, reliable, and designed to improve operational efficiency and yield bottom line results. Braunlaundry equipment is used worldwide; in hospitals, hotels, cruise ships, commercial and industrial laundries, and in government and correctional facilities.

Designed to drive down water, electrical and gas costs while improving productivity, HS-Series High-Performance Washer-Extractors deliver high-speed extract, an easy-to-install freestanding design, unmatched durability and the ultimate in programmability!

White offers a full line of Dry Cleaning, Laundry, Hospitality, Correctional Institution, Retail and Residential garment handling solutions that are designed to deliver relentless performance with minimal maintenance. For over 70 years, White has surpassed established industry standards for efficiency, reliability, and overall value. These systems are designed to improve productivity and ensure profitability.

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Fold and stack linen accurately and with ease with Chicago Dryer's commercial and on-premise laundry folders and stackers. Chicago Dryer offers a diverse line of folding and stacking equipment, tailored to the needs of every on-premise and commercial laundry operation, no matter the job or amount of floor space. Packed with features like automatic selection of correct folds for sheets, tablecloths, blankets, pillowcases and napkins, the Skyline series offers laundry owners what they need and want in a commercial folding machines. The Air Chicago series takes advantage of the Air Induced Response technology to accurately fold all types of laundry and comes in a variety of sizes, including the Triple sorting version, the quality towel folder Air Chicago Express, and the Slim model for aprons. Check all Chicago Dryer lines of commercial folders and stackers to discover which machines are right for your commercial or on-premise laundry operation.

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From millions of pounds of linens at healthcare, institutional, and hospitality facilities, down to smaller operations, Chicago Dryer Corporation leads the way in laundry finishing equipment. With over 100 years of experience building separating, feeding, ironing, folding and combination laundry machines, Chicago knows how to build commercial and on-premise laundry equipment that leads the way in innovation, energy and labor cost savings.

First in the U.S. to automate the physically demanding job of pulling and shaking sheets apart by hand, Chicago Dryer Corporation has developed a full line of automated separating machines to speed up your on-premise or commercial laundry drying process. Cutting out the difficult process of bending and lifting tangled linens, Chicago's automated linen separators can streamline your work in almost any laundry environment. Led by the top-of-the-line CASCADE model, these separators get the job done faster and more efficiently.

Chicago Dryer continues their labor-saving offerings with their line of automatic laundry spreading and feeding equipment. Their Edge line delivers accurate high-volume presentation of sheets and table linens into flatwork ironing and/or folding equipment, further streamlining the process of linen drying in your on-premise or commercial laundry. These spreader/feeders get the job done faster with less manual labor than any other spreading and feeding equipment on the market and further makes the job easier with integrated controls and diagnostic functions.

Chicago's commercial ironing equipment gets the job done with the world's widest range of gas, thermal fluid, steam and electrically headed commercial ironers in a variety of roll diameters and lengths. Removing more water from more pounds of wet linen around the world every day, Chicago's commercial ironing equipment can produce as much as 2,200 pounds of finished linen per hour, simplifying and speeding up your on-premise or commercial laundry services.

Finish the job faster with Chicago Dryer's folders and stackers, which finish linens accurately with crisp and consistent folding of ironed or tumble dried goods. With a folder and stacker model for every size commercial or on-premise laundry, Chicago's machines are sure to deliver time, energy and labor cost savings for your operation.

Need it all? Chicago's all-in-one combination finishing equipment combines separate feeding, ironing and folding in a single machine in a variety of sizes for a wide range of commercial and on-premise production floor plans and spaces.

No matter your finishing needs, Chicago Dryer Corporation has the finishing equipment that can speed up your feeding, ironing and folding process and Western State Design has the expertise to help you find the perfect machines for your commercial or on-premise laundry. You can find genuine OEM parts in our online commercial laundry Parts Store.

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We strive to be the Industry leader in Used industrial laundry equipment for sale from the experts at R.W. Martin. Proud to be the partner you rely on for industrial laundry machines, tunnel washers, folders, ironers, extractors, and more.

R.W. Martin. All Rights Reserved | Prices and availability subject to change without notice. Although we try to assure accuracy, R.W. Martin cannot be responsible for typographical or photo errors on our web site.

Stay up-to-date on all industrial laundry equipment, parts, and service news. At R.W. Martin, we're the partner our customers rely on. Simply leave your email below to receive updates, specials, trivia, and more!

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industrial food dryer machine for drying fruits and vegetables is a box-like shape which can be easily disassembled and fixed; This fruit and vegetable dryer machine includes centrifugal blower and axial flow blower.

industrial food dryer machine is a box-like shape which can be easily disassembled and fixed; This fruit and vegetable dryer machine includes centrifugal blower and axial flow blower. The heat source the drying oven can be steam and electricity in drying in food processing. This dryer oven is equipped with low noise, high temperature proof axial flow blower and automatic temperature control system. To be better food dehydrator manufacturers.

The industrial food dryer machine is sealed, improving the thermal efficiency of fruit and vegetable dryer dehydrator from traditional 3-7% in drying room to the current 35-45%, with the highest thermal efficiency up to 50%. The design success of dryer for food processing hot air circulating oven make our hot air circulation oven has reached the advanced level at home and abroad. fruit and vegetable dehydration machine has saved a lot of energy for our country and improved the economic efficiency of enterprises.

Most of hot air loop inside the box so it is high thermal efficiency and energy-saving. It uses forced ventilation, with adjustable air divider plate in the box. The materials are dried uniformly. Heating sources offer a wide choice of steam, electricity, far infrared. Machine has low noise, auto-controlled temperature and convenient installation and maintenance and is stable in operation. It has wide application and can be used to dry various materials, so it is a commonly used drying device.

It is suitable for heat curing and drying and dehydration of materials and products of pharmaceutical, chemical, food, agricultural, aquatic, light industry and heavy industry, such as bulk drug, crude drug, Chinese medicine decoction pieces, extractums, powders, granules, electuaries, water-bindered pills, packing bottle, pigment dyes, dehydrated vegetables, dried fruit, sausages, plastic resin, electric elements, drying varnish and so on.

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Do you run a dry cleaners, hotel, laundromat, distillery, or assisted living home in Florida? Looking for an economical and efficient Industrial Equipmentto do laundry at your place of business? When it comes down to a cost-effective solution, investing in commercial laundry machines is your best bet.

GCES has distributed leading national brand laundry machines, such as B&C Technologies, to businesses all over the state of Florida. Our customers are mostly based in Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Lakeland, Tampa, Saint Petersburg, and Orlando. They occasionally extend to other parts of the U.S.

We are proud to serve big-name clients like Universal Studios and SeaWorld / Busch Gardens, which both have large wardrobe and laundry departments. In addition to sales, we also have a parts and services department for those customers in need of part replacements or servicing malfunctioning machines.

As a licensed reseller of B&C Technologies machines and parts, we at Gulf Coast Equipment Sales are proud to sell, maintain, and provide service parts for all B&C Technologies machines. B&C offers standard stainless steel drying cylinders as a standard feature for all their dryers while other companies upcharge for stainless steel.

Our B&C Washers are engineered from the most innovative components to ensure that your machine stays in optimal working condition for years to come. These machines are easy to operate and come in many different designs that are built to thoroughly wash even the heftiest loads of laundry.

Unlike other brands, B&C Technologies offers dryer machines that already come equipped with all stainless steel drums. This line of cutting-edge dryers features energy-saving and insulated cabinets that offer much quieter operation.

B&Cs line of flat irons offers the best performance at the lowest prices on the market. These machines are both durable and designed to provide easy temperature regulation. Users can simply place lightly damp sheets into the roller and get a neatly pressed and folded sheet in seconds.

Choosing the right machine can be tough when you dont know where to start. Luckily, our team of experts is here to ensure that you end up with the most affordable and efficient option to fit all your needs.

The SB Series Industrial Washer is best for those businesses where hygiene is a major concern. If youre in the healthcare or hospitality industry and are dealing with large loads of laundry, this machine may be the best for you. The SB Series Industrial Washer is both powerful and easy to control.

This machine also comes with B&Cs most up-to-date technical features, including a softmount barrier that allows for 350G extractions. With a built-in suspension, softmount machines offer better extraction speeds, meaning less time in the dryer. The SB Series Industrial Washer is a great investment that will end up saving businesses much more money and time when it comes to drying linens.

Many garments should never be put into a traditional tumble dryer. Studies show up to 30% of garments worn on a daily basis have warning tags stating they should not be tumble dried. Drying cabinets have the ability to create exact temperatures and humidity needed for a given garment. They are perfect for special processes such as wetcleaning and special gear like fire fighting garments. Fabrics last longer when dried in a drying cabinet and the life span of drying cabinets is much longer than conventional tumble dryers. B&C Technologies has created top of the line drying cabinets designed for different industries and marketplaces.

We carry several different B&C flat irons that are well-suited for hospitality businesses, one of them being the IC Series Commercial Ironer. This flat iron is perfect for hotels because it can handle high-quality linens and comes with a digital temperature and speed control. It is best suited for small- to medium-sized laundry sizes, such as napkins, pillowcases and more.

Needing new parts for your B&C dryer? With the number of brand machines we represent at GCES, you can rest assured we have the part you need. Weve recently inventoried over 20,000 parts and are going through the process again to ensure we consistently provide everything our customers are looking for.

Needing new parts for your B&C dryer? With the number of brand machines we represent at GCES, you can rest assured we have the part you need. Weve recently inventoried over 20,000 parts and are going through the process again to ensure we consistently provide everything our customers are looking for.

We are proud to offer our customers not only the value of our sales and parts, but also fast and convenient service for all our machines. All of our GCES technicians are factory trained, meaning they receive hands-on training from B&C factories to learn to service these machines, specifically.

Because our suppliers are constantly revamping and releasing new lines of equipment, we are committed to continually educating our staff and technicians. This way, they can keep up with the latest trends to offer our customers the best in service. Our technicians attend continuing education throughout the year. Need your machine serviced, dont hesitate to reach out to us.

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Electrolux is world renown as a leading manufacturer of the finest quality commercial washers and dryers with the latest state-of-the-art features. Electrolux has been manufacturing laundry equipment since 1902 under several different brand names including the North American brand of Wascomat. Electrolux Laundry Systems is a leading supplier of professional laundry solutions worldwide.

Electrolux has a comprehensive range of commercial laundry equipment including washers, dryers and finishing equipment, Electrolux Laundry Systems tailors solutions to the specific needs of individual businesses - everything from the laundries of apartment houses, hotels and health care institutions to commercial laundry operations.

Electrolux Laundry has approximately 1280 employees located at three manufacturing entities in France, Sweden and Thailand and19 national sales companies around the world. A network of 150 importers also serves the global customer base. The headquarters is located in Ljungby, Sweden. The Electrolux name is your guarantee for a solid business partnership.

Electrolux is the industry leader in OPL Laundry Solutions with state-of-the-art commercial laundry equipment with exceptional performance, technology and long-term solutions. Please check out the complete Full line of heavy-duty industrial laundry equipment, designed to withstand the test of time, and to continuously achieve high levels of efficiency during its lifetime.

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ILS joined Continental Girbau in 2019. We are currently offering leased equipment with extended factory warranty of additional two years, while equipment is in current lease period. Manage your budget for the next five years. For more information click to email [email protected]

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If you are looking to open a new laundromat or laundry facility in Florida or Southern Georgia, or replace your outdated machines to take advantage of energy and water saving technology, the professionals at OEM Laundry can help advise you in your decision process so you have properly sized industrial laundry equipment to handle all the daunting demands of your customers and employees.

We offer coin operated washing machines and tumble dryers, card operated laundry equipment, non-vended laundry equipment, and finishing equipment here in Florida and Georgia. We also carry coin changers, Vend-Rite soap vendors, and other accessories for a complete turnkey laundry solution.