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italy clothing manufacturers

Sewport connects you with verified clothing manufacturers in Italy, making it simpler for clothing brands and fashion designers to reach professional and local fashion production factories when starting a new clothing brand.

Why not make use of the fashion tech that has been created to make your job a lot easier? Find Italy based clothing manufacturers that are verified and ready to take on your job. If youre looking for product development at the beginning stages of your business or youve struggled to find a factory for garment manufacturing with a suitable minimum order quantity, get connected with just the right choice, here on Sewport.

Weve been manufacturing knitwear for fashion brands for several years now. As a relatively new Italian fashion manufacturer, we see how important innovation, use of technology and having expertise skillsets is in this business and this is what we pride ourselves on the most.

Theres something special about the connotations of made in Italy. We have a respect for quality and heritage craftsmanship with a constant eye for fashion trends and innovation. I think thats what sets us apart from the rest of the world.Our manufacturing company is innovative and dynamic, which means we change and evolve constantly and our fashion clients love that.

I think its the way they love to create something completely new and out of the box. There is nothing wrong with classic style and it will be eternally important to our business but there is something relentlessly exciting about emerging designers and the new vision of fashion that they bring to the table.

Known for its fashion heritage and focus on luxury and high-end quality standards, Italy is a hub for fashion manufacturing. With Milan, as one of the four fashion capitals of the world in its territory, Rome is also growing as a leader in the industry.If youre looking for Italy based clothing manufacturers to help build your business into a scalable fashion label, theres no better place to have your designs created than in Italy. Our carefully collated list of Italy fashion factories and local manufacturing specialists means that weve already done the work for you. Weve verified each of our Italy garment production partners, simply leaving you with the opportunity to get in touch and begin your fashion journey, making finding factories easier than ever before.

Our community of Italy-based production factories is ready and waiting to help your business with anything from technical drawings and pattern grading to full package production, including the highest standard quality control procedures.Starting a clothing line can be complex but using Sewport makes choosing your production partners in Italy straightforward and protects you with its completely secure platform and payment system. If you have the vision but need the connections, Sewport can help you find the ideal Italy clothing manufacturer to team with your new fashion label.

Located in the heart of Europe, Italy borders France, Switzerland, Vatican City, Slovenia and San Marino and has a population of around 61 million. Most famous for its historical culture, people flock to Italy every year to visit its well-known sites, such as the Colosseum, The Trevi Fountain, Pompeii and the Leaning Tower of Pisa. In fact, the country attracts over 50 million tourists every year. Alongside the historical landmarks, which each tell their own story of Italy, holiday-makers travel to the beautiful country to visit natural sights, such as Lake Como, the Amalfi Coast and Capri.

If a city break is more your style, the cities of Italy are sure not to disappoint. From the fashion capital of Milan to the famous canals of Venice, there is an endless list of attractions for tourists in every city throughout Italy. Featuring one of the most visited places in the world, the Sistine Chapel, which sees up to 25,000 visitors a day, The Vatican Museums in Rome are also top of most peoples list when they visit Italy.

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Italian manufacturing and supplier industries. Italian Business Guide list of qualified Italian producers and suppliers to create the confidence for a SAFE B2B. Enjoy the Manufacturing Pricing and high level customer service from Italy...


The division for international business part of the commission for the United Nations, Consular Corps and Protocol (UNCCP). Located in the NYC Mayors office, the UNCCP serves as the primary liaison between NYC government and the largest diplomatic community in the world, including the United Nations, 192 permanent missions to the United Nations, 105 consulates, and their trade commissions in New York City

NYC, The Division for International Business in the Mayors Office is a resource for foreign companies that are opening operations in New York City. We help companies locate information as business legal structure, visas, accounting, office space, etc.

STONE MACHINERIES MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY production of stone processing machines for water clarififer, wastewater filtering, dust and sludge collector machineries for industrial stone, marble, granite, quartz manufacturing companies.

FONTANA BISCUITS ITALIAN BREAKFAST FOOD MANUFACTURING made in Italy breakfast family biscuits for supermarket business, wholesale distributors, food retailers, as manufacturer we offer VIP biscuits for private label at manufacturing prices.

TOURIST APARTMENTS IN PARIS FOR YOUR BUSINESS TRIP rooms and breakfast available for your business trip in Paris France, the best guesthouse for your business to business trip enjoy professional services in your Paris France work trip.

ITALIAN FRESH FRUIT JUICES IN A BRICK INDUSTRY made in Italy production of fresh fruits brick for wholesale distributors Hawaiki fruit nectars packed in a vip brick to support the B2B food large distribution market of fresh fruit juice.

XHAMSTER BEER PRIVATE LABEL MADE IN ITALY high end Veneto production of Xhamster Beer the first porn beer in the world business, xHamster Private Label beer manufacturer in Italy to the adult entertainment industry products distributors

ITALIAN COFFEE MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY production of wide range of ground coffee, coffee beans and Nespresso Capsules compatible with most coffee brewers and moka pots, Gimoka Espresso coffee instant blends for wholesale world distributors.

ITALIAN VIP ORGANIC COSMETICS MANUFACTURER production of vip skin beauty care cosmetics, face natural creams for distributors, body organic cosmetics for beauty salon skin care treatment, we offer private label products for new brand

DIETARY SUPPLEMENTS FOR WOMEN INCONTINENCE Sevurin is a natural health dietary supplement to combat women urinary incontinence, exclusive for pharmacy channel distributors. Made in Italy by Hilton Pharma spa to the health care industry

ITALIAN BISCUITS MANUFACTURER SINCE 1946 Traditional made in Italy biscuits, panettone and cookies for wholesale food distributors. Production of breakfast cookies for supermarkets we do Private Label biscuits for international markets.

ORGANIC DIETARY SUPPLEMENTS MANUFACTURING organic health food dietary supplements for health heart care and organic prostate cancer prevention, sports performance and beauty care with organic lycopene at manufacturer pricing

ITALIAN BED AND BREAKFAST FOR YOUR BUSINESS TRIP hotel rooms and breakfast available for your family vacations time, to plan your business trip in Salento Italy to enjoy the Mediterranean sea having great food and wine made in Italy

ITALIAN WOMEN APPAREL MANUFACTURER COMPANY production of vip woman clothing products, fashion jackets, coats, skirts, classic dresses, garment manufacturing prototypes, high end fashion design for private label collections made in Italy

ITALIAN BEERS MANUFACTURING - GOURMET CRAFT BEER made in Italy brewery beers production, craft blond ale beers, organic malts, hops and yeast for dark Belgian ale beers, Italian craft beers manufacturing for food and beverage distributors

BESTAN SUNLESS SPRAY TANNING MADE IN ITALY Italian sunless spray tan manufacturer industry automatic tan machine, health light therapy and self tanner products to tanning solarium and beauty salon tan distributors

NEW INDUSTRIAL BUSINESS RELOCATION IN VLORA EUROPEindustrial manufacturing park for Italian manufacturers, small medium business relocation, 10 percent of taxes from profit, virtual office services for Italian business suppliers.

ITALIAN MANUFACTURER OF PROFESSIONAL COSMETICShigh quality made in Italy cosmetics for pharmacy business, anti aging creams, ultra moisturizing creams, beauty care treatment for distributors and health care cosmetics professionals

LELI GROUP - MOBILI AND FURNITURE MANUFACTURER the made in Italy design furniture manufacturing company offers customized business furniture and home furniture products for worldwide distributors and furnishing professionals

WOMEN LEATHER HANDBAGS MANUFACTURINGprivate label luxury leather handbags for distributor vendors, women handbags business, italian design handbags, suppliers, leather handbags vendors and production of luxury leather handbags

ECO LEATHER FASHION HANDBAGS MANUFACTURERfashion women eco leather handbags for distributors and business to business fashion handbags, for private label and customized collections using friendly eco leather to worldwide customers.

STUZZICANDO ITALIAN FAST FOOD FRANCHISE BUSINESStraditional made in Italy food for franchising pasta food network, pizza business, italian rosticceria, bakery franchise bread, ice cream franchise business opportunities slow food & fast service

ITALIAN RED NICHE WINES MANUFACTURER, made in Italy negroamaro and primitivo red wines manufacturing supplier, production of niche gourmet wines for distributors, wine lovers, vip restaurant and wines for corporation gift wholesalers

SWEETAN TANNING "UV FREE" BOOTH MANUFACTURING Sweetan is the new generation of safe Tanning Booths Made in Italy, developed using new technology Avoing Skin Cancer problems ideal for spas, esthetic center, fitness centers, hotels

FASHION SHOES MANUFACTURER - WOMEN AND MEN SHOES faconnable private label women and men shoes manufacturing industry, designed shoe manufacturer offers high quality leather shoes to distributors and private label shoemaker

ITALIAN HEALTH CARE PRODUCTS MANUFACTURING health care manufacturing baby wet wipes, ecological cotton swabs or buds, diapers for adults vendors pet diapers suppliers, skin cleanser health care and hygiene products wholesale distributors.

NEW AGATOS ENGINEERING PRODUCTS MANUFACTURER customized engineered products photovoltaic system, waste collection bins, industrial prototype manufacturer and Italian engineering products to support technology distributors business

POLYESTER PRODUCT MANUFACTURER - SOFTEX ITALY polyester foam pad product for industrial foam applications, acoustic and thermal insulation for furniture padding, flooring, clothing, civil construction, polyester foam fiber padding made in Italy

VACATIONS TOURS IN ITALY - APARTMENTS FOR RENT customized holidays tours packages in Italy apartments, villas for weekly rent, family and business vacations tours, Italian gastronomy, wine, golf, beach, yachting tourism services in Salento

STAINLESS STEEL BEVERAGE AND FOOD CONTAINERS beer kegs manufacturing industry, stainless steel products wine containers, olive oil and food industry containers beer keg manufacturer and customized stainless steel products made in Italy

ITALIAN FOOTBALL SOCCER SCHOOL AND COACHES TRAINING the Italian football soccer association of coaches AIAC and WBN USA offer football soccer camps for beginners and professional players and Italian coaches for football soccer clubs

HOME LEATHER FURNITURE MANUFACTURER INDUSTRY leather sofa and sofa bed for home furniture wholesalers direct manufacturing industry sofas in eco leather furnishing products living room furniture for distribution to Europe and USA

HEFFORT FASHION SHIRTS - FRANCHISE BUSINESS exclusive classic and fashion shirts, customized franchising store, men shirts made in Italy plus international affiliation program let us grow together two high end shirts collection per year

HEALTH FOOD MANUFACTURER - ORGANIC PRODUCTS organic lycopene in pills to prevent cardiovascular and Cancer disease. Health food and dietary supplement product to the health industry, Italian organic products to the health distribution

PITTI PREZIOSI - ITALIAN JEWELRY MANUFACTURER Italian jewels designers. Jewelry producers of Exclusive Jewels for VIP customers. Customized jewels made in Italy with gold, diamonds, pearls providing a unique desing and elegant jewels

AIAC - FIGC ITALIAN FOOTBALL COACHES ASSOCIATION Italian footbal coaches association AIAC is the main members of the Italian Football Federation FIGC created to support the Italian professional coaches creating world football partnership

AMERICAN FASHION JEANS FOR MEN AND WOMEN blue jeans manufacturing for menand women American Jeans. Fashion for distributors and wholesalers men shirts designed and produced for elegant and classic men we are looking for distributors

BIJOUX MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY FOR WHOLESALERS fashion accessories manufacturing industry, Bracelets, Earrings for distributors Necklace, Rings fashion bijoux accessories and hair jewelry bijoux for distribution in Italy and USA

DESIGN & INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT ENGINEERING manufacturing design and technical Solutions to the Industry. Design, development and production of Prototypes Machines. Italian engineering solutions to the industrial production business

ITALIAN SHIRTS MANUFACTURER FOR PRIVATE LABEL since 1994 producing shirts for Hugo Boss, Paul Shark and Paul Smith brands, we offer shirts design, sampling, shirts styling and production of private label shirts collection for men and women

WOMEN LINGERIE MANUFACTURER FOR BOUTIQUES made in Italy women lingerie manufacturing industry of bra and sexy underwear, elegant fashion collection for classic and fashion women. Women lingerie and underwear manufacturer for boutiques

ECOLOGY SERVICES ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING Econova provides ecology special waste management, asbestos removal contractor, environmental protection services, ecology and environment consulting and professional soil remediation

ENTRA' BOLOGNA ITALIAN FASHION LEATHER HANDBAGS Italian fashion handbags manufacturing leather handbags for distribution, made in Italy leather handbags and fashion accessories, women belts accessories, made in Italy for Franchising

RITA AZZELLINI VIP HANDBAGS MADE IN ITALY Italian leather handbags collection. Handmade leather handbags designed for elegant women as the real Italian fashion tradition. Leather handbags for Exclusive Boutiques and Italian fashion distributors

ITALIAN CLASSIC SHIRTS FOR MEN TO DISTRIBUTORS the Italian Phoenix shirts manufacturing offers high end quality Shirts, only VIP fabrics for our Made in Italy collection, classic style design for elegant business man. We're looking for distributors

VIP HOME DECOR LINENS - BEDDING DINING CURTAINS Italian home decor linens manufacturing. Linens Made in Italy designed and high end finished for exclusive distribution market home bedding linens, dining embroidery linens for home decor

MEN SHIRTS MANUFACTURING formal, casual, fashion and trend Italian men shirts to our distributors. Heffort fashion shirts and Camicie & Co shirts collections high quality men shirtsto our worldwide fashion distributors. VIP italian shirts

GRUPPO GUIDO ENG. ITALIAN CONSTRUCTION ENGINEERING Italian construction contractor Architect design, project construction manager and building development, customized budgeting, site planning providing engineering professional solutions

AGRICULTURE AND FARM MACHINERY MANUFACTURING made in Italy agriculture and farm irrigation. Customized Italian agriculture machines manufacturing suppliers, design of engineering farm solutions for agriculture industrial Farm distribution

FIAT AUTO S.p.A. - OUR CARS every FIAT car has been designed to help your life and business typical Italian design, fresh and very style since 1899. Fiat produces 16 models providing style and quality natural evolution of a great company FIAT Auto Italy

ITALCANTIERI S.p.A. RENEWABLE ENERGY TECHNOLOGY Italian power generation industry leader providing Energy Solutions, developing and producing Wind Power Turbines from 20 KW to 5MW and Photovoltaic Power Plants. Power Plant Solutions

RADECO S.R.L LINEAR MOTION DRIVES SYSTEMS is an Italian linear motion guides manufacturing, offers Motion drives systems, designed and produced for customized motion systems providing efficient industrial economical solutions

ITALIAN SWIMMING POOL DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION, Visconti swimming pool designs and builds Customs VIP swimming pools and spas with over 20 years supplying swimming pool accessories to pool, spa builders and distributors in Europe and USA

WHOLESALE MOBILE PHONES IN ITALY wholesale cellulars and telephones from Miami, Motorola, Nokia, Samsumg Sony mobile phones, USA wholesale cellulars, new unlocked mobile phones technology to cellulars distributors in USA and Europe

FOOD, WINE, CHEMICAL STORAGE STAINLESS STEEL CONTAINERS produced by Sansone Italian stainless steel containers manufacturing. Italian stainless steel containers for wine, food, chemical industries, to USA, Canada for industrial distributors

TRIMPLEX MEN T-SHIRTS MANUFACTURING since 1984 produces elegant classics Italian T-shirts for women and men, high quality Italian casual T-shirts, at manufacturing pricing, Fashion T-shirts produced to support worldwide distributors

STEFANIA CATALDI LINGERIE MANUFACTURING Italian fashion women lingerie and swimwear manufacturing. Exclusive fashion lingerie, women and men Italian lingerie. Offer to distributors manufacturing pricing and perfect lingerie made in Italy

ASSOCIATION ONLUS OF PEDIATRIC ONCOLOGIST - HEMATOLOGY is a volunteer society of pediatric hematologists / oncologists, who study and treat childhood cancer and blood diseases It also serves patients and familiesproviding professional support

THE ITALIAN BALLET PRODUCTIONS is an Italian ballet group, offers classic ballet productions. Italian classic ballet opera, traditional and contemporaneous shows 18 professional ballet dancers and the best classic Italian ballet

UCCIO ALOISI GRUPPU ITALIAN TRADITIONAL MUSIC Italian tarantella music and pizzica pizzica Salentina popular dance music from Naples and Puglia. Italian folk music group looking for worldwide Italian shows, events and professional agents

ITALIAN INDUSTRIAL ADVERTISING AND VIP GLOBAL MARKETING WBG the leader Italian and American advertising firm. Industrial business advertising, for manufacturers looking for industrial distributors and global business direct international marketing

VIP NEW PUGLIA MASSERIA PROPERTIES FOR SELL new masseria real estate in salento puglia vip real estate condominium in Puglia called the New Tuscany we offer traditional masseria properties vip masseria condominium and modern comfort

PIERRE CHIMICA S.R.L. Italian Beauty Care produced by "Pierre Chimica". An Italian manufacturing of beauty care, cosmetics, perfumes,... offering The best beauty care products to support the USA and worldwide distribution Market

ITALIAN VIP WINE MANUFACTURINGmade in Italy red and white wines vip italian grapes for the primitivo red wine discover the italian novello and the new negroamaro Italian wine producer to the wine wholesale distribution VIP italian wines

ITALIAN LYCOPENE MANUFACTURING biological lycopene, made in Italy industry, organic lycopene the most powerful antioxidant from italian red tomatoes may help prevent prostate cancer, heart disease, lycopene from Italy to health care distributors

ALDO COLOMBO WOMEN FASHION a luxury women fashion made in Italy designed for VIP women. Italian skirts, fashion dresses manufacturing, ladies jackets and luxury women's apparel to support fashion and apparel japan USA and world distributors

FERNANDO PEZZUTO HANDBAGS produced by Daf Design a premier Italian bags, handbags and fashion accessories manufacturing,handbags made in Italy. Italian fashion handbags and accessories to support fashion and apparel distributors

ITALIAN TIES MANUFACTURING fashion ties made in Italy since 1972. Fashion ties using the best and exlusive Italian cloths from Como We are looking for worldwide distributors offering high quality ties and manufacturing pricing

ITALIAN FASHION PANTS MANUFACTURING premier Italian manufacturing since 1970. Produces classic pants for men only high quality Italian men pants, at manufacturing pricing. We are looking for worldwide distributors. made in Italy

ITALIAN FURNITURE MANUFACTURING leather furniture, leather sofas, armchairs, made in Italy by Altriarredi srl a premier Italian furniture andhome leather furnishing manufacturing. Italian furniture manufacturing to support the furnishing distributors

ITALIAN MODA S.R.L. a premier Italian fashion apparel manufacturing company,clothing, apparel, ties, shirts, made in Italy... offering The best Italian Fashion Apparel to support worldwide distributors. Scudo Moda

ITALIAN FLOOR MANUFACTURING TILES. Italian manufacturing tiles since 1948, offer high quality tiles produced using high technology to the USA and worldwide Market Marra Pavimenti the Italian tiles and floor manufacturing and supplier.

NARDONE ITALIAN CANDIES AND NOUGATS since 1903 the premier Italian chocolates manufacturing, offers Italian traditional Candies and Nougats, to feel the Old Italian taste, Nougats as 100 years ago provide for worldwide distributors

ITALIAN DANCE SHOES MANUFACTURING leader dance shoes and boots Italian manufacturing. Since 1982 produces dance shoes for women and men. High quality Italian dance Shoes, at manufacturing pricing for the worldwide distributors

AUTOMOTIVE FILTERS MANUFACTURING leader automotive and industrial engines filters in Italy. Produces automotive oil, air and fuel filters at manufacturing pricing. We are looking for worldwide distributors Filters made in Italy

THE NEW YORK CITY DIVISION FOR INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS in the Mayors Office If you are considering bringing your company to the USA the Office of the Mayor of New York City has a formal division for International Business to help your start up

USA WHOLESALE IMPORTED ROSESlos angeles wholesaler red,white vip roses to USA florist shop orchids and flowers direct from Colombia and Ecuador farms premium flowers, roses wholesale pricing and direct shipping to florist Fedex delivery

BRASS TURNED COMPONENTSmade in India brass parts fittings brass electronic accessories manufacturing, fasteners in brass metal industrial supply pressure cooker brass components, industrial automobile brass components ISO 9001 India industry

VACATIONS IN TITICACA LAKE PUNO PERUChucuito an Aymara village in the Titicaca lake offers an Incas vacations windsurf, Andes folklore music, titicaca lake fishing and sports, uros and taquile tours family hotel for vacations in Puno Peru

The Italian Business Guide web site is managed by professional engineers. Offers a premier industrial supply and manufacturing Italian business resources, maintaining the original Italian tradition to produce, manage and support international partner business. There are several sectional listings itemised in our manufacturing supplier category listing which is available in Italian and Spanish (where applicable). The complete Italian manufacturing Database is also listed considering the quality, customer service and export capabilities of each manufacturing, supplier or vendor company. All the manufacturing and suppliers companies info are updated constantly. Our professional engineers give all the contact details at not charges. The main proposal is create the business BRIDGE from the Italian manufacturing, suppliers, vendors and general industry to the USA and worldwide commercial business. For info [email protected] for the Japan, South Korea and Asia business market Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, Kyoto, Hiroshima Japan, Seoul South Korea... covering China market Beijing (Peking), Shanghai, Anhui, Tianjin, Chongging, Hong Kong, Beijing, Fujian, Guangdong... to the United State of America and Canada, New York, Los Angeles California, Houston Texas, Atlanta Georgia, Chicago Illinois, New Jersey... to the USA manufacturing suppliers market Miami Florida, Dallas Texas, Las Vegas Nevada, San Francisco California,... our main site created to support America, Canada, Italy, Russia Germany, England, Spain, Austria, Japan, China, Australia... defined to the middle East market Dubai UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar manufacturing suppliers and vendors created to support USA, Canada, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia, Russia, South America manufacturing suppliers defined to Europe market Austria, Vienna, Klagenfurt, England, Germany, Slovak, Norway manufacturing suppliers and vendors to support Austria, Vienna, Germany, Italy, Russia Germany, England, USA, Spain, France, Japan, Austria, China, Australia... to New York market Chicago, Texas, Atlanta, USA, Florida, NY, Canada, Australia manufacturing suppliers and vendors to support Houston Texas, San Antonio, US Germany, Italy, Russia, England, USA, Spain, Japan, Austria, Australia, Texas to California, Chicago, Texas, Atlanta, USA, Florida, San Francisco Los Angeles, manufacturing suppliers and vendors created to support NY USA, Canada, New York, Chicago, US, Europe, NY, Australia, Russia, America manufacturing suppliers

The Italian Business Guide engineers work hard to support the Italian manufacturing and industrial suppliers in Italy and the USA and worldwide distribution companies creating a profitable relationship. Through the women apparel lingerie manufacturing,Italian electronics suppliers, women lingerie clothing suppliers, Italian fashion shirts manufacturing,industrial suppliers from Italy,real estate and vacations, Italian equipments suppliers web pages we reach this goal. Made in Italy, the apparel, electronics, lingerie, fashion, mobile phones clothings manufacturing, vendors and suppliers listed in Italian Business Guide offered on our site are the best apparel, fashion, lingerie, industrial, electronics, vacations, leather furniture manufacturing products as Italy manufacturing tradition. Made in Italy to the USA, England, Ireland, Norway, Austria, Russia, Canada, Japan, Korea, Kuwait, China, Japan, Australia, Dubai, China, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Denmark, Norway, Bahrain, Canada, New Zealand, Italy mobile phones, Austria, France, Holland, Spain, Scotland, Sweden,.. and worldwide business to business wholesale distribution market

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gear motors manufacturer - high quality gearmotors | quiko italy

Quiko is a leading gear motors manufacturer starting from a philosophy which is both simple and revolutionary: if product design and invention are at maximum levels, all product components used must also be at the same level for the final product to be the best on the market from design to manufacturing.

Even the personnel manufacturing every single component of Quiko automation mechanisms are fully qualified technicians, constantly trained on market needs and on the latest techniques of design and production of components up to final assembly.

quality automatic paper cup machine & paper cup production machine factory from china

Since its establishment, SEE Machinery attaches much important importance to the research and development capacity, which are greatly promoted in innovating phase now. It has already obtained certificates of CE and ISO9001 and its own authority of import & export.

In China, SEE Machinery is leading the development of Chinese paper cup forming machine industry. SEE is not only the leader of the most advanced 90pcs/min paper cup forming machine, but also the first developer of world-class 150pcs/min paper cup forming machine (attains 22 national patens), 120pcs/min paper bowl forming machine and deep-draw mechanical paper plate (tray) forming machine.

With the obvious advantages, our machines are widely used by many famous paper products such as Starbucks, Lipton, Kraft, Pepsi, Nestle, Cup Noodles, Indomie, MasterKong, Uti-president, Xiangpiaopiao, etc. We have exported to more than 14 Countries and regions. They are USA, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand,Vietnam, thePhilippines,Japan, Taiwan, Hongkong, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Poland, Lithuania, Slovenia, United Kingdom, the Netherlands,Switzerland, Bulgaria,Russia, Turkey.

With the concept of flourishing the company through technology, SEE Machinery is now leading the development of Chinese paper cup forming machine industry and provides customers with immediate and valuable after-sale service and technology support.

China Good Quality Automatic Paper Cup Machine Supplier . 2012 - 2021 . All Rights Reserved.

tessitura grisotto high quality linings made in italy

We produce high quality linings Made in Italy and use the best natural, artificial and synthetic yarns on the market among which Cupro, Viscose, Acetate, Polyester, Nylon, PBT, Elastan, Lurex, Tencel, Cotton, Wool and Silk.