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Viper Helios Anime Attribute Pyrus Power 600 First Seen Invasion of the Vestals Voiced By Takashi Matsuyama (Japanese) Rob Tinkler (English) Variations Viper HeliosBattle Unit Mode Cyborg HeliosTurbine HeliosMaxus Helios Helios MK2Maxus Helios MK2 Orbit HeliosInfinity HeliosMutant Helios

Viper Helios (Japanese version Helios (, Heriosu?)) is Spectra Phantom's Guardian Bakugan in Bakugan: New Vestroia. He was later upgraded to Cyborg Helios, then Helios MK2, and then finally Infinity Helios in Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge.

Viper Helios is a mean spirited dragon-like Bakugan. Spikes cover its arms and shoulders while hardened rumpled skin protects its legs from attacks. Horns point in both directions to defend its head. Colossal wings allow Viper Helios to fly avoiding attacks. It uses its fire breathing ability to melt oncoming artillery. Its long tail is used to fend off opponents during a battle.

He was first seen fighting Blade Tigrerra and Nemus. He defeats Blade Tigrerra who saved Nemus' life and captured her. He is also shown in a flashback defeating a Pyrus Saurus and another flashback where he defeats Premo Vulcan in the Alpha City tornment. After Vulcan gets defeated by Ingram Spectra uses Helios to brawl Drago where he uses Tigrerra's defeat and capture to taunt Drago in a battle which leads to his defeat. When the Resistance, Spectra, Lync, and Gus are stuck on Earth, he helped Spectra capture Dan's Bakugan Neo Dragonoid with a forbidden card. He faced Apollonir in a rematch against Dan but was beat easily even with Metalfencer. Professor Clay turns him into a Cyborg Bakugan to become the ultimate Bakugan. He was upgraded into Cyborg Helios, eventually into Helios MK2 and, finally, into Infinity Helios.

Pyrus Viper Helios comes in two color variations, the regular Pyrus color scheme which was released worldwide and the "SP Color" (Special Color) variation which is exclusive to Japan through the first and fourteenth Bakugan Expansion Pack. The latter is true to Viper Helios' color in the anime.

Viper Helios was released in Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge as a part of the BakuEvolutions series. In Japan, the Pyrus version has 430 Gs. In America, the Subterra variation that has 450Gs. A Gundalian Invaders BakuCrystal one has 720 Gs.

crafting progress viewing disappears issue #973 rs485/logisticspipes github

I have the upgrade on my crafting table that lets me see what is crafting well when it is working, it will work for so long and then it will not work so up any crafting task until I restart the server.

@hron84 I do not think it is related to #970, as for other mods mods I am playing FTB infinity evolved, the current version of Logistics Pipes being used is, as for how I am using my Logistics Pipes is I my stuff store in stowage drawer connected by the controller, using an mk5 chaise, with an polymorphic itemsink, provider and oredic modules for ingots, nuggets, blocks and other recourse, so that four oredics modules every thing else is stored in 7 or 8 diamond chest each with an mk4 four pipes with an itemsink module set to default route and an provider module. That the storage done all other pipes are routed pipes or basic Logistics Pipes and junctions. Then there crafting part a big wall of LP crafting tables, about 4 or 5 tall spanning at least 2 chunks each with its own crafting pipe, I also have three carpenters with craft pipes and fluid satellite, two rollers from railcraft with crafting pipes, and hand rull of TE and IC2 machines with mk5 pipes with many crafting modules, also have mk1 pipes with extractor module one six industrial apiary (is there an extractor if so i can not find it) and the combs sent to supplier pipe on an centrifuge, ore are also on a supplier pipe to a rock crusher and taken out with an mk1 pipe with an extractor module there is also crafting an crafting pipe on the rock crusher for crushed obsidian, crushed ore are supplied with and active supplier module to an ore washer (would have thought passive would have worked, but does not) in an mk4 pipe with and extractor module, then I have the laser crafting i have three assembly tables each on its own satellite with an mk5 pipe on an chest touching all three with crafting modules to send items to right satellite also the chest has one crafting pipe one it for a recipe that need more than items to send to the satellite. I think that everything, well that I can remember seems pretty complete, if you like pictures of my set-up, or an video flying around it that will take a bit more time so if you would like pictures pleases ask.

Edit: I do not know what triggers it but after while after i request stuff and icons on left hand side of do not show up to show the craft progress. That reminds I have one of the request crafting tables, near my chest.

I thought it could be related because the other guy has similar crafting progress problem, and even if the symptoms are different, I strongly feel this is about same issue but with different side effects.

I am having the same issue on my ftb infinity evolved server, also version I get this in my console, which seems similar to what @davboecki posted earlier. I am unsure as to when this issue started occurring however, so I don't know if that came up at the same time as the request monitor stopped working. Reconnecting to the server does not fix the issue, but restarting the entire server probably does, I haven't tried that yet.

I have been the Infinity server for some time, but Infinity skyblocks SP world, I did manage to get it do it, and this was in the log. I this happen after i broke a pipe that was meant to crafting but because it was losing items I upgrade to an MK3 crafting pipe, and it not until i do full client restart that fixes the problem, reloading the world has no affect.

rock crusher issue issue #1780 railcraft/railcraft github

Built the rock crusher, as I have done for 6 years now, and while the multiblock forms, its showing a new window in the center, "network usage: 100%" It is also not accepting power of any kind, from anything. Modpack: FTB Ultimate Reloaded Version 1.0.1 Minecraft Version 1.12.2

Railcraft provides the means to power its machines using Charge. We even provide the means to make Charge from FE, though admittedly the Flux Transformer is probably broken in Beta-5. Its fixed in rc-1 and will be fixed in the stable release.

If you are running a mod pack that removes the necessary bits, there isn't really anything we can do about it. You need the Flux Transform for FE to Charge or the IC2 Feeder for EU to Charge. Or you need to run a Boiler/Turbine setup. Charge is transmitted with Shunting Wires.

We decided that the best route for Railcraft was to distance ourselves from other power systems and implement our own. This gives us more control and simplifies the code a lot. None of the other power systems were suitable for the technical requirements of powering world spanning electric railways, at least not without bringing your computer to its knees.