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According to the different crushing principle and particle size of size, the types of crusher is divided into many kinds and a variety of new types of crusher have been widely developed, mainly including jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, hammer crusher, mobile crusher.

A jaw crusher is a type of crusher comprised of two jaw plates. One is a fixed jaw plate that is vertically fixed on the antetheca of the body, and another is a moving jaw plate, forming a crushing cavity with a fixed jaw plate. During the working of this type of crusher, the moving jaw does a periodic motion to the fixed jaw surround the eccentric shaft. When it closes, the materials are crushed by the action of squeezing and impact; on the contrary, the crushed materials are discharged by the gravity from the discharge opening.

The crushing cavity of jaw crushers is deep without dead zone, so the feeding capacity and production of this type of crusher have been greatly increased, featured by large reduction ratio and uniform particle sizes. The jaw crushers have advantages of large production capacity, large ranges of feeding particle sizes, simple and compact structure, reliable operation, easy maintenance and low investments. While it also has disadvantages, such as large noise, large inertia force and small crushing cavity. So, the jaw crusher is mainly used for coarse crushing and intermediate crushing of hard blocky materials.

For this type of crusher, the swing route of the cone crusher has important effects on the working performance. When the swing route increases, the feeding compression ratio is increased, the product quality is improved as well as the standard fineness. When the swing route decreases, the quality of crushed products is worsened and the fineness will decrease. Considering the quality, the swing route of this type of crusher shall adopt maximum value. However, the final crushing and compaction should be avoided.

During the working of this type of crusher, the rotor rotates at high speed driven by the motor. Materials enter the hammer area to be impacted and crushed. Then, they are thrown to the impacting device to take another crushing. After that materials will spring back to the hammer impacting area from impact wrist plate for crushing again. When the materials are crushed to the required size, they will be discharged from the outlet of the hammer crusher. The discharging size and shape of the material can be changed by adjusting the gap between the impact frame and rotator of this type of crusher.

Hammer crushers are available for processing ores into -25mm. Hammer crusher is mainly used in industries such as cement, coal separation, electricity generation, building materials and compound fertilizer, etc.

Mobile crusher is a new type of crusher at present, which is featured with stronger mobility and flexibility. The biggest advantage of mobile crusher is that it can move in the production, which brings the convenience to production, and cannot be limited by the region. Therefore, mobile crusher is widely used in large, smelting, building materials, roads, railways, water conservancy and chemical industry.

In brief, the model and specification of crusher machines should be in line with the ore characteristics, the scale and location of the mineral processing plant, etc. Generally, the jaw crusher is available for processing the mid-harness ores. The cone crushers are available for mid and fine crushing. Impact crushers can be applied to processing those schistose ores with mid-hardness.

The above are the five types of crushers in the mineral processing, including jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, hammer crusher and mobile crusher. It is suggested that the types pf crusher shall be selected according to the different mining requirements.

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When it comes to jaw crusher parts, Qiming Casting has been crushing the market for decades. If you demand the peace of mind that comes with ISO 9001-certified, fully-guaranteed, and warranted replacement parts for your jaw crusher. Qiming Casting can supply jaw crusher parts with the best quality and suitable price.

A jaw crusher is a compression type crusher, comprised of a fixed jaw and moving jaw positioned in a (V). The movable jaw compresses material against the fixed jaw, crushing the material to the desired size. The material exits the jaw through the bottom of the crusher otherwise, known as the discharge opening.

A complete jaw crusher consists of many parts. Those parts are called jaw crusher parts. Based on the frequency of replacement and parts function, jaw crusher parts divide into jaw crusher spare parts and jaw crusher wear parts.

According to statistics, the replacement cost of the wear parts of the crusher accounts for more than 40% of the production cost. The cost of replacement mainly includes the cost of new parts, the cost of replacing workers, and the marginal cost of downtime. Unsuitable material parts will cause the parts to not wearable and increase the frequency of replacement parts. It is a big loss. So it is important to select the right material for your jaw plates.

If planning to exchange wear plates (3100-0), cheek plates, deflector plate (3500-0), and/or support bars (3200-0) at the same time, please proceed to the instructions for those parts before installing the new jaw plate. Replace the support bar screws if they are broken. Remove the support bar and clean it carefully. Its important that the contact faces of the jaw are clean. There are 13 steps for installing jaw plates.

The cheek plate (1103-0) is attached with 5 screws (1106-0) to the frame (1000-0). Each screw has a flexible washer (1106-4), a steel washer (1106-5), and a self-locking nut (1106-1). There are 9 steps to exchange cheek plates:

Except for jaw crusher wear parts, there are some other parts that need to exchange which dont exchange frequently. Those parts are called jaw crusher spare parts. The main jaw crusher spare parts include:

The flywheel is the main part of the jaw crusher. In addition to balancing the weight of the sheave, the flywheel can also accumulate energy. There are two flywheels on the jaw crusher. One flywheel is used to connect the triangle belt and the eccentric shaft, and the other one does not seem to have any effect on the appearance.

Apitmanof ajaw crushercomprising an upper part, which comprises an upper supporting point for supporting thepitmanin the body of thejaw crusher, and a lower part comprising a lower supporting point for supporting thepitmanin the body of thejaw crusherthrough a toggle plate.

The pitman is rigidly connected with the frame, and the movable jaw is directly hung on the suspension shaft; the lower part of the movable jaw is hinged with the eccentric shaft and the back wall of the frame through a connecting rod and a thrust plate to form a movable swing system.

The eccentric shaft is the main shaft of the jaw crusher. It is subjected to huge bending and torsion forces and is made of high carbon steel. The eccentric part shall be finished, heat-treated, and the bearing bush shall be cast with Babbitt alloy. One end of the eccentric shaft is equipped with a belt wheel, and the other end is equipped with a flywheel.

The jaw crusher frame is the installation basis for the entire crusher components. It bears a great impact load during work, and its quality accounts for a large proportion of the whole machine (about 50% for the casting frame and about 30% for the welding frame), and the processing and manufacturing workload is also relatively large. The strength and rigidity of the frame have a great influence on the performance of the whole machine and the life of the main parts.

Due to the difficulty of manufacturing, installation, and transportation, the overall frame is not suitable for large-scale crushers and is mostly used by small and medium-sized crushers. It is more rigid than the combined frame, but it is more complicated to manufacture.

The combined frame is used for large-scale crushers. It has two forms: one is the combination of pins and bolts between the frame walls. For example, the 12001500 jaw crusher frame is divided into upper and lower parts, the upper frame and the lower frame. It is connected by bolts, and the keys and pins between the joint surfaces bear strong shearing force. The keys and pins also play the role of assembly and positioning.

The other is to use a welding combination, such as a 9001200 jaw crusher frame. Its rigidity is better than that of a combined frame connected by an insert pin, and it is also more convenient to process, assemble, and disassemble. The 15002100 jaw crusher adopts a welded combined frame.

From the point of view of the manufacturing process, the integral frame is divided into an integral casting frame and an integral welding frame. The former is more difficult to manufacture, especially single-piece small batch production, while the latter is easy to process and manufacture, and the machine is lighter, but requires relatively high welding technology and welding quality, and requires the elimination of internal stress after welding.

In addition, cast steel is a process with high energy consumption, and from the perspective of energy saving, the welding frame should also be vigorously developed. There is no doubt that the jaw crusher adopts a welding frame in the development direction.

The toggle plate of the jaw crusher is a cast iron piece that has passed accurate accounting. It is not only a force transmission component but also a safety part of the jaw crusher. The toggle plate will be broken immediately and the crusher will stop working to prevent damage to the entire machine When the unbreakable material falls into the crusher and the machine exceeds the normal load.

The toggle plate and toggle plate pad use the rolling contact method, and there is little friction under normal use. Only a layer of grease is applied to the contact surface. The whole part is used to adjust the size of the discharge port and compensate for the wear between the jaw plate, the toggle plate, and the toggle pad.

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