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This model of commercial food waste disposer can be attached to the kitchen sink. Its powerful motor will take care of every bit of waste. 1.5hp makes it powerful enough to handle 250kgs to 300kgs per hour. This is a model with SUS304 grinding material with powerful motor running up to 1480rpm per minute. This one of the most powerful commercial models to be used in restaurants, canteens, corporate offices, and industrial canteens. Manufactured by BinCrusher, this large container with 2000mL capacity for crushing wet waste even with nonstop usage.

Bincrusher is one of Indias most trusted Home Appliances company. Based in Mumbai we have recently partnered with Swatch Bharat Abhiyan, and launched hi-tech machines to sell, that solves your home related woes, and keeps the environment healthy.

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Jas commercial Food Waste Crusheris an Electrically operated Unit used for Crushing of Food Waste to Avoid Drain line Chock-ups because of Food Waste. It can be used in Homes, Hotels, Hostels, Canteen, Restaurants, Temples, Public Halls, etc. It can also be used as a Mobile unit for Functions like Parties, Marriages, etc.

Jas Enterprises from Ahmedabad entered into the field of manufacturing food waste disposer, crusher. In the modern day nuclear life and apartment-ed culture, people tend to dump food waste in the kitchen and later get it cleared by the servant. Food waste lying in the bins attracts cockroaches, insects and rodents. While decomposing, food scraps can cause disease-causing bacteria to multiply. To keep them away by removing waste hygienically.Crusher is an electric food waste disposer that rids you, of all that unhealthy waste instantly. It disposes off the food waste that is fed into its metal chamber. The heavy-duty blades grind the garbage in seconds into fine particles and flush it down the drain that provides a very clean and healthy environment. Crusher ensures the most hygienic means of waste disposal. Crusher is most hygienic and easier to use which contributes to a healthier environment. It has been designed and built to resist the major cause of disposer failure: corrosion and to keep jamming to an absolute minimum. Crusher provides an absolute advantage and protection to every commercial kitchen from drainage blocks, clogging of drains and disease causing bacteria, which is why disposers like crusher form such an important part of homes worldwide.Food waste disposers allow you to wash your food scraps and leftovers down the drain. Its a simple, efficient and economical way to dispose of your food waste.The operator merely has to push the food scraps and leftovers down the drain and flip the switch to grind the waste into tiny particles that can easily wash down the drain.Food-waste disposers reduce the amount and weight of your total waste, saving you money on hauling, liners and labor.Food-waste disposers are simple to operate. Just push the waste into the opening and while running cold water, turn on the unit.To make sure all the food waste is broken down into minute pieces that can easily flow into the sewage system; the shredder rings on all food-waste disposers have four machine-ground primary-action breaker bars and secondary-action grinding teeth. The two hardened stainless steel cutter blocks are replaceable and can be indexed to offer new cutting edges.Servicing food-waste disposers is equally easy. Removing the motor is a simple matter of removing the boltsfour on the compact and medium-size models and eight on the JAS-FD-500 that anchor it to the grind chamber.No free rides. To prevent food waste from riding on the center, continuously spinning around without being processed, the flywheel has a breaker blade mounted at the center, accelerating the grinding action of the disposer. To further ensure that the food waste is reduced to a suitable size before passing to the drain line, the Ni-Resist flywheel has slots that undercut the shredder ring. To increase its efficiency processing heavy loads, the JAS-FD-500 automatically rotates in the opposite direction at each new start.

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SOYU offers a kitchen waste shredding solution to provide materials for fermented manure. Processed by SOYU organic waste and kitchen waste pre-treatment system, the weight, volume and moisture content of the waste will be greatly reduced to satisfy the subsequent treatment requirements.

The SOYU fruit and vegetable waste shredder and dehydrator feature an innovative cutter design and cutting spacing. The excellent seal system can effectively protect the shaft, reducer and the machine from corrosion and pollution.

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SOYU can provide customers with special shredders for hazardous waste treatment industries, which satisfy the safety and leakproof requirements. The size reduction of hazardous waste facilitates its further processing, transportation, and burning if necessary.

Our hazardous waste shredders are designed to crush waste with high toxicity, explosibility, inflammability, corrosivity or chemical reactivity. The cutter blades are made of high-strength alloy steel with outstanding abrasion and corrosion resistance. The screen units are easy to mount and dismount. PLC control and real-time dynamic monitoring. Pressurized equipment and air seal system are optional upon request.

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The machine integrated industrial shredder with dewatering squeezer in one machine which can shredding, depacking, dewatering the organic/food/kitchen waste for preparing to make compost or fertilizer.

The system including stored ground hopper, conveyor, integrated shredder and dewatering squeezer machine, fermenter, deodorization system which can convert food/kitchen/organic waste to fertilizer in 24 hours.

Manufacturing industrial single shaft shredder, two shaft shredder, four shaft shredder for municiple solid waste size reduction, including plastic waste, wooden waste, metal waste, glass waste, RDF waste, paper mill factory waste etc.

Shredder & Dewatering screw press AIO(All In One Machine) is the machine that integrate industrial shredder with dewatering screw press. The all in one design for combining size reduction and solid-liquid ...

With our broad range of industrial shredders we provide the capability to efficiently shred multiple solid waste materials. Timo build double/four shaft industrial shredders with single motor or double ...

Timo specializes in the design and manufacture of dewatering screw press. These are machines that squeeze liquid out of food/organic/kitchen waste material, operating in a continuous mode, which can be ...

TIMO provide reliable food/organic/kitchen waste recycling system for this application. The system included a waste composting pre-treatment systme and a fermenter. The pre-trement system include bin-lifter, ...

TIMO provide two type medical waste shredder, one is the cabinet-type small medical waste shredder for hospital, clinic that easily disposal small volume medical waste in site in time. The other is the ...

TIMO provide size reduction equipment capable of handling 2-25t/day of slaughterhouse waste with a required particle size at output of 10-15 mm. Our sturdy shredders have special seals and have no trouble ...

TIMOmanufactures a full range of industrial shredder and dewateringsqueezer with features of cost-effective, highly-efficient, durable and easy-to-operateto providewastecrushing and solid-liquid separation solution. An dewateringsqueezer can be used in an extremely wide variety of liquid-solid separation in waste recycling industry. Our customer solutions continue to expand around the globe.The solution we provided include:

Food waste shredder and dewatering screw press to generate optimal fermentation substrate. Plastic waste shredder and dewatering squeezer to generate small and dry granule. Medical waste shredder to crush batchs and big medical waste and sterilizer Orginic waste shredder, dewatering squeezer, fermentation tank to convert biological and biogenic waste to fertilizers Domestic waste shredding and dewatering to make RDF Expiredfood depackaging machine to separate liquid from the packaging waste. Slaughterhouse waste shredding and dewatering

TIMO focus on technologies that are key to sustainability and profitability. These are our core competences and we define them as Shredding, Conveying, Dewatering. These capabilities can be utilized on individual machines or complete waste recycling systems. And if you need something customized for your special application, we have the design and manufacturing expertise to deliver that too!

As we know lots of food after consuming is thrown away and transport to landfill, but food waste and other organic waste disposed of in landfills will produces greenhouse gas when they decomposes, so the government encourage people to make composting or using food and other organic waste as feed stock for an anaerobic digestion instead of landfill. Both methods require food waste shredder to prepare the material for the subsequent steps of separation and composting cycle.Because shredding food waste in small fraction can increase surface area of the food waste to enhance digestion process efficiency.

TIMO not only can provide food waste shredder for reducing the food waste volume, but also we can provide food waste shredder and dewatering squeezer combo for shredding and dewatering food waste to prepare compost. Preand post-consumer foods waste is not perfect to be sort normally, it will not affect TIMO shredder for shredding,because our shredder is tough enough to handle the unexpected materials like wood, flatware, and other trash. But it will affect the fermentation, so we also can provide manual per-sorting platform to work together with the shredder and dewatering squeezer.

TIMO provide two type medical waste shredder for medical waste size reduction, one type is the cabinet-type small medical waste shredderfor hospital, clinic that easily disposal small volume medical waste in site in time. The other is theindustrial medical waste shredder for medical waste treatment center that disposal high volume commercial medical waste daily. As we know that the medical waste after shredding will be much helpful for the burning completely. Small vertical pressure steam sterilizer or big autoclave sterilizer also can be provided to work together with the shredder.

Cabinet-Type Medical waste Shredder: Low noise 60-70 dB(A)and low energy consumption 1.5-2.2 KW. Ability to work in both office and factory environment. Taking up less space 0.6-0.7 cube meter. Equipped with safety switch on feeding chute to assure safe operation. Lighted viewing window on the top for supervising operation.

Industrial Medical waste Shredder: Overload protection with automatic reversal to clear itself and then continues the shredding process automatically. Currents detection ammeter help you to inspect the shredder working. Available for batch loading, high capacity range from 200 kg/hr to 10 tons/hr.

TIMOs integrated industrial shredder and dewatering squeezer HM series machine is a good assistant on unpacking the expired foodstuff which have drink inside and packing with plastic, paper, aluminium film, such as packaging beverage, soft drink, bottled water, milk drink. TIMOs integrated industrial shredder and grinder separator FDS series machine is a good assistant on separating the food/organic waste from the municipal solid waste(MSW) which container various solid waste, such as plastic, paper, fabric, etc. FDS series integrated industrial shredder and grinder separator machine is also a good assistant on separating packing food waste from super market, such as mixed grocery waste, coffee pods, bakery waste, cases of peanut butter, canned vegetables, beer in aluminum bottle, water in bottles, bowls of sweet potato, bowls of mashed potatoes, bulk bags of semi cooked potatoes, retail bags of diced potatoes, bread food waste, etc.

Food Waste Depacking & Separation: Unpacking the expired foodstuff which have drink inside and packing with plastic, paper, aluminium film, such as packaging beverage, soft drink, bottled water, milk drink. destroy the packaging and separate the packaging material and drink inside automatically. High efficiency and reliable machine operating. Separating the food/organic waste from the municipal solid waste(MSW) which container various solid waste, such as plastic, paper, fabric, etc. Separating packing food waste from super market, such as mixed grocery waste, coffee pods, bakery waste, cases of peanut butter, canned vegetables, beer in aluminum bottle, water in bottles, bowls of sweet potato, bowls of mashed potatoes, bulk bags of semi cooked potatoes, retail bags of diced potatoes, bread food waste, etc. Separate the detergent from the plastic packing too, 88%-95% clean detergent waste can be separated.

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Enquire Now WhatsApp This food waste disposer is best suited for domestic usage or for a family of 5 to 6. It can handle up to 2 to 4 kilos per day. The SUS420 grinding materials in the product crush all the food wastes thoroughly without causing clogging, plumbing, and drainage issues. Its motor of a 0.75HP horsepower can deliver a speed of up to 3700rpm and it can run continuously for 3 to 5 minutes.

It is a fantastic product which has been installed at our house and we have been using this product more than 15 months. We had issues of flies and cockroaches which used to come from drainage line. After installing this, our kitchen is Pest Free. I would suggest to all to have it at your place. I think it is best for Restaurants.

Bincrusher is one of Indias most trusted Home Appliances company. Based in Mumbai we have recently partnered with Swatch Bharat Abhiyan, and launched hi-tech machines to sell, that solves your home related woes, and keeps the environment healthy.

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So you have done your bit for mother nature, sustainability, and have installed a Waste Disposal in your kitchen. Or perhaps you are thinking of buying one and want to know everything in detail regarding its maintenance. Worried about how to clean your Waste Disposal? Let this article help you with that.

Waste Disposals are usually capable of cleaning themselves and are great at it. They break down the food particles, to avoid any lump which might clog up the drainage channels. But from time to time, a layer of slime builds up, around the walls of the inner chamber of the waste disposal. Needless to say, this build up then gives off a stinky smell. Thats when they need some cleaning up. Whether it is bad odour , limescale or a slimy film inside. Each problem has its own cleaning method to help you around the kitchen.

Usually, once every 40 45 days is a good way to start, but also right after you have hosted a big party or a gathering at your place, its wise to check in with your garbage disposal. As mentioned earlier, garbage disposals usually do a good job at cleaning themselves. But nothing beats a regular cleaning routine. The trick is to be mindful around the kitchen. Sustainability isnt just getting the latest gadgets at home but also taking care of them. The various methods listed below require ingredients found around the house and are handy.

The first step to clean any waste disposal is to carefully turn off the dishwasher. This step ensures your safety against any unwanted mishaps. Even better if you can detach the disposal from the sink. Now mix soap water and dip the coarse grained sponge in it. Keep in mind a hard abrasive sponge is good for a great cleaning method. As it helps to take off every residue and all of its angled edge reaches every corner of your disposal. Before you move on to clean the actual disposal, clean the sink baffle thoroughly and slowly make your way through to get all the slime on to the sponge. Rinse the sponge each time it picks up any gunk and slime. Follow up with the same method for cleaning the grinding chamber. In the end dont forget to flush your sink to make it shiny clean. Using this method will help you by thoroughly cleaning your sink and disposal.

This method is great when you are in a rush and lets be real, you might be feeling lazy. This is for all the sloths and lazy couch lovers out there. While working anywhere near the disposal, turn it off first, always remember to wear your gloves to protect your hand and skin from any harsh chemical reactions. Pour the ice cubes first down the disposal. After that two three drops of vim liquid. Run the tap and let the sink flush. Make sure to repeat all the steps until the ices are all melted away, leaving you a clean disposal ; all of this in under 8 mins.

Pro tip : Fresh lemon juice helps get rid of any remaining foul smell. This will add a hint of fresh citrus scent to your kitchen. For application just squeeze in a generous amount of lemon juice in water, mix it well and then pour it in. Also, Vim liquid works just as fine.Pro tip : Refrain from ever using Dranex or any bleaching solution,as they harm the blade and noticeably reduce their longevity.Pro tip : Its advisable to keep the tap on and make sure the waste disposal is clean and anything which needs to pass has passed, before you call it a day

Bincrusher is one of Indias most trusted Home Appliances company. Based in Mumbai we have recently partnered with Swatch Bharat Abhiyan, and launched hi-tech machines to sell, that solves your home related woes, and keeps the environment healthy.

the 14 best ice crusher machines [ 2021 reviews ]

Ice crushers are useful appliances to have around the home. They save you the effort of having to crush ice manually when hosting a party, garnishing meals, or preparing cocktails. Using hands is unhygienic and is also wasteful as ice spills everywhere. Buying a manual or electric ice crusher is helpful in the kitchen and requires minimal effort.

Choosing the best ice crusher can be challenging. You have to consider the size, capacity, and portability of the device before making the purchase. To make things simple, weve compiled a list of the best ice crusher machines. Lets explore.

High-quality electric ice crushers feature stainless steel blades and can crush at least 6 pounds of ice per minute. Your family will be thrilled to hear you can make them colorful snow cones, and your friends will enjoy fresh cocktails out on the patio. Here are the best electric ice crushers available on the market:

The Waring Pro IC70 is a stainless steel large-capacity ice crusher that features a sturdy build. It also includes stainless steel blades and an industrial mechanism, making it ideal for commercial use. Moreover, this ice crusher comes with a small container that holds up to 12cups of freshly crushed ice. Also, it can crush up to 30lbs of ice per hour, making it ideal for restaurants. Its sleek design gives it an edge over other contenders.

Ideal for use in events and house parties, the Smartxchoices is an electric ice shaver with stainless steel blades and a heavy-duty iron case base. Moreover, this ice crusher features a powerful motor that helps crush 143lbs of ice in an hour. Plus, it rotates at 1680 runs per minute. If youre looking for an ice crusher that is easy and safe to use, we recommend choosing the Smartxchoices crusher machine. It includes a safety cover switch that helps prevent accidents. Besides that, it also features a water resistance shutoff switch to ensure safe operation.

If youre looking for the perfect kitchen assistant to crush ice for a bar or home use, the Yescom 300W Electric Ice Shaver can be your best friend. With the ability to crush ice at a 1450rpms (rate per minute), it can provide up to 143lbs of ice per hour. As a result, you can expect it to cater a high-demand for large amounts of ice. Additionally, this ice crusher boasts stainless steel shaving blades. These blades are safe to use and designed to stay sharp.

Yescom ensures to provide reliable and efficient service. You can buy this machine if youre looking for an ice crusher convenient to use. It also features a water-resistant cover on the shutoff switch to prevent accidents. Plus, the ice crushers power switch shuts off automatically if the hopper is opened to guarantee maximum user safety. Moreover, the anodized aluminum casing and hopper make the ice crusher easy to clean and resistant to rust. Besides that, it also features a heavy-cast rigid base to enhance stability and reduce noise.

This is a dual-blade electric ice crusher is best suited for use in bars, restaurants, food stores, clubs, and cafeterias. The machine features a heavy-duty, sturdy base designed to ensure stability and reduce vibration and noise. Moreover, it includes a waterproof switch designed to guarantee safe operation and peace of mind. The ice crusher stops working automatically after releasing the hopper handle to ensure safety. Besides that, it uses corrosion-resistant food-rate stainless-blades that remain sharp and safe to use. The machine also features a powerful motor that helps crush up to 143lbs of ice per hour.

Meet high demands of crushed ice in a short time once you purchase ZENY Ice Shaver Machine. Featuring a sturdy stainless steel construction, this machine is an ideal choice for a durable ice crusher. Besides that, this ice shaver comes with a highly efficient motor. Like other models on this list, the powerful motor enables it to produce 143lbs of ice per hour. That means you can meet the enormous demands of ice in less time. If youre looking for a model that requires minimal upkeep and is easy to operate, you can acquire the Zeny Ice Shaver Machine. Its smart operation design and food-grade stainless steel ensure convenient serving.

Designed for frosty drinks, cocktails, and deserts, Deni 6100 Ice Crusher is a durable machine featuring a stainless steel finish. Moreover, the crusher boasts rust-free stainless steel blades to enhance durability for long-term use. You can expect to have a convenient operation as it requires minimal upkeep. Besides that, the safety-enhanced lid makes this model a great choice when looking for easy-to-use models.

Reviewers report that this is an easy to use machine and can cut, grind, and chop ice in no time! This ice crusher also features a skid-free bottom and has a massive capacity of around 50 ounces. Moreover, the plastic used is BPA free and heavy-duty. The stainless-steel blade is rust free and durable. If you enjoy making slushy desserts, consider buying this manual ice grinder by Zalik.

This unit is one of the best manual ice crushers on this list because it has a suction base that can make coarse and fine ice. Moreover, it comes with a 5-year warranty. Be careful to dry it well after each use as might rust otherwise. It also features a large production capacity and handles that can help it make coarse and fine ice. Plus, its body can hold up to 4 cups of ice at a time. Besides that, its easy to operate as you only need to fill the hopper with ice, remove the top, crank the handle, and you are ready.

The Innovee manual ice crusher is very sleek looking and attractive. It features a rust-proof zinc alloy construction for durability and long-term use. It also includes super sharp blades that make it easy to shave the ice. Moreover, it comes with a removable ice bucket equipped with non-slip legs, which ensure that it remains stable. Lastly, this device features a sturdy design and is constructed to be rust-proof.

The perfect manual ice crushers are used to create delicious and elegant platters, hors d oeuvres and cocktails. Luckily, the Lofami Ice Crusher is portable and lightweight so that you can take it to parties and festivals anywhere. It delivers simple and efficient operation, and all have to do is put ice in this crusher and crank the handle. After a few rotations, you start getting perfectly shaved ice in the bottom compartment.

It is designed using sharp stainless steel blades that cut ice very efficiently and in a short time without bending the blade. When you use Lofami ice crusher to cut snow, it provides firmness and stability on uneven surfaces because the crusher has a skid-proof base. Because its a hand-operated manual crusher, it doesnt require electricity and saves energy bills. Its the ideal ice crusher for shaved ice, slushies, snow cones, smoothies, frozen beverages, and more.

An excellent choice for use at home, parties, restaurants, or cafeterias is VIVOHOME Electric Ice Crusher. The machine uses food-grade stainless blades and a hopper. As a result, you get a durable ice crusher built to resist rust and corrosion. Another great feature of this unit is the dual blades. They provide a double shaving efficiency enabling you to shave large volumes of ice fast and efficiently.

The Vivohome commercial ice crusher runs at 1400rpms (rate per minute). Moreover, it can shave up to 440lbs of ice per hour. Apart from that, it features a 10mm thickened acrylic case. The housing can 4.4liters of shaved ice and prevents shaved ice from splashing everywhere. Because of the switch, you can be sure that it is safe to use. Furthermore, the crusher features two rows of heat vents. These vents dissipate heat fast and improve the cooling capacity, extending the life of the ice machine.

Whether you want to crush vegetables, fruits, or ice, you can trust the Flexzion Commercial Electric Ice Shaver. Featuring a stainless construction, this is one of the most popular ice crushers on the market. Its durable and remains operational after regular use. Moreover, this ice crusher boasts a stable base, sturdy casing, and a hopper. You can use it without fear because it ensures convenience and safety. Its a perfect choice for buyers and designed to crush large volumes of ice in less time. It has a fast-processing, energy-efficient motor designed to crush 440lbs of shaved ice in an hour. Best of all, it has dual stainless steel blades that help crush ice fast and properly.

Like other models, ROVSUN commercial crusher features a stainless steel body and is one of the best in its class. If youre looking for a durable industrial ice crusher, consider choosing this. You wont have to invest in a brand new ice maker every year. Besides that, it includes a high-efficiency motor that runs at 1400rpms and helps shave up to 440lbs of ice per hour. Thanks to the waterproof cover on the switch, this unit is safe to use. Better, it shuts off when the cover is exposed to protect you from injuring your fingers. Because of the razor-sharp dual stainless steel blades, this ice crusher is a great choice for an industrial machine.

Whether you want to prepare cocktails for a party, or snow cones and slushies for your restaurant, you can buy the WYZworks Stainless Steel Ice Shaver. Its a promise of quality performance and efficiency. The machine boasts an all-stainless steel body, making it easy to clean and durable. Furthermore, it has a switch shielded with a waterproof cover to ensure safety. Its an excellent choice for home and commercial use. The powerful motor enables you to have 440 lbs of shaved ice per hour. You also get an extra pair of replacement blades.

When you want to prepare a fresh and delicious drink quickly, a manual ice crusher can help you with little ice. Itll produce the perfect quantity of snow for your drink, and youll avoid producing ice that goes to waste. This useful device will make the summer cool and fun! However, if you decide to host a party at your home, it will be challenging to serve the food, prepare the cocktails and crush ice manually, all at the same time.

If you run a family business like a small caf, bar, or restaurant, an electric ice crusher is mandatory. Its the mainstay for most commercial businesses and can make up to 500 lbs of ice in an hour. Therefore, your small business and summer parties will be a total success! Your clients and your friends will rave about the refreshing cocktails.

If you want to find the best product, you must consider some features that will help you decide. Choosing the perfect brand for you depends on several factors. Firstly, you must focus on the ice crushers capacity to determine the amount of ice you require. You have to know the average number of customers you have, or the number of people invited to your party. Itll help you determine the ice crusher that suits your needs.

After that, look at the size and gauge whether it is portable or not. This way, you can take it everywhere you go, on all your camping trips or family picnics. You can also take it to family gatherings, birthday celebrations, graduation parties, and all your college reunions. If you only want an ice crusher to use at home, you dont need to buy one that crushes 30lbs. of ice per hour. This volume is more suitable for commercial use. Furthermore, an ice crusher that crushes a large amount of ice consumes excessive electricity.

In the case of living in a small apartment, you dont need a large ice crusher. You should choose a lightweight and compact device because its easier to store and carry around. Youre less likely to drop it because its heavy and hurt yourself. If you decide to buy one with unique features, itll come with a hefty price tag. Therefore, stick to the important features and verify your budget before buying one.

If you want to purchase an ice crusher, consider a powerful one with a reliable motor. Furthermore, it should have solid and sharp edges. That way, it can easily transform ice into snowflakes and shaved squares. This device shouldnt be heavy and difficult to move around the house. You dont want any hassle while carrying it to your backyard barbecue party. You can notice the force of ice pulverizing the blender by looking at the sides of the box. It may feature settings that can allow the blender to better crush the ice.

When purchasing an ice crusher machine, you want one to last for a while. If youve paid more than expected, durability should be a given. If you take care of the machine, clean it after use and maintain it, you will have a few more years. However, we recommend buying a high-quality stainless steel machine since the regular contact with water causes wear and tear.

Keep in mind all the features mentioned in this guide will help you go shopping for an ice crusher. If you buy the right one, your family gatherings and reunion parties with friends will be cooler. Everyone will rave about the cold cocktails, and the kids will enjoy the colorful ice cones. Make sure the machine is durable enough and consider cleaning it regularly to prolong its life

Also known as an ice shaver, it is an appliance that is used for crushing the ice efficiently. Its widely used as a commercial appliance that shaves large volumes of ice blocks in a few hours. However, small electric and manual crushers are also available for household use.

Large capacity crushers use rugged material like stainless steel so they can be roughly used for commercial purposes. Household or over-the-counter portable ice crushers come with a plastic body and an eye-catching look. The feed tube through which large ice blocks are fed to the machine is a wide-mouthed opening that also features a funnel for easy feeding. The most important part of the ice crusher is the steel blade. Commercial machines incorporate heavy-duty steel blades to facilitate the high-capacity ice crushing within few minutes. The container is another major component of the appliance and is used to store the crushed ice. Commercial machines have containers that can hold up to 12 glasses of crushed ice, but household ice crushers come with a smaller container.

The idea behind the working of an ice machine is to break large blocks of ice and crush them. Shaved ice is ideal for cocktails, soft drinks and juices. Its a staple for home bars, and other commercial establishments. Moreover, the working mechanism of these machines is quite simple. There are two types of ice crushers: manual and electric. Both of them work in different ways, but offer the same benefits.

Manual crusher comes with a handle that moves manually and crushes the ice through blades and an attached grinder. You can move the handle in a clockwise manner as its easier to pound ice this way. The biggest benefit of manual ice crusher is that the volume of ice fed in the machine can be controlled. Besides that, the machine cant jam due to overload. However, manual ice crushers are outdated models and replaced by electric machines.

Electric ice shavers are popular in modern bars and large commercial establishments. Though electric machine has the same purpose as the manual appliance, the advantage of an electric machine is that its less time-consuming. You can plug in, feed the ice, and switch on the ice machine; these are all the steps for making crushed ice fast. Once all the ice in the hopper is crushed, the machine stops automatically. Shaved ice collects in the container.

Bar and restaurant owners use shaved ice for drinks that contain spirits as the main ingredient. You can also use it for cocktails, making slushies and ice cones. Fountain soda machines also have crushed and shaved ice. If you want a slurry and thick cocktail, you can use shaved ice.

Moreover, Snow cones are also made with crushed ice. You can use packed crushed ice and pour liquor over it to make a sultry drink. Amaretto, vermouth, wine and Chambord and some other spirits use shaved ice to produce a unique flavor.

Youll see a metal bar at the bottom of the ice bin that needs to be lifted. If its not being pushed down, then your ice crusher will dispense whole ice. Once you remove the ice bin, you will see the metal bar at the bottom, which makes crushed ice. Check the behind the ice bin; there will be a small hole through which the metal rod passes. Here a plastic stirrup pulls at the lever and changes the bin to make cubes. You have to ensure that the metal bar doesnt go under the stirrup.

Most ice crushers dont feature any adjustments. If the ice crusher is dispensing large chunks of solid ice, you can remove the ice bucket and run it under hot water. This will ensure the defrosting of frozen fingers if present.

Youll most likely find a plastic access cover panel below the ice crusher motor that you have to remove. Open the freezer door and check under the dispenser area near the interior walls of the door. Locate a 4 inch x 6 inch white panel with two screws attached to it. Remove these screws allowing the white panel to come off easily. The motor is visibly mounted here attached by four screws. You can unscrew them to remove and replace the ice crusher motor.