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driptite - unbreakable washer pan, water heater pan, washing machine pan, washer overflow pan, washer and dryer pan and washer drip pan

WHAT MAKES OUR PANS THE BEST? After extensive research, we chose a special blend of unbreakable polyethylene plastics (similar to those used in making industrial cement drums) that is thick, UV-ray protected and will never break when stepped on. The pan is tough and UNBREAKABLE with a true lifelong durability. These pans never have to be replaced.

We use the same materials on our Single and Stackable Washer Dryer Pans which are also UNBREAKABLE and just as tough. Our lifelong washer pans are designed to fit all side-by-side single or stackable front-loading washer and dryers with pedestal drawers or without. 10 Year NoBreak NoCrack Warranty. These pans never have to be replaced.

The Slide n' Fit Sink & Vanity Base Protector is manufactured out of styrene making it both flexible and extremely durable while also mold resistant. It has been specially designed to fit most all standard and custom kitchen and bathroom cabinets including island sink cabinetry.Protected by issued and pending patents. *Limited 1 Year Warranty.

"Just received the four sink (and vanity) protectors I ordered and found them incredibly easy to install since I dont plan to remove them I used some white silicone caulk around the edges to make them truly watertight (in all my sinks there are valves just a little too close to the edge for comfort but this was my choice to be extra thorough) in any case, IMHO, your design is great and the material really does look like it will last for literally decades." Malcolm, FL

DRIPTITE is proud to introduce their NEW product line of Tru-Tough Washer Pans and Sink & Vanity Base Protectors for the housing development industry (older and newly constructed homes), apartments, condominiums, housing remodels and the everyday consumer.

The patented Combination Washer and Dryer Pans, Single Washing Machine Pans, (also known as washer overflow pans, drip pans or leak pans), the patented Sink & Vanity Base Protectors (also known as under sink cabinet protectors or just cabinet protectors), and Water Heater Pans have been designed and manufactured to fill a need for consumers everywhere. Water damage and mold damage to residential dwellings from dripping, leaking pipes, plumbing or washer machines can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars in repairs to sub-flooring, tile, wood floors, drywall, carpet, and more.

DRIPTITE pans were invented to help solve the problems of household water and mold damage and save consumers from the associated headaches and costly repairs. Our goal is to do whatever we can to make DRIPTITE pans easily available to all consumers nationwide. Enough damage has been done and far too much money has been spent after the fact. DRIPTITE washer pans and under the sink pans are the solution.

The information on this website and the use of the DRIPTITE Sink & Vanity Base Protectors or the unbreakable DRIPTITE Washer & Dryer Pans will help plumbing contractors, cabinet manufacturers, property management companies and homeowners themselves combat the ongoing serious problem of water damage and unhealthful growth of toxic household molds.

DRIPTITE was established in July of 2002. Frank Carter, a plumbing contractor/sub-contractor with over eighteen years of experience in the residential and commercial housing development industry designed and market tested the first prototype of the DRIPTITE Sink and Vanity Base Protector. Shortly after, US patents were filed and Mr. Carter continued on with his research and development. To date, DRIPTITE now has five patented products being sold in the market place: The Combination Washer & Dryer Pan, The Single Washing Machine Pan, The Slide n' Fit Sink & Vanity Base Protector, The Sink & Vanity Base Protector OEM version, The Disposable Sink & Vanity Base Protector, and the Plumbers (Sink & Vanity Base Protector) Rubber Roll-Up Mat.

stingray parts washer | heavy duty industrial parts washers

StingRay offers a complete line of heavy duty industrial parts washers with 21 aqueous washing machine models. Designed to last, StingRay Parts washers are engineered for structural Integrity and maximum parts washing effectiveness. StingRay Part Washers conserve water, reduce energy consumption and do not pollute the environment, meeting the goals of green technology solutions.

Each StingRay Parts Washer is a pre-designed, configured parts washing solution. With 120 options and features on every industrial parts washer, StingRay tailors to your specific cleaning needs. From aerospace, automotive and railroad, to turbines, steel mills and mining, StingRay has a parts washer for every application.

The StingRay 6075 parts washer not only offers an impressive parts washer power density for parts cleaning but also the patented oscillating power wash manifold to maximize parts cleaning in any industrial application. It is the ideal industrial parts washer for off-road and over the road truck engines and transmissions, mining equipment engines, and marine engines.

StingRay Industrial Parts Washer offers the world's premier aqueous washing technology. Every StingRay parts washing machine is carefully engineered with proven aqueous cleaning technology, and is built in the USA using industrial quality materials and components. Through many years of experience, StingRay parts washers evolved to contain the features of heavy duty part washers. Each washer is built with the reliability and the appropriate power density to get the job done in the toughest cleaning applications. StingRay provides a complete cleaning solution by offering various aqueous parts washers, cleaning detergent, spare parts and technical support to fit your parts cleaning needs. StingRay Industrial Parts Washers conserve water, reduce energy consumption, and do not pollute the environment. Thus, our environmentally friendly parts washers meet the goals of GREEN TECHNOLOGY cleaning solutions.

At the heart of every StingRay Aqueous Parts Washer lies the patented oscillating power blast manifold system that bombards wash loads with hot aqueous wash solution from a different angle each time the parts pass on the rotating turntable providing thousands of cleaning angles. This technology combined with our high-efficiency industrial pump systems, high power density, and high output heating systems delivers faster aqueous cleaning cycles and more thorough part cleaning. StingRay cleaning equipment is also environmentally safe with a closed-loop, zero discharge design to meet EPA and OSHA regulations.

There are many features of a StingRay Parts Washer including: An automatic aqueous cleaning cycle, enclosed steel aqueous washing cabinet, rotating turntable that retracts when the door is opened, patented oscillating manifold, aqueous solution level management, temperature controlled solution heating, pump suction filter, safety devices, and single point electrical system connection. Depending on your parts washing needs, StingRay Parts Washer optional features include: Stainless steel cabinet, heated fresh water rinse system, steam exhaust and blow-off systems. In addition to parts washer features, StingRay also offers a variety of Heavy Duty Parts Washer solution maintenance devices for heavy degreasing applications: Oil skimmer, Sludge scraper, Surface scraper, In-line filtration.

The StingRay Oscillating Power Blast Manifold is a superior cleaning mechanism, offering a more efficient cleaning technology than the fixed spray manifold used in many other parts cleaning systems. The patented, non-synchronized oscillating spray manifold blasts every part from a different angle each time the turn table rotates, providing thousands of strike angles during each wash cycle, and in turn, a cleaner part.

In addition to the oscillating manifold, The StingRay Power Washer Process cleans using a very low concentration of cleaning chemicals, allowing the solution to last longer before disposal is required. StingRay Power Wash Technology combined with high-efficiency pumping systems and high-output heating systems delivers faster cleaning cycles and more thorough cleaning. Plus, its environmentally safe and minimizes rinse cycle requirements, thus saving water and reducing cycle times.

Designed to last, StingRay Parts Washers are fully engineered for structural integrity. Built from solid steel rolled rings and rugged steel webbing, StingRay turntable load capacities are some of the highest in the industry. Welding is performed by certified welders to AWS weld specifications using certified welding materials and techniques. All base and door frame structural steel angles meet or exceed the ASTM-A36 requirements. Each component is built for maximum rigidity, strength, and durability.

front load e-series washer | continental girbau

Designed to drive down water, electrical and gas costs while improving productivity, E-Series High-Performance Washer-Extractors deliver high-speed extract, an easy-to-install freestanding design, unmatched durabilty and the ultimate in programmability! E-Series commercial washers deliver more performance using less labor, natural resources and chemicals. The E-Series front-load washer is available in 20- to 255-pound capacity models.

View Product Brochures EH020; EH030, EH040 & EH060; EH080; EH090, EH130 & EH255 Product Specifications EH020, EH030, EH040, EH060, EH070 EH080, EH090, EH130 stat, EH130 tilt, EH190 stat, EH190 tilt,EH255 stat, EH255 tilt Warranty

The freestanding design of E-Series allows for quick installation and same-day operation. Unlike hard-mount washers, there is no need to bolt E-Series Washers to concrete foundations. The machines are constructed using a Multi-Directional Springs (MDS) system that absorbs 95 percent of all vibrations during the wash process. This enables installation in unconventional locations, including laundry rooms with in-floor heatall with little or no floor preparation or cost. Moreover, the freestanding design allows laundries to easily relocate E-Series Washers with zero impact on the facility.

E-Series commercial front-load washers quietly and gently reach extract speeds up to 405 G-force, about 280 G-force more than most hard-mount washers. The high-speed extraction removes more water from each loadreducing dry-time, operating time, utility consumption and labor expense. By cutting dry-time, damaging heat exposure and mechanical action are also reduced, resulting in less linen wear. Linen lasts longer and so do your dryers, which run fewer hours per day. E-Series front-load commercial washers make for a more efficient and productive laundry.

E-Series technology allows for superior wash quality using considerably less water than many competitive washers. E-Series are designed without a sumpa water containment area at the base of the washer. This saves up to 3 gallons of water with each fill when compared to machines equipped with an outer tub sump. Less water used equates to lower water-heating costs and reduced chemical usage. E-Series' AquaFall system further enhances efficiency. Water enters the washer drum via holes in the drum lifters. As the drum turns, lifters release water from above, enabling superior load saturation, chemical penetration and rinsing. Continental's AquaMixer system also improves wash action by mixing hot and cold water to achieve precise bath temperaturesminimizing hot water consumption.

To reduce maintenance time and associated costs, all components requiring regular maintenance are easily accessible. The top panel of the washer can be quickly removed, the drain is easily accessible and the transmission system can be serviced by simply removing the rear panel of the washer. Bearings are lubricated for a lifetime, the poly-v belt needn't be tightened and bearings and seals are easily replaced without removing the washer drum. The machines also feature rounded corners to avoid operator bumps and bruises and to make the machine easier to clean.

E-Series offers three programmable controlsthe Logi , Logi Pro and Inteli. The controls are key to increasing on-premise laundry productivity. Why? By customizing programs according to specific load type, the control shortens the time required to process a loadboosting productivity. Fixed-timer washers don't allow this flexibility, and subsequently have longer cycle times and lower productivity. In addition, the control flexibility of E-Series provides protection from costly linen damage due to unnecessary processing and chemical damage. Despite their advanced technology, the controls couldn't be simpler to use. Once the programs are set, operators simply select a program number and push start.

Logi Control (Logic) 30- & 40-pound models The highly flexible Logi Control, available on EH030 and EH040 models, offers eight individually modifiable programseach with up to nine baths including multiple pre-wash, wash and rinse cycles. Variables within each bathincluding wash temperature, water levels, cycle times, rotation and G-force extract speedscan be individually programmed for maximum efficiency given the load type. E-Series Washers with Logi Controls can be programmed for automatic chemical injectionensuring a consistent clean and eliminating fabric damage by chemical overuse.

Logi Pro Control 20-pound model The highly flexible Logi Pro Control offers 25 individually modifiable programseach with up to 11 baths including multiple pre-wash, wash and rinse cycles. Variables within each bathincluding wash temperature, six water levels, cycle times, rotation and G-force extract speedscan be individually programmed for maximum efficiency given the load type. E-Series Washers with Logi Pro Controls can be programmed for automatic chemical injectionensuring a consistent clean with every wash and eliminating the possibility of chemical overuse and resulting damage to fabric.

Inteli Control (Intelligent) 30- to 255-pound models Continental's most flexible and dynamic control ever, the Inteli allows complete control of every conditional aspect of the wash process! Featuring an LCD display with easy-to-understand icons that indicate cycle and programming status, the control can be programmed manually or using a memory card. With 20 pre-programmed cycles and up to 79 individually modifiable cycles, users can control water temperature (by degree), wash rotation speed and duration, five on/off wash rotation combinations, multiple water levels, bath cool-down (by degree) and six programmable extract speeds. The Inteli is so flexible, it can be programmed for a wash cycle of as little as three minutes up to an extended program lasting for hours or days. An auxiliary heat option enables bath water temperatures to be increased by degree. Optional overnight soak and delayed start are also standard features.

E-Series Washers feature durable AISI-304 stainless steel inner and outer drums designed for constant use. The front, side and top panels are constructed of steel and coated with Continental's unique Titan Steel Finish for superior appearance and corrosion resistance. Each component is engineered with as few welds as possible for unmatched strength. The oversized door, which allows for easy loading and unloading, is also equipped with a heavy-duty, bolt-style hinge to withstand the rigors of constant use. From the rounded cabinet corners to the oversized bearings and quality sealing system, no details were overlooked. No wonder E-Series are backed by a solid manufacturer's warranty!

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Midwest Laundries has the largest inventory of used coin-operated laundromat equipment in the United States. All of our used laundry equipment is rebuilt or refurbished and sold with a warranty. The photos on our website are of the actual machine for sale. We have over 600 used commercial washers and dryers in-stock. Please give us a call at 773-538-7892 if you don't see the item you're looking for.

used industrial washers and dryers

Is your multi-housing rental property or business in need of an on-site laundry facility? Have you considered used industrial washers and dryers to help you stay within budget? At Commercial Laundries, we are always ready to assist you with all of your on premise laundry equipment needs. We service all types of businesses from laundromats, rental apartments, hotels/motels, hospitals, nursing homes, salon/spas, schools, condominiums, restaurants, and more. We offer high quality products and can provide you with cost effective laundry equipment designed for endurance and reliability. When considering your bottom line, let our expertise help your business save money by investing in used commercial washers and dryers.

There are many benefits to buying used commercial laundry equipment. Installing a laundry facility with new washers and dryers can prove to be an expensive proposition. Replacing old, worn out machines with newer ones can also add up to more than you were planning to spend. The affordable solution to this problem is to buy used laundry equipment to keep your business going. By purchasing secondhand laundry machines that are well maintained you can resume business as usual at a minimum of the cost. Your business does not have to suffer for a lack of funds. The option of choosing to purchase used laundry equipment to set up a laundry facility is a quick and affordable alternative. On-site laundry facilities will also make life easier and more convenient for your tenants. Offering this amenity in your rental property makes an attractive choice to potential renters and can increase the retention rate, in addition to helping you generate extra income.

Used washers and dryers are also the ideal choice for owners of buildings in need of an industrial-sized laundry facility. The constant need for fresh linens or uniforms for use in nursing homes, schools, hospitals, and hotels make an on-site industrial laundry facility imperative. By purchasing used laundry equipment to set up your facility, plus doing the laundry on-site and not out-sourcing, you will save your business both time and money.

Commercial Laundries offers you a wide variety of makes and models in commercial laundry equipment. Our inventory of used and pre-owned laundry machines are built to withstand heavy daily use. We offer top-loading and front-loading washers and dryers from top name companies such as Maytag, Speed Queen and Whirlpool. Our machines have sophisticated features such as a full-range of cycle options that perform various functions. They are also environmentally friendly and energy efficient to save you money on water, electricity and detergent. Best of all, by purchasing used laundry equipment, you will save hundreds of dollars, leaving you with more money for other business expenditures.

In addition to the best secondhand commercial laundry equipment in South Florida, Commercial Laundries also offers you a variety of service plans to keep your equipment in high-efficiency working order without expensive labor and parts costs. We also offer competitive pricing, timely delivery and fast response to issues. Our goal is to serve your needs by providing excellent customer service. Our staff is properly trained and experienced to handle all aspects of our relationship with you. We are dedicated to assisting you in all your business needs and maintaining an on-going business partnership.

Team up with the leader in the commercial laundry service industry in South Florida. We have a proven track record of many years of successfully operating our business and are thankful for all the long-term business relationships we have with our clients. Speak with one of our team leaders today to learn more about used washers and dryers and how they can help your business generate income.