iphone 4 black screen and vibrating when plugged in

4 ways to fix iphone black screen of death

Case 1: "My iPhone 7 Plus screen goes black and won't turn on after it was dropped. Though the screen is black but the phone is on cause it still rings when somebody call. How to fix iPhone black screen of death?"

iPhone screen goes black when the phone comes across a critical system error which can cause the system to shut down. Since the iPhone or iPad screen is unresponsive and black like the phone is dead, the black screen error is also called iPhone black screen of death or iPad black screen of death. Below are 4 solutions to fix iPhone 6s/6 Plus/7/7/Plus/8, iPhone X/11/12 stuck on black screen.

There are mainly two kinds of reasons why your iPhone screen is black and won't turn on. Firstly, your iPhone could have black screen of death because of a hardware problem, for example, your phone screen is broken or damaged after the device is dropped or water damaged.

If black screen of death on your iPhone is a result of hardware damage, you should take the phone to Apple Store. But if it is software-related, here are 4 solutions to fix black screen on iPhone 5/6/7/8/X in iOS 11.4 or earlier.

Step 2 In some cases, iTunes will detect that your iPhone is in recovery mode and show the below window. If iTunes couldn't recognize your iPhone, hold the power button + the home button on iPhone until the following message pops up.

However, the iTunes solution doesn't work for some users. When trying to fix black screen with iTunes, some users get a new problem: iPhone is stuck in recovery mode (opens new window), iTunes couldn't recognize your iPhone (opens new window) and throws error 9, error 4013 (opens new window), etc. Luckily, there is another solution for iPhone black screen of death without iTunes.

Better than iTunes, the program can fix iPhone black screen without erasing data on your device. It works on iPhone 5/5s/5c, iPhone 6/6s/6s Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone X/XS/XR/11 in black screen.

Next connect iPhone in black screen to PC via USB cable. The program will detect your device. If your iPhone can be detected, please choose "Free Quick Fix" to repair your phone. If you cannot select such mode, move on to the next.

If your iPhone screen turns black after screen replacement or after the phone has been dropped/ water-damaged, the black screen of death is probably caused by hardware damage, especially when the iPhone screen is black but the phone is still on.

If you fail to fix iPhone black screen with the above methods or iPhone screen went black but the phone still works, you should get iPhone screen repair service from the local store. If your iPhone is still under warranty or under AppleCare plan, take the phone to local Apple store to get help.

how to fix iphone vibrates 3 times when plugged into computer

Nowadays, most people use smartphones in their day to day activities whether for personal, work, or business. A popular device such as iPhone is a handy and mobile smartphone used for sending and receiving messages, emails, chats, taking photos and videos, playing music and games, and a lot more. An iPhone device can also be plugged into the computer using a USB cable if you want to access and manage your files, transfer, or make a data backup via iTunes or iCloud.

If you encounter any issue with your iOS devices such as iPhone, here is a reliable and effective software that you can use. FoneDog iOS System Recovery will help repair your iOS devices back to normal status without any loss of data. It automatically detects your iOS devices when experiencing issues.

The tool supports various models and versions of iOS devices. Issues such as iPhone vibrate 3 times when plugged into computer, iTunes error code, iPhone keeps restarting, frozen status and other system errors can be examined and repaired by the FoneDog iOS System Recovery program.

iOS System Recovery Fix with various iOS system issues like recovery mode, DFU mode white screen looping on start, etc. Fix your iOS device to normal from white Apple logo, black screen, blue screen, red screen. Only fix your iOS to normal, no data loss at all. Fix iTunes Error 3600, Error 9, Error 14 and various iPhone Error codes Unfrozen your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Free Download Free Download

This application tool can fix an issue in either Standard or Advanced mode. The first one will fix your iPhone device without any data loss while the Advanced mode will fix your device when Standard mode fails but will involve loss of data. A free version of the applications can be downloaded from its website that works in both Windows and Mac OS. It offers a 30-day money-back guarantee should you wish to purchase it.

After you have downloaded and installed FoneDog iOS System Recovery, launch the program via the Start menu, desktop shortcut icon, or pinned icon on the taskbar. Plugin the iOS device such as iPhone to your PC using a USB cable connection.

When the connection is established successfully between your PC and the iOS device, proceed to click on the Start button. Next, choose the iOS device model, type, and category. Click Get and choose the iOS version to download.

Your iPhone device will automatically undergo a repair following the download. Wait until the repair process is finished. Make sure there are no interruptions during the process. Restart your device when prompted.

This section presents multiple ways or methods with step by step instructions on how to resolve an issue on your iPhone device specifically the iTunes could not connect to this iPhone you do not have permission error. The method steps will vary depending on your iPhone device model, version, and issue situation.

A faulty USB cable can also be the cause why iPhone vibrates 3 times when plugged into computer. You can try using a different Apple USB cable that is faultless and specific to your iPhone device. Disconnect your iPhone device from the computer and plug it in again using the new Apple USB cable.

If still, it is not working when you use a different faultless Apple USB cable, try connecting your iPhone device to another USB port on your computer. If you are using a USB hub, try not using it but instead plug in your iPhone device directly to the PC.

If after doing the previous methods the issue still occurs, try connecting your iPhone device to another computer and see if it works. Make sure also that the iTunes installed on your PC is the most recent version. If it is not, download the latest update from the Apple website and install it on your PC.

Another reason that iPhone vibrates 3 times when plugged into computer is when your device is in a USB restricted mode. This is a security feature in iOS devices with the latest iOS versions which disallows USB accessories from making data connections to the device when it has not been unlocked for more than an hour. In this way, USB restricted mode blocks hackers from hijacking your iPhone device. Sometimes though, this mode also prevents the iOS device from charging.

To resolve the issue on iPhone vibrates 3 times when plugged into the computer, try running the recovery mode on your iPhone device. This will reinstall the latest iOS and will not erase the data in your device but you can try to perform a backup of your data, just in case.

Updating the iPhone device preserves the settings and contents. On the other hand, the Restore option will erase all of the settings and contents which will need you to back up the data in your iPhone device.

If vibrations are enabled in your device, it is possible that iPhone vibrates 3 times when plugged into a computer when there are notifications. Try to switch off the Vibration feature when your iPhone device is on Silent mode or turn off all vibrations in your device.

When iPhone vibrates 3 times when plugged into the computer, if a restart does not work, try to shut down your iPhone device or let the battery drain out until completely empty. When it shuts down, recharge your iPhone device and reconnect to your PC to check if it now works.

Check your iPhone device if it has been wet or moist with water as it can cause the issue that iPhone vibrates 3 times when plugged into a computer. Turn off the device and let it dry out first before using it or connecting it to the computer.

iOS System Recovery Fix with various iOS system issues like recovery mode, DFU mode white screen looping on start, etc. Fix your iOS device to normal from white Apple logo, black screen, blue screen, red screen. Only fix your iOS to normal, no data loss at all. Fix iTunes Error 3600, Error 9, Error 14 and various iPhone Error codes Unfrozen your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Free Download Free Download

Resetting your iPhone device to its factory settings will erase all data so it is highly recommended to make a backup and restore it to your device after the reset. You can use iCloud or iTunes to perform the backup.

When the issue on iPhone vibrates 3 times when plugged into computer is still not resolved after doing software-related fixes, try to check the Lightning USB port in your iOS device for any dirt or damage, as well as your device mainboard and other hardware parts. Have your iPhone checked in a repair shop or go to the nearest Apple support center.

If the issue is still not resolved that iPhone vibrates 3 times when plugged into a computer, you may contact Apple Support online or go to your nearest Apple Support center so they can take a look at your iPhone device and check the hardware for any damages.

It can be troubling when you encounter an issue with your iPhone device. One such example is when an iPhone vibrates 3 times when plugged into computer and you need to access your files and sync them to your computer.

This happens for a number of reasons and it can be resolved with the help of this tutorial guide. It presents different methods that you can try to follow and see if it works on your end. Repairing your iPhone device is made possible and convenient with a reliable and effective tool like FoneDog iOS System Recovery.

Repair various iOS system errors back to normal status.

iphone screen black but on? find 6 tips here

We understand the dilemma you must be going through. But, don't worry. We have the answers for your problem. Try the below mentioned tips to work out the iPhone screen going black but still on problem, even when the device is not turned off.

When you iPhone screen turns black but still on, you can try connecting the display connector within the iPhone. You need to carefully press the iPhone body and screen across the top portion of the iPhone, specifically around the camera and display connector area. Sometimes accidental drops and bumps dislodge or weaken the connections with the display connector. Firmly press your iPhone for about 30 seconds at once to reconnect the connectors and resume your iPhone's normal activities.

At times low battery can wreak havoc and force your device to behave abnormally. It might even force the iPhone screen go black but on. Ensure that your iPhone gets charged enough and then restart your device. The issue might get resolved once the iPhone is charged to the optimum.

When your iPhone screen is dark but it's working, there could be some problem with your iOS. You need to go for a trustworthy solution that would resolve the iOS issue but without ruining your device data. iMyFone iOS System Recovery is the ultimate answer. It is also a good solution for an iPhone/iPad/iPod that got stuck on recovery mode, Apple logo, black/white screen, apps crashing problem, or other problems, for example, iTunes cannot restore your iPhone and some errors occur. This tool can even unlock your iPhone and resolve crucial iOS issues by reinstalling the firmware after completely wiping it.

Step 2: You will now be prompted to enter 'DFU Mode' or 'Recovery Mode' in order to start fixing your iPhone. You need to follow the onscreen procedure to put your iPhone into DFU mode or Recovery Mode.

After trying all the above mentioned tips, if your iPhone screen still stay black but on, then it might be a hardware problem. The device's display connector or cable might have gone out of order or some other serious hardware issues are there. You need to rush to the nearest Apple Store and get it checked with certified Apple personnel to fix the issue.

if your iphone, ipad, or ipod touch won't turn on or is frozen - apple support

If your screen is black or frozen, you might need to force restart your device. A force restart won't erase the content on your device. You can force restart your device even if the screen is black or the buttons aren't responding. Follow these steps:

If you don't see the charging screen within an hour, or you see the connect to power screen, check the jack, USB cable, and power adapter. Make sure that everything is plugged in firmly, free of debris, and not damaged. You might want to try a different USB cable or power adapter.

my iphone screen is black! here's the real reason why

Your iPhone is on, but the screen is black. Your iPhone rings, but you cant answer the call. Youve tried resetting your iPhone, letting it run out of battery and plugging it back in, and your iPhone screen is still black. In this article, Ill explain why your iPhone screen went black and what you can do to fix it.

A black screen is usually caused by a hardware problem with your iPhone, so there usually isnt a quick fix. That being said, a software crashcan cause your iPhone display to freeze and turn black, so lets try a hard reset to see if thats whats going on.

And if you have an iPhone 8 or newer, perform a hard reset by quickly pressing and releasing the volume up button, then quickly pressing and releasing the volume down button, and then pressing and holding the power button (iPhone 8) or the side button (iPhone X or newer) until that Apple logo appears.

If the Apple logo appears on the screen, there probably isnt a problem with your iPhones hardware it was a software crash. Check out my other article on frozen iPhones, which will tell you exactly what to do to fix your iPhone. If the Apple logo doesnt appear on the screen, keep reading.

Each component of your iPhones display has a separate connector that plugs into youriPhoneslogic board. Thats why you might be able to swipe across the screen with your finger, even though the screen is black.The digitizer is working, but the LCD is not.

In many cases, your iPhone screen is black because the cable that connects the LCD tothe logic board has become dislodged. This cable is called thedisplay data connector.When the display data connector becomes dislodged from the logic board, your iPhone can be fixed by plugging it back in.

There are other cases where the fix isnt so simple, and thats when the LCD itself is damaged. When that happens, it doesnt matter if the LCD is connected to the logic board or not its broken and it needs to be replaced.

If the LCD cable has become dislodged, the Genius Bar at an Apple Storemay repair it free of charge, even if your iPhone is out of warranty. Thats because the fix is relatively simple: Theyllopen your iPhone and reconnect the digitizer cable to the logic board. If you decide to go this route, make an appointment with the Genius Bar before you arrive otherwise, you could end up standing around for a while.

If the LCD is broken, thats another story. It can be very expensive to repair your iPhone display, especially if you go through Apple. If youre looking for a high-quality, less-expensive alternative, Irecommend Puls, an in-person repair service that will come to you, fix your iPhone on the spot, and give you a lifetime warranty.

If youd rather get a new iPhone than have your current one repaired, check out the UpPhone phone comparison tool. You can compare the prices of every smartphone on every wireless carrier. Carriers are eager to have you switch to their network, so you may find that you can get a new iPhone for roughly the same cost as repairing your current one.

iPhones arent meant to be opened by the user.Just take a look at the two screws next to the charging port of youriPhone theyre star-shaped! That being said,there are excellent repair guides out there if youre feeling adventurous. I took the images in this article from a repair guide on iFixit.com called iPhone 6 Front Panel Assembly Replacement. Heres a brief excerptof that article that may sound familiar:

When reassembling your phone, the display data cable may pop off its connector. This can result in white lines or a blank screen when powering your phone back on. If that happens, simply reconnect the cable and power cycle your phone.Source: iFixit.com

If you believe your iPhone LCD cable (display data cable) has simply become dislodged from the logic board, youre very tech-savvy, and going to an Apple Store isnt an option, reconnecting the display datacable to the logic board isnt that difficult,if you have the right tools.

Replacingthe display isverycomplex because of the number of components involved. Let me be clear: Ido not recommend you try to fix this problem yourself, because its just too easy to break something and brick your iPhone.

Most readers wont be able to fix their iPhone screen just by reading this article, because a black iPhone screen usually isnt caused by a software issue. Everything was workingfine until your iPhone screen went black. Now you cant use your iPhone at all, but you do know what to do next.Im interested to hear how you fixed your iPhone in the comments section below, and any experience you can offer will undoubtedly help other readers with the same problem.

Hi! Ive been struggling with my 8 plus since I had the front & back glass changed and a battery replacement last week. The phone may refuse to start charging, or it starts charging, but when the phone locks itself and turns the screen off, itll freeze and needs to be rebooted. Another thing is, the volume and wake button (also home button) are sometimes slow to react and if the phones just auto-locked the screen, it remains black and needs to be rebooted. Apple logo shows, and after the reboot the phone works wonderful again, sometimes for half anRead more

Hi Elli. Did you go to a third-party technician to have your screen and battery replaced? If thats the case, Im afraid that might be the cause of your problem. We strongly recommend having your iPhone repaired by Apple-certified technicians only.

If you did go to Apple for a repair and youre still having trouble, Id recommend reaching back out to Apple Support as soon as possible. Its not normal to have so many issues after repair servicing from Apple.

Will my iPhone lose all its files when the cable is dislodged? I have my iCloud backed up but I have some passwords that I forgot now and didnt save and I also have some drafts which I dont want to lose

Hey David,So my phone fell and the screen cracked a little. When I pressed the power button nthn comes up. Then I plugged it in the apple sign came up then disappear to a black light screen. Now its just the black light screen when its plugged in n nothing more. Any idea of what the problem is or could be?

Hi Catholya. Unfortunately, it sounds like your iPhone has retained some hardware damage. Your safest bet would be to go directly to Apple to get the problem diagnosed by a technician. If you have an Apple Store nearby, make an appointment with your local Genius Bar. You can also reach out to Apples support team through the mail or online. Check out Apples Support page for more details!

Hello, I changed the battery of my iPhone 5s yesterday but it doesnt respond to anything. pwr+home buttons arent working. When I plug it to the wall charger i doesnt show anything on screen. I tried mute switch to see if its on but it doesnt vibrate. Its just like a brick with buttons. I measured the battery voltage and it was 3.7 volts. What can i do ?

Unfortunately your safest bet might be to upgrade to a new iPhone at this point. If youre sure you want to hang on to your iPhone 5s, it might be worth reaching out to Apple directly about repair options. However, they may not be able to work on it if you replaced the battery yourself or with a third party.

I was making my exam on google forms when suddenly my iPhone 6 screen went black I tried hard to press on the sleep button and home button but to no avail I am a teenager so I dont have enough money to fix it plus I dont want to open the logic board and make it miserable

I recently got my iphone 7 screen fixed however the next day while i was using it the screen suddenly went. I also cant reveive calls or messages. The phone was not dropped or anything befotre it went black it just happened suddenly please can you help

I went to turn my phone on and I got no response the screen turns dark blue when I turn it on and I asked my friend to call my phone I could hear it vibrating but it wouldnt turn on. I have tried a hard reset and I have searched so much and I have found nothing and nothing is working.

So I just charged my phone and then I leave for a while and then when I came back to look, it started showing some vertical lines and slowly dimming until it all turned to black. I cant touch the screen anymore but I can still feel the home button recognizing my fingerprint it vibrates. I think my father shut it down so now I cant feel it vibrate. I tried to open it but it wont. I dont know what to do I got no money to repair it. Im still a teenager and I dont want to makeRead more

Hi Nicole, the first thing Id recommend trying is a Hard Reset. To do this, press and hold the Sleep / Wake button and the Home button at the same time. Keep holding both buttons until the Apple logo shows up on your screen. Once the Apple logo shows up, you can let go of both buttons. From there, your iPhone should hopefully turn back on on its own, good as new. I hope this helps!

Have you tried a hard reset? To do this, press and hold your iPhones Home button and power button simultaneously. Keep holding both of these buttons until the Apple logo appears on your screen. Once you see the Apple logo, you can let go of both buttons and your iPhone will hopefully turn back on on its own.

Hello so I just got my iPhone 12 and I use it for a day and it went off and it wont turn on even when I connect to charger it wont show on the screen . Nothing shows on my phone and not even on my MacBook . My phone dead what do I do ?

hi. well, I have an iPhone xs, everything works fine other than the display which turns off the screen black and comes on again literally after 3 seconds, its like shutting the whatever application Im using and its takes me back to home page of the phone. Im sure its hardware but I dont know from where I to have start.

i just fell down iphone x in water for just 20 second, then i try to dry very well for 3 to 5 day in shutdown condition. After some days i power on my phone and it go verywell for 3 days but after then its screen go black out. i try all method shutdown and all but it cant working. So, what i should do for it?

So I was about to plug my phone (iphone 7) in and fell down (maybe 2 feet at most) when i looked at my phone the background was black with no screensaver but the time and slide to unlock were still lit up. It wouldnt respond, lock, turn off, so I did a hard reset. The screen went blank but the light was still on like it was trying to turn off. It stayed like that for about 5 minutes so I did another hard reset and it shut off. It never turned back on after that. I plugged itRead more

i was scrolling through instagram and my phone just crashes and the screen goes black , after a friend texts me it returns back to normal and all is fine but the same thing has happened again and now the screen is completly black and wont return to normal , ive tried a hard reset and nothing worked and i dont think itll be its insides because i havent dropped it. its still responding because i can feel it vibrate when i put my thumb on the button ,so im very confused , some advice would be great thanks sean

Mine also have that problem and I fixed it by my self it take only 20 minutes and now it works well. make sure your iPhone has charge and if u use iPhone 7 or 7 plus u have to press and hold the volume down button with the power button together the apple logo will appear and disappear dont release just continue to do so and will appear again. after that it will show the image that tell u to connect ur iPhone with MacBook, once u connect it there will be a message in MacBook that tells uRead more

Mine also has this problem. I was charging my phone and all of a sudden it want blank I tried the hard reset but still no avail but I could still feel my phone vibrate. I hope someone has a solution to this

Hey So i dropped my phone day before yesterday and the back of my Iphone Xsmax is pretty bad. It was working all fine after that but suddenly from yesterday the screen issues has been started. Yesterday at the night time the screen just automatically starting flashing and it was continue than i turned off my phone. Than in the morning i turned on the phone and increase the brightness and it was working good but the flashing on the screen was still there at time to time. Than suddenly now the screen goes all back. I tried turned offRead more

Hi there, my iPhone 8 sat outside in the cold all night and I left it to warm up to room temperature for the day and plugged it in after it was warm. The phone vibrated when I plugged it in but the screen is black. I tried to the the rest with the volume button and power button but the apple sign did not appear, any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Hi, my ihpone 6 had sand in the port and speaker, I tried getting them out using an unused toothbrush and it did. I did not droped my phone on sand but after that my phone wont vibrate nor make audio when I play music, I checked on settings and everything needed to be done was already turned on. I tried restarting and it worked! it was on 14%. The first try when I charged it, it turned on and working but no vibration or audio.. 12% and my phone was not charging I tried again but the second timeRead more

The iPhone 6 is pretty old, and with the condition its in, its not worth repairing. Apple will soon discontinue support for the iPhone 6. Its time to upgrade. The iPhone 12 is a solid option and will get you running with the latest hardware and software support available.

phone won't turn on, just vibrates when plugged in - verizon community

Last night, I plugged my phone in before bed. It showed on the battery icon that it was charging, and the red charge indicator light was on once the display turned off. However, by the time I woke up, the phone was dead, though still plugged in. I couldn't get it to do anything, so I tried an old battery that I had. Put the battery in, the phone turned on and showed a 47% charge. Knowing that battery was garbage (which is why I got a new one; I just held onto the old one for emergencies), I put the phone on the charger and the battery icon showed charging. Instantaneously, though (I'm not exaggerating, it was literally instant), the phone dropped to a 1% charge. I quickly tried to turn the phone off to see if I could even get even a little bit of an efficient charge out of it, and the phone started power cycling. I tried to stop it, but it turned itself off and on probably 20 times before it finally totally died (kind of reminded me of how sometimes an sick animal will go bat guano bonkers before it kicks it).

Now, when I try to plug the phone in it just pulse-vibrates every 2 or so seconds instead of showing that it's charging. It will continue to vibrate like that for a minute or two after I take it off the charger before it finally stops. Won't turn on in any mode, plugged in or not - I do get a flicker of the opening "Samsung Galaxy" screen before it shuts off and goes back to vibrating. I've tried to let it charge for 30-45 minutes, but no change. Taken the battery out, smacked it a few times, tried to charge with my computer, tried different cables/chargers, nothing helps. I have no idea if either battery has any charge at all at this point (though I suspect not). I haven't damaged my phone at all - no recent/significant drops, no water - but of course I'm just barely barely out of warranty. Am I toast or is there some way to fix this?

Unfortunately, since (as I clearly noted in my original question) my phone will not turn on, I can't confirm the phone software, though I've downloaded any and all updates that I've been notified of. I have no idea if any apps updated immediately prior to the issue happening; it's likely that some update to something downloaded not long before the problem started since I plugged in the phone shortly after I got home for the evening and reconnected to my home WiFi, but I wouldn't have any way to tell you what it might be. My phone will not boot in safe or recovery mode either, if that helps answer if an app is causing the issue.

I tried to take it to a Verizon store; they told me that they had literally NEVER heard of my issue before and so wouldn't be able to fix it and didn't even attempt to help, just tried to sell me a new phone, so that wasn't super helpful. Since I had zero problems up to this point with my phone, and because I'm now not eligible for the early upgrade to the Edge program without the early termination fee because I don't have a working phone, it sure would be great to fix the one I have. If anyone else has any advice, I'd appreciate it!

5 ways to fix iphone stuck on "connect to itunes"

The iPhone stuck on the "Connect to iTunes" screen can be verytroublesome since you are unable to gain access to the iPhone in any way. There could be lots of reasons why iPhone goes to the "Connect to iTunes" screen, including the latest iOS 14 update that went wrong, a jailbreak procedure that didn't go quite as planned and other reasons. In this article, we share with you several free ways to fix this problem and have your iPhone working normally again even your iPhone is running iOS 14.

If the first solution cannot help you, here is a quick fix that we would like to introduce. It is the tool iMyFone Fixppo (iOS 14 supported). It has a feature that helps users to exit recovery mode (Connect to iTunes screen) with one click. The steps are very easy. Just click "Enter/Exit Recovery Mode" on the home page of the program. Then click "Next" on the next screen.

To unfreeze your iPhone from "Connect to iTunes"screen, you can also completely restore iPhone using iTunes to eliminate iOS problems. This is usually the last method to fix iOS issues. Please kindly note that you will lost all the data and settings on your iPhone. Follow these simple steps to restore your iPhone:

If none of the above tips work, hardware problem could be the reason that causes your iPhone stuck on "Connect to iTunes" screen. We recommend that you make an appointment with Apple and check the hardware at Apple store.

If the all the solutions above cannot help you, you need to repair your iOS because there must be some glitches with the software of your iPhone. iMyFone Fixppoalso helps in this case. It works perfectly when it comes to fixing iOS related problems. Here are some ofthe features that make it outstanding.

Here we would like to tell you the easy steps on how you can use the feature of iMyFone Fixppo - Standard Mode to stop your iPhone showing iTunes logo and charger. This feature will fix the problem without data loss.

The software is programmed to automatically identify your iPhone. Once it detects your device, it will offer all the compatible versions of firmware required for your phone. All you have to do is pressing "Download" after the firmware is provided.

When everything is ready, you just need to click "Start", and iMyFone Fixppo will start running the repair process to make your iPhone working again. You iPhone will be booted after repairing. It will be in normal mode now. You can now use your iPhone with all data preserved accurately.

Next time when you, unfortunately, meet such a problem no matter when you are upgrading to iOS 14/13, or in other situations, you can choose iMyFone Fixppo to help you out. Download the free trial version of iMyFone Repair Tool for iOS System to give it a shot now!

The iTunes logo may appear on the screen of your iOS devices when your ongoing iOS update to iOS 14 is terminated and failed. This may happen when your iPhone has a low battery life and you have not connected it to a charging cable.

fix my iphone keeps showing the apple logo and turning off

When you fall into Apple reboot vortex, you need to be cautious. The repeating reboot error will stop you starting your iPhone and potentially make your device brick. But relax! This post will provide several tips to help you resolve the issue "iPhone keeps showing the Apple logo then turns off".

The most straightforward way to cope with the issue of "iPhone won't turn on past Apple logo then shuts off" is soft reset, forcing your iPhone to restart again with no data loss. Although different iOS devices have different assemblies, there is merely a little discrepancy among diverse versions.

Using DFU (Device Firmware Update) mode to fix the issue "iPhone won't turn on apple logo then shuts off", technical skills are required. DFU mode is designed for fixing abnormal situations such as failed to start, unidentified by iTunes, errored jailbreaking, etc. In addition, it is only working unless you connect the iPhone to the computer and iTunes software.

The repeat Apple logo may also due to some minor bugs that stick your device, therefore, you can try to update the phone to the latest version so that the "iPhone shows apple logo and turns off" issue can be fixed.

If you are not very good at following technical steps, then you can try this easy-to-use software, FoneCope iOS System Recovery, which the one that can help you handle those technical problems. Moreover, it's more capable than you imagine, such as:

That's it, guys! Are these methods helpful to fix "my iPhone keeps showing the apple logo and turning off"? I guess so. Please add this post to your Favorite so that you can have ways to go when you experience similar issues next time! If your situation is less hopeful, you'd better ask a cellphone guru for help!

easily fix black screen of death on iphone (2021 updated)

The Black Screen Death issue is a widely-known issue in desktop computers and laptops wherein users are just seeing a black screen on the computer monitor. And now, this one is already happening on mobile devices too, especially the iPhone devices.

The most common culprit to this problem is the hardware failure brought device misusages or mishaps, an internal component got damaged, or a recent update has failed and caused the system to get corrupted.

If youre seeing a black screen from your iPhone device and its not turning on even after several long presses on the Sleep/Wake button, you can suspect that its now suffering from the Black Screen of Death issue. Lets explore the reasons why this has happened and how you can fix such problem.

I have an iPhone 5C I have never dropped it nor does it have water damage, before I went to sleep I was working fine when I woke up the screen was completely black! I can still receive calls(it rings but I can't answer) and It playing my music(Through headphones). What do I need to do?

Part 1: Possible Reasons for your iPhones Black Screen of DeathPart 2: Fix Black Screen of Death Due To Hardware Damage of your iPhonePart 3: Common Ways to Fix the iPhone Black Screen of DeathPart 4: How to Fix Your iPhone Black Screen of Death Step by StepVideo Guide: How to Fix Black Screen Death on iPhone

If you did a recent update on your device but it failed to get completed, such event could have possibly got the phone system to be corrupted, leading to the black screen issue youre now encountering.

If its a hardware damage that has caused your iPhone device to just show a black screen, the only thing you can do is to bring it to an authorized Apple service center and have it checked by mobile hardware specialists. By doing so, you can determine how such hardware issue has happened and how your phone can be fixed.Bottom Line?Keep Reading...

The black screen issue is truly bothersome, but you can try fixing it through the common solutions that people mostly perform on their iPhone devices. Follow through on the solutions below and see if the black screen issue has been fixed from your phone.

Forcing your iPhone device to restart can help the internal system to terminate all its ongoing processing (including those that might be causing the black screen issue to keep on showing) and re-initiate them correctly.

If the force restart didnt work, youll now need to restore the factory settings of your iPhone device. Take note that this should be your last option, as doing this approach will erase all your phone current data.

But to stop you from getting concerned over this, we highly recommend that you perform a backup of your current phone data first before proceeding. If youre now ready to do this, follow the steps below:

If you are worried about the data on your iOS devices will be erased after choosing the Restore iPhone option, you can use FoneDog Phone Transfer to help you transfer the data backups from your PC to your iPhone later.

If its because of a recently failed software update that got your phone into showing the Black Screen of Death, youll now need professional help on this matter. We introduce to you our FoneDog iOS System Recovery.

To begin, download our FoneDog iOS System Recovery application and install it on your desktop computer or laptop. Once done, launch the program, and while waiting for it to run open, connect your iPhone device to the computer.

After launching FoneDog and connecting your iPhone to the computer, check the program if it has already detected your mobile device. If it has, you can proceed to the next step.The FoneDog application features a lot of modules to use depending on the users needs for his or her iOS device. For your case, locate the iOS System Recovery menu (represented by a gear icon with a wrench) from the main menu.

Read through the instructions shown on the home page of the System Recovery menu. A few important reminders before proceeding include (1) the system recovery process wont cause any files and data to be lost or erased from your phone, (2) your phone will be locked again if it has been unlocked (GPP or Factory Unlocked), and (3) it will be restored back to non-jailbreak status if you have successfully performed a jailbreak procedure on it previously. Once done, click Start button.

To recover the iOS system of your iPhone device, youll need the firmware that corresponds to the model of your phone and the iOS version it currently has. Still, in the iOS System Recovery page, there are drop-down fields for you to select but only do so when FoneDog toolkit wasnt able to detect the correct specs of your iPhone device. Please take note that only the latest firmware is available for download, such as the ones for iOS 10 version. Click the Repair button to download the firmware. Once done, click the Select button to commence the system recovery and repair procedures.

After downloading the firmware for your iPhone device, FoneDog will immediately start the repair process. To ensure that the system recovery and repair will be successful, make sure not to unplug your phone from the computer, and dont attempt to use it while this process is taking place to prevent having your device getting bricked.

Once the system recovery and repair has completed, FoneDog toolkit will show you a confirmation message indicating that you can now reboot your phone. Turn it on and see if the black screen issue is solved.

Resolving the Black Screen of Death issue of your iPhone device can be very infuriating, especially if it happened at a time where you needed your phone the most. If its due to a hardware damage, theres nothing you can do about it except to bring it to a mobile repair specialist and have a complete check on its hardware components.

Repair various iOS system errors back to normal status.

4 easy ways to fix iphone black screen of death - esr blog

If youre an iPhone user, youre bound to be aware of one thing; the iPhone is most definitely a very durable smartphone. If you buy an iPhone once, itll definitely last you in the years to come making it in all honesty, a worthwhile investment.

However, even if the iPhone is a durable device in itself, longevity lies in good maintenance of the device. You can stretch out the functional duration of the phone if you actually look after it with care. This doesnt mean in any way that taking care of your device will result in life-lasting performance of the phone. Eventually, most smartphones end up with one issue or the other due to the wear and tear that comes from its usage.

One such issue that sometimes springs up is the iPhone Black Screen of Death, where the phones screen is black but the iPhone still works. Sometimes, the screen might be off too and regardless of trying, the screen remains off. From what weve seen, this issue is not too uncommon and it can happen due to multiple reasons. A few of these reasons include:

Before you start losing your mind and stressing out, theres a number of things you can do to try and resolve the issue while sitting at home. Even though theres a probability that theres a hardware issue at play here, we recommend you to try some troubleshooting first. If nothing else, youll have a fairly better idea of why youve been cursed with the iPhone Black Screen of Death.

This is probably the first and the most obvious thing that came to your mind and you did it already. Regardless, its still important for us to mention this. This is usually the case, if not just the screen but the phone is off altogether. For this problem, as simple as it seems, just plug your iPhone into a charger and press the home button. If the apple logo appears, youre safe and have just averted a rather uncomfortable experience.

If youre experiencing the situation where your iPhones screen is black but the iPhone still works, theres still something you can do. Youll know your iPhone is turned on because youll be able to hear notifications from text messages or calls, but the screen will be pitch black with darkness and also be unresponsive. This is not an uncommon problem and has been reported by many iPhone X users in particular. The problem has been experienced in other iPhone models as well.

If youre stuck where the screen is black but the iPhone still works, a potential reason for this to be happening could be because of a software issue. This problem usually suggests that the iPhone is frozen or is crashing. Luckily what you can do here is reboot your device. Whats even better is that rebooting an iPhone is a very simple task with almost non-existent difficulty. Restarting you iPhone will depend on the model you have. Methods for force restarting all models have been explained below:

If youre experiencing the screen going pitch black then theres a high probability that this is an isolated software issue with the app you are using. The other possibility is that the app could be loading something. This happens many times with streaming apps like Netflix or YouTube, particularly if you have a slow internet connection. In such a situation, the best thing to do would be the following:

If youve tried all of the above and it hasnt helped, then we suggest you contact an expert to handle the problem. In this case, the most probable cause for the iPhone Black Screen of Death could be a hardware issue on the inside. It could be a result of wreckage in case you dropped your phone. Theres a chance the LCD cable has been dislodged due to the physical impact. If that is the case, you dont need to worry because the repair procedure is fairly simple. However, if the damage is more extensive such as the LCD breaking, it could take a heavy toll on your wallet. Sometimes, both these situations can occur from water damage as well.

Under no circumstances, do we advise you to try and repair your iPhone by yourself. We dont advise it because youll probably end up doing more harm than good without the proper tools or knowledge. Dont make things worse by attempting self-repair just so you can save money on repairs by an expert. However, if youre a rebel and wish to challenge the system, we recommend you to use a repair guide. You can find a lot of those online. Most of them being excellent too.

We still, recommend you to reach out to an expert. If youre worried about the costs, you dont have to be too worried. Luckily, there are many experts out there in the market who can repair your iPhone for considerably lesser costs. Regardless of what issue it is, theyll deliver quality work and it wont be too heavy on your wallet either. These days, there are some repair companies wholl come to your doorstep within an hour or two after you call them and repair the phone right there and then. That way, you wont be too worried about privacy concerns either!

We acknowledge that reading this article may not have magically worked in fixing your iPhones black screen because the issue is in most cases, driven by a hardware fault. We still hope that you found this article helpful.

Saved me a panic night, just as i was going to go to bed, black screen. My phone charger case Hasnt been working well so i thought it was that but it wouldnt turn on even when plugged into The mains charger. Volume up and down then power button hold worked for me. Thank you so much

Hi, my iphone se 2020 has a similar problem, but these Didnt work, the haptics work for the home button, and when u pick The phone up, the apple symbol appears, yet thats it. It is only either black or apple symbol. We put it on charge to see if that worked, but it didnt. We just found it after the alarm went off, and not being able to turn it off untill it went off of its own accord can you help?

I Have Tired the following methohs when my iPhone stuck on Black Screen, may it helps you too. 1.Fix iPhone Black Screen Problem with TunesKit iOS System Recovery For mac Step 1, Connect iPhone to the computer Step 2, Download frimware package Step 3, Fix your iPhone 2,Fix iPhone Black Screen Problem by Hard Reboot 3,Restore iPhone to Factory Setting to Fix iPhone Black Screen 4,Seek for Apple Genius Bar to Fix iPhone Black Screen

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Everything we make at ESR has one goal: Tech Made Easier. We believe that through innovative design we can improve the way that people interact with technology in their daily lives. To do this, weve placed quality, design, and service as our highest values.

solved: black screen, constant vibrating plugged in? - iphone 5c - ifixit

The Apple iPhone 5c was announced on September 10, 2013. Repair of this device is similar to the previous models, and requires screwdrivers and prying tools. Available as GSM or CDMA / 8, 16, 32 GB / White, Pink, Yellow, Blue, and Green.

I have had my Green iPhone 5c with AT&T since March 2014, I have taken great care of this phone, I used it regularly and dropped it maybe once or twice on carpet, nothing ever major. Top left corner of my phone popped out but it never seemed to mess with the function of my phone at all so I left it be. On September 26th of this year I was out at dinner and dropped the phone on its face and once I picked it up the screen was completely black, but lit, as if the back light of the phone was still on. I tried restarting the phone, charging it, and even calling and texting myself from my friends phone. While the phone was still showing apparent signs of life as in, vibrating, playing ringtones and sounds of screen shots and charger connections, the screen was still lit but completely black. After I could not find why my phone was messed up I let it sit and die for a few weeks. I then plugged it into my computer with the charger and it did not light up in black like it was doing before. The phone then started to vibrate, continuously every 5 seconds while plugged up. I have tried to hold the home and power buttons but that apparently only turns the phone off like I expected. I opened up iTunes and it just asks me to "respond on iPhone" and I cant obviously and the phone keeps vibrating every 5 seconds. I want to fix this phone since I have been using an old iPhone 4 for the past month and cannot take it anymore. Im hoping this is something simple and will take all the help I can get. Thank You!

Hey jessa what if its the opposite. Black screen with no vibration but itunes sees it fine and it charges fine accordine to itunes and it seems as if it booted up fine. But black screen with no vibration at start. Would that still be a screen issue

To stop the vibrating and to reset the iPhone, the fix is to carefully disconnect the battery for a couple of seconds, if you want a minute, and then connect the battery again and your iPhone will be fine. Then, you may or may not need a new screen.

my iphone5c died last night. it happens while im using the phone. i was chatting with my friends suddenly the screen glitch and then turned black. i do hold the home buttom and the power button,its not working. and when i plug in,it keeps vibrating. untill now,the screen is black. what do i do pls someone help me