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We can provide standard models Industrial Sand Dryer for removing the Moisture of incoming silica sand. We are using imported make burner to control the noise, back pressure, less carbon deposition, Sand Drier include Sand feeding hopper, Rotary drum, Burner, Hose connections and Drive assembly, bottom frame with inbuilt self sand uniform loading System.

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The Main Features ofIndustrial Sand Dryer: Cylinder dryer is charactered with compact form, covering little area,needing half area compared with the same output of single dryer, reliable work,low energy consumption, high thermal efficiency, good effect on materials drying,easy to realize automatic control, requiring few operators. Main Functions ofIndustrial Sand Dryer: Industrial Sand Dryeris mainly used for the drying of particle materialswithin a certain range of humidity, such as yellow sand used in dry mortar industry,various specifications of sand in foundry industry, blast furnace slag cementin building materials industry, small size clay, for chemicals no changesin chemical industry, the small granular materials that is not afraid of high temperatureand dust. According to the requirement in last water content after drying materialin different industries, the material after drying,the water content can meet below 1-0.5%. Industrial Sand DryerWork Flow: Wet sand---> Hopper---> Disc Feeder--> Belt Conveyor-->Sand Dryer(Hot Air Furnace supply the hot air for the sand dryer)---> Belt Conveyor--> Vibrating Screen ---> Dried Sand. Partial Technical Data ofIndustrial Sand Dryer: Model Processing Capacity Input Moisture Output Moisture MainMotor forSandDryer Coal CalorificValue Feedinlet Temperature 1.5X14M 10-12 17-23% <10% 15 >5500KCAL/KG 70050 1.8X14M 15-18 17-23% <10% 18.5 >5500KCAL/KG 70050 2.0X16M 20-25 17-23% <10% 18.5 >5500KCAL/KG 70050 2.2X18M 25-30 17-23% <10% 22 >5500KCAL/KG 70050 Notice:Any change ofIndustrial Sand Dryertechnical data shall not be advised additionally.

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Vijay Engineers & Fabricators is a highly motivated and skilled organization with almost 14 years of experience supplying quality products to Indian and overseas foundry industry. Vijay engineers & fabricators has been in the field of manufacturing of foundry equipment since 2006. We are expert in produce fully automatic green sand plant as well as mini sand plant like green sand, co2 sand, sell sand, lose Foam casting, sand dryer, sand coating etc. We at Vijay Engineers & Fabricators believe in strengthening our customers by creating opportunity for their growth. We do it by our continuous improvement, new technology adaption to our rigid and trouble free machines. Our key products are green Green Sand Plant Equipments, Pollution Control Equipments, Cold Box Core Shooters, Ladles and Process Control Equipments. We do undertake Turnkey Projects like Sand Plants, Batching Systems, Mold Handling Lines. Our factory is located in Shiroli MIDC Kolhapur, State Maharashtra with total area of 2230 sq. m having dedicated facilities for fabrication, machining, automation and assembly.

Vijay Foundry Equipments is the one of leading manufacturers of all types of Patterns Core Boxes, Moulding boxes, GDC Dies, High Pressure Dies. The Team has vast experience of more than 10 years of expertise in Patterns, Dies and Machine Shop. Having in house CAD-CAM design room and pattern shop. We are able to provide our esteemed customers i.e. Foundries and Engineering Companies with the high quality foundry patterns needed for excellent metal casting. Vijay Foundry equipments customers get complete backup support and the confidence of companies quality assurance.

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